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  1. 1. Do we really need legislators spending time drafting, editing, debating, and finally passinglaws that make it an offense to text when crossing the street? Or just walking? I mean, come on, the woman in Reading, Pennsylvania, who wastexting while walking through a mall and fell into a fountain should be held up as an example of stupidity, not that texting and walking is dangerous and needs to be regulated by the government.Mass texting
  2. 2. Ive always believed that if a person and an automobile get into a fight,the auto is going to win Therefore, I make it a habit to not engage incombat with large hunks of moving iron With the exception of isolatedincidents, vehicles for the most part stay on streets, roads, and driveways It is not too difficult to walk around and avoid getting in their path andbeing hit
  3. 3. When I was young, we all learned to look both ways before crossing thestreet If a car was coming, you stayed on the sidewalk until it stopped,and then you crossed Seemed like a pretty useful rule, and its servedme well my entire life
  4. 4. Not once have I been struck by a moving vehicle But now I read aboutlawmakers proposing restrictions on using cell phones and music playersby people walking or running along the street or sidewalk Do we reallyneed to regulate common sense? Should our legislators be responsiblefor things that should be personal responsibility? Or would it be policeofficers that become responsible for what we should be responsible forourselves, because they would be the ones enforcing such laws whenpassed
  5. 5. Its bad enough that laws are being passed prohibiting texting whiledriving Not that I am for people texting while they are behind the wheel ofthat huge hunk of iron that has the capability of killing innocent peoplewho unfortunately cross the path of those irresponsible idiots who dontpay attention to driving because of some buzz in their pocket or somemessage that just has to be sent immediately Again, it is common senseand personal responsibility that should keep people from texting anddriving, not the fear of receiving a ticket
  6. 6. But then, people should be responsible enough to not get behind thewheel impaired too, but statistics prove that responsibility is lacking inmany of those who are driving around, and not just Mass texting at 2:00 am Of course, it makes more sense to regulate driving, since the driver isin a position to kill innocent people
  7. 7. But I guess some could argue that a pedestrian, blinding walking intotraffic with their head in their text, could also cause accidents that couldinjure or kill people besides themselves So should it be regulated? Ireally dont know, but I do think it is a sad state of affairs that it evenneeds to be discussed
  8. 8. Mass texting