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Plug in Moogle
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Plug in Moogle


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Moodle Google
  • 2.
    • Type: Block
    • Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
    • Status: Contributed
    • Maintainer: Yajuvendrasinh V. Mahida
    Basic Information
  • 3. What is ?
    • Purpose: Moogle is Google Search Services as a block. It includes:
    • Web
    • Image
    • Video
    • Book
    • Blog
    • News
    • Map
    • Custom Website
  • 4. Other Features
    • The block can be customized.
    • The block's source code have comments for each piece of code.
  • 5. http:// =13&rid=1608
  • 6. With or Without Logo
  • 7. Ease of Use
    • 1- Go to your course page.
    • 2- Enable "turn editing on".
    • 3- Add 'moodle google' from the "Add block" menu.
    • 4- Start Using it.
    • 5- Use inbuilt help; click the help logo (question mark).
  • 8. Benefits for Students
    • 1- Search engine located within the Moodle course
    • 2- Students often have prior knowledge of Google search
    • 3- Ease of use.
  • 9. An example of a search result.
  • 10. Moogle provides two level configurations:- With the Global Configuration administrator can control certain features like API Key and whom to avail the block (Guest / Authenticated User). These are global settings. While as a Instance Configuration it provides control over the result size, result layout, number of results, local search center, default search string, search services.
  • 11.  
  • 12. To Install it:
    • 1- Copy the "moodle_google" folder to your moodleblocks directory
    • 2- Cut/Copy all the files and folder from moodle_googlelang folder into your Moodle's
    • lang directory - moodlelang... Overwrite it.
    • 3- After administrator login
    • Click "Notifications" on the home page of moodle and block will be installed.
  • 13. Find the Readme.txt file inside the zip file and install it. Then start using it. It is easy to use...using help system that is inbuilt...
  • 14. The codes for the block have all the comments for each piece of code. This makes easy for others who are new and want to make a new block.
  • 15. Global Configuration
    • Provides the input for Google Search Api Key.
    • (2) Provides the input for who can use this block.
    • Authenticated User / Guest
    • (3) Hide the Moogle Logo in the block
  • 16. Con
    • Moogles are reoccurring figures
    • in Final Fantasy which has
    • no relation to Moogle in
    • Moodle Google. There is a
    • Moogle Village in Second
    • Life.
  • 17. One issue mentioned on
    • “ The problem with the logo in Internet Explorer is now fixed.”
  • 18. Developer Yajuvendrasinh V. Mahida [] The University of Southern Queensland This block is free software. you can redistribute it and/or modify it. .