Jeopardy with martin level 1
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Jeopardy with martin level 1



This is a game to practice present simple

This is a game to practice present simple



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Jeopardy with martin level 1 Jeopardy with martin level 1 Presentation Transcript

  • With Martín Tobón JEOPARDY
  • 100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 Vocabulary Grammar Topic Miscellaneous 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100
  • Row 1, Col 1 What do you call the verbs ending in “s” after he, she, it? Third person
  • 1,2 When do you use the verb to be? characteristics, age, profession, mood, place, definition
  • 1,3 What does yes- no question mean? Give and example The answer is yes/ no. Are ____ ____? Do you ___ ______ money?
  • 1,4 What do you like doing in your free time? I like _______ing. I love _______ing
  • 2,1 Mention 5 members of the family different to Mom, dad , brother, sister Nephew, niece, cousin , aunt, brother in law
  • 2,2 Speak about your routine . I wake up__, I get up at_______ etc
  • 2,3 What is the difference between Object pronoun and the adjective pronoun The Object pronoun goes after a verb. The Adj. pron goes before the verb.
  • 2,4 What time is it? It is 7:30 5:25 11:15 pm 4:50 It is seven thirty, twenty five after five, eleven and a quarter, ten to five
  • 3,1 Which are plural forms rules? Give 5 examples S, es, oes, ies, ives
  • 3,2 What is their negative form? The day is sunny She lives with her mother There are many clouds The day is not sunny, she doesn’t live with her mother, there aren’t many clouds.
  • 3,3 Which are the 4 seasons? Mention a characteristic 1. Winter –cold, spring-rainy, summer –hot, fall- windy,
  • 3,4 What is an adjective? It is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun
  • 4,1 Order a soda at a cafeteria Can I have _____
  • 4,2 What do you say when you do not listen Or understand? Sorry? , Pardon me? Excuse me?
  • 4,3 What do you think your best friend likes? He/she likes_________ing
  • 4,4 Mention 5 things you have to observe when writing a letter. Inside address, salutation, introduction, body , conclusion, farewell, signature
  • 5,1 When do you use next prepositions? On In At On Moday,on the table on the corner, in class, in the corner,at 2:00 at the U
  • 5,2 What time is it? It’s a quarter past twelve.
  • 5,3 What does “ information question”, mean? It is so called because it provides new information to the listener
  • 5,4 What’s the national sport in Colombia? Tejo