Contract Connections: Military Construction - Army Corps Baltimore


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Contract Connections: Military Construction - Army Corps Baltimore

  1. 1. The Baltimore District FY 14 Opportunities US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG®
  2. 2. Department of Defense Mission Support Defense Distribution Susquehanna Ft. Belvoir Northern Regional Medical Command Walter Reed Military Advance Training Center Utah Data Center BUILDING STRONG®
  3. 3. U.S. Army Mission Support Fort Detrick Emergency Services Center U.S. Army Automotive Technology Evaluation Facility U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases BUILDING STRONG®
  4. 4. Baltimore District Missions Real Estate Civil Works Military Support Emergency Management Environmental Services Interagency Services Regulatory BUILDING STRONG®
  5. 5. USACE Command Boundaries Great Lakes & Ohio River Division Seattle Portland Walla Walla North Atlantic Division New England Northwestern Division St. Paul Buffalo Detroit New York Rock Island Omaha Sacramento San Francisco South Pacific Division Tulsa Los Angeles Albuquerque St. Louis Kansas City Southwestern Division Dallas Ft. Worth Honolulu Pacific Ocean Division LEGEND: Engineer Commands Divisions District HQ location Division boundary Related Centers and Other Special Missions: Galveston Huntsville Engr & Support Center (Chemdemil) MED-Winchester - Africa, Bosnia, Mid-East St. Louis District - Archaeology Philadelphia District - Brokered MILCON Mobile District - Panama, Puerto Rico, etc Transatlantic Division – USACE Deployment Center Norfolk Louisville Nashville Little Rock Wilmington Memphis Charleston Atlanta Vicksburg Alaska Philadelphia Baltimore Pittsburgh Chicago Cincinnati Huntington Savannah Mobile Jacksonville New Orleans Mississippi Valley Division South Atlantic Division Districts Outside the US: Europe (Germany) Far East (Korea) Japan BUILDING 4 Districts in TAD STRONG®
  6. 6. USACE Workforce Projection Leverage Personnel Resources through partnering/contracting with Private Sector ~300,000 Construction Contractors on any given day ~600 Uniformed Military Essentially Unlimited Capability Perform 100% of Civil Works & Military Construction ~37,000 Government Employees BUILDING STRONG®
  7. 7. Baltimore District Annual Expenditures $2,500 Washington Aqueduct Misc. IIS Environmental Civil Works RSFO MIL Programs Millions ($) $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $0 FY 02 FY 03 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY 14 (forecast) BUILDING STRONG®
  8. 8. FY14 Projected Obligations Total: $1.175B MIL: $447M SECURE: $505M IIS: $69M ENV: $99M CW: $37.5M WA: $17.5M WA CW ENV IIS MIL SECURE BUILDING STRONG®
  9. 9. Military Construction Replace Defense Distribution Center Headquarters Ft. Detrick Hazardous Material Storage Building Ft. Belvoir Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility Replace U.S. Army Public Health Command Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground BUILDING STRONG®
  10. 10. FY14 Regional Support Contracts North Atlantic Division  A-E Master Planning Services ► ► ► ► Project Magnitude: Two (2) $10M Contracts Procurement: Brooks Act Advertisement: 2nd Quarter Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Small Business Set Aside North Atlantic Division Military Boundaries  Construction MATOC (Baltimore District ) ► ► ► ► Project Magnitude: $49M Procurement Type: Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) Advertisement: 3rd or 4th Quarter FY14 Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Set Aside for Small Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, 8(a) & HUBZone BUILDING STRONG®
  11. 11. FY14 Nationwide Contracts  Architecture-Engineering (A-E) Contracts ► ► ► ► Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts Magnitude: Two (2) Contracts, $49M each Advertisement: 2nd Quarter and 3rd Quarter of FY 14 Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Unrestricted South Campus Electrical Utilities Plant Generator Building BUILDING STRONG®
  12. 12. FY14 Nationwide Contracts Construction Phase Support Services ► ► ► ► Magnitude: ~$25M Procurement Type: IDIQ Advertisement: 2nd Quarter Proposed Acquisition Strategy: TBD Commissioning Support A-E ► ► ► ► Project Magnitude: $25M Procurement Type: IDIQ Advertisement: 1st Quarter Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Unrestricted South Campus Electrical Utilities Plant BUILDING STRONG®
  13. 13. FY14 Nationwide Contracts Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) • • • • Project Magnitude : $103M Advertisement: 2nd Quarter Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Unrestricted Typical Task Order Values: $0-$10M Utah Data Center Earth Work Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) (2 Awards) • Project Magnitude : 2 Contracts - $49M Each • Advertisement: 2nd Quarter • Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Small Business • Typical Task Order Values: $0-$5M BUILDING STRONG®
  14. 14. FY14 Nationwide Contracts  Design-Build Construction (MATOC) • • • • • Project Magnitude: $950M Procurement: Multiple Award Task Order Contract Advertisement: 3rd - 4th Quarter FY14 Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Two-Tiered (Unrestricted & Small Business) Task Order Values: $10M (Typical Value) Intelligence Community Campus - Bethesda BUILDING STRONG®
  15. 15. Civil Works Trend: Stable Program, Emergency Funding Spikes Hurricane Sandy Debris Removal Process BUILDING STRONG®
  16. 16. FY14 Operations/Civil Works Construction Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) • • • Project Magnitude: $20M Advertisement: 3rd Quarter FY14 Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Small Business Set Aside Bainbridge, N.Y. PL84-99 Repairs Public Law 84-99 Emergency Response Actions BUILDING STRONG®
  17. 17. Environmental Services Former Frankford Arsenal Remediation W.R. Grace Building 23 Remediation Spring Valley Formerly Used Defense Site Sturgis Decommissioning BUILDING STRONG®
  18. 18. FY14 Radiological Transport & Disposal Continental U.S. Multiple Award Radiological Transport & Disposal (MARTADS) • • • • Project Magnitude: $100M-$250M Advertisement: 2nd Quarter FY14 Proposed Acquisition Strategy: TBD Task Order Values: ~$2M-$10M Colonie FUSRAP Site, New York BUILDING STRONG®
  19. 19. Multiple Award Military Munitions Services Continental U.S. Multiple Award Military Munitions Services, II (MAMMS, II) ► ► ► ► Project Magnitude: $100M-$250M Advertise: 3rd Quarter (FY14) Proposed Acquisition Strategy: Unrestricted & Small Business Task Order Values: $2M-$3M Tobyhanna, P.A. Field Investigation BUILDING STRONG®
  20. 20. We Support Small Business Small Businesses play key roles in Baltimore District Planting Oyster Bars • Flood Risk Reduction Projects • Environmental Restoration Projects • The Office of Small Business Mission is to offer a level playing field and help further support the local economy. Baltimore District looks to benefit from expertise and talents from all businesses. DC Local Flood Protection Project ortunities%20_As%20of%201NOV%202013_.pdf BUILDING STRONG®
  21. 21. Small Business Accomplishments FY 13 (As of 7 October 2013 ) Category Dollars Actual % / Statutory Goal / NAB Goal USACE NAD Goal Small Business $183,568,414 29.21%% / 23% / 23% 43.3% Small Disadvantaged $126,328,263 20.10% / 5% / 10% 18% 8(a) $42,056,552 Women-Owned $76,322,865 12.14% / 5% / 6% 7% ServiceDisabled Veteran-Owned $15,256,108 2.43% / 3% / 3% 4% HUBZone $4,269,480 .68% / 3% / 3% 11% No specific goal for 8(a) - 8(a) included in SDB accomplishments Total Dollars Obligated: $628,504,587 Green - Met both the statutory and USACE NAB SB goal Amber - Met the statutory goal, but didn’t meet the USACE NAB SB goal Red - Didn’t meet the statutory or USACE NAB SB goal BUILDING STRONG®
  22. 22. HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH US  Register in the ‘System for Award Management’ database at  Find our projects on FedBizOpps at  Respond to the solicitation ► ► Read, understand and comply with all requirements Write a strong proposal  Grow your capabilities ► ► ► Team with experienced firms to share knowledge Create effective Prime/Sub and Joint Venture Teams Request a debriefing at the end of the acquisition  Understand and comply with bonding requirements for construction contracts BUILDING STRONG®
  23. 23. How to Learn More Baltimore District Commander Col. Trey Jordan Tamika Gray Mike Rogers Deputy for Small Business Environmental & Munitions Design Center Frank Benvenga Chris Nolta Randy Winemiller Military Programs Civil Programs Real Property Services Field Office BUILDING STRONG®