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Evaluationquestion 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop orchallenge forms andconventions of real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. Conventions of a digipak* convey the artists image/values* clear indication of genre* visually interesting* list of songs from album* title that stands out* conventional for artist to be onfront cover* may include parental advisorylogo depending on the music* images of artists on inlay* interesting colour scheme/theme* information about record label
  3. 3. This is an example of one of our groupmembers digipak, this is how we followedconventions..List of songsfrom albumclearly statedImages to convey artists values, one of his values is toachieve success and big things, the image of him on a tallbridge overlooking Canary Wharf (one of London’s biggestfinancial center’s) represents the heightened success hewants to achieve and how important money is to himImage of artist on inlayParentaladvisorylogo due toexplicitcontent inhis songsDemolishersfamous brandlogo ‘D’
  4. 4. ‘K Koke’ is a grime artist similarto our artist, this is the frontcover to his digipak…• This is the front cover of the mixtapefor up and coming mainstream artist‘K-Koke’ and it is called ‘ Pure KokeVolume 3 – The Missing Tape’, thisrelated to my artist as they bothoriginate from the same genre ofmusic. This mixtape cover matches theconventions of a normal cover as it hasa main image of the artist ‘K-Koke’ andalso has the mixtape name in nicevisible font. Another thing is that it hasimages on the cover that relate to thename of the mixtape and this is acommon convention in albums fromthe rap/hiphop genre.
  5. 5. Another thing that works well is thefact that the mixtape is called ‘PureKoke’ and behind and slightlyovershadowing the text is some sort ofwhite misty powder/smoke but it isthere in order to look like the drugcocaine. This works well as drugs arestereotypically seen to relate to artistsfrom that genreOne effective thing that has beendesigned in this mixtape cover is thefact the font on the artists attirematches the one with the name of thecover and this works very well aseverything fits in and contrasts nicely.Also the they have images of boxeswith CD’s and tapes inside and theyhave images of tapes and cd’s lyingaround, this contrasts with the nameof the mixtape ‘The Missing Tape’ andthis also has a strong effect.
  6. 6. Back cover of the digipak…This is the back cover of the mixtapefor up and coming mainstream artist ‘K-Koke’ and it is called ‘ Pure Koke Volume3 – The Missing Tape’. It has the sameconventions as the front cover has usedas there are images relating to the nameof the album for example the image ofthe tape in the bottom left corner, alsothere is an images of the artist on thebox. Another convention that has beenused again is the smokey powderovershadowing the name of the album.One thing that works extremely well isthe contrast of the colour scheme thathas been used as all the artists thatfeature in the tracks have been designedin a colour that contrasts with thebackground, this works well as it is eyecatching and blends in well
  7. 7. Conventions of a music artistwebpage• user friendly• visually interesting• includes homepage, biography, gallery, news,tour, video, contact and may have social feeds• consistent colour scheme• theme to match genre• variety of images• artists work shown on website• Merchandise available for fans to buy• Updated news/events for fans
  8. 8. DVS is another grime artist that inspired us..Visually interesting; vibrant colourscheme and consistent theme withgood use of effects. Large imagesof artist over the backgroundUser friendly. Easy to navigate which easy options tonavigate around the site including a wide range oftabs/optionsArtists work clearly shown onwebsite. DVS’s new mixtape‘one in a billion’ is the on thecenter of the websiteAdvertising his social network accounts, linksto them as a form of contact and interaction
  9. 9. This is an example of a webpage from one of our group members…Easy to navigate which clearoptions to navigate around thesite. A wide range of tabs/optionsfor fans to exploreFans available tobuy merchandiseLinks to social feeds for fansto keep up to dated with theartist and contact himUpdated informationon the latest news andevent info on the artistGallery of artists latestphotosClear, large image ofartist on the frontpageFamousquote/linefrom theartist
  10. 10. Conventions of a music video• range of locations• range of shots used to allow the audience to seethe mise-en-scene• good use of mise-en-scene• camera shots dont usually last more than 5seconds• usually a narrative• visually engaging• visuals often match the lyrics
  11. 11. ‘Goodwins’ theory• he states that we should ignore commonnarrative and cohere repeatability• the audience should be able to watch it overand over without losing interest and believethe artist and video is real• mise-en-scene needs to look authentic toattain professionalism• star image is a vital aspect of music videos
  12. 12. Conventions of a grime musicvideo• fast paced with a variety of shots edited to match thebeat• clothing brands are deliberately shown• usually features the artist rapping towards the camerasurrounded by a group of males• illegal items are often show eg. drugs, guns• females are often sexualised and shown as passive• locations used are often dark and gritty eg.underground• narrative is often simple, not complex
  13. 13. J Cole-Sideline story analysisJ.Cole’s video for his song Sideline storyis where we took most of our inspirationfrom. We felt that as an artist he sharesthe most similar ideology to our artistand that his music video’s reject thecommercial exhibitionist theory andfocus on providing symbolic meaning forthe audience. In the beginning of thevideo we see him walking on a bridge,and a bridge has connotations ofsymbolising journeys i.e bridge tosuccess, which is something our artistentails in his lyrics. We then see J.colerapping directly at the camera with abuilding and some stairs as thebackground, the effect of him rappingdirectly into the camera is that as anaudience we feel that his messages aredirected at us making us engage withthe video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwux1A5hBdQ
  14. 14. • We also see lots of shots of movement e.g. walking, driving past etc. whichsymbolises the journey to success. The changes in location suggest the desireto move from the ghetto and progress to a more successful environment. Thecolour scheme throughout the video has a ‘Sepia’ effect giving the video avery dull dingy look so as to emphasise the struggles and to also contrast withthe shots of city lights making the desire appear far more appealing than thereality. J.cole’s costume is a hooded jumper teamed with a pair of jeans,making him appear casual, finding a balance between grime genre costumeswhich are tracksuits and rap genre costumes which are jeans and jewels.We can also see shots of the artist greeting his friends which stressed theimportance of friendship in the genre as ultimately a small group of friends iswhere loyalty lies in the streets. We can also see shots of the artist appearingin his comfort zone, playing snooker with his friends and having a laugh, thismakes the video seem less like a music video and more of a short lifedocumentary following the artist around. In later shots of the video the artistis seen looking down at the city suggesting some sense of accomplishmentsof his desires. This video expresses the message of the song using visualimagery and we intend to somewhat portray this with our music video asGoodwin suggested visual imagery combined with lyrics provides a deepermeaning for the audience and we would like our video to have a similareffect.
  15. 15. Our final grime music video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=73KFvBQJMmU
  16. 16. Where we reinforced grimemusic video conventions• the convention of using well known brands and making itapparent in his costume is reinforced. Our artist was dressedin Ralph Lauren which is very popular amongst the youngergeneration, the items he was wearing showed the RalphLauren logo explicitly
  17. 17. • We also reinforced the convention of not using acomplex narrative, like a typical grime video itconsisted of the artist rapping to the camera andshots of the female
  18. 18. • Originally we did not want to reinforce theconvention of using illegal items, we wantedto show drugs being lined up ready to besnorted however due to a last minute changeinstead we used smoke to represent himsmoking weed
  19. 19. • we reinforced the convention of using grittylocations however we only showed these inthe beginning of the video
  20. 20. Where we challenged grimemusic video conventions• we challenged the use of gritty locationsthroughout the video, although some wereused at the start, majority of the music videois in open, light areas of central London
  21. 21. • we did not show the female as sexualised or passive. She wasfully clothed and was actually singing the chorus. As well asusing heels to heighten her, we used some shots of her on topof high platforms and filmed as if we are looking up to her toemphasize she is not passive and weak, instead she isempowering
  22. 22. Genre Theories:Deborah Knight-Knight said that our expectations are fulfilled if we seesomething familiar/stereotypical of that genreWe challenged and reinforced this theory. We fulfilled ouraudiences expectations by using conventions of a grimegenre that they are familiar with, an example of this isshowing brands on clothing deliberately. However howwe challenged this theory is by empowering the femalecharacter instead of sexualising her, as this is challenginga stereotypical grime music genre convention.
  23. 23. Steve Neil-Neil stated that subtle differences in stereotypical genremedia texts attract the audience as well as repetition oftypical genre conventionsJohn Fiske and Tom Ryall-They stated that writers and directors use genre as a structurewithin which they can innovateWe used the grime genre as a structure by reinforcing a lot ofthe main grime genre conventions but then challenging a fewconventions purposefully which made subtle differences toour music video. This allowed us to innovate and add our owntwist to the video without steering away from the grimegenre, and getting across the artists values.