ESA Space Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk


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ESA Space Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk

  1. 1. Titel24 september 2012 pagina 1
  2. 2. Workin SpaceSupportin Meetin Space Space Clusterin Space Richin Matchin Space Space
  3. 3. European Space Innovation Centre ESIC Offers: Flexible Work Spaces Central Reception On-site meeting and conference facilities Lunchroom and Catering Facilities Secretariat, accounting and legal services available
  4. 4. ESA BIC programme Support in Space ESA BIC Noordwijk is now open for High-Tech Startups. Are you looking for an inspiring environment and professional assistance to grow your new high tech company? Apply for our incubation program and you might be one of the future success stories in applied technology.The incubation program, that draws from the experience of both ESA andBViT in this field, offers to starters who are selected four clear benefits:• Product development incentive up to € 50.000• Business development loan up to € 50.000• Technical support (in-kind) up to 80 hrs.• Business Support (in-kind) valued at min. € 5.000ESA BIC Noordwijk has an open call for proposals, which means thatapplications can be submitted at any time. Selection of proposals take place4 times per year. NEXT DEADLINE 10 SEPTEMBER 2012
  5. 5. Partners ESA BIC Noordwijk programme
  6. 6. Suppliers ESA BIC Noordwijk programme
  7. 7. Companies ESA BIC Noordwijk
  8. 8. BlackShore presenting Cerberus An automated processing engine translating any type of photographic satellite data into usable GIS data using the power of the crowd. BlackShore is working on the Cerberus platform which can be defined as an automated processing engine to translate any type of photographic satellite data into usable GIS data by harnessing the power of the crowd.In the form of an interactive computer game players get to processphotographs where they have to mark interesting features like river deltason Mars, the evolution of glaciers on Earth and so on. Cerberus as a game isequipped with an integrated learning layer in order to ready the players todo the job. Because of this Cerberus serves three important factors withinthe space business which are:• E-learning• Outreach• Crowdsourcing
  9. 9. IDS Systems – Intech Dike Security Systems Innovative solution for dike monitoring and flood forecastingInTech Dike security systems has started in 2007 with the development of an innovativemonitoring system for dams and dikes. This system is based on infrared technology in combination with other special sensor systems. This infrared sensor system in combination with special software makes it possible to predict a dam or dike breach in a very early state witch can prevent big economic damage and human loses during wet- or storm-seasons in Delta or costal areas. IDS systems is also useful for normal maintenance witch gives real-time information about the strengthening of dikes and dams. www.ids-systems.nlIDS-systems is one of the founding companies of the cooperation of “Holland-Delta”. This uniquecooperation between specialized companies and research institutes offering the total solution inmonitoring of dams and dikes and flood-forecasting. In 2012 several dike/dam monitoring projectshas started in the Netherlands and in
  10. 10. ToogethrThe Ridesharing app Toogethr is an HTML5-based mobile service allowing you to offer rides and to find rides. To your home, work, a festival or a different place. With Using GNSS services, Toogethr will friends and colleagues. With friends of friends. start offering dynamic ridesharing Where and when it suits you. Connecting your options, allowing for real-time Toogethr account to your online social accounts matching, taken into account dynamic increases the trust required for this service. data such as traffic information. With Toogethr, you can substantially lower the As building a critical mass of users is essential to the success of such cost of your mobility. As a driver you can request services, Toogethr will first launch a a financial contribution for the ride. Toogethr will basic service. More advanced take care of the payment between passenger(s) features, automated payments and dynamic rideshare options will be and driver. At the same time, it lowers added at a later stage. congestion, and reduces CO2 emissions.Website: Toogethr app: m.toogethr.comFounders: Martin Voorzanger – Bart Selders –
  11. 11. LivelinePrivate & Secure Geo-Care for Family, Friends and Neighbours Care amongst loved ones can be as simple as sharing your location and telling a confidante that you are safe. Liveline is a family-centric LBS (Location Based Service) that enables you to send a location message that says: everything is fine here. Liveline can also be used as a personal alarm system to alert your family, friends and neighbours, or to connect you through to professional help in case of an emergency. Liveline is a mobile and online service for people who care for each others well-being and want to share location amongst loved ones. This is particularly suiting when a close relative is in need of special attention, be it because of age or ability.Liveline is available for any Tablet, Smartphone or PC
  12. 12. GiauraA carbon-neutral method of producing CO2 Green CO2? Millions of tons of CO2 are used each year for things like growing crops and carbonating drinks. Unfortunately, most of the processes that create useful CO2 are carbon-positive. Giaura aims to create a carbon-neutral method of producing CO2 by using the Earth’s atmosphere as the supply. To do this, Giaura is using advanced CO2-capture materials and innovative techniques to keep energy costs low. Not only is this method environmentally friendly but it offers advantages such as supply independence for the user, geographic flexibility and contaminant-free CO2. Giaura European Space Research & Technology Centre European Space Incubator , The Netherlands co-Founders:;
  13. 13. Symbid Ownership for everyoneAbout SymbidSymbid is the first online investment platform where investors, with €20 apart, directly invest in the shareholder’s equity of a start-up or existing company!This makes investors partial owners of the fully financed (newly incorporated)company.Symbid is active on an international scale. Because of different legal frameworks, it isvery important to get reliable location information from our users. Location-based contract management By combining three sources of data. It will be possible to get a reliable user location. 1. IP-tracking 2. Data input by user 3. Mobile phone location data (via satellite positioning) By developing a mobile app and linking this to the Symbid system, we can use the location information of a mobile phone to our advantage and make sure the right contracts are provided to our customers.
  14. 14. Fire Suppression Inside ™World’s first 1st-line-of-defense system, suppressing overheating + fire inside ICT and related equipment Room level system Inside server rack system Inside object system Data center gas Potassium based aerosols Fire Suppression systems (NOFIQ/ FirePro®, Aero-K®, Inside™ Stat-X Thermal Units, etc.) OVERHEATING NO NO YES detection + can only react with flames detects + suppresses suppression? overheating Damage to YES YES NO other more equipment may aerosol residue reacts with limited to one server/ equipment/ be damaged humidity damage to other disk storage/ switch/ data center? equipment power circuit/ UPS/ .. Gas emissions HFC-227ea (C3HF7) KNO3, KCO3, Mg N2 (later CO2) Environment NO NO YES friendly? adds global warming environmental pollution residue in container Contact: Harm Botter, Founder & CEO, +31 654 795 958
  15. 15. 3D-ONEStereoscopic solutions - record what you see 3D-ONE is a supplier of high-end professional HD 3D cameras and OEM systems, currently being sold to 3D content producers in the US and Europe. The portable cameras combine optics, data processing, on-board storage and network connectivity. The technology was originally developed by its mother company cosine for ESA, who uses cosine’s 3D cameras on the ISS. We are now extending our product range with portable (3D) measurement products for a number of markets, such as the forensic/police, the off-shore industry and the medical sector.
  16. 16. ReadmoreStart your own Magazine in seconds.It’s free, plus you profit• It’s free• You’ll earn money trough ads, which we will take care of• Targeted suggestions for magazines you might like• Targeted advertisements served trough an algorithm based on GPS• Read the magazine on iPad’s and computers
  17. 17. Leilak BiosystemsImproving the patient experienceLaboratory I Medical Education I Patient Improvements in health care have resulted in an ageing population coupled with ever increasing patient expectations of their healthcare needs. Inspired by technology originally developed for ESA microgravity research programme, we have developed OptiVial the world’s first ‘active’ shipping system of ‘live’ cell-based medicines and reagents thus opening up new possibilities in field of cell based medicine. Using ESA telemedicine "know how ", we are developing LEMOS portable, tele-operated video system for medical education.Founder & CEO: Dr. Jason, + 44(0)7838744261
  18. 18. B4-Bikes Always custom Electrifying E-Bikes A pull-bike Trailers for taxi, camping, distributionA B4-bike is made of the best parts and uses the latest technologies. The design is timeless andreminds us of the first motorcycles from the early 20th century. Sustainability is fun, we make the B4-bike as actractive as possible and build them to last.B4-Bikes incorporates space technology from ESA. The first collaboration with ESA-BIC party is theLocation determination by Trakkies. B4‐Bikes Kapteynstraat 1 2201BB Noordwijk Janpeter@b4‐ (concept, design ) Wilco@b4‐ (sales, design and technics ) Jos@b4‐ (electrical technics)
  19. 19. Keen on Apps Time travel trough space dataThe Keen on Apps awareness platform convertscomplex space data into readable and user friendlymobile apps and website.Environmental organizations and governments can use our tools to buildclimate change awareness in a clear and simple way.We use time travel and image optimizations to get the best experience aspossible so you actually see the climate impact happening before your eyes.Keen on Apps also offers tailor mage mobile applications for variousplatforms. Contact us when you want your concept or product to go mobile.
  20. 20. Ideevolutie Hydrogen (H 2 ) - the most abundant element in the universe - is expected to play an important part in the realization of the future renewable energy system . Ideevolutie develops an efficient and low cost hydrogen production apparatus powered by renewable sources for residential and mobility applications.
  21. 21. Nederlandse Vereniging voor RuimtevaartThe Netherlands Space Society (NVR) is the foremost platform for space professionals from orworking in Holland. As an organisation, we are the product of a long and rich 60 year history, andhave been an advocate and representative of the innovative space sector in the Netherlands fromits inception to the strong high-tech sector it is today. We boast a network of almost 800 members – and counting. These range from students to space enthusiasts to established professionals, all of whom benefit from the varied activities an NVR membership offers. We organize community- building functions such as film nights, symposia, lectures, essay competitions and much more. In order to offer the very best and most diverse selection of events, we do so both independently and in collaboration with our corporate members. The space sector is one that thrives on a connected base of passionate individuals, and the NVR represents that.Apart from our increasing outreach initiatives on social media, the main communication arm ofthe NVR today is our much-loved and respected magazine Ruimtevaart. Ruimtevaart has existedfor almost as long as the NVR itself. It contains wide-ranging material and subject matter, writtenby the experienced editorial team and our enthusiastic volunteers. Although Ruimtevaart is apublication about and for the space sector, it is written for all with an appreciation for space –with or without technical
  22. 22. HE Space Children’s FoundationHE Space Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that iscommitted to bringing change into the lives of orphans andunderprivileged children in third world countries, by providing access tohigh quality education. We do this by creating partnerships with the country’s local foundations, so that we can support and improve existing initiatives in education, health and welfare. All of our funds reach us through individual sponsors – all passionate about our cause and willing to donate to support it.We believe that no matter what nation, heritage or situation a child isborn in, receiving an education means that they have the resources toget themselves out, and that chance is one everyone deserves.
  23. 23. Events ESA BIC NoordwijkVice Versa Reaching Space – Rich in SpaceAre you supporting Startups? Twice a year ESA BIC Noordwijk organizes Do you have an business idea? are you looking for starting capital? Cana network lunch for companies who are supporting Startups or have a you present your idea in two minutes to an investor?product or service especially for Startups. Next Reaching Space: OctoberNext Vice Versa: October More info and/or Register: esabicnoordwijk.eventbrite.comMore info and/or Register: To present: Other is a network meeting with specific, actual and Date: Event: Location:appealing terrestrial applications developed from space technology. 06 AUG Landing of the Mars Curiosity ESA BIC NoordwijkMonthly about 50 participants will go further into a topic led by 27 - 31 AUG CEMS ESA BIC Noordwijkprominent businessman, politician and scientist 30 AUG Reception Andre Kuipers Noordwijk 9 – 11 OCT INTERGEO HannoverNext 5 SeptemberTopic: BioBased EconomyMore info and/or Register: