12 marks of a new testament baptist church


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Various statements of faith. See what Baptists have expressed as their doctrines over the years.

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12 marks of a new testament baptist church

  1. 1. Lesson 12 The Marks of a New Testament Baptist Church
  2. 2. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 "We believe with the heart & confess with the mouth that there is but (a) One god (b) Creator & governor of all things (c) Distinguished into father, Son, & Holy Spirit (d) & that this is life eternal to know the only true god & Jesus Christ whom he hath & that the rule of this knowledge faith (e)& obedience concerning the worship & service of God & all other Christian duties is the written word of God contained in the books of the old & new testaments
  3. 3. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 (f) We believe Christ is the foundation laid by the father (g) Of whom Moses and the prophets wrote & the apostles preached (h) Who is that great prophet whom we are to hear in all things (i) Who hath perfectly revealed out of the bosom of his father the whole word and will of god which his servants are to know believe and obey
  4. 4. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 (j) Christ his commission to his disciples is to teach & baptize (k) And those that gladly received the word & are baptized are saints by calling & fit matter for a visible church (l) And a competent number of such joined together in covenant & fellowship of the gospel are a Church of Christ (m) We believe that a church thus constituted are to walk in all the appointments of Christ
  5. 5. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 (n) And have power from him to choose from among themselves there own officers whom the gospel allows to administer in the ordinances of Christ among them whom they may depute or ordain to this end (o) And this church hath power to receive into their fellowship visible believers (p) & if any prove scandalous obstinate & wicked to put forth such from amongst them (q) When the church is met together they may all prophesy one by one that all may all learn & all may be comforted
  6. 6. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 (r) & they ought to meet together the first day of the week to attend upon the Lord in all his holy ordinances continuing in the Apostles doctrine & fellowship & breaking bread & praise (s) We acknowledge magistracy to be an ordinance of god & to submit ourselves to them in the lord not because of wrath only but also for conscience sake (t) Thus we desire to give unto god that which is Gods & unto Caesar that which is Caesar's & to every man that which belongeth to them
  7. 7. First Baptist Church of Boston 1663 (u) Endeavoring always to have a clear conscience void of offence towards god & towards men having hope in God that the resurrection of the dead bee of the just unto life & of the unjust unto condemnation everlasting (v) if any take this to be heresy then doe wee with the apostles confess that after the way which they call heresy we worship the father of our Lord Jesus Christ believing all things that are written in the law & in the prophets & in the psalms"
  8. 8. I. MARKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH 1. Its Head and Founder--CHRIST. 2. Its only rule of faith and practice--The Bible. 3. Its name--“Church," "Churches." 4. Its polity--Congregational-all members equal. 5. Its members--Only saved people. 6. Its ordinances--Believers’ baptism followed by the Lord’s Supper. 7. Its officers--Pastors and Deacons
  9. 9. I. MARKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH   8. Its work--getting folks saved, baptizing them (with a baptism that meets all the requirements of God's Word), teaching them ("to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you"). 9. Its financial plan--Tithes and Offerings 10. Its weapons of warfare--spiritual, not carnal. 11. Its Independence--Separation of Church and State.
  10. 10. II. SOME UNERRING, INFALLIBLE MARKS 1. Christ, the author of this religion, organized His followers or disciples into a Church. 2. This organization or church, according to the Scriptures and according to the practice of the Apostles and early churches, was given two kinds of officers and only two 3. The churches in their government and discipline to be entirely separate and independent of each other,
  11. 11. II. SOME UNERRING, INFALLIBLE MARKS 4. To the church were given two ordinances and only two, Baptism and the Lord's Supper. 5. Only the "saved" were to be received as members of the church 6. The inspired scriptures, 7. Christ Jesus, the founder of this organization and the savior of its members, to be their only priest and king,
  12. 12. II. SOME UNERRING, INFALLIBLE MARKS 8. This religion of Christ to be individual, personal, and purely voluntary or through persuasion. 9. ... neither Christ nor His apostles, ever gave to His followers, what is known today as a denominational name, 10. Complete separation of Church and State.
  13. 13. III. B.A.P.T.I.S.T.S   Biblical Authority Autonomy (independence) of the local church Priesthood of the believer (Equality of members) Two offices: Pastor and Deacon Individual Soul Liberty (The right to worship God according to the dictates of one's own conscience) Saved, Baptist Church membership Two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord's Supper Separation of church and State