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Targu jiu

  1. 1. Romania Târgu Jiu Colegiul Auto trAiAn VuiA
  2. 2. Our school “Colegiul Auto Traian Vuia” is a technical secondary school in Târgu Jiu, Romania. It has about 1600 students who study technical discipline, like Environment Protection, Mechanics, Textile Industry and Joinery. Our students are constantly involved in many activities outside classes, such as local, national competitions, or intercultural projects such as “Spring day”, "Kangourou", "Futurenergia" etcetera.
  3. 3. System of education in Romania Since the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Romanian education system has been in acontinuous process of reformation. Kindergarten is optional and typically lasts for 3 or 4forms - "Small Group" for children aged 3–4, "Middle Group", for children aged 4–5, "BigGroupfor children aged 5–6 and "School Preparation Class" for children aged 6–7. Elementary school lasts eight years in Romania. The first four years are taught by a singleteacher for the most subjects. Additional teachers are assigned only for a few specializedsubjects (Foreign Languages, Introduction to Computers, etc.). Classes are reshaped at theend of the 4th grade, based on academic performances. Many schools have special classes(such as intensive English classes or Informatics classes, providing one or two more coursesin these subjects). Selection for such classes is done based on local tests. Assessing thestudents performance is also different between primary and gymnasium cycles. Starting withthe 5th grade, students have a different teacher for each subject. Furthermore, each class hasa teacher designated to be class principal, besides teaching his or her usual subject. At theend of the 8th year of school (at age 14 or 15) a nation-wide test is taken by all students. Inorder to enroll in a high school, the student must choose a list of high schools he or shedesires to attend (there is no automatic enrolment this time), based on his mark and optionsby filling in a nation-wide form. A national computer system does the repartition, by takinginto account students in the order of their preferences and their "admission grade". Highschool students graduating from a College must take the National Baccalaureate Exam. TheBaccalaureate is a requirement when enrolling in a university, because, technically, withoutpassing it, the student is not a high school graduate.
  4. 4. Our town – Târgu Jiu The city takes its name from the river "Jiu", which runs through it. Constantin Brancusi, who had lived here as a boy, was commissioned to contribute to a memorial monument to the fighters of World War I, called The Heroes Street and was finished in 1938. His large sculptures are now the main tourist attractions in Târgu Jiu: The Table of Silence, The Gate of the Kiss, Chairs Alley and The Endless Column.
  5. 5. Geographical targets in Gorj
  6. 6. Monasteries and Historic
  7. 7. Traditions and meals