QR Codes in the Garden


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Workshop on how to use and design QR Codes for use in garden labels and signage. Use QR Codes to open new horizons of information: link to videos, sound, text and images....

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  • QR Codes in the Garden

    1. 1. QR CODES IN THE GARDEN Henry Staples Judy Funderburk Mary Van Dyke 27 February 2013 Virginia Cooperative ExtensionMaster Gardeners of Northern Virginia
    2. 2. What are QR Codes? Quick Response• A matrix barcode, successor to the grocery-based UPC code• Packs more information links• Several competing formats. The square with 3 distinctive corner squares has become prevalent
    3. 3. Why use QR codes in a garden?• Provides more info on a sign• Saves resources on expensive signage• Appeals to a new set of gardeners – builds community
    4. 4. Which scanner app can I put on my phone?• Popular barcode scanning apps with Google Play links • Android • Barcode Scanner • i-nigma • RedLaser • Apple iOS • i-nigma • RedLaser
    5. 5. How to create a QR Code?• Go to a QR Generator – e.g. Qrstuff.com1. Find your URL (internet address)2. Copy URL3. Go back to the QR Code Generator site4. Paste in your URL5. There you are!
    6. 6. URL Shortenersgoo.gl, bitly.com, qrstuff.com Rutabagas http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/afcm/rutabaga.html Which will be easier For a phone to read?
    7. 7. What size should my QR Code be?• One inch size QR Code for every foot of reading distance
    8. 8. Choices?• Educational aspect? What do you want to convey?• Affordability?• Durability?• Color?• Black & White?• Metal Holders – sizes, L x H 5x3, 5x4, 7x5, 11 x 7• “Paper” e.g. polyester Xerox Never Tear - $55 for 100 sheets• Print – size and type• QR Code - size
    9. 9. Here’s an example from Glencarlyn Library• Plant label directs to article
    10. 10. Educational aspect ? Where to link?
    11. 11. Color is OK
    12. 12. Perspective is fine
    13. 13. You don’t have to stay inside the box
    14. 14. Engaging audience gives better scan rates
    15. 15. Curate a longer stay• A study on making an exhibit mobile-friendly (games, pictures, QR scanning) extended stays from 20 minutes to 90 minutes• Visitors like to turn right when entering• Scan usage is highest at start• People stay if they can rest• Videos get people to stay
    16. 16. Some ideas – you are the curator• Historical - Scanning the code sends the user to a set of photos from the same location, but in a different time period.• A trail of QR codes. Each QR code has a something about that spot, with a hint to the next spot. March 2009 November 2011
    17. 17. Some other ideas• A seasonal slideshow• Plant labels with a lottery drawing. QR code all the plants you’re selling. Have one of them with a special tag, that when scanned reveals they’ve won the prize.• *** Interactive *** 1) Have the user scan a tag that asks a question … e.g. “Which plants do bumblebees like?” 2) Then, when the user scans another tag, the web page answers the question.
    18. 18. QR Codes can be used for tracking• If QR code is scanned, usage details can be reviewed• What % of visitors are scanning?• Does usage increase over time?• Do flowering plants receive the scans?• Will rutabaga finally dethrone tomato as most popular?
    19. 19. Mobile-Friendly Content
    20. 20. Mobile-Friendly Content on the cheap• Create a Google Drive / Dropbox folder• Change the folder sharing to Public• Create an HTML file using a mobile template• In each file, add content for each QR code• Create QR codes to HTML bookmarks.• Blah-blah-blah?• Email hstaples@mgnv.org paragraphs and pictures.
    21. 21. More information• MGNV QR Codes in the Gardens Our stats, end-of-season summary http://bit.ly/MGNVQR This presentation, templates, etc. http://bit.ly/MGNVQRPresentation
    22. 22. Questions? • http://www.mgnv.org • mgarlalex@gmail.com • 703-228-6414 Judy Funderburk Henry Staples Mary Van DykeDragonfly.jbf@verizon.net Henry@staplessolutions.com maryvandyke4@gmail.com