The New Strategy to Create a New Generation of Bullfighting Fans: The Bullfighting Foul Game


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The bullfighting lobby, in their attempt to safeguard an activity that is everyday more rejected by Spaniards have started to play their foul game: indoctrinate children at schools in bullfighting. This documents inform on all the different aspects of this strategy and asks citizens to contribute to stop this madness.

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The New Strategy to Create a New Generation of Bullfighting Fans: The Bullfighting Foul Game

  1. 1. The New Strategy to Create a New Generation of Bullfighting Fans:Bullfighting at SchoolThe bullfighting lobby, in their attempt to safeguard an activity that is everyday more rejected bySpaniards have started to play their foul game: indoctrinate children at schools in bullfighting.Children have a natural empathy towards animals, they are attracted by them and feel verydistressed when seeing them suffering. Teaching animal show to spear, stab and kill an animal formere entertainment is a denaturalization of this beneficial instinct and a threat to their moral andemotional development, as many studies demonstrate (i.e. Dr. JP Richier, psychiatrist “Doesbullfighting represent a psychological danger for Young Spectators”).What it is already taking place in this regardBULLFIGHTING AT SCHOOLSDifferent municipalities are taking children from school to bullfight arenas or fields where the bullsare raised, where they are taught on the “art” “cultural” “tradition” of bullfights and wheretoreros are presented to them as real heroes.
  2. 2. Only in the Autonomous Community of Madrid 13,000 students where taken to the Bullring of LasVentas, with public money. The opposition party PSM denounced that this was done with some(350,000€) of the money supposedly allocated to create employment among the Youth.
  3. 3. Other activities done at school are drawing and writing contest around the subject of bullfighting,awarding the winners with visits to bull raising farms or bullfights.Students are also given free tickets, financed with public money or important discounts to attendbullfighting.In other occasions schoolchildren are taken to see bullfighters practice and “try” bulls to see whichone is more apt to be in a bullfight.WEBSITE BULLFIGHTING FOR CHILDRENOne of the most important initiatives developed by the bullfighting lobby is the creation of thewebsite: http://www.torosparaniñ There, it may be appreciated how much investment (both publicand private) is being put to lead children into bullfighting.
  4. 4. BULLFIGHTING SCHOOLSMore and more public and private funds are being put in giving children scholarships to attendbullfighting schools. In these schools not only they practice with live calves but they also get oftenseriously injured.
  5. 5. BULLFIGHTING ON PUBLIC TV FOR YOUNG AUDIENCESA key pillar of the Strategy to lead children into Bullfighting is the return of bullfighting to publictelevision during children audience time. This had been banned before but the currentgovernment has brought it back. Having kids witnessing bullfighting, means that not only they willbe able to see and accept as normal the torture and killing of the bull, along with the accidentswith the horses:
  6. 6. But that they can also witness, at any moment terrible human injuries including the death of thebullfighters. It is paradoxical that this same tv would protect children from viewing fake violence atfilms.This return of bullfighting to public TV has generated the largest number of complaints sent fromthe public to the “TV audience ombudsman” ever, but they have been ignored.Bullfighter Fernando Cruz at Plaza de Torosde Las VentasBullfighter Padilla losing an eye. He is show inthe pictures above among children, with apatch in his eye, portrayed as a hero to them.
  7. 7. OTHER SPECTACLES INVOLVING BULLFIGHTING CHILDREN MAY ATTEND TOBullfights are just part of the spectacle involving bulls that children may witness in Spain.Unfortunately there are many others which are just as bloody or even more.Toro de la Vega, Tordesillas, where the bull is killed with spears by hundreds of men on horses andat foot.Depending on the Autonomous Community of Spain, children are or are not allowed inbullfight arenas. In Madrid, for example, children of any age may attend and witnessthese images.
  8. 8. Toro de JubiloCapeas, amateur bullfights made in family or friends parties on little calves and where children areinvited to participate.
  9. 9. Becerradas, bullfights made by amateurs on little calves. This can also be witnessed by childrenwho often are invited to cut the calf ear as an award.
  10. 10. Running of bulls, running, on a horse, or even on tractors.Young girl holding the bulls’ ears after the becerrada
  11. 11. Toro Ensogat: People hold the bulls with strings
  12. 12. AL AÏGUA Bulls are chased to the waterAnd many more.What would take place if the Law proposed by the Popular Legislative Initiative passed.This law previews reinforcement through subsidies to bullfighting to:- General promotion: advertising, expositions, art related to bullfighting etc.- Programs at schools: as a curricular activity in all schools.Also it aims at cancelling all regionals laws that prohibit children to attend any kind of bullfighting.Bullfighting is an atrocity which denaturalizes children natural empathy towards animals andmakes them lose their compassion to other beings. This cannot contribute to a less violentsociety but all the contrary, to harden Spanish children hearts before the suffering of others,with the only excuse of amusement.The bullfighting lobby is making a great effort to export this activity, starting this year to berunning of bulls for the first time in Virginia, the USA.It is the responsibility of any good citizen to try to stop this and aim, instead to a more empathic,more compassionate world towards all sentient beings.From the platform La Tortura No Es Cultura, we know of the importance of raising awarenessamong Spanish families on the harmful effects of this New Strategy to Create a New Generationof Bullfighting Fans.
  13. 13. The bullfighting lobby counts on great amounts of funds, both public and private. We don’t. Butwe know that we count on the support of millions of citizens around the world who do not wantthis to continue. We ask this citizens to contribute with anything they can for us to set thenecessary campaigns to stop this madness.We are more, and together, we can make a difference.This is our account:LA CAIXA BANK (SPAIN)ASOC PLATAFORMA ESTRATEGIA ANIMALISTA (our fiscal name)Account: 2100 5526 59 21 00122581IBAN in electronic format: ES672100552659210012258IBAN in paper format:IBAN ES67 2100 5526 5921 0012 2581BIC (International Bank Id. SWIFT Code): CAIXESBBXXXThank you for your attention,www.latorturanoescultura.orgApril 29th, 2012