How we used phones
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  • 1. How we used our smartphones.
  • 2. MusicIn order to be able to play Demolisher’s songwhilst filming we downloaded it via the ‘MyMusic’ app available on the app store. After thephone we originally played the song from ranout of battery we used another phone anddownloaded the song using that app in a matterof seconds.
  • 3. PhotosWhilst our director and camera operator werefilming the other two members of the grouptook out their phones and took photos of theset, artist and surrounding locations. Thesephotos we later used on our ancillary taskproducts.
  • 4. Here are some of the photos we took on our smartphones.
  • 5. How we used our phones to edit photosWhilst many people heavily rely on computersoftware’s such as Photoshop to edit theirphotos professionally, we found apps that couldproduce similar effects on the iPhone such as“Picstitch”, “Pixlr express” and “word on pics”.
  • 6. Here is how we edited one photo on the iPhone
  • 7. VideoWe decided that with some shots we did not wantcrisp clear footage as produced with a HD camera, aswe wanted it to have a rough appearance, forexample the shot of the smoking. For this shot weused our iPhone and during feedback no-one hadnoticed this change in picture quality.
  • 8. PlanningBecause our storyboard was done in pencil we foundthat scanning the papers produced barely visibleimages so we used our phones to take photos of thestoryboards and used a computer to collate theimages we took.
  • 9. PlanningWe also used our mobiles to do simple thingssuch as plan our journey and check whetherforecasts. This meant that our filming day wentas smooth as possible with no time wastedfiguring out what trains to take or what clothesto wear as we already knew in advance.
  • 10. CommunicationWe even used our phones to easily communicatewith our artist and of course each other, by having a‘Whatsapp’ group were all contacts are in one placewe didn’t have to copy and paste the same messageas everyone in the group could see what oneanother was saying.