Guide to selecting the correct barbie doll shoes


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Watch this video from for an excellent guide on how to select Barbie Doll shoes

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Guide to selecting the correct barbie doll shoes

  1. 1. Buying Guide for Barbie Doll Shoes
  2. 2. • If every Barbie doll had the same size and shape feet, supplying her with footwear would be easy. But that is not the case.
  3. 3. • The traditional Barbie has a foot shaped to wear high heeled shoes and is just slightly over 3/4" in length, to be exact her foot is 13/16".• Luckily, most of the Barbie’s that have been produced are this shape and length.• There is a vast selection of shoes to fit these feet.
  4. 4. There are a number of Barbie Dolls with afoot designed for flat shoes. Unfortunately,these Barbie’s need shoes specificallydesigned for their flat foot and those shoesare not as common.
  5. 5. In recent years there are some Barbie Dolls whosefeet are different from the traditional 13/16" foot ofBarbie. The Silkstone Barbie Doll, or Fashion ModelBarbie, was introduced by Mattel in 2003. It is verypopular with collectors. Silkstone Barbie has a higherarched foot that looks best with higher than normalhigh heels. Mattel has been releasing only 1 or 2separate outfits for these dolls each year so theselection of shoes is limited.
  6. 6. • Another popular Barbie is Mariposa Barbie. Mariposa has wings that "magically spring open". She is a butterfly fairy with a message that the most beautiful thing you can be is yourself. Her foot, exactly one inch in length, is too long to fit in the traditional Barbie shoes.• Barbie shoes in the 1 inch length are uncommon and hard to find
  7. 7. • Dollar store commonly sell packages of shoes labeled as “Shoes for 11 ½” fashion dolls”.• Barbie is an 11 ½” fashion doll so you would be inclined to think that package of shoes will fit your Barbie doll. However, our experience is that most of the shoes in those packages are just slightly small for Barbie.• They are also thin plastic and easily split when putting on the dolls foot.
  8. 8. • It is a good idea to avoid purchasing shoes which are labeled as “Fits approximately 11 ½” size fashion dolls• The label “fits approximately” means they may or may not fit Barbie.• You might purchase the shoes only to find you had wasted your money.• Usually these cost very little money so it seems more of a hassle to return the shoes.• Smart shopping will avoid wasting money
  9. 9. • Tip to Help you get the right size Barbie shoes• On a plastic keychain store discount card, mark with black marker a line to indicate the length of Barbie’s foot. Use this keychain to check the size of any potential Barbie shoes you see when you are out shopping. You will always have your keys with you, so you’ll always have an instant marker.
  10. 10. • The largest part of playing with dolls is changing the dolls outfits and matching shoes and accessories.• It seems instinctive that both big and little girls like shoes and lots of them in a variety of colors and styles.• There are a number of considerations when purchasing Barbie doll shoes:
  11. 11. For the best selection of Barbie Doll Shoes at Fantastic Prices Go To