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Reshaping IT - Reshaping Business
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Reshaping IT - Reshaping Business


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Masterclass Presentation

Masterclass Presentation

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 0 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Reshaping IT Reshaping Business El impacto de las TI en las organizaciones y en los profesionales 7 June 2013 Martin Gutberlet Mobile +49 (0) 172 2804475 Head of Enterprise Consulting Member of the Executive Team
  • 2. 1 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU What are the IT & technology trends for enterprises ? What is the impact of IT in enterprises? What is the profile of IT Consulting and how does it change? Agenda
  • 3. 2 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 4% IT Market Growth in 2013 expected IT Spending: 3.8 Trillion USD, worldwide in 2013*  0.7 Devices  0.1 Data Center Systems  0.3 Enterprises Services  1.0 IT Services incl. IT Consulting  1.7 Telecom Services Total Media Advertising spending 2013, worldwide: 0.5 Trillion USD** (+5 %) GDP Spain 2013 (Estimate): 1.05 Trillion USD*** (-1%) * Gartner IT Spending 26 March 2013 ** emarketer, 2013 *** Eurostats Europe +4% in 2013 vs. 2012
  • 4. 3 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU CEO Agenda is dominated by Technology Customer Relations & Web 2.0 Organization & Generation Y Risk & IT Compliance Innovation & Mobility CEO Topics
  • 5. 4 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Innovations revolutionize Customer & Business Social MediaMobile Big Data Internet of Things Customer Relations Analysis
  • 6. 5 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Source: Berlecon Research 11/2010 IT Innovations across industries % of Enterprises Advertising Retail Software & IT Architect Consulting R&D Telecoms Total Tax & Auditing Automotive Insurance Print ICT Retail Tech. planning Manufacturing Agree Totally agree
  • 7. 6 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT & Technology determine Innovations in Business eHealth Smart Grid & Smart Metering Online Stores Car ICT Agriculture Cloud eGovernment IT
  • 8. 7 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Innovation in Business – Example Retail  Future market: Attract and keep customers  Optimize human resources and save space  Self-Scanning Strong customer loyalty due to loyalty card, purchasing via scanner and electronic shopping cart, control on the basis of technical samples  Mobile Payment  Payment via mobile  Near Field Communication (NFC)  Micropayment: contactless exchange of data, cashless payments
  • 9. 8 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Gartner CIO Agenda 2012 Only 60% of the topics are business related Top 10 CIO Technology Priorities 1. Mobile Technologies Innovation 2. Analytics and Business Intelligence Customer Relations 3. Cloud Computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) IT Internal 4. Virtualization IT Internal 5. Collaboration Technologies (Workflow) Organization 6. Legacy Modernization IT Internal 7. IT Management IT Internal 8. Security Risk 9. CRM Customer Relations 10. ERP Applications Organization
  • 10. 9 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU What are the IT & technology trends for enterprises ? What is the impact of IT in enterprises? What is the profile of IT Consulting and how does it change? Agenda
  • 11. 10 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Where is IT needed in enterprises ? 1. Internal IT 2. IT in production 3. IT to the customer
  • 12. 11 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 1. Internal IT – Support of the Business  Purpose: IT supports the enterprise und its staff on the basis of IT applications and workplace equipment  Differentiation: IT is usually not involved in technology topics which change the business  Challenges: Possible Impact und benefit of IT are often undervalued. Formation of IT outside the IT („Shade” IT)
  • 13. 12 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 2. IT in Production – Support in Development  Purpose: IT is also responsible for technology e.g. in the product development  Systems: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), etc.  Challenges: Open innovation in the development, cooperation and integration with third party IT systems
  • 14. 13 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 3. IT to the customer – Support of B2B, B2C  Purpose: IT is responsible for the management of the interface to the end customer (direct and indirect sales)  Systems: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Partner Management, Call Center, Online Shops  Challenges: Use and implementation of mobility projects, appearance in social communities, use of wikis, integration and evaluation of data of third parties, etc.
  • 15. 14 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Interrelation of Business Model and IT Technology Strategy People Process Structure Enterprise Governance IT Governance IT Management IT Production
  • 16. 15 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Governance 1. IT strategy must follow the business strategy  Paradigm shift: IT can determine the business strategy 2. Value contribution of IT must be measurable to the enterprise success  Paradigm shift: Value Delivery and Assessment instead of Biz Case 3. Identify and manage risks  Paradigm shift: partly no managing of risk at innovation 4. Best use of resources, target-oriented und efficient  Paradigm shift: from management of resources towards management of value Make the implementation of 1-4 measurable (performance management)
  • 17. 16 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Management  IT-Business Management  IT Strategy  Information  Applications  Organization  Infrastructure & Technology  Service Management  Sourcing  Security  Investment & Priorization
  • 18. 17 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Production  IT Compliance  IT Service Management (ITSM)  Use of IT Standards like  IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), current in V3  Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT), 5.0  Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) – Framework for Enterprise Risk Mgmt  eTOM – in Telecommunications
  • 19. 18 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Project Management Chestra PRINCE2 Methods and Quality Standards in IT Development Model SSADM Chestra V-Modell Risk Evaluation CRAMM, COSO MoR Operation Models ITIL (IT infrastructure Library) eTOM (Telecom Operations Map) SOF (Service Operation Framework) MOF (Microsoft Operation Framework Quality Models Lean - Six Sigma COBIT ITSM Maturity Model acc. Spice IT Service CMM
  • 20. 19 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU What are the IT & technology trends for enterprises ? What is the impact of IT in enterprises? What is the profile of IT Consulting and how does it change? Agenda
  • 21. 20 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 3 different Fields of Consulting 1. In-house Consulting 2. Independent IT Consultant 3. IT Manufacturer offering Consulting
  • 22. 21 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 1. In-house Consulting Definition: Employed consultants who undertake consulting tasks for an enterprise even in the area of IT & technology Examples: Telefonica (Telecoms), RWE (Utility), Bayer (Chemical), etc. Sales Growth for In-house Consulting in 2012: +18%
  • 23. 22 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 2. Independent IT Consultant Definition: Consultants working for independent enterprises which do not provide any software, hardware or services portfolio Examples: McKinsey (Business Technology Office) or Boutiques like Gartner, Cassini Main Focus: IT Strategy and Process Consultancy Differentiation: No system integration or development of software
  • 24. 23 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU 3. IT Manufacturer offering Consulting Definition: Consultants working for enterprises offering its own software, hardware and services portfolio Examples: Fujitsu, IBM, HP, T-Systems Main Focus: End-to-End delivery from IT Consulting to implementation and operation Challenge: Positioning of own portfolio; partly not independent in recommendation of best in class solutions
  • 25. 24 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Classic IT Service Areas IT & Technology Consulting  IT Strategy  IT Sourcing  IT Business Management ( e.g. ITIL)  IT Virtualization & Cloud  IT Green  IT Infrastructure  IT Security System Integration  Application  Server  Storage  Network LAN, WAN, Mobile  IT Service Management (ITSM)  IT Security
  • 26. 30 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Consulting Areas 1. Enterprise IT Use  Internal IT  IT in Production  IT to the Customer 2. Enterprise IT Areas  IT Governance  IT Management  IT Production Classic New 3. IT Business  New Business Areas  New Business Models Consulting Competence Business Process IT Business Solutions Methods IT Processes Technology Business Innovation Management Organizational&TechnologicalTransformation
  • 27. 31 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Business For Example in Automotive CAN TCG-compliance security chip DCM Controller Chip Wireless Network Service-Impact- Management Service-Desk OEM DC Integrated Driver Assist. System Telematics Service Center Universal Enterprise Service Management - UNISEM Driver Centric Secure Seamless IT Characteristic for these projects is the high degree of complexity as consulting areas 1 and 2 have to be considered urgently !
  • 28. 32 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU IT Jobs in the Future There will be new job descriptions such as Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) or IT Innovation Manager Marketing will become a Web/IT Domain due to social communities Appliances - Integration of H/W & S/W and Services (optional) will be increasingly deployed Research & Development are linked, but work in local/mobile/project driven teams will be intensified Cloud Computing redefines IT Sourcing & Resource Management
  • 29. 33 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU My Offer to You We look after BA, MBA, diploma and degree work We give trainees the chance to get to know us We offer graduates a trainee program Just contact:
  • 30. 34 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Q&A
  • 31. 35 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU