Filming day


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Filming day

  1. 1. Filming Day..
  2. 2. We all met up at 9.30am on Ley Streetwith all the props and cameras ready
  3. 3. We then got the 169 bus towards Ilford, on the way we filmed the bus journey and then once we got to Ilford we gotoff and headed towardsthe exchange. Firstly weremembered we had to get batteries for our travel speaker so we Whilst in the Exchange Mall in Ilford we tookwent and bought some. the liftsaround Ilford we filmed random As we walked and filmed some location shots. scenes, including underpasses, libraries, passing buses, buildings
  4. 4. As we walked past the Library we spotted a brick wall in a secluded corner in which we could film the close up shots of thefemale miming the lyrics so we set up our tripod and camera. We managed to film this within 10 minutes. So far, so good. We was on schedule.
  5. 5. As we walked around Ilford, I spotted a car pack. I suggested tomy group to go up to the top of the car pack as we may get somegood location shots. Once we got the top floor we were shocked. The views were absolutely beautiful. Even Canary Wharf could be seen from there. We quickly decided to use this rooftop location instead of the Excel one. Because of this last minutedecision, we fell behind our schedule but it was all worth it as we gained some excellent shots from this location. We filmedlocation shots aswell as the female character here. We used this location to also film the ‘walking shoe’ shots.
  6. 6. This was the location…
  7. 7. And filming began here…
  8. 8. We then made our way towards Newbury Park train station to meet up with our artist. Once we met our artist, who also bought a friend along, we all made our way to Excel.
  9. 9. One problem we faced is that, as it had rainedthe day before there was a lot of puddles which the artists kept stepping in whilst filming so we had to keep avoiding puddles. Also near the stairs in excel some of the pavements were notlevel so the tripod fell abit wonky so it was hard trying to make sure the camera was straight. Also all the leaves had fallen off the trees inExcel so the trees did not look as nice as they did before. However we had to work with these difficulties and everything still went smoothly
  10. 10. As we was setting up the travel speaker toplay the song, we realised we had bought the wrong size batteries, we bought AAinstead of AAA. With no shop in sight, wehad to work with just playing it out of ouriPhones. Luckily our artist was more than understanding and did a great job
  11. 11. To our advantage, we discovered a bridge right near Excel :owe went onto the bridge and changed our plan slightlyand filmed some parts of the video here instead as we fell in love with this location
  12. 12. We then made our way to our final location: Piccadilly circus where we filmed the final version and some extra location shots
  13. 13. One major difficulty with filming atPiccadilly Circus was that it was very busy, there was huge crowds of tourists, so this took us longer thanexpected. But finally at 5pm with ouriPhone batteries on 2%, we officially finished filming!
  14. 14. Whilst we was on the Bridge at Excelwe took some original photography to use for our digipaks Heres some photographs we took..
  15. 15. The benfit’s of having a panoramic option on your iPhone 
  16. 16. As we walkedalong thebridge, westumbled acrossa letter ‘D’carved into thebridge. We wereso lucky to havefound that andwe quickly tooka picture of it.We figured wecould use this inour digipak’s asour artists namebegins with a ‘D’.The backgroundwas also veryappealing soeverything wasin our favour!
  17. 17. Using asoftware called‘PhotoCollage’,I combined andmirrored twoimages to getthis effect.
  18. 18. IT’S A WRAP !