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  • 1. Tsunami Warning System S1180194 Masato Harada
  • 2. Causes2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami killed over 230,000 peoplein fourteen countries. Was tsunami waning announced officially?Why did many people die? There ware some causes.・In those days, countries facing Indian Ocean did not have tsunami warning System.・Pacific Tsunami Warning Center(PTWC) perceived the tsunami. But they only notify each country of it.・Some countries was able not to understand importance of it.・People did not understand about tsunami.
  • 3. Tsunami Warning System(1) Tsunami moves very first. So if it is calculated since it is occurred, it attacks land before calculation is put out. Therefore, experts make a study of earthquake and tsunami which was occurred in the past and simulate numberless situation. And when they infer that tsunami occurs, they choose the most appropriate prediction result from database.Experts simulate tsunami Tsunami Forecast Tsunami Forecastin various situations. Database
  • 4. Tsunami Warning System(2)How do they perceive tsunami? PTWC and Japan Meteorological Agency(JMA)set up many pressures gauge can detect movement of volumes ofwater directly in sea. They always transmits change of wave to them.And new method which use submarine cable is researched recently.Electric field occurred by movement of seawater influencessubmarine cable. Aforesaid method is safe, but it is costly. It maybe difficult for only developing countries to maintain the system.But new method only needs submarine cable and voltmeter in theory.Of course, it is still beingresearched and put topractical use.
  • 5. Tsunami Warning System(3)JMA and PTWC produce information about tsunami for countriesfacing Indian Ocean. Of course, it is difficult that theymeasure earthquake occurs in Indian ocean in Pacific Ocean.Earthquake in occurs in the world is measured in red points inthe map below. And, meteorological satellites observes tsunami.But these are provisional activities. It is important foreach country to make system which always watch out occurrenceof tsunami.
  • 6. Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean(1) It was decided that Regional Tsunami Watch Providers(RTWPs) which shall consist of countries in Indian Ocean takes over activity JMA and PTWC in there. As stand before, it is cost to make and maintain Tsunami Warning System. So each country do thing in close cooperation. Composition country of it announce Tsunami Warning within 10 minute. And RTWP informs each country that tsunami occurs. Country in Indian OceanMember Nation information Tsunami Warning information RTWP information
  • 7. Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean(2) It is difficult to inform all people of Tsunami Warning. Each country keeps watch on Emergency Alert System is developed by Japan. When Tsunami Warning is announced officially in Japan, it had been applied. And, even if it is announced officially, It is not may made the best use of enough. Government have to make minute comprehensive disaster prevention plan in cooperation with people live in each local neighborhood.Tsunami Warning is All people escapeannounced officially All people know it evacuation site
  • 8. Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean(3) The problem to be solved● Securing the capital for the group.● Education for people and disaster drill● Strengthening of cooperation of countries