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  • In the new tiered model, all LOA inquiries, issues, escalations must come through the Employee Service Center. The ESC is trained to resolve any basic inquiries or requests to look up information. If the case is not a first call resolution, the ESC will transfer to the LOA Tier 2 team. The LOA Tier 3 team will only get involved when the employee returning to work requires an accommodation or modified duties.
  • Here is some additional information about the role of Tier 3. Tasks that were previously completed by local HR will now be handled by this team.
  • ***Please note, HR leaders can also take the steps list above when escalations arise or when appropriate.
  • Let’s take a more detailed look at the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties…
  • The ESC is your single point of contact for Tier 1, 2 or 3 support. Employees and/or the supervisor should contact the ESC prior to going out on a leave of absence and when returning.


  • 1. HR Shared Services - Leave of Absence Tier 3 Team Return to with Restrictions Human Resources May 12, 2012
  • 2. Leave Management is a Team Effort VENDORS HR SERVICE SUPPORT LIBERTY MUTUAL Tier 1: ESC ACCOLADE Tier 2: Transaction basedSupport the employee throughout Tier 3: Non-Standard LOA the LOA process Employee LOCAL BUSINESS UNIT LOCAL HUMAN RESOURCES Supervisor / Management Integrated in the LOA processInitiate and close the LOA process Consulate and Support2 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 3. LOA Team - Tiered Model Tier 1: Employee Service Center (ESC) • First point of contact • First Call Resolution • Direct employees to Accolade and Liberty Mutual • Triage incoming calls / emails within the LOA team Tier 2: Transaction based Team • Process Eforms to update SAP (active / inactive) • Research inquiries (payroll, leave pay, off cycle requests, quota time) • Research LOA issues raised by Sups/Mgrs and HR community • Post Liberty Mutual Reports on Share Point for HR community • Validate Liberty Mutual data in reports e.g. LDWTier 3: Non-standard / Non-occupation LOA cases• Non-Standard Leave of absences, RTW with medical restrictions & accommodations• Leaves not managed by Liberty Mutual: PLOA (medical related), ADA, Military.• Initiate the Interactive Dialogue as required under ADA Amendment Act (2008)• Obtain and review completed Healthcare Certification form• Review outlier cases with the Compliance Review Committee3 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 4. Tier 3: Overview of Services• Initiate the Interactive Dialogue with the employee• Generate written communications to employee (compliance approved letters)• Obtain and review Healthcare Certification form• Manage RTW with medical restrictions for non-occupational cases• Manage ADA Accommodations which can include active employees who due to medical reasons require ergo equipment e.g. additional bathroom breaks, ergo equipment (keyboard, chair, etc) and recertification• Coordinate with the Compliance Review Committee (CRC)• Coordinate with medical vendors for outlier cases• Monitor and disposition older LOA cases in SAP• Generate the 60 day reminder letter prior to the 12 month PLOA anniversary• LOA cases that lead to Administrative Termination, send the term letter and the request to DSS to have the term processed in the system• Kofax – have the completed LOA case to be digitized into the employee’s file• Tier 3 manages the non-standard RTW with restriction case until the employee either RTW or separates from the organization. 4 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 5. Tier 3: CRC and ADA Requests Compliance Review Committee (CRC) • The CRC is comprised of LOA Consultants, Compliance legal team and designated Human Resource Leaders. • The objective of CRC is to discuss outlier LOA cases and as a committee determine next steps e. g. extend the leave, administrative term, request additional information, etc. ADA Accommodation Request • Tier 3 handles requests for accommodation such as ergo chair, additional bathroom breaks, work station evaluation, reduced work schedules, etc. • Employees who need a medical accommodation are to direct their request to the Employee Service Center (ESC). • Tier 3 is then responsible to periodically follow up with the employee to determine if the accommodation has changed, recertification is needed, etc. Example: employee has reduced work hours e.g. 25 hours / week for 6 weeks. Tier 3 will follow up with the employee prior to the 6 weeks to ensue a smooth transition to full time or reevaluate the accommodation.5 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 6. Tier 3: The Lift and Value add• The lift to the HR community is that Tier 3 is conducting the interactive dialogue and managing the non-standard leave from the start to finish. e.g. employee either RTW or separates from the company.• Tier 3 is a designated team whose sole focus is to work with the employee to return them to work.• As a company we have older cases (>12 months or older) in which employees are still in our books as an LOA case - receiving courtesy services and in many cases subsidized benefits. These cases are now being addressed by Tier 3.• Centralization of non-standard leaves ensures consistent processing of these types of leaves company wide.• Tier 3 has the ability to identify trends, analyze root cause, steer employee behaviors, ensure legal requirements are being properly administered and adhered to.6 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 7. Tier 3: The Transition• Tier 3 has been working with your HR team in project meetings• Tier 3 has already been working cases from your Region, we started start with the complex and aged cases (>12 months) first• On a designated date we start to work all NEW non-standard LOA cases.• Then a set date that going forward all non-standard LOA cases.• Once the transition has been completed HRLs will contact the ESC to submit non-standard LOAs to Tier 3.7 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 8. Tier 3: The StructureThere are three Tier 3 teams each aligned with the three Divisions (NE, Central, West). Employee Service Center (ESC) ESC will create a case and provides a case number to the caller Tier 3 reviews the workload of the consultants for that Divisions and assigns LOA Manager LOA Manager Northeast Team Central Team West Team LOA Consultant(s) LOA Consultant(s) LOA Consultant(s)LOA Consultant – Oversees the case management system, assigns cases based on work load,point person for ADA accommodations and ergo equipment ordering.LOA Consultant – receives and takes action on denials via Liberty Mutual reports, generateseach month the 60 day letter, reviews and assigns cases via internal SAP reports.8 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 9. Role of the Supervisor / Manager Important: Maintain on-going dialogue with LOA employees• Continue to contact employees who have 3 or more consecutive days of an unexcused absences and determine if the absence is job abandonment versus leave of absence.• Contact ESC, if employee is not returning back to work immediately• Direct employees to Liberty Mutual for LOA; STD, FML (LM tracks iFML & cFML)• Direct employees to ESC for payroll issues, Quota time,• Direct employees to Accolade for healthcare related issues, LOA plan & policy• Respond to Liberty Mutual requests for information e.g. validate Last day worked• Read Liberty Mutual notifications & communications which are providing the status of the leave.ESC must be notified when an employee has gone out on a LOA and when theemployee returns to work. This step is needed to change the employee’s status inSAP (active vs inactive) 9 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 10. Role of Human Resource Leader • Key role and integrated in the LOA process. • Partner with Tier 3 and Compliance to assist in the management LOA and ADA accommodation cases. • Oversight of the requests for non-medical PLOA requests. • Lead the effort to find an open position for the employee who is unable to return to their original position.10 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 11. Role of Employee • Initiates leave* (STD, FML) with Liberty Mutual • Communicates with their management team throughout the life of the leave • Provides information as requested by Liberty Mutual and LOA team • Ensures their Health Care Provider completes and returns Health Care Certification form, if applicable. • Must provide RTW note “prior” to returning back to work *Personal leave of Absence (PLOA) that are non-medical related remain between the employee and their management / Human Resource Team.11 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 12. Role of Liberty Mutual & Accolade Liberty Mutual • Manages all standard STD, FML, LTD leaves. • Validate last day worked with supervision. • Adjudicate claims. • Mail out FML paperwork to employees. • Track cFML and iFml hours used by employees. • Generates various letters to the employee with cc’s to the supervisor. Accolade • Answer employee questions about Comcast’s STD & LTD policies. • Warm transfer employee to ESC for questions regarding STD payroll issues and/or concerns. • Assists employees with schedule doctor appointments.12 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 13. Tier III: TestimonialsCentral Division / Chicago RegionEmployee: 10184534 Date of Hire: 02/07/2011Last Day Worked: 11/15/2011 Returned to Work: 2/19/2012Leave Situation: STD was denied.Outcome: During the inactive process, employee stated that he wanted to return to work but was not sure of theproper steps. He returned to work within seven (7) days after speaking with Tier 3. Employee stated he was happythat Tier 3 reached out to him with instructions on returning to work.Northeast Division/ Beltway RegionEmployee: 10017574 Title: CAE 2 – Billing Date of Hire: 07/24/2007Leave Situation: Date of disability 08/13/11. STD approved from 08/20/11 to 08/25/11. FMLA was denied forminimum work requirements not met. Prior LOA: 5/5/11 – 7/18/11 (STD denied), 11/24/10 – 3/14/11 (STD denied),8/11/10 – 10/4/10 (STD approved), 10/18/09 – 1/19/10 (STD approved 10/20/09 – 12/15/09).Local Human Resources tried from 09/20/11 until 10/21/11 to obtain required documentation from the employee tosupport her being out on a medical leave but was not able to and turned the case over to Tier 3. Tier 3 workedthrough the interactive process with the employee’s expected return to work date of 12/15/11. Employee did notshow up. Tier 3 made several more attempts to obtain required medical documentation. Tier 3 with ComplianceReview Committee’s approval moved to administrative termination on 01/12/12.West Division / California RegionEmployee: 10201969 Date of Hire: 12-12-2011Last Day worked: 01/13/12 Terminated: 2-16-2012LOA situation: Employee was denied STD for not meeting eligibility period for benefits. Employee assumed she wasterminated since she did not satisfy the 90 day introductory period and noted she did not hear from anyone inHuman Resources. She has since moved over 500 miles away from her work location and is not sure when she willbe able to return to work, employee was moved to administrative termination.13 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 14. Tier 3: How to get a non-standard LOA case to the team ? Simple……call the Employee Service Center (ESC) • ESC will give you case number and route the case to Tier 3 • Tier 3 will then contact you and let you know that they have been assigned to the case and request any related information • Tier 3 will keep both supervision and local Human Resources informed on the case until the employee either RTW or separates from the company. Employee Service Center 1-877-909-HR4U (4748) Comcast_ESC@cable.comcast.com14 Powering the dream Powering the dream
  • 15. 15 Powering the dream Powering the dream