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Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
Landmarks in Bulgaria
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Landmarks in Bulgaria


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Published in: Sports
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Natural Landmarks in Bulgaria
    • 2. Belogradchik Rocks - towering sandstone and limestone deposits with red, gray and yellow shades...   Rock figures as high as 200 m, located in  West Fore, near the town of Belogradchik.  They form a strip of 30 km  length  and up  to 3 km width. They are included in the  list of hundred  national tourist sites.
    • 3. Belogradchik rocks consist of three rock groups. They were areannounced as a landmark in1949.
    • 4. Melnik PyramidsMelnik pyramids are rock formations, which are among the most visited by tourists stone pyramids in Bulgaria. Melnik pyramids reach  height of 100 m. Typical of their appearance is that their  slopes are sandy and in places almost completely vertical.  Broadleaf plants and grass grow on their tops. Melnik pyramids were under construction and their appearance and shape change.  They were declared a natural landmark in 1960.
    • 5. Mysterious stones near Varna lake The area is called the  Stone Forest Fossil Forest are rock formationslocated 18 km from Varna. Located on both sides of the road to Varna-Sofia, near the villages of Sunny, Banovo Strashimirovo and Devnya.
    • 6. Trigrad GorgeTrigrad Gorge  is located 1.5 km north of Trigrad.  Its total length is 7 km, but the actual  gorge is 2-3 km. It is the third longest  gorge in Bulgaria after Buynovsko Gorge  and TrunGorge.
    • 7. The gorge along the river Trigradska impresses with its beauty. Onboth sides of the river marble rocks rise, forming a narrow gorgetunnel.
    • 8. Caves in BulgariaLedenika cave is located on the northwestern part of Vratsa  Mountain Ledenika is a cave in the Balkan Mountains with numerous galleries and interesting karst formations - stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years. The cave is 300 meters long. It has ten rooms. The biggest is the concert hall. It leads to the passage of sinners. In it may take only one who is pure of heart.
    • 9. Ledenica Cave Once the cave was filled with  water, but water gradually  disappeared and left only a small  lake – the Lake of wishes.  According to the legend, if  someone dipped his hand in ice- cold lake in the cave and he wishes  something,  it will be fulfilled.  Ledenika cave is located in the  northwest of Vratsa Mountain, 16  km from the town of Vratsa.
    • 10. Bacho KiroBacho Kiro is the name of one of the most visited caves in Bulgaria. The cave is located west of Dryanovskimonastery, a small distance from the water cave Andaka and has a length of 3500 meters. Bacho Kiro is one of the main tourist areas. It  has a variety of limestone formations -  stalagmites, stalactites, stalagmites, columns  and curtains.   Bacho Kiro is one of the hundred national  tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
    • 11. Lakes in BulgariaPirin and Rila mountains are dotted with numerous small and large lakes, in whose  waters the blue-green  heavenly high  mountains are seen.   In the northern Pirin  there  are  over 160  lakes . 
    • 12. Clear LakeClear Lake is one of the Smolyan Lakes. Smolyan lakes are located in Beech Mountain, Western Rhodope Mountains to  the north under the Orpheus rocks and Mount Snow. They are scattered along the left side of the valley of the  Black River, from Orpheus rocks to the town of Smolyan.  
    • 13. Waterfalls in Bulgaria Stone Pine The waterfall is located on one of the tributaries of the Leva River. Stone Pine Fall is located on the territory of Vratsa Balkan Nature  Park and  is the main tourist attraction in the park. Its height is  50 meters.
    • 14. Skakliya Two of the highest (intermittent watercourses) waterfalls in Bulgaria bear  the same name: Skakliya. The first is located near the village Zasele  (near the town of  Svoge) of the eponymous river, a left  tributary of Iskar. It is 85 meters and  passes under the famous Vazov path.