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PPT to facilitate Grow, Eat and Learn Workshop facilitation, January 14, 2011

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Grow Eat Learn and ATS Burpee 2010 grant powerpoint.ppt

  1. 1. Grow, Eat and Learn Workshop and Discussion January 14, 2011
  2. 2. Projects in Arlington and Alexandria include…• Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) Plant a Row• School Food Services F2T and Schoolyard 2 Cafeteria• Lawns 2 Lettuces 4 Lunch Ashlawn Elementary School• Peter Rabbit Garden Tuckahoe Elementary School• Alexandria Elementary Schools• Tancil Court, Alexandria• Virginia Gardens, Arlington• George Washington Middle School Community Gardens• Williamsburg, Kenmore, Gunston Middle Schools• Area High Schools e.g. TC Williams• Arlington Career Center
  3. 3. Why? ISSUES GOALS• Physical Activity • Change Body Mass Index – CDC recommends 60 mins – Decrease sedentary behavior a day moderate activity and increase fruit/veg consumption• Healthy Eating – USDA recommends “5 a • Provide research-based day” education – Food production, consumption,• Environmental waste and energy cycles Education/Outdoor • Increase community Learning – Some research supports connections children benefit from being • Foster youth development and learning outdoors
  4. 4. Educational Resources• Age appropriate• Context appropriate• VA Standards of Learning linkage
  5. 5. Project PLANTS Promoting Lifelong Activity and Nutrition Through SchoolsAfter-School Garden Clubs• USDA sponsored• Four elementary schools• Twice a week, 1.5 hour sessions with 4th and 5th graders• Club activities: healthy snack, physical activity, gardening, clean-up, journal and reflection
  6. 6. Project PLANTS Promoting Lifelong Activity and Nutrition Through Schools Parent-Home Component• Garden Newsletter tips and recipes• “Take-Home” questions• Garden Plants with care instructions
  7. 7. Project PLANTS Promoting Lifelong Activity and Nutrition Through Schools Volunteer Program• Cooperative Extension train, mentor and support volunteers• Volunteers include school staff, after-school staff, MG, PTA, and wider community• Collaborative group of volunteers work together and connect to school/community
  8. 8. Imagine….
  9. 9. Arlington Traditional School I Can Grow Vegetable Garden ClubFor the Burpee 2011 I Can Grow Youth Garden Award
  10. 10. March 17 2009. Bare earth.Scout families begin the veg patch and plant. We water and wait…
  11. 11. Three weeks later - June 10 2009. Picking the first radish. WOW! … and it’s delicious!
  12. 12. Learn to grow, look after and harvest vegetables. • The soccer team harvests chili peppers and cinnamon basil. • We take the first donation of vegetables from school to the Arlington Food Assistance Center.
  13. 13. Our Second Year Growing Vegetables at ATS. March 2010.First Grade and K plant lettuce, radishes, kale, and carrots…… in a special 4 - 0 shape. Why?
  14. 14. …To Celebrate 40th Earth Day 2010! Everyone tours the garden.69 Second Graders harvest, prepareand eat kale with lunch.The first students cook and taste ourschool-grown vegetables!
  15. 15. The Fourth Grade 4-H groupadds another bed to the vegetable patch. We study water and compost - that’s on the VA Standards of Learning!
  16. 16. If we win the Burpee I Can Grow2011 Youth Garden Award….we will• Establish an I Can Grow after-school club• Plant and maintain our vegetable garden• Meet regularly every week• Build friendships and community connections• Learn science, healthy life styles and more!
  17. 17. Next steps… • Networks • Information exchange • Research • Funding