A-Z of Content Marketing B is for Business


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Content Marketing - how you can review your business to ensure that your content strategy fits with the needs of your business and your audience.

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A-Z of Content Marketing B is for Business

  1. 1. A – Z of CONTENT MARKETING B is for Businessmcm2, Nantwich, Cheshire - www.mcm2.co.uk Confidential mcm2
  2. 2. This is the 2nd in a 26 long series of presentations –hopefully it will give you a good breakdown of contentmarketing.If you missed A is for Audience, then you can of coursefind it pretty easily on slideshare.The idea is to give people a really good view of contentmarketing, how it works, how to do it, and probably themost important to everyone what the benefit is for yourbusiness.We know that done well, content marketing cangenerate high quality leads, traffic and business, over anextended period.The trouble is that done badly, it can be an allconsuming waste of time.We all need to know how to do more great contentmarketing, and less rubbish. Confidential mcm2
  3. 3. So B is for Business. AudienceYour customers, a wild andwonderful bunch, are made up ofunique individuals, and so is yourbusiness. Business Confidential mcm2
  4. 4. So, how to we get the two to Audiencework together? We need tounderstand our own businessso that we can communicatewith our audience, withoutmaking us faceless and boring. Business Confidential mcm2
  5. 5. It’s really important if we are going to make Sue in content marketing work, that we retain our Sales, loves Nanci individual personalities, that we are not just Griffith a faceless business. No one loves a faceless business. Dave inaccounts – wears women’s We need to retain our individuality, to clothes retain our personality. People buy from people and in the end that is why we are doing content marketing – to sell stuff Pete likes transformers Confidential mcm2
  6. 6. Remember your Content Strategy sits here. What they What you need to need to tell know people Business Audience What you What they want to tell want to people hear Confidential mcm2
  7. 7. Your Content Strategy sits here. What theyYour strategy sits where the needs and wants of your What you need to need to needsbusiness overlap the tell know and wants of your people audience. Business Audience We discussed you Audience What the What they want to tellin the first presentation, the want to next step is to talk about people hear the business Confidential mcm2
  8. 8. Your Content Strategy sits here. What they If what you are doing is not What you need to firmly based on what your need to tell know business needs and wants people to tell people, then it Business Audience cannot serve any long term What you purpose. Marketing that is What they not based on what the want to tell want to business needs is marketing people hear toss! Confidential mcm2
  9. 9. Your Content Strategy sits here. But to recap – just in case you don’t want to look at the other presentation -If What they what you are doing is not What you based on what the need to need to tell audience wants to know people hear, then what is the Business point? Audience TheyWhat you won’t engage, they What they wont listen and they wont want to tell bother to buy from you. want to people Why should they? hear There is no emotional engagement Confidential mcm2
  10. 10. So, since B is for Business, lets talk about that.We go through a simple process to work outwhat to do• Who are we?• What do we stand for?• What makes us different?• How do we explain ourselves?• What do we want to talk about?• What do we have to talk about?• What are we excited by? Confidential mcm2
  11. 11. Who are we? Who do we stand for? What makes usHow do we explain different? ourselvesWhat do we What do we havewant to talk to talk about? about? What are we excited about? Confidential mcm2
  12. 12. Who are we? – what are the Name – what do people call us facts of our business? Brands – what are they? Products – so what are we actually selling? And what are the reasons toWhat do we actually want people believe in our products to do, and how do they do it. Sofactually how to people interface with us? Where are we? And so what is our main language? Products – what do How long have we beenthey actually do? (not established – are we a well as obvious as it established brand, or a start up – sounds where are we in our lifecycle? Where can I get all the data and technical information about my products and brands Confidential mcm2
  13. 13. What is our company culture? Who do we stand for? – as aWhat are our brand values, and which of company an organisation – these is our drop dead value. So what what are our public values would we go up against the wall to protect? and what are our real values, the ones that sitWhat is the emotional response beneath the surface? we want our audience to experience? What is the emotional response we want our employees to experience when they work for us? Confidential mcm2
  14. 14. What is the one line statement – We are XXYY and we do…….?How do we explain ourselves? What is our thirty second handshake? YouThree key elements meet someone at a party and they ask you what your company does? So what do to this…. you say? – Explain your company in under 30 seconds? What is our 3 minute presentation? You have to stand up in front of 400 people and present your company in 3 minutes, what would you say? Confidential mcm2
  15. 15. Our market – what is going Safety issues? How to use our products? on?Specification of our products? Company information Warranties? What do we have to talk about? What is mandatory – so what do our customers actually need to know? Confidential mcm2
  16. 16. Ok, given a free reign, now is the time to get a bit creative. What do we want to tell the audience, what do we want to make them feel? Create a mind map and brainstorm everything that you could talk about? What can you own? What areas of the market are yours to discuss?What do wewant to talk about? Confidential mcm2
  17. 17. There is nothing worse than creating boring content. If you are bored, then so will your audience be, and youdon’t want that. Obviously not everyone’s product range is as exciting as everyone elses, but still we are far better finding the things that excite us. So is there something about your company that really excites you? Is Dave in accounts really excited about the figures? Is Pete on the factory line obsessive about the size of his nuts? Does Val in marketing love pay per click? Does Gwen the MD spend her weekends mountain biking? So, either they should be the ones doing the content for you, or are there ways to turn what people are interested in into content you can use, through comparisons, metaphors, or direct links? What are we excited about? Confidential mcm2
  18. 18. Who are we? Who do we stand for? What makes usHow do we explain different? ourselvesWhat do we What do we havewant to talk to talk about? about? So, take all this information and start to produce a view of what your company wants What are we excited to talk about, and needs to about? talk about and how you can actually use that to create engagement with your audience. Confidential mcm2
  19. 19. Once you have a view of yourcompany and your audience you can start to formulate your strategy. You start to look at what you are going to do to engage your audience.If you don’t look at your business then it is highly likely that your strategy will not really do anything, it will the a greatexample of marketing toss, done for your own sake, not that of your business. Confidential mcm2
  20. 20. Your strategy has to sit here, so it has to serve your business and your audience. What they What you need to need to tell know people Business Audience What you What they want to tell want to people hear Confidential mcm2
  21. 21. Remember; If you always do what youvealways done you will always get what youve always got. Unless things change. The world of marketing haschanged and we need to change with it. Confidential mcm2
  22. 22. If you want to find out more about how we believe content marketing can help, and how it should be done, visit our blog on www.mcm2.co.uk/blog.We would really like to know what you think, so email us on martin@mcm2.co.uk We also have a quick test to see how good your content strategy is at - http://www.mcm2.co.uk/test Confidential mcm2