Radiation effect on_humans

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  • 1. Article #2 Radiation Effects on Humans
  • 2. Units of Measurement
    • The unit used to measure radiation dosage is the rem. which stand for roentgen equivalent man. It represents the amount of radiation needed to produce a particular amount of damage to living tissue.
  • 3. Effects of Radiation Exposure on Human Health
    • Exposure of Just 25 rems causes some detectable changes in blood, doses to near 100 rem usually have no immediate harmful effects. Doses above 100 rems cause the first signs of radiation sickness including.
    • 1 nausea
    • 2vomiying
    • 3headache
    • 4some loss of white blood cell
    • Doses of 300 rems or more cause temporary hair loss, but more significant internal harm.
    • dose of 800 rems or more are always fatal.
  • 4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    • Many people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki died not directly from the actual explosion,but from the radiation released as a result of the explosion. the doctors who is in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Didn't know the causes and how to cure radioactive patient .
  • 5. Chernobyl
    • the Chernobyl nuclear accident is summarized as a mismanaged electrical engineering experiment which resulted in the reactor exploding. the explosion was chemical, driven by gases and steam generated by the core runaway,not by nuclear reactions.
  • 6. The Mile Island
    • nuclear worker head big noises coming from nuclear plants.
    • some 220 gallons of water per minute began flowing out of the reactor vessel . Within five minutes after the main feed water system failed,the rector, deprived of all normal and emergency sources of cooling water, and no longer able to use its enormous energy to generate electricity.
    • the loss of coolant at the reactor continued for some 16 hours. Abort a third of the core melted down.
  • 7. Medical Treatment
    • there is currently no effective medical treatment available for potentially fatal radiation doses.Medical science has no way of telling the difference between people who have received fatal doses and will die despite all effects and can be saved includes blood transfusion and bone marrow transplants.
  • 8. Summary
    • Radiation effects on humans of great account. And the medical curing don't find. so we should prevent radiation accidents.