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This file contains all my process done in class and at home about new health technologies.

This file contains all my process done in class and at home about new health technologies.

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  • 1. Martino Armanini Unit 1 Question: To What Extent Does our Health Depend on Technology? Area of Interaction (AOI): Health and Social Education Significant Concept: Our health is only as good as our health service
  • 2. Martino Armanini Introduction: In this unit I will discuss and investigate on how and why or health and technology are related to each other. Health and medicine are massively improving in nowadays, mainly because of the introduction of new technologies that are able to innovate all health system. Technology has changed in two ways the sanitary system on our planet: -New technologies are use to detect, find and localize diseases in our body. -Other technologies act directly on the pathology, curing your body from it. Technology plays a very important role in our world, saving hundreds of lives every day. People saved by these diseases are saved not only by the medicines but also by the people who are giving money to the research against these terrible pathologies. Certain things are needed, that is why I personally think that technologies make us what we are and thanks to this we all live more than we should, diseases such as AIDS are impossible to be cured if nobody spends money for the laboratories and the staff that can solve this problem. In the past many people died because of illnesses that today can be cured with just a pill, this is the most evident signal that technology changed completely our health service and our lives. If the citizens of the world don’t trust new medicines our society will find a health system that is not suitable to the demand that we will have. I am personally very confident about the progression of health technologies just like my father was. In fact he worked in Pliva, the company to invent the first antibiotic: Azithromycin A very good example isthe experiments on animals and rats. Truth is that these experiments are vital for our community because new medicines and new health technologies are comingfrom some rat labs. It is obvious that we can’t try something dangerous on another human therefore the little price to pay is the risk of an animal to die. I don’t take this as a simple fact but I would prefer that a rat dies rather than my mother or a friend of mine does. In the past people couldn’t even imagine what technologies there would have been in the future, because of that I am very excited and curious of what the new technologies will be and how will they change an health system that is now already very advanced.
  • 3. Martino Armanini A.O.I: In this investigation I will be focusing on a main area of interaction: Health and Social Education. How is Health and Social Education related to my project? 1“-How do I think and act? -How am I changing? -How can I look after myself and others? This area of interaction deals with key aspects of development leading to complete and healthy lives. The aim is to develop in students a sense of responsibility for their own wellbeing and for their physical and social environment. In particular, the exploration of this area in the subject groups allows students to discuss and reflect on the following aspects of health: Physical psychological sociological economic legal. The scope of this area of interaction goes beyond the acquisition of content knowledge. It necessitates structured learning in terms of: Knowledge skills attitudes values.” If I had to choose another area of interaction that could be suitable for this project, I would certainly choose Community and Service. All sorts of Service are influenced by the new Technologies and Community certainly has changed since the first technologies appeared. Therefore I can easily say that this AOI has very close relation with my project. 1 http://www.ibo.org/myp/curriculum/interaction/health/
  • 4. Martino Armanini Relevant Questions: 1. Who’s my target audience? 2. What will my research based on? 3. Is my research based on a positive technology? 4. Have I used different sources? 5. How will my final product be like? 6. How did I include the necessary sources to start the planning and design section? 7. How can I make a good video?(animation) 8. Which software will I use to prepare the video?(animation) 9. How can I attract my audience? 10. How will my animation be? 11. How could I explain my concepts to my target audience? 12. How can I create a good animation for my audience? 13. How can I convince my audience to believe in what I present? 14. How can my audience be more interested in what I say? 15. Could I convince someone to finance my product? 16. How can I create a product that doesn’t have an age boundary? 17. How will I conclude my project? Research: 7).01 Shoot closer The other big mistake committed during the shooting process is to shoot too wide. Shots meander from a wide shot to a mid shot and then back out to a wide shot. Yawn. The real interest for viewers is in the detail, so get close to your subjects and shoot lots of closeups. Closeups have an added advantage of getting you out of continuity errors in the edit. But the real reason for more closeups than anything is this: online, most of your audience will be watching on Youtube or Vimeo – through a window about 640 pixels wide. At this size even a mediumclose-up (the standard framing for interviews) is too wide for us to see the details we need to see.
  • 5. Martino Armanini .02 Start strong I’ve written before about the importance of the first 10 seconds of your video. Audiences will leave if you haven’t hooked them by then. So put a lot of effort into a strong opening for your film when you’re editing. If you’re stuck for inspiration, use your best shot – the shot that tells the story – and your strongest piece of audio. Right away: Consciously look for the telling shot, the image that sums up the whole story, or the most explosive or intriguing image to start the piece, and use that at the start. .03 Get your audio straight A common problem on videos when they’re uploaded is drifting audio. It might be in sync when you filmed and edited it, but that disappears when you watch it online. I’m not 100% sure of the cause of this myself (if you know for certain, please enlighten me in the comments) but through experience and some research I think it’s to do with the sample rate of the audio itself. Audio commonly is played at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and the drift happens when you switch from one to the other. Vimeo & Youtube can only support 44.1kHz, so if your camera or audio device records at 48kHz that might be the cause of the problem. Right away: if you’re having trouble with audio, then investigate what sample rate you record & edit in. .04 Basic colour correction Another quick hit is to do some very basic colour correction to your footage. Cameras have different colour temperatures, and often pictures come out over saturated, too red, or too flat. I would recommend two changes that improve almost every shot. Firstly, adjust the contrast of your image, to make the dark parts darker and the bright parts a little brighter. Play it by eye, and make sure nothing is blown out when you do it. Secondly, pull back on the saturation of the image – not much, just a little to give it a cooler, washed out look. I used both of these regularly when I started out, even though I wasn’t using industry standard software. Right away: if you’re using a popular edit software (Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas etc) find out how to adjust these settings. If your edit platform doesn’t allow these changes, then you can now edit them after uploading them, using Youtube’s Video Manager (see below).2 2 http://adamwestbrook.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/10-quick-hits-to-make-your-videos-better-right-now/
  • 6. Martino Armanini 8) Video editing programs are software which can be installed on computers to retouch the videos that have been recorded to make them polished and appealing for your viewers. These programs are capable of editing video clips or full length videos from camcorders, digital cameras and even mobile phones, which are capable of recording video. So which is the best video editing program? In my experience, a good video editing program should give a very intuitive and elegant user interface and allow you to accomplish editing tasks very quickly. However, they are also complex enough to let you experiment with advanced video effects if you so choose. 
 Let's take a more in-depth look at a list of 10 contenders for best video editing program. These are the tools I keep turning to as part of my video editing hobby. 1. Corel Video Studio Pro One of my perennial favorites, Corel Video Studio Pro is one of the best among all the available video editing programs. With a very simple user interface, the software is capable of completing some complex video editing tasks with ease. There are also a number of editing tools which are built-in and accessible via a feature called the "Movie Wizard". This wizard allows the users to very quickly put together a video which can be as long as full length movies.
  • 7. Martino Armanini The Corel VideoStudio video editing software The best part of the Corel VideoStudio is that the output can be saved in a number of formats which allows the viewers to watch the video on computers, TV or even video players for mobiles. In addition, there are some other additional options like adding movie titles, seamless integration of music as well as creation of simple slide shows. A great package that can be used by both novice and professional editors with ease.
  • 8. Martino Armanini 2. Movavi I recently came across Movavi, an amazing piece of software. This is an all-in-one package of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for any video processing needs: edit, enhance, convert, burn Bluray Disc & DVD.
 For starters, you can transfer video and audio between more than 170 media formats, including DVD and HD. You can also save video to than 180 portable devices, including the Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone, Sony PSP™, Zune, BlackBerry, etc. The Movavi video editing suite You can easily create your video masterpiece using a customizable timeline and powerful collection of video editing tools: split, crop, join, rotate, and more. You can also enhance the video with built-in special effects. 
 Capture video into your PC? No problem. Movavi allows you to capture video straight from DV cameras and or TV-tuners. Save MPEG-2 TS and AVCHD video from camcorders to PC. Now you have a way to revive your old movie collection and family videos stored on VHS cassettes.
 As for sharing that video of yours, Movavi allows you to quickly burn CD, DVD or Blu-ray media with video, music and data.
  • 9. Martino Armanini 3. Cybelink PowerDirector Cyberlink PowerDirector is also a contender for best video editing program. What makes this program unique is its concept of "import and capture". There is a standard set of tools present in the programs which allows you to import an existing video that is already present on your computer's hard drive or you can capture a video from portable camera for video recording. You can also capture a video straight from a DVD - a feature available only in high-end video editing programs. Editing is as simple as it gets - you can tinker with a large number of effects which can be personalized. Want to trim or split a video? That again is a breeze. On the whole, a simple, extremely user friendly and value-for-money editing suite. 3. Adobe Premiere Elements Third in the cue is Adobe Premier Elements and a hot favorite. Besides the fact that it is from a very trusted name in media software (i.e. Adobe), Premiere Elements is capable of a whole host of features. Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software Uploading a video to the Web or burning a home movie on a DVD can be done with simple commands. The program boasts one-touch transfer which allows you to capture the video output quickly from a DV camcorder. You can also edit photos, narrate audios and create DVD menus. Provided your computer has the minimum system requirements, Premiere Elements is a lot of fun to use and comes highly recommended.
  • 10. Martino Armanini 5. Pinnacle Studio Beginner or intermediate level user in video editing? Then you are going to love Pinnacle Studio. There are formats specified for different skill sets and all that you need to do is to choose the one that suits you. This is nowhere close of being an industrial software but the program is definitely good for home users with lovely features and tools for special effects, panning and zooming resolution and much more. The usage of this software is so simple and self-explanatory that you may never want to shift to other programs when you get used to it! 6. Roxio Creator Roxio Creator is a video editing program that is fast and easy to use. Creating backups and burning them on CD, DVD and Blu-Rayis simple - you can even schedule the burning process! Roxio Creator allows you to create soundtracks and playlists for your video. Analog formats can also be converted to digital formats within the software. I'll admit that Roxio Creator is not as high quality as Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere Elements or Movavi, but the program toolset is certainly still impressive enough. Which is why it makes it to my list of the top 10 nominees for best video editing program. 7. Corel DVD MovieFactory If you need to share video files quickly with others with minimal editing, you are going to love Corel DVD MovieFactory. MovieFactory focuses on creating a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc containing your video production as quickly as possible. There are built-in templates which can be customized - you can spend hours playing with these. You can use the timeline and storyboard to gain control of the video editing process. There's even a nice option to create music videos. This is a beginners' level video editing program and is a whole lot of fun to use. At intermediate or expert levels, the program is does not really make the cut. 8. Arcsoft The Arcsoft ShowBiz program has a simple appearance but is loaded with features. Hook up your camcorder to the computer to quickly start the video editing process. The program can then run a pre-check your imported video can highlight unwanted scenes to be automatically detected.Drag and drop the imported clips into the storyboard for better control and visualization. Videos can then be split into smaller clips, audio can be embedded into scenes, while specific themes can be added to the videos. You can also create beautiful slideshows.
  • 11. Martino Armanini 9. Sony Vegas Studio Premium Sony Vegas Studio Premium is a great all-round video editing package that it takes into account the expertise of the user. Whether you are a newbie or professional video editor, the software has the feature set to support you. What Sony Vegas Studio Premium does is that it recreates a video editing studio right in the comfort of your own home. You can conveniently makes DVD or Blu-ray copies of the videos you produced. Now you can preserve your beautifully shot HD videos into media and distribute them easily to friends and family. 10. Movieplus If you're a newbie to video editing, Movieplus is well suited to your needs. The software follows a guided, step-by-step process to allow you to create your first video production. The storyboard allows arranging and sequencing of your clips so that you can easily include the nice scenes and remove the unwanted ones. Special effects, zooming and trimming are very well implemented and they allow you to transform an otherwise boring video into a professional production complete with solid, crisp effects. Don't have time to wade through something like Adobe Premiere Pro to create a nice home video? Well, go for Movieplus because it is great for creating super videos with ease and without any professional knowledge. Conclusion Whether you're a hobbyist shooting a home video, or a professional planning a formal video production, you absolutely need a robust video editing package.The above 10 video editing programs are the best of the best and will help you preserve memories and produce cuttingedge, beautiful looking videos that you can keep for generations to come. Check out these programs, learn and experiment with them and make your videos better.3 3 http://www.desktop-video-guide.com/best-video-editing-program.html
  • 12. Martino Armanini Final Research stage: 1) I think that my animation doesn’t have a precise target audience but can be seen and appreciated by anyone. 2) X-Rays 3) I think that X-Rays are a very posistive technology 4) Yes I did use different sources 5) I want my final product to be interesting and attractive 6) Yes I did include the necessary sources to go on with my project 7) How to Create a Good Animated Film Steps 1
 Figure it out what type it will be. Will it be packed with action and "cartoon violence" or full of comedy? Brainstorm your characters and develop a plot for your story. 2
 You may want to create a storyboard, but if your film is shorter, this may not be necessary. The storyboard drawings don't have to be of good quality. 3
 Write a script. Be sure to include everything, especially dialogue. Every detail counts 4
 Write character profiles to further develop the stars of your animated film. Include lots and lots of details. You can even include traits about your character. Is your character the comedian of the movie or is your character something else? 5 
 Animate your film. You should have decided what animation technique you will use by this point. Flip books are cheap and funny, but have several downsides (no sound, limited film length). Traditional animation has great quality, but takes a long time, is not very efficient, and is quite costly. You could always use animation software as well. It's all up to you, the creator! 6
 Edit your animation. Decide if there is anything you would like to change about your film or something you don't like about your film. Cut it out if so. 7
 Show your animation! 8) GoAnimate 9) Presenting a colourful and interesting animation 10) Clear and simple 11) I will explain my content with a story 12) Following the steps above 13) A good animation will convince everybody 14) If I will preapare a good animation the audience will be more interested in what i say and therefore get the message I want to give with my animation 15) Only if I present a good animation 16) If I will create an animation wich can attract everybody there will be no age boundary in my audience 17) With a precise and detailed evaluation
  • 13. Martino Armanini Design Brief: In my project I am willing to speak about the importance of X-RAYS. My aim is to create a Video presentation that can be understandable for almost every age. The technology I am doing my project on, infact, is useful to every human being to detect problems that go from tumors to the breaking of a bone.In my project I will include precise information so that my target audience doesn’t meet any problems and difficulties in watching my presentation. I will source my work so that if they want to find more information from more sources they can find it with no difficulties. I hope that my presentation will be nice to watch and useful to understand because it talks about one of the most important machines in our world. Design Specification My product MUST: Include images Be full of information Contain good sources Be written in Cambria (body) and Calibri (titles) Be eye-catching Be clear Be understandable Include color Be attractive Make people want to keep on reading Be really interesting Be written in size 12 (body) and in size 14 (titles) My product MUST NOT: Be disorganized Be confusing Be too long Go out of theme Be too easy to understand Be boring Be poor in content Be too difficult or precise
  • 14. Martino Armanini My product SHOULD: Be eye-catching, interesting and effective Make the audience learn and take action towards their situation Help people Meet all the expectations in order to guarantee a great product for the audience Make the audience more sensible about this theme Maybe convince someone to invest on new health technologies Test Plan: TEST NAME Is it eye-catching? Is it clear and understandable? Does the presentation have a good and effective length? Can my presentation be useful to my audience? Is my product so interesting that makes people want to keep on watching? Are the colors of my product effective? Are the images effective? And sourced properly? Does my product have enough information? Is all the information clear? Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Comments/Improvem ents needed?
  • 15. Martino Armanini Changing Ideas: At the beginning of my project I tought about doing an animation. During the process I understood that I wasn’t capable of doing an attractive animation with flash animation creator and the making and editing of a video seemed easier to do. I started doing my research stage with the idea of creating a video and I answered some questions thinking that my final product would have been that. In class one of my classmates introduced me to an easy and interesting animation creator (GoAnimate). Even if I had already started working on my video I decided to go back to my initial idea of creating an animation with this new and clear software. Than I had to redo my research stage, this time knowing that my product wasn’t going to be a video but, instead, an animation.
  • 16. Martino Armanini Design Stage At this point in my process I will be facing the design stage where I will be analyzing and evaluating my storyboards done to create a better animation. I’m going to use a table to create a good evaluation of my 4 storyboards. 1) First Storyboard
  • 17. Martino Armanini Question Can be an Yes Partially No  attractive animation  Is a good quality animation The audience  might want to know more It should explain  the situation It is a clear  animation It has an  organized layout/ structure.  It is simple to do The characters background and sounds are chosen intelligently 
  • 18. Martino Armanini 2) Second Storyboard
  • 19. Martino Armanini Question Can be an Yes Partially No  attractive animation Is a good quality   animation The audience  might want to know more It should explain  the situation It is a clear  animation It has an  organized layout/ structure.  It is simple to do The characters background and sounds are chosen intelligently 
  • 20. Martino Armanini 3) Third Storyboard
  • 21. Martino Armanini Question Can be an Yes Partially No  attractive animation Is a good quality   animation The audience  might want to know more It should explain  the situation It is a clear  animation It has an  organized layout/ structure.  It is simple to do The characters background and sounds are chosen intelligently 
  • 22. Martino Armanini 4) Fourth animation
  • 23. Martino Armanini Question Can be an Yes Partially No  attractive animation Is a good quality   animation The audience  might want to know more It should explain  the situation  It is a clear animation It has an  organized layout/ structure. It is simple to do  The characters  background and sounds are chosen intelligently My design stage has covered all my story and all the storyboard have been evaluated following my evaluating table. In my opinion this is a great method of evaluating and can make it clearer and simpler to understand for both the creator of the animation/storyboard and the audience which will see an organized and structured animation. I think that this process was very useful and also very well done because I managed to make a simple and clear way of evaluating my work that goes direct to the point.
  • 24. Martino Armanini Plan GANTT Chart: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 GANTT Chart Introduction Guiding Questions Design Brief Step-by-step Plan Prototype Design 1 Prototype Design 2 Prototype Design 3 Prototype Design 4 Evaluation of Design Choosing Software Choosing Characters Choosing background Create Video Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Process Journal Test Plan Evaluate Contigency Time Final Submission This GANTT chart will help me with my timing on the project. This will give me an approximate idea of how much time it will take me to do everything. Although it is possible that I will notperfectly meet these expectations, I will do my best to get as close as possible. I find it very helpful because it makes easier for me to understand how the work should be divided in the time I have to complete it.
  • 25. Martino Armanini Step by step plan: Date Time (hours) Task Material, Resources, Tools 13/10/2013 1 Start to write the plan (GANTT chart) Computer , Microsoft Excel 17/10/2013 1 Start to design and write the step by step plan Computer, Microsoft Word 20/10/2013 2 Evaluate the Design stage Computer, Microsoft Word 24/10/2013 1 Finish the written part Computer, Microsoft Word 27/10/2013 1 Choose characters Computer 30/10/2013 1 Choose background Computer 4/11/2013 1 Choose software Computer 7/11/2013 1 Go Animate 11/11/2013 1 Start to create scene one two three four and five Start to create scene six seven eight and nine 14/11/2013 1 Go Animate 18/11/2013 2 21/11/2013 4 Start to create scene ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and fifteen Start to create scene sixteen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twentytwo and twenty-three Finish and look at my animation 25/11/2013 2 Evaluate Product Computer Go Animate Go Animate Go animate The step by step plan is very important because represents the ideal plan of work I should follow to create my project. This Plan can also be useful to self evaluate your work. Infact if you sticked to it means that you worked at the set speed. During my creation stage I will also be able to understand if the step by step plan was realistic or I was over estimating myself. I think that my Plan Stage could have been improved and extended in content and layout but I believe that with the little amount of time I could use to create this product I did a good job. Overall I’m happy of how this work has been done.
  • 26. Martino Armanini Create Stage: Process Journal: In this section of my processI have to analyze the various steps that I faced throughout the creation of my final product. As a consequence I will analyze the procedure I created in my plan stage. For each of these steps I am going to write what I have done and the specific reason why I did it. I am also going to explain any problems I found while doing the process and the ways in which I resolved them. 1. Initially I decided to focus on creating a good story and after having chose one of my initial ideas I wrote an initial version of my story. 2. Once I corrected some aspects of this version I began to write the Storyboards. 3. During the process of writing the Storyboards I included scenes that weren’t in the initial version and finally completed the Storyboards 4. As soon as I completed the storyboards I presented them to two people to have some feedback and these were the results: Questionnaire (mum): Question: Response: Is the script clear to understand and well Yes It is well organized but obviously organized? could be improved. Do sufficient emotions appear in the script’s The story is somehow touching and plan? interesting. How could I improve my work? The Storyboards are well done. You could although enlarge the size of the story and create a complex set of scenes.
  • 27. Martino Armanini Questionnaire (class member): Question: Is the script clear to understand and well Response: Yes, it is very complete. organized? Do sufficient emotions appear in the script’s In my opinion there aren’t many plan? emotions in this script although the story is touching How could I improve my work? You could create a more complex and long story. In conclusion I decided that the answers were satisfying and once I corrected some little errors I was able to have the final version of my storyboards. 5. Knowing what I had to do I started to create the animationon GoAnimate.
  • 28. Martino Armanini 6. I started using this program that was completely new for me. And as the work was going on I started to feel confortable with the different possibilities that this program was offering me. I had to critically decide what background would have been the best for my different scenes and what sound could give the right tone to each of the scenes. 7. Once I was completing a 1 minute animation I saw a red line on 30 seconds but I didn’t bother going further to understand the meaning of it. When I was saving my work I understood what that line meant. I couldn’t save more that 30 seconds of animation without paying the website.
  • 29. Martino Armanini 8. At that point I got really upset and tried to copy part of my work and save it anywhere else in my computer. This wasn’t possible so I had to create another animation of other 30 seconds in order to have the complete story as before. 9. After having completed the first two parts of my animation, I still had to finish the third one, which was the easiest and simplest one to do. 10. After having finally completed the last part of my story I told myself I finished the first draft of my process.
  • 30. Martino Armanini 11. I than started to search trough all my work the possible aspects that could have been improved. I think this was a very difficult step of the process because trying to find something wrong in a result of your work isn’t an easy and pleasant task. 12. After having corrected everything that could have been corrected in the first draft I had to put together the three parts of my animation. 13. GoAnimate wouldn’t make me download the separate animations so I wasn’t able to edit them all together. 14. My teacher in class tought me a method that should have solved my problem but at home I found out that even this wasn’t working. 15. I than decided to save the three different parts on GoAnimate and number them since I couldn’t find a way to solve my problem. So in case anyone wants to see the full animation I now have to open three animations and present them in numerical order to create my full Product.
  • 31. Martino Armanini Evaluation stage Test the product In this final stage of my project I will be analyzing the product under a critical point of view,making some considerations on the work I have done. In order to simply and evaluate in a fast way my work I could use my Test Plan table. In this table I have created a couple of criteria that my final product must cover in order to be a successful project.I therefore have created a test plan that is accurate and has varied questions, in order to asses my product on multiple aspects. If the majority of this questions have a positive answer I can call myself satisfied. TEST NAME Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Is it eye-catching? yes yes Is it clear and understandable? yes yes Does the presentation have a good and effective length? yes yes Can my presentation be useful to my audience? yes no yes Is my product so interesting that makes people want to keep on watching? yes Are the colors of my product effective? My animation isn’t actually very useful to my audience and I could probably improve that aspect. yes yes Comments/Improvem ents needed? yes Are the images effective? Does my product have yes enough information? Is all the information clear? yes no Probably my product does not have the sufficient information but he one I put inside my animation is very clear and understandable.
  • 32. Martino Armanini Taking a close look to the results reported in the test plan we can observe that my final product meets most of the criteria I had created. From this fact I can tell that this has been a very productive process that has given a good and satisfactory result. We can still observe it necessitates improvements in two areas in which it doesn’t meet the demands I had imposed. And I could have been more precise in some aspects of the animation. From the answers we can see that I didn’t include the necessary information but I can explain this: the category of the video I decided to create wasn’t informative, but comical,and this aspect wasn’t essential in my opinion. On the other hand I did focus on the close relation between my technology and the health benefits deriving from it so my initial goal has been completed. Evaluation of the performance I will now try to analyze all the different steps of my process one by one. By doing so I will be able to critically evaluate each of them separately trying to remember how I worked and watching at the results of my work. In order to do so in some of the phases I will use some defined questions. I will do this to answer to the mainstream questions that anyone sets to distinguish a good quality product from a low quality one. Investigation: Did I struggle in any section? For me this is a complete new process and I found very difficult from the beginning the creation of the entire project. I immediately started with the investigation stage. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing. I was so unprepared I didn’t understand what the research was. How organized was I? I was very little organized at this stage of the project. Did I meet all deadlines? I did meet the deadlines but in my project was missing “a massive chunk of work”, as Mr.Mariani said. How fast did I work? I didn’t work at a very high speed also because I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. How much effort did I put in? At this stage of the project I didn’t work as hard as I could
  • 33. Martino Armanini How could I improve in all of these areas to do even better next time? Being a new student is something that you cannot escape from and because of that I was unprepared in some of the objectives. Design: Did I struggle in any section? As before I didn’t know exactly what I had to do so I did struggle a bit in some parts of the design stage. How organized was I? I was sufficiently organized to create a good design stage. Did I meet all deadlines? I did meet all the dead lines Mr.Mariani has set How fast did I work? I didn’t work at a very high speed also because I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. How much effort did I put in? At this stage of the project I worked hard. How could I improve in all of these areas to do even better next time? Being a new student is something that you cannot escape from and because of that I was unprepared in some of the objectives. Plan: How organized was I? In the plan stage I began to understand what the teacher wante and started to know what to do so I was able to be much more organized and efficient. Did I meet all deadlines? I met all the deadlines. How fast did I work? I worked very easily and fast during this stage.
  • 34. Martino Armanini How much effort did I put in? As always I tried to put as much effort I could in this stage of the project. How could I improve in all of these areas to do even better next time? I can identify that I haven’t committed important errors yet there are small improvements that this section requires. I recognize the I haven’t used a wide range of terminology when describing the aim of my GANNT chart and how it relates to the consequent creation of the step – by – step plan. Create (including process journal): How organized was I? At this stage of the process I was perfectly organized and I was capable of creating the product in a very short period of time Did I meet all deadlines? This deadline hasn’t arrived yet but I will have the creation stage ready for that day. How fast did I work? I worked very fast but still very concentrated during this stage. How much effort did I put in? In this section I worked very hard because I perfectly knew what I had to do How could I improve in all of these areas to do even better next time? Next time I am sure I will be a more experienced student and I will perfectly know what my objectives will be. In conclusion, I am very proud of the quality and quantity of work I achieved on my own, even though, it took me an extreme amount of energy time and ideas. Evaluate the impact of the product
  • 35. Martino Armanini Arriving at the end of this project I should be able to analyze and critically evaluate the impact of the final product. As I set myself at he beginning of the process my product is understandable to a very wide variety of people and therefore the audience is bigger. I think my product is clear. Everybody understands the message of it. I also think that my product is captivating and almost everybody could feel happy to watch it. The product I am talking about is a combination of all the time and effort I put in it in these three months. I am saying this because I think that I did the best I could to create an animation that was the result of all I said before. Because of this I feel very happy of my final product since when I look at it I feel I did not spend my time in a useless way but, instead, in a creative and new way for me. When I watch at my three animations I feel that the product of my work may not be perfect but I still hope that it could be enriching to others just like this project has been for me. Overall I think that the clearness, the correct length and the other aspects as the right colours make this product very easy to understand but also very rich of information. These two qualities could easily be find in a effective animation. I am therefore confident on the high level of impact of my final product.