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Toronto alm v1
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Toronto alm v1


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  • PowerStory is based on our deep passion to providebetter ways ofdefining software requirements and creating test cases.
  • PowerStory was designed to address real-world efficiency and accuracy issues with traditional approaches to requirements definition and test case creation. It was designed to work with PowerPoint because let’s face it, PowerPoint is a tool that almost everyone has on their desktop and knows how to use, making it easy to collaborate with. In addition PowerStory’s integration with TFS not only gives you the ease of continuing to use MS Office tools for requirements definition, but also provides comprehensive requirements management capabilities within an integrated ALM suite of products. This combination truly gives you the tools you need to save project time and budget, for very little cost.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A better way to definesoftware requirements& test casespowerstoryFor PowerPointToronto ALM User Group
    • 2. First some questions…RolesBAs ?UI/UX?Developer?Scrum Master?Product Manager?Requirements ManagementUse TFS ?Use another tool?Test Case ManagementUse TFSUse another tool?
    • 3. main flow1. -----------2. ---------3. ---------------alternateflows3.1 -------------------3.1.1 ----------3.1.2 -------------3.2 ---------------3.2.1 -----------UseCasesUI WireframesBD EFTest CasesTest Case 11. -----------2. ---------3. ---------------Test Case 21. -----------2. ---------3.1 -------------------3.1.1 ----------3.1.2 -------------Test Case 31. -----------2. ---------3.2 ---------------3.2.1 -----------CB CD EFBBUI StoryboardsTraditional requirements & Test specifications
    • 4. UseCasesUI WireframesUI StoryboardsUserStoriesinconsistenciesTest Cases…in other words…often duplicate requirements,such as “user steps and system response flow”confusion…also suffer from “translation errors” from onedeliverable to the next.wasted budgetrework
    • 5. UseCasesUI WireframesUI StoryboardsUserStories Test CasesWhat if we took these specifications..…combine someof them into singleintegrateddeliverable, thatremoves theduplication andtranslation errorsUse Case Storyboard…andautomaticallygenerated yourTest CasesTest Case Generation..with TFS Integration
    • 6. powerstoryFor PowerPoint..that is what powerstory does
    • 7. powerstoryFor PowerPointSo what is a Use CaseStoryboardUI Mockup / WireframeUse CaseEditormain flowAlternateflowsAssociate each“use case step” withaUI Mockup /wireframeUIControlsLibraryDrag and Drop tocreate your UIMockupbased on PowerPoint
    • 8. Communicate better through requirementssimulationSteps Navigator / Editor
    • 9. …or using navigation links & titlesOptionally havenavigation linksautomatically inserted onthe slidesOptionally have slide titlessynced with step text
    • 10. Generate Test Cases into MS Team FoundationServer
    • 11. Automatic Traceability within Team FoundationServer
    • 12. Generate Test Cases into MS Excel – import to HPQC
    • 13. Generate Test Cases into MS Word
    • 14. powerstoryFor PowerPointSaves you significantproject time and budget,by…A better way to define softwarerequirements & test cases!…communicating requirements more clearly…generating test cases automatically…removing requirements duplication and translationerrors
    • 15. demosUse Case StoryboardsSteps EditorUI Control LibraryAdd your own UI ControlsShare UI ControlsSimulationView OptionsPowerPoint templates for reuseTest Case GenFor Word and ExcelTFS IntegrationStart with TFS workitemAttach PPT file to a workitemLink to shared file – eg. skydriveTest Case Generation into TFS