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Who were they

Who were they






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    Who were they Who were they Presentation Transcript

    • WHO WERE THEY? Follow the clues and guess who these famous people were!
      • He was a singer.
      • He was born in the States.
      • He danced very well.
      • He became really famous in the 80s.
      • He was also an actor in a film by Coppola.
      • He first sang with his family.
      • He was a bit eccentric.
      • During a performance he accidentally burnt his hair.
      • He wrote his autobiography.
      • Who was he?
    • Michael Jackson
      • She was born in England.
      • She wrote novels.
      • She married a colonel but they got divorced.
      • She worked in a hospital during the World War I.
      • She learnt about poisons.
      • She used this knowledge in her novels.
      • She liked mystery and suspense.
      • Poirot was one of her famous characters.
      • Who was she?
    • Agatha Christie
      • He was a politician.
      • He was a vegetarian. He ate vegetables. He didn’t eat meat.
      • He studied in England but he wasn’t English.
      • He became a national hero.
      • He supported the philosophy of non-violence.
      • Someone killed him.
      • He died in New Delhi.
      • Who was he?
    • Mahatma Gandhi
      • She was born in Belgium.
      • She was an actress.
      • She went to a ballet school in London.
      • She began her career as a model.
      • She was very elegant.
      • She won an Academy Award.
      • She devoted her free time to charity.
      • She received nominations for ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
      • She died in 1992 from cancer.
      • Who was she?
    • Audrey Hepburn
      • He was German.
      • His parents were Jewish.
      • He was a very important scientist.
      • He got the Nobel Prize in Physics.
      • He went to the USA.
      • He was a teacher there.
      • He invented the theory of relativity.
      • Who was he?
    • Albert Einstein
      • She was Albanian.
      • She died when she was 85.
      • She helped poor people.
      • She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
      • She was a nun.
      • She founded the Missionaries of Charity.
      • Who was she?
    • Mother Teresa of Calcutta
      • He was an artist.
      • He painted pictures.
      • He lived in Spain and France.
      • He took photos, too.
      • He got married.
      • He moved to New York with his wife.
      • He was a surrealist.
      • He was from Figueres where there is a museum with his pictures.
      • Who was he?
    • Salvador Dalí
      • She was born in Spain.
      • She was a singer.
      • Her children became singers, too.
      • She married a guitarist.
      • She appeared in films, too.
      • She died in 1995.
      • Shortly after her death, her son died, too.
      • Who was she?
    • Lola Flores
      • He was a basketball player.
      • He was born in Madrid.
      • He first played for Estudiantes.
      • Then he played for NBA.
      • He had a car accident in 1989 and he died.
      • He was 27 years old when he died.
      • Who was he?
    • Fernando Martín
      • They were American.
      • They liked machines.
      • They didn’t study much.
      • They invented the first successful airplane.
      • They flew an airplane for the first time in history.
      • Who were they?
    • The Wright brothers
      • She was Polish.
      • She moved to Paris to study.
      • She was the first woman professor at Paris University.
      • She received two Nobel prizes.
      • She married a physicist.
      • She studied the radioactivity.
      • Who was she?
    • Marie Curie