LR assignment to X+L EPs


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LR assignment to X+L EPs

  1. 1. Do you have alumni that joined after they Leadership Role? Do you have OCPs or ED members that now plan to go on internship but weren’t assigned LR when they had it? This manual is for those X+L EPs that need to be assigned LR to be counted as X+L in
  2. 2. First step is to take password and e-mail address of your X+L EP. Then log in to with its help. I will do it on the example of Dnipro EP Laura Matevosyan.
  3. 3. As you can see Laura has no LR at the moment and she is on X stage. Now you need to click on “Go to LR”
  4. 4. On next page you see you need to chose the scope – name of your LC. Then click “Select”. ATTENTION! If you ever have EPs that take LR during X you can choose hosting LC where EP takes part as CEEDer together with internship.
  5. 5. Press OK
  6. 6. Fill Competency Assessment
  7. 7. Try to be objective to your EP
  8. 8. Final Confirmation to Stage Exchange
  9. 9. Then you need to log in on your own account to approve “new” Leader in your LC
  10. 10. For this you need to go to Administration.
  11. 11. Then click Users.
  12. 12. There you need to choose LR in AIESEC Stages.
  13. 13. Then you need to change Pending on Approve against you EP name
  14. 14. Your EP will disappear from the pending list. Then you need to click Teams
  15. 15. Choose Create new team
  16. 16. IMPORTANT! You need to give the following title to your X+L EP Team: X after L Assignment. Summary can be the same. Dates should contain 2 months minimum!
  17. 17. Click OK and Create Team.
  18. 18. Click Add New Members to Team.
  19. 19. All you need to choose here is AIESEC Details and that’s all.
  20. 20. There you need to choose your LC and X and LR XP Stages for members. Among LR you will find your X+L EP that you create Team for. Among X you will choose EPs as Team Members
  21. 21. You can see in this list Dnipro EP Laura Matevosyan. We need to assign her Team Leader Role
  22. 22. There you write details: Position, Role
  23. 23. Click Assign Role
  24. 24. Then you need to chose 3 any your EPs to make them Team Members for this Team.
  25. 25. Choose Role as TM and Position as EP.
  26. 26. Click Assign Role.
  27. 27. Each time you will see “Members added successfully to the team”.
  28. 28. You can click close after adding 3 team members apart of one team leader (your X+L EP).
  29. 29. You will see the following summary for this Team
  30. 30. If you log in on your X+L EP account you will see that EP is on Leadership Role and is TL of X after L Assignment Team.
  31. 31. Overview this team from EP account – click Administer teams.
  32. 32. Edit members list if needed, so that there will be only your X+L as TL and three other EPs as TMs.
  33. 33. Happy X+Ling!For any Qs: