How to Improve Your Social Media Influence


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Learn how to increase your social network and gain more exposure by building your social media influence.

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  • How to Improve Your Social Media Influence

    1. 1. How to Improve Your Social Media Influence Dianna Rands Mary Iannotti And YOU!
    2. 2. Here’s What We’ll Cover • What Social Influence Is • Benefits of Social Influence • How to Find Social Media Influencers • How to Build Relationships with Social Media Influencers • How to Rank Your Influence • How to be an Influencer
    3. 3. What is social influence? When your emotions, opinions or behaviors are affected by others. What is clout? Within this sphere of social influence is clout —the influence or power an individual holds.
    4. 4. Benefits of Social Influence Gain More Exposure Photo Credits: • Concert - Aquidneck Experiences DenisLabelle • Social Netwok - Daniel Tenerife Build Your Social Network
    5. 5. Benefits of Social Influence Find Mentors Photo Credits: • Cats • Dartboard Attain Your Goals
    6. 6. Benefits of Social Influence Be a Mentor Photo Credits: • Fish - Pixabay
    7. 7. How to Find Social Media Influencers Look for social media influencers who share your own personal and/or professional interests. Photo Credits: • Interests - S Anand • Social Icons - Yoel Ben-Avraham Seek out social media influencers on social platforms.
    8. 8. How to Create Relationships with Social Media Influencers We consulted with the pros to find out how to do this. Three social media superstars will give you advice on how to build effective relationships with influencers.
    9. 9. How to Create Relationships with Social Media Influencers Martin Shervington “Building a relationship with anyone takes time, effort and paying careful attention to 'them' and their content. Connect with Martin It is through their content we can find ways to connect a joke here, a thoughtful insight there, and over time you will often find they too will return some of that attention to you. Using Google+ we have an extra, very powerful tool in Google Hangouts. Once you've made initial contact with them and built your network a little, through approaching them and asking if they would like to be interviewed, you will find a stronger relationship will form.” @MartinSherv
    10. 10. How to Create Relationships with Social Media Influencers Stephan Hovnanian “Relationships are two-way, not one-way, right? Your first order of business is to obviously get the attention of the influencer, most likely by interacting with their Google+ posts and +mentioning them when you share their blog content. What will really get their attention, though, is if you can demonstrate how they have taught you something…then they become a fan of you. Connect with Stephan The two-way relationship then gets cemented when you can teach (or provide) them something they need, such as an area of expertise, a social distribution channel, or even a business opportunity.” ShoviWebsites @stephanhov
    11. 11. How to Create Relationships with Social Media Influencers Chef Dennis Littley “One thing everyone has to remember when engaging with influencers is we get more notifications than we sometimes see and unless we are tagged with our G+ name we may never see any comments or questions someone asks. Another issue I see is people always asking me for recipes, to develop menus for them and anything food related they can think of. Asking someone for something without a relationship is a good way to get ignored. Make sure you develop a relationship and that means it’s not just one sided, that the influencer is responding and responding positively. It may take three months to get someone to respond back in a positive manner, but it’s well worth it. When sharing an influencer’s work, always make sure to mention them by name and write something about the post, what you like about it and what the post is about. That shows you have genuine interest or that you read it. Remember that we are all regular people, and we got to the position we are in because we enjoy engagement, but there are only so many hours in the day and so much time to engage with new people, so make an effort, and be patient. All good relationships take time.” Connect with Chef Dennis A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis @AskChefDennis
    12. 12. Confused About the Google+ Lingo? Some of you may not be familiar with the Google+ features the influencers referred to, such as Google Hangouts and mentioning people. So, lets review them now.
    13. 13. Google+ Hangout on Air The video is recorded and is always available on the host’s YouTube Channel. A Hangout On Air, also referred to as HOA, is a live broadcast video that streams through YouTube.
    14. 14. Mentioning an Influencer You can cite an influencer’s work or knowledge in a blog post or article. Then notify them when you share the article. You mention an influencer on Google+ by adding a “+” in front of a person’s name.
    15. 15. Mentioning an Influencer The influencer will get a notification and can then respond.
    16. 16. Mentioning an Influencer Mention an influencer on Twitter by including their handle in the message.
    17. 17. Managing Influencers Google+ offers a notification feature that you can use to increase engagement with influencers.
    18. 18. Managing Influencers For those of you who don’t know about circles, they are used to manage your contacts in Google+.
    19. 19. Managing Influencers Put all of your influencers in a circle and turn on notifications for that circle.
    20. 20. Managing Influencers This way you’ll receive a notification whenever an influencer posts something.
    21. 21. Managing Influencers You can then follow their conversations, comment on, or share their posts right away.
    22. 22. Managing Influencers Create a list of influencers on Twitter.
    23. 23. How to Measure Your Influence Photo Credits: •
    24. 24. How to Measure Your Influence One post with 100 responses will earn you more Klout than 100 posts with no responses. It’s the quality of the engagement that counts. Photo Credits:
    25. 25. Klout The higher your Klout score, the more likely you are to receive “Perks”. This is a marketing tool businesses use to get their brand out there among the masses. The more engagement you have among all your social media platforms, the more likely others will listen to what you have to say.
    26. 26. Klout Within Klout you have your Influencer Landscape. This can help you in your marketing strategies to determine who can be an influence for your brand. Or someone you may want to spark more engagement with due to their influence.
    27. 27. How to Become a Social Media Influencer Become a subject matter expert on a specific topic. Freely share your knowledge and expertise with others. Photo Credits: •Cap – By Krzysztof Szymański
    28. 28. How to Become a Social Media Influencer Publish content that focus on your areas of expertise on your blog and in social networks. Connect Google Authorship to your blog so your photo shows up in search engine results.
    29. 29. How to Become an Influencer In social networks, engage in discussions about the subject you are building your expertise on. This will build your creditability and authority.
    30. 30. How to be a Good Influencer Respond to comments and engage with people. Thank people for sharing your content.
    31. 31. Your Turn Write down one topic you want to be an expert on, where you can build your authority. Identify one person who is an influencer, or has mentored you in the area you want to build your authority. Make sure the person has a large social following. Determine one action step you will take to deepen your relationship with the influencer you identified. Identify at least one action step you will take to become an expert and build your influence.
    32. 32. About Us Dianna Rands Aqua Fleur Salon & Spa Mary Iannotti Digital Marketing Deva Facebook Google+MaryIannotti @AquaFleurSalon @mary