Responsible Tourism for the Tourism Industry M Hatchuel 2012
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Responsible Tourism for the Tourism Industry M Hatchuel 2012



Explains the principles of responsible tourism. Provides the definition of RT, and shows examples of RT in action from South Africa. Also a plea for careful and integrated tourism planning."

Explains the principles of responsible tourism. Provides the definition of RT, and shows examples of RT in action from South Africa. Also a plea for careful and integrated tourism planning."

Responsible tourism is "Tourism that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.

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Responsible Tourism for the Tourism Industry M Hatchuel 2012 Responsible Tourism for the Tourism Industry M Hatchuel 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Martin
  • We Suck at collaboration Ron Mader -
  • Which is how we developeda tourism industry...
  • Which is characterised by...• Lack of foresight & planning• Insensitive development ...Fail!• Marginalisation, alienation• Massive carbon footprint
  • Tourists People traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes UN World Tourism Organisation
  • • Holidaymakers• Businesspeople• Conferences• Events (Sport, religion, culture)
  • • US$ 919 billion in export earnings in 2010• International tourist arrivals grew by more than 4% to 980 million in 2011
  • When the world hurts, tourism hurts• Tourism grew by 7% in 2007• Then grew by 5% in the first half of 2008• Then slumped in the second half of 2008• And the year ended on only 2% growth• 2009 (remember the H1N1 flu virus?) = a decline of 4.2% to 880 million international tourists arrivals – and a 5.7% decline in international tourism receipts
  • But it’s climbing back...UNWTO: international tourist arrivalswill increase 3% - 4% in 2012...... To... More... Than... One... Billion!...
  • This is gonna kill us!
  • Tourismthatcreatesbetterplaces forpeople tolive in,and betterplaces tovisit
  • What’s so different aboutthat?
  • Responsible tourism is not• Sustainable tourism• Eco-tourism• Green tourism• Natural environments tourism• Cultural tourism• Heritage tourism• Niche tourism• Township tourism• Sports tourism
  • ... It’s all of the above - and moreIt’s aboutthe legaciesand consequencesof tourism
  • It generates• Respect for local cultures• Support for social development• Respect for the environment
  • Win-Win• It benefits host communities• It benefits visitors
  • Where does come from?
  • The Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism• 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development lead to the• Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations• 280 delegates from 20 countries• Created a movement: Do what you can to make tourism work for everyone, and for the environment
  • Responsible Tourism in Destinations Conferences • The Kerala Declaration on the roles of stakeholders (2008) • The Belize Declaration on cruising, second homes, climate change, local economic development and tourisms impacts in the coastal zone (2009) • Oman 2010 • Canada 2011 • Brazil May 2012
  • The Cape Town Declaration Responsible Tourism:• Minimises negative impacts• Generates economic benefits• Enhances the well-being of host communities• Improves working conditions and• Improves access to the industry
  • The Cape Town Declaration Responsible Tourism:• Involves locals in decision making• Conserves natural and cultural heritage and diversity
  • The Cape Town DeclarationResponsible Tourism:• Tourists enjoy themselves more through meaningful connections with local people• Provides access for the physically challenged• Culturally sensitive• Engenders respect between tourists and hosts• Builds local pride and confidence
  • Triple bottom line:Economic Responsibility
  • Triple bottom line:Social Responsibility
  • Triple bottom line:Environmental Responsibility
  • Sohow do we do it?
  • Educate
  • Collaborate
  • Globalise yourselfRon Mader
  • Gamefication on Ron Mader
  • Do what you love Ron Mader
  • PreachWhatYouPracticeRon Mader
  • Small is beautiful Ron Mader
  • Think Big Ron Mader
  • Plan sensibly & sensitively
  • Ron Mader:Mzansi leads the way Shosholoza! Let’s play this game!
  • Uthando (Love) South Africa - Cape Town• Aims to help community development projects in South Africa.• Authentic, uplifting, fun, inspirational, interactive and meaningful experiences in the townships
  • Coffeebeans Routes - Cape Town• Contemporary, urban, African experiences that offer travellers deep insights into the city• Cape Town Jazz Safari• Township Futures (what if townships were the centre of Cape Town?)• Cape Town Fashion Route• Cape Town Beer Route• Cape Town Cuisine Route•
  • Oyster Bay Reserve - Mossel Bay• Community Reserve• Guides - bird hides - worm farms - bees - fynbos• Mossel Bay Environmental Partnership “Learn – Protect – Conserve”• Environmental internships• Protection and conservation projects• Community outreach and empowerment through education• -
  • Oceans - Mossel Bay• Research• Internships• Volunteer programmes•
  • Llewellyn Whittaker’sWaves S’cool of Surfing - Mossel Bay• International surf champion• Surf tours• Surfing development• Teaching, motivation & encouragement•
  • Living Local - Knysna• Culture is learned• You have to participate• There’s very little benefit in being a spectator• Knysna Homestays• Yiza Sifunde (“Let us learn”) Tourism Route - a combined effort between nine schools• Yiza Sifunde! Let us learn! - about our community, our heritage, and ourselves•
  • Stormsriver Adventures Tsitsikamma Canopy ToursStormsriver Village• Job creation and skills development• 800 community members trained since 1998• School feeding scheme• Animal education and welfare programme• HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness - ‘We Care’ and ‘I know’• Mentoring and active support for micro enterprises.• Support for improved education and health standards• Supports and sponsors sports development•
  • Face Adrenalin - Bloukrans Bungy• 10.9% of turnover (increasing annually by 0.3%) to the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Trust.• On a R690 jump this = R75,21• R14,000,000 since 1998•
  • Calabash Tours - Port Elizabeth• Created for tourists who want to meet the locals and experience true urban Africa.• Real City Tours• Shebeen Tours• Calabash Trust•
  • But beware!Here be dragons!
  • Governments want results
  • Expectations
  • ProceedWithCaution
  • Market researchIf you build it will they come?
  • Integrated tourism, economic, and spatialplanning is the key to unlocking the potential of tourism in destinations
  • Responsible tourism meanssuccessful social development
  • To transition from business as usual is a matter of will. With the right vision, planning and collaboration around ideasthat provide genuine win-win-win outcomes, we all benefit. – Tom Walter
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