Magic toy shop - UXDi London 2014 - Project 2


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UX Design course project: developing wireframes for a vintage toy shop an e-commerce website. I have researched the competitive scenario, sketched the interface, developed wireframes of homepage, product pages, search pages, check out flow and reward and engagement system. I have then designed the clickable prototype in Omnigraffle, and run guerrilla testing to reiterate on the design.

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Magic toy shop - UXDi London 2014 - Project 2

  1. 1. The Magic Toy Shop Marta Fioni General Assembly London - UX DI Summer 2014
  2. 2. Competitors Analysis Bunny, my favourite toy
  3. 3. ‘Where have all these toys come from?’ Hiroshi Fuji
  4. 4. The brief An online toyshop that creates and re-creates the magic moments of childhood.
  5. 5. The opportunity Curated General e-commerce Toys Mass Market
  6. 6. What competitors do well Website Product page Navigation Check out Notes Product reviews Social sharing One click check-out Brand store Categories Keywords Brand stores Edit basket Stores multiple credit cards and addresses Clear date of arrival Powered by users Personalised recommended items Buy online/in store option Product tour (demo) Might also interested in Categories (10) Curated gallery Mandatory registration In store availability On shelf promise Email offers Gift card Toy safety Quantity / review Social sharing Delivery / returns Recommended age Categories (10) Curated gallery (brand, sub-subcats) Offers Four steps check out Progress signals Invoice information upfront Pictures show the toy, not the box. Only kids oriented, Functional descriptions Reviews + site replies Social sharing stats Similar products Heart availability / tags Categories (9) new Top 50 Last chance Four steps check out Justifies phone number request Postcode automatic Look up Pictures are curated! All objects in a context Quantity Availability Themes Recommended by buyers / shop history telephone number Vertical form Too many steps Boring tone of voice Pure curation, no personality
  7. 7. The experience As efficient as Amazon ! As surprising as Firebox ! As cozy and delightful as your favourite toy shop
  8. 8. Designing for your users John ‘If I get her the cool stuff, she will think I am ‘He tells me what he wants - the problem is to find it’ a cool dad’ Tamsin Dexter ‘It’s not whether I can afford it, it’s weather I can afford NOT to have it!’
  9. 9. Designing the experience Encourage Discovery Support Buyers Decisions Drive Sales & Delight
  10. 10. Encourage Discovery
  11. 11. One click to brand pages Date Title Notes > > Home Brand
  12. 12. Support Buyer Decisions
  13. 13. ‘Ask someone’
  14. 14. The experts Date Title Notes Help page Product Page
  15. 15. The magic bag Title Date Notes
  16. 16. Prototype Drive Sales & Delight
  17. 17. Check out process Title Date >> >> Notes Bag Payment Confirmation Title Date Notes Title Date Notes
  18. 18. What’s your favourite toy? Date Title Notes > > Form Discount
  19. 19. Testing with users Livia, Mum of Agata
  20. 20. Results pages Test page Final version
  21. 21. Messaging Testing prototype Final version Test message
  22. 22. Demo Buy a beginner’s level magic trick Clickable prototype:
  23. 23. Next steps ! With your help,create magic content Gather statistics and run A/B testing on the homepage ! Monitor sales and engagement ! ! ! !
  24. 24. Thanks!