Culture and Ethnography in the Town of Radomir

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  • 2. The town of Radomir is located in the south-western part of Bulgaria.
  • 3. Emblematic Dates Prince AlexanderThe Church St Dimitar Battenbergsbeginning School Church Samara flag The Arch arrival1576 1826 1855-1865 1877 1879 1879 Nikola Korchev saved the The first Samara Flag municipality The church was in the hardest He arrived toRadomir was church school built during the battle near worship thefirst was opened period 1855- Stara Zagora It was built in Samara Flagmentioned in in 1826 in the 1865. It was during the honor of Prince which wasthe Turkish village of consecrated in Russian- Alexander stored in theland register Radibosh 1866 Turkish war. Batenberg town’s barracks.
  • 4. Emblematic Dates Napredak NikolaBoza- Community Soldiers’ Vaptsarov Boza-makers’making Centre uprising School monument The New Arch1882 1895 1918 1925 2005 2005 We are proud to say that it is In 1918 the first schoolThe Radomir to teachbeginning became the electricalof boza- center of the engineering inmaking was Soldiers’ our country. Inin Radomir, Uprising of 1951 it waslater it The September 27, named after Monumentspread in Community 1918.  Bulgaria the great devoted toall big Centre was was first Bulgarian poet boza-makers. The New Archtowns of the founded in proclaimed a Nikola We call them was 1895. Republic Vaptsarov Bozadzhii.
  • 5. There is an old legend about the name of the town which says: Once upon a time a man from the town had a very bad woman. Her name was Rada and she always quarreled with him. He was a quiet and peaceful person and quarrelling was not his hobby at all. Years went by and one day the man lost his patience and said, “Rado, mir!”/ which means to live peacefully/ and the name of the town appeared.
  • 7. Picturesque garden in front of the town hall
  • 8. Svoboda Square
  • 9. Svoboda Square
  • 10. Napredak Community Centre
  • 11. Voinishko Vastanie Square
  • 12. The Ethnographic Museum
  • 13. Exhibits from the museumClasps National Traditional Clothes
  • 14. Voinishko Vastanie Museum
  • 15. Inside the Museum
  • 16. Nikola Vaptsarov Vocational School
  • 17. The School Year Opening 2011
  • 18. Yurii Gagarin Vocational School
  • 19. Archimandrite Zinovii Primary School
  • 20. St Dimitar’s Church
  • 21. Narkoop Baker’s
  • 22. Batenberg Baker’s
  • 23. Local Business Buildings
  • 24. Business in Our Town
  • 25. Jewelry Shop
  • 26. The Best Bookshop in the Town
  • 27. Local Wholesale
  • 28. Buchaloto Tavern
  • 29. Local Pizzeria
  • 30. The Local Market in the Town
  • 31. The ArchIt was built in honor of Prince Alexander Battenbergs arrival to Radomir.
  • 32. The New Arch of 2005
  • 33. Our TeamWe are proud of our town and its cultural heritage.