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Uploading resources to_mbc
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Uploading resources to_mbc

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How to upload resources to MBC.

How to upload resources to MBC.

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  • 1. Uploading Your Stuff • Your Stuff is a placeholder for your resources in My Big Campus. • Once you upload your documents, videos, websites, etc., you may distribute them to students as assignments or include them in units, chapters, etc. that you create for your students.
  • 2. Objectives Learn how to upload resources into Your Stuff Learn how to organize resources in Your Stuff using Labels
  • 3. Uploading Your StuffClick on Your Stuff button to see the YourStuff page below
  • 4. Create a Label (Folders) • Labels are like creating folders to keep documents organized. • Click on Add to add a new Label
  • 5. Labels 1. Click on Add to create another Label 2. Add a title for the Label 3. Click Add to save 4. Titles will show up in initial caps in this column
  • 6. Labels • New Labels show up on top of the Label list. • To delete labels, click on Manage Labels and select the Labels you want deleted.
  • 7. Uploading Your Stuff1. Click on Add 2. Choose type ofButton to Add resource you wishResources to upload
  • 8. • After choosing File, this text box will appear. 3. Click the link to upload files.4. Click on the file andthen click Open orDouble click the filefrom your computer toautomatically upload toMy Big Campus.
  • 9. Uploading Your Stuff• The document you selected now shows up at the top of the list of your resources.
  • 10. Labels help Labelscategorize 1. Keepresources so resource 2. Choose labelthere is not one checked. and click.long list.
  • 11. Labels3. The resource will then have theLabel applied to it.
  • 12. Labels1. Click on Label2. Your two selected recoursesfor that Label will show uphere.
  • 13. Try it Yourself! Create a Label in Your Stuff Upload a document into Your Stuff. Label the document.