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Truth behind the numbers a glimpse of ogx in china
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Truth behind the numbers a glimpse of ogx in china


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China's way of management of Outgoing Exchange

China's way of management of Outgoing Exchange

Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. Truth
    behind the numbers
    A Glimpse of OGX in China
    Jolin Made
  • 2. Growth
  • 3. Partnership (0708)
  • 4. Zoom in on the big numbers…
  • 5. * India, Poland, Turkey; India, Poland, Turkey; India, Poland, Turkey; India, Poland, Turkey…
    -- Every OGX member keeps saying these words for thousands of times when they do recruitment.
    -- This is how partnerships are branded on everyone’s mind.
    India, Poland, Turkey
  • 6. India, Poland, Turkey
    *Typical Chinese LC Structure
  • 7. India Partnership
  • 8. *Every LC is running “India Program” and India Pocket recruitment
    * When new expansion LC learn to do OGX, they send people to India first
    * Every VPOGX in China knows all the LCs in India
    * Every VPICX in India knows all the LCs in China
    India Partnership:
  • 9. MC 07/08
    * MCP, VPOGX, VPER, VPICX, VPF, VP Project all have been to India.
    * 4 LCPs, 3 VPOGX have been to India. Some of them had been trainees in India before their LR role.
    How much China knows about India…
  • 10. * LCPs, VPOGXs are sent to India during matching peak time for short-term CEEDship.
    * Our leaders are falling in love with India, getting their motivation and inspiration on this land, they come back to drive partnership with India.
    How we sustain this partnership…
  • 11. Think Different…
  • 12. What is most important for you?
  • 13. OGX Culture 1:
    *Daily/Weekly OGX Newsletter is LCP and VPOGX’s must-read.
    Am I on the top or on the bottom of the ranking?
    *I need to fight for every single number!
    *We must beat this this this LC!
    *We must be Global Top 10 LC by Q4 2008
  • 14. Are you busy with taking action, or busy with hesitating?
  • 15. OGX Culture 2:
    Action-oriented, Result-oriented
    * Let’s finish plan today and do it tomorrow!
    * The secret of getting ahead is to get started!
    * You will never know whether it works or not until you try it!
    * Our structure/process constrain our growth. Change it!
  • 16. How many hours do you work for OGX everyday?
  • 17. OGX Culture 3:
    *One day I went to sleep at 3a.m. sending SMS to 12 LCVPOGX, I got immediate reply from 5 of them!
    *LC Teamleader, ‘this week I have sent 500 emails!’
    *LC member,’ I called VPICX in Turkey everyday in the past week, finally he agreed to run a new project for us!’
  • 18. Do you challenge your mindset?
  • 19. Trying every possibility
    *Maybe there are some people able to realize on Nov, Dec(when students are at school)!
    *Maybe some people in Computer Science are also interested in DT!
    *Maybe my sister can join AIESEC!
    *Let’s just try it!
    OGX Culture 4:
  • 20. ‘Unachievable’ goal drives innovations
  • 21. OGX Culture 4:
    Creative and Innovative
    * The way we do 20 X will never work out for 40 X,so let’s do something new!
    *Match EPs in a wholesale way based on project partnership
    *Recruit international students on campus, send Korean, Japanese, Chinese to one project in Turkey, so Turkey will no longer concern about the diversity and can take many many more
  • 22. Achievements
    * 200 EPs were matched within one month in May 2008.
  • 23. Achievements
    *Some star teamleaders in China can match 20 EPs within 2 months
  • 24. It’s Your Turn Now!