Developing a Shared Vision for the Future


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Presentation by Martha G Russell and David A. Evans, mediaX at Stanford University, for SESI, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to launch planning of SESI Innovation Research Center on Occupational Health and Safety for Brazilian workers and businesses, to support the Health Safety and Environment objectives of SESI, part of Brazil's CNI and its industry system.

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Developing a Shared Vision for the Future

  1. 1. Developing  a  Shared  SESI  Vision   for  the  Future       mediaX  at  Stanford  University   Martha  G  Russell   David  A.  Evans     July  2014  
  2. 2. mediaX at Stanford University
  3. 3. Memberships  for  Discovery  CollaboraEons  
  4. 4. Alumni  Leadership  Networks  
  5. 5. •  Abrizio   •  ASK  Computer  systems   •  Cisco  Systems,  Inc.   •  Dolby  Systems   •  eBay   •  E*Trade   •  Electronic  Arts   •  Excite,  Inc.   •  Gap   •  Google   •  HewleI-­‐Packard   •  IDEO   •  Intuit,  Inc.   •  Learning  Company   •  Linked-­‐In   •  Logitech   •  Mathworks   •  MIPS  Technologies,  Inc.   •  Nike   •  NeQlix   •  NVIDIA   •  Orbitz   •  Octel  CommunicaRons  Corp.   •  Odwalla   •  ONI  Systems   •  PayPal   •  Pure  SoSware,  Inc.   •  Rambus,  Inc.   •  RaRonal  SoSware   •  Silicon  Graphics,  Inc.   •  Sun  Microsystems   •  Tandem  Computers,  Inc.   •  Taiwan  Semiconductor   •  Tensillica   •  Tesla  Motors   •  Trilogy   •  Varian  Associates,  Inc.   •  Vmware   •  Whole  Earth  Catalog   •  Yahoo!  Inc.   Stanford  spin-­‐offs   Over  2000  companies  started  by  faculty  students  and  alumni  
  6. 6. •  Iterate  quickly   –  If  it  doesn’t  work,  change  something  –  ASAP   •  Take  personal  responsibility   –  Don’t  blame  anyone   •  Share  what  you  learned   –  Each  failure  includes  lessons  for  success   •  Start  again     –  Immediately!   •  Don’t  do  it  alone   –  Know,  culEvate  and  orchestrate  your  network   Lessons  from  Silicon  Valley   Five  Rules  for  Successful  Failure  
  7. 7. ParRcipate  in  the  Media  X  HSTAR  Community   at S T A N F O R D U N I V E R S I T Y RelaRonships  based  on   Mutual  respect  for  the  strengths  of  the  other   SynergisEc  inspiraEon  for  new  quesEons  and  new  results     ConnecEng    Stanford  to  business     on  people  and  tech     AGENTS  OF  TRANSFORMATION     Using  technology  to  improve  the  human  experience           Memberships and Strategic Partnership SESI Santa Catarina  
  8. 8. What  can  we  do  together     that  neither  of  us     can  do  alone?   Stanford University The  use  of  technology  to  improve  the  human  experience  
  9. 9. We  are  in  a  period  of  massive  disrupEon  
  10. 10. “No Rocking Chair for Me!” 10  
  11. 11. Tools As Social Actors
  12. 12. Microsensors Drive Macro Impacts Drone  journalism  and  CiEzen  science  –  or  ciEzen  sensors h^p://  
  13. 13. Talk to Me – Singing Chair 13  
  14. 14. New organizational structures
  15. 15. Personal is Global
  16. 16. A Revolution is Coming In Work Productivity
  17. 17. This  is  not  the  first   transformaEon   we’ve  seen       We’ve  covered  this   ground  before  
  18. 18. PrinEng   . . . to this.From this . . .
  19. 19. Medicine  
  20. 20. Manufacturing  
  21. 21. Sensor  Technology  Ecosystem    CompuEng  Infrastructure   h^p://   h^p://   Service Operations Social Network Technology Infrastructure and Support Device  components  and  design,  compuEng  placorm,  service  operaEons,  human  behavior,  and  content       Users  and  content   Knowledge Worker Productivity
  22. 22. What  Lies  Ahead  Has  Already  Happened   Microsoe  CEO  Satya  Nadella  in  his  recent  memo   to  all  MS  employees,  charEng  the  new   direcEons  for  the  company,  writes:     “Rainer  Maria  Rilke’s  words  say  it  best:  ‘The   future  enters  into  us,  in  order  to  transform  itself   in  us,  long  before  it  happens.’  ”   23   Nadella  Memo:  h^p://­‐us/news/ceo/index.html       Full  context  for  Rilke  (from  Le^ers  to  a  Young  Poet,  August  12,  1904):  h^p://      
  23. 23. More  from  Nardella…   “We  will  reinvent  producCvity  for  people  who  are  swimming  in  a   growing  sea  of  devices,  apps,  data  and  social  networks.    We  will   build  the  soluCons  that  address  the  producCvity  needs  of  groups   and  enCre  organizaCons  as  well  as  individuals  by  puEng  them  at   the  center  of  their  compuCng  experiences.    We  will  shiG  the   meaning  of  producCvity  beyond  solely  producing  something  to   include  empowering  people  with  new  insights.    We  will  build   tools  to  be  more  predicCve,  personal  and  helpful.    We  will  enable   organizaCons  to  move  from  automated  business  processes  to   intelligent  business  processes.    Every  experience  MicrosoG  builds   will  understand  the  rich  context  of  an  individual  at  work  and  in   life  to  help  them  organize  and  accomplish  things  with  ease.”       24   Nadella  Memo:  h^p://­‐us/news/ceo/index.html    
  24. 24. The  Global  “Brain”   25   h^p://  
  25. 25. The  Global  “Brain”  –  North  America   26   h^p://  
  26. 26. The  Global  “Brain”  –  South  America   27  h^p://  
  27. 27. Augmenting the Brain 28
  28. 28. Michael  Bernstein   Expert  Flash  Teams   for  elasEcity  &  pipelining   Knowledge Worker Productivity
  29. 29. January 22, 2012 30© 2012 by Reid Senescu Premise   team  interacEons  with  files  reveal  workflows     Knowledge Worker Productivity InvesRgators:  Reid  Senescu,  Ben  Schwegler,   and  MarEn  Fischer,  Civil  &  Environmental   Engineering,  MarEn  Steinert  and  Larry  Leifer,   Mechanical  Engineering;  Austen  Head,   StaEsEcs    
  30. 30. When  People  Become  the  Content  of  Media   ParEcipaEon,  PersonalizaEon  and  EmoEon        for  Persuasion,  Risk,  and  Reward   Infinite  Reality   Future of Content is Personalized
  31. 31. DetecRng  States  of  Mind  Through  Nonverbal  Behavior   •  Impact:  Gesture  can  predict  the  quality  of  a  two-­‐ person,  face-­‐to  face-­‐interacEon,  team  roles  and   individual’s  mind  states  –  and  used  to  support   producEvity  of  the  individual  or  team     Enhancing Worker Productivity
  32. 32. Total  Engagement  
  33. 33. Shared  A^enEon   CogniEve  and  AffecEve  Load  
  34. 34. Augmented  decision  systems  are   hybrid  of    AI  and  human  judgment  
  35. 35. Leo  Yeykelis,  James  J.  Cummings  and  Byron  Reeves,  “MulEtasking  on  a  Single  Device:  Arousal  and  the   Frequency,  AnEcipaEon  and  PredicEon  of  Switching  Between  Media  Content  on  a  Computer,”   Journal  of  CommunicaCon,  64:1    pp  167–192,  February  2014.   MulEtasking  on  a  Single  Device   Future of Content
  36. 36. Leo  Yeykelis,  James  J.  Cummings  and  Byron  Reeves,  “MulEtasking   on  a  Single  Device:  Arousal  and  the  Frequency,  AnEcipaEon  and   PredicEon  of  Switching  Between  Media  Content  on  a  Computer,”   Journal  of  CommunicaCon,  64:1    pp  167–192,  February  2014.   MulEtasking  on  a  Single  Device   Future of Content
  37. 37. Knowledge Worker Productivity
  38. 38. RelaEonships  Ma^er   Employee   ExecuRve   Advisor   Founder   Investor     AcquisiRon   Deal   Alliance   Financing   Investor   Angel  
  39. 39. Soccer   InnovaEon  is  a  team  sport   You  can’t  score  without  a  ball   There  are  winners  AND  losers  
  40. 40. Who  Are  Your  Teams?   What  Is  Your  Game?     An  Example     Mobile  Phone  Industry  
  41. 41. Source:  iPhone  3G  Teardown  -­‐  Semiconductor  Insights  (2011)  
  42. 42. Mobile  Device  Ecosystem   Deals  and  Alliances   Basole,  Russell,  Huhtamäki,  SEll  and  Rubens,  “Understanding  Mobile  Ecosystem  Dynamics:  A  Data-­‐Driven  Approach,”   Presented  at  ICMB  June  2012  
  43. 43. Mobile  Device  Ecosystem   ExecuEve  and  Finance  RelaEonships   Basole,  Russell,  Huhtamäki,  SEll  and  Rubens,  “Understanding  Mobile  Ecosystem  Dynamics:  A  Data-­‐Driven  Approach,”   Presented  at  ICMB  June  2012  
  44. 44. Apple-­‐Samsung     Co-­‐opeEEon   Deal  &  Alliance  RelaEonships   Financial  &  ExecuEve  RelaEonships   Basole,  Russell,  Huhtamäki,  SEll  and  Rubens,  “Understanding  Mobile  Ecosystem  Dynamics:  A  Data-­‐Driven  Approach,”   Presented  at  ICMB  June  2012.  
  45. 45. Microsoe  -­‐  Nokia     Alliance   Deal  &  Alliance  RelaEonships   Financial  &  ExecuEve  RelaEonships   Basole,  Russell,  Huhtamäki,  SEll  and  Rubens,  “Understanding  Mobile  Ecosystem  Dynamics:  A  Data-­‐Driven  Approach,”   Presented  at  ICMB  June  2012  
  46. 46. What’s  the  Pa^ern  of   an  Emergent  Industry?     An  Example     EducaConal  Tech  
  47. 47. “Ed  Tech”  Growth  companies   ExecuEves  and  Finance  RelaEonships   20142011 (companies  and  investors)     2480  nodes   Martha  Russell,  Jukka  Huhtamäki,  Kaisa  SEll,  Rahul  Basole,  Jiafeng  Yu,  Neil  Rubens,  “RelaEonal  Networks   for  InnovaEon  Ecosystems  of  EducaEonal  Technologies,”  edMedia  2014.   1774  nodes  
  48. 48. What  Do  Regional   InnovaEon  Ecosystems   Look  Like?     Examples     From  3  Regions  
  49. 49. AusEn  Ecosystem     Enterprises,  Deals  &  Alliances   678  companies  and  498  interconnecEons   Russell,  Huhtamäki,  Basole,  SEll,  Yu  &  Rubens,  IC2  InsEtute  Global  Fellows  MeeEng,  April,  2013  
  50. 50. AusRn’s  Young  Growth  Companies   Primary  Office  in  AusRn   Companies  =  801   Investors  –  286   Leadership  Indiv’s  =  1355     IEN  Dataset,  March,  2013   Russell,  Huhtamäki,  Basole,  SEll,  Yu  &  Rubens,  IC2  InsEtute  Global  Fellows  MeeEng,  April,  2013  
  51. 51. Network  of  AusEn  Start-­‐ups,    Founders  &  Angels   IEN  Dataset,  March,  2013   692  companies   3500+  investors     Russell,  Huhtamäki,  Basole,  SEll,  Yu  &  Rubens,  IC2  InsEtute  Global  Fellows  MeeEng,  April,  2013  
  52. 52. AusEn  ICT  InnovaEon  Ecosystem     at  a  Glance   Russell,  Huhtamäki,  Basole,  SEll,  Yu  &  Rubens,  IC2  InsEtute  Global  Fellows  MeeEng,  April,  2013   Startups  &  Angels                  ExecuEves  &  Finance                      Deals  &  Alliances     SDC  Data  2013.  AusEn  companies   With  Deals  &  Alliances   Nodes  =  678  Edges  =  498   IEN  Data  2013.    AusEn  companies   Linked  people  &  venture/financing  enEEes   Nodes=  2442;  Companies=802;  Edges=2136   Startup/Angel  Data  2013.     Selected  AusEn  companies   Nodes=  5062;  Startups=2200;  Edges=11837  
  53. 53. Twin  CiEes   Minnesota  
  54. 54. Twin  CiEes/MN  ICT  InnovaEon   Ecosystem  at  a  Glance   SDC  Data  2013.  Selected  MN  companies   With  Deals  &  Alliances   Nodes  =  1406;  Edges  =  1226   IEN  Data  2013.  Selected  MN  companies   Linked  people  &  venture/financing  enEEes   Nodes=  1358;  Edges=978   Startup/Angel  Data  2013.     Selected  Minnesota  companies   Nodes=  885;  Edges  =  1185   Startups  &  Angels                  ExecuEves  &  Finance                      Deals  &  Alliances    
  55. 55.     InnovaEon  Ecosystems  of    Paris  
  56. 56. Paris  ICT  InnovaEon  Ecosystem     at  a  Glance   SDC  Data  2013.  Selected  French  companies   With  Deals  &  Alliances,  Highlight  CapDigital     Nodes  =  3192;  Edges  =  3441   IEN  Data  2013.  Selected  FRENCH  companies   Linked  people  &  venture/financing  enEEes   Nodes=  2858;  Edges=2333   Startup/Angel  Data  2013.  Selected  French  companies   Highlight  CapDigital  Members   Nodes=  990;  Edges  =  530   Startups  &  Angels                      ExecuEves  &  Finance                  Deals  &  Alliances     Russell,  Huhtamaki,  SEll,  Basole,  and  Reubens,  “OrchestraEng  Ecosystem  TransformaEons  with  Data-­‐Driven    Network   VisualizaEons,”Keynote  PresentaEon,  Futur  en  Seine,  June  14,  2013.  
  57. 57. Comparing  RelaEonal  Capital  of   InnovaEon  Ecosystem  in  3  Regions   raEo  of  edges|nodes   AusRn   Twin  CiRes     Paris     Startups  &   Angels     2.34     1.34     .54     ExecuEves  &   Finance     .88     .72     .82     Deals  &     Alliances     .73     .87     1.08  
  58. 58. What  Is  the  Impact     of  Global  Value  Chains?         Example   EU  EIT  ICT  Labs  
  59. 59. Analysis  of  EIT   ICT  Labs:  Trento   included  as  the   sixth  node,  more   ciEes  connected   to  colocaEon   centers,  updated   data  and   transformaEon  in   place     SEll,  Huhtamäki,  Russell,  Rubens   (2013)  ”Transforming  InnovaEon   Ecosystems  Through  Network   OrchestraEon:  Case  EIT  ICT  Labs,”   IJTM  Special  Issue.  
  60. 60. Adding  San   Francisco  Bay   Area  as  “the   seventh  EIT  ICT   Labs  node”  for   contrast,   interconnecEons,   comparison  and   benchmark   SEll,  Huhtamäki,  Russell,  Rubens   (2013).  Transforming  InnovaCon   Ecosystems  Through  Network   OrchestraCon:  Case  EIT  ICT  Labs  
  61. 61. Reinventing Workflow 64
  62. 62. Agile Optmized Networks 65
  63. 63. What  is  needed  to  remove  the  barriers   for  Brazilian  businesses  and  workers   realize  their  full  potenEal?   Strategic Partnership at S T A N F O R D U N I V E R S I T Y
  64. 64. Successful Discovery Collaborations Build on What Can We Do Together That Neither of Us Could Do Alone Thank You