A z of content marketing C is for call to action


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How and where should you put a call to action in your content marketing?

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A z of content marketing C is for call to action

  1. 1. A – Z of CONTENT MARKETING C is for Calling to Actionmcm2, Nantwich, Cheshire - www.mcm2.co.uk Confidential mcm2
  2. 2. The trouble with a lot of content marketing is thatpeople tend to forget the real purpose of it.So, why are you spending all this time creatingcontent, developing video’s, podcasts, training anddevelopment material?Is it because you have a burning desire to change theworld?Is it because you have always fancied yourself as anauthor or radio show presenter? (Listen to somepodcasts and you can hear how much some people wantto be famous, how they think they are dj’s).Or is it because you want your targets to do something? Confidential mcm2
  3. 3. So, what exactly is it that you want to achieve?What do you want your audience to do?If you don’t want them to do something then what is thepoint in you creating the content?It does not have to be a physical action, it can be that theyfeel something, that they have an emotional connectionto your company.But you are trying to prompt a response, you are trying todo get them to do something.And, as with all forms of marketing, you need to ask. Ifyou don’t ask them to do something, then they won’t. Confidential mcm2
  4. 4. Attention Interest Desire Action Let’s go back to basic marketing theory, which I know is very old fashioned but in the end it is all about; • Getting their attention • Making them interested • Building their desire • Making them act. Confidential mcm2
  5. 5. You need to start thinking about each part of the customer journey and what you want them to do at each point.Attention So then, take your content plan and – as far as you can – work out which part of the journey it fits into. Now, this is not exact, but without doing this we are just throwing content out willy nilly. Interest So, start with a list of all the things you are doing and or want to do. So for example have a look at the next slide. Desire Action Confidential mcm2
  6. 6. Training Video Weekly Podcast NewsletterAttention Blog News Content Slide share Presentation 1 Blog Ideas Content Micro Video Blog Case Studies Content Interest Twitter feed Desire This is only an example of what it could be, you need to list out all the content you do and you want to do. Action Do it by style. Our content tends to fall into categories, for example a blog might be made up of news items, cases studies and ideas, sharing ideas with people, each can operate in a different area of the journey Confidential mcm2
  7. 7. By doing this process you can start to work out what you want each piece to do Attention My slideshare presentation is there to do a number of things. it is hopefully meaty enough for the reader to move on to being interested. Blog News Content What I want them to do is visit my website, where there is loads more content. So I end it with a gentle push, an invite to the site.Slide share Presentation 1 Interest Newsletter Weekly Podcast Blog Ideas Content Desire Twitter feed Training Video Slide share Presentation 1 Action Blog Case Studies Content Micro Video So, my micro video is a short punchy video explaining a single point of content, I really want people to pick up to actually buy from me, so it ends with a harder message, a more direct sell. Confidential mcm2
  8. 8. Each piece of content is assessed by what I want the reader or viewer to do as a result of that content. Attention So, visit my website, view another presentation, give Blog News Content me a review, whatever it is.Slide share Presentation 1 The key is that it is Interest measurable, I will usually know if someone has taken Newsletter that action. Weekly Podcast Blog Ideas Content Desire Twitter feed Training Video Slide share Presentation 1 Action Blog Case Studies Content Micro Video Confidential mcm2
  9. 9. The real trick is to ask and then incentivise.So ask them to do something and givethem a reason to do it.Remember that if you don’t ask them, thenthey probably won’t do it.If you don’t give them a reason to act, thenthey probably won’t act.If they have read and or enjoyed yourcontent then they are in the perfectposition to accept you asking forsomething in return.So at some point in every piece of contentput in a call to action, ask them to do whatyou want them to do Confidential mcm2
  10. 10. So, in that vein, we have lots of information on our website, including a quick test to see how good your content strategy is - http://www.mcm2.co.uk/test Have a look and let us know what you think.Illustrations courtesy of Tom Joyce -http://tomjoyceillustration.blogspot.co.uk/ Confidential mcm2