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Anything goes
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Anything goes


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  • 1. Plot Billy Crocker, a young Wall Street broker, has fallen in love with a girl he met in a taxi. His boss, Elisha J. Whitney, is going to travel to London aboard the S.S. "American." Evangelist turned nightclub singer Reno Sweeney will be traveling aboard the same ship. Billy goes to the dock to bid "Bon Voyage" to his boss and Reno and glimpses the mysterious girl. She is heiress Hope Harcourt and, escorted by her mother, Mrs. Harcourt, is on her way to England with her fiancé Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, an attractive but stuffy and hapless British nobleman. Billy stows away on the ship in hopes of winning Hopes heart. "Moonface" Martin, a second-rate gangster labeled "Public Enemy 13", and his friend Bonnie have disguised themselves as a minister and a missionary and innocently aided by Billy, board the ship under their assumed identities, stranding the ships real chaplain back at the port. Moonface and Bonnie mistakenly leave behind their leader, "Snake Eyes" Johnson, Public Enemy 1. To thank Billy, Bonnie and Moonface let him have Snake Eyes Johnsons passport and ticket without telling him to whom they belong. Billy convinces Sir Evelyn that he is quite seasick and when he goes below deck, Billy and Hope meet again. Though Hope prefers Billy, she insists she must marry Evelyn, not revealing to Billy her familys company is in financial trouble and a marriage to Evelyn would promote a merger and save the company. The ships crew gets a cable from New York: Public Enemy 1 is on board. Moonface admits his true identity to Billy and he and Bonnie conspire to disguise Billy as a crew member since he is now presumed to be Snake Eyes Johnson. Hope discovers that Evelyn is not particularly pleased with the engagement either. Billy asks Reno to help separate Evelyn and Hope, and she agrees. Reno flirts with Evelyn, who invites her for a drink in his cabin. She and Moon plot that Moon should burst into the cabin and discover Reno half-naked in Evelyns arms, providing sufficient reason for breaking off the engagement. However, when Moon breaks into the room, he instead sees Reno fully dressed and Evelyn nearly undressed. Moon tries to invent some indecent explanation for the situation, but Evelyn insists that he would be quite pleased by any rumor depicting him as a passionate lover, especially if Hope heard it. Moon admits that the plot has failed. The crew has caught on to Billys sailor disguise, and Moon and Reno create a new disguise for him from a stolen pair of trousers, a drunks jacket, and hair cut from Mrs. Harcourts Pomeranian and made into a beard. Mrs. Harcourt, recognizing her dogs hair, angrily pulls off Billys beard and the crew and passengers realize he must be the wanted man. As Snake Eyes Johnson, Billy is an instant celebrity. Billy is honored by both crew and passengers as "Public Enemy Number One." He tells the Captain that Moon is helping him reform his ways. Moon is asked to lead a revival in the ships lounge. The passengers confess their sins, and Sir Evelyn admits to a one-night stand with a young Chinese woman, Plum Blossom. Hope is not impressed with Billys charade, and he confesses to everyone that he is not really Snake Eyes Johnson. Moon attempts to compensate by revealing that he is not a minister. The captain sends them both to the brig. Moon tries to cheer Billy up. Billy doubts he will ever see Hope again; he and Moon cannot leave their cell until they return to America. Their card-playing Chinese cellmates, who have been imprisoned for winning all the cash in third class, will be put ashore in England. Moon and Billy win their clothes in a game of strip poker.Billy, Moon, and Reno show up at the Oakleigh estate in Chinese garb. Billy and Moon tell Oakleighs uncle that they are the parents of "Plum Blossom" and threaten to publicize Evelyns indiscretion if he does not marry her. Uncle Oakleigh offers to buy them off and Moon gleefully accepts the cash, much to Billy and Renos chagrin. Billy and Reno find Hope and Evelyn, who are unhappy with the prospect of their matrimony. Hope declares that she wants to marry Billy. Billy spots Whitney and learns that Evelyn and Hopes planned marriage is really an awkward business merger. Billy knows that Uncle Oakleigh is manipulating them all; Hopes company is really worth millions and Billy informs Whitney of that fact. Whitney offers to buy the firm from Hope at an exorbitant price, and she accepts. Billy and Hope get married, as do Reno and Evelyn. A cable from the U.S.
  • 2. Cast Billy Crocker — a young Wall Street broker in love with Hope Reno Sweeney — An evangelist turned nightclub singer and an old friend of Billys. Hope Harcourt — An American debutante and the object of Billys affection. Moonface Martin — a second-rate gangster, "Public Enemy Number 13" Sir Evelyn Oakleigh — Hopes wealthy and stuffy English fiancé Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt — Hopes haughty and overbearing mother Bonnie / Erma (1987 revival) — Sidekick to Moonface Elisha J. Whitney — Ivy league Wall Street banker, Billys boss. Renos Angels (Purity, Charity, Chastity and Virtue). (1934 original and 1962 revival / 2002 concert) - Renos back up singers. Ritz Quartette (1934 original) / Lady Fair Quartet (1987 revival) Ching and Ling ("Luke" and "John" in the 1987 revival and 2002 concert) — Two Chinese Converts and reformed gamblers who accompany Bishop Henry T. Dobson Captain, Steward, Purser on the ship The Right Reverend, Bishop Henry T. Dobson Ships crew, Passengers, Reporters, Photographers and F.B.I. Agents
  • 3. Pit The FLEXBO (Flexible Combo) is the best way to have the advantage of orchestral writing while using a smaller ensemble. The foundation of a Broadway orchestration is the rhythm section: Piano, Bass and Drums. The remainder of the orchestra — woodwinds, brass and strings — are the “melodic” parts added to provide richness, depth and tonal color. The number of players required for these added parts may be as few as nine and more often twenty to twenty-five. The four FLEXBO parts, A, B, C and D, contain the essential musical lines heard from the “melodic” instruments in the full orchestration. While the best results will be achieved using all four FLEXBO parts, they have been cued so that even fewer of them can be used. 1 Part A: Trumpet 1 Part B: Alto Saxophone, Clarinet & optional Flute & Piccolo 1 Part C: Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet 1 Part D: Trombone 2 Percussion 1 & 2: (Mallet Player is optional) Trap Set Player: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom-Toms, Floor Tom, Cow Bell, Wood Block, Small & Large Triangle, Temple Blocks, Cymbals (various Suspended, Splash, Chip, Ride), Hi-Hat & Gong. Mallet Player: Glockenspiel (Bells), Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, Snare Drum, Field Drum (or Snare Drum w/o snares), Bongo Drums, Suspended Cymbal, Piatti, Finger Cymbals, Small Triangle, Cow Bell, Wood Block, Ship’s Bell, Temple Blocks, Maracas, Castanets, Cabasa, Tambourine, Ratchet, Sandpaper Blocks, Bird Whistle & Siren Whistle. 1 Guitar (doubling Banjo & Twelve String Guitar); optional 1 Bass Piano (playing from Piano- Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material) The FLEXBO arrangement has been designed to sound complete when played by Piano only, or with the addition of one to eight players. The Piano is essential and must use the Piano-Conductor’s Score. Parts A, B, C and D must be added in alphabetical order. (Part B may not be used without Part A, etc.) The rhythm section players may be added to the Piano in any sequence, although Bass and one Percussion (on trap set) are more valuable than the two optional parts, the Guitar and the second Percussion (on mallet instruments).
  • 4. Set It’s on a boat.  Need to build two stories  Fairly straight-forward Period costumes
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  • 8. Music “Anything Goes” “Blow, Gabriel, Blow”