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Jessica Chase. Apps para el desarrollo de Habilidades Sociales en TEA

Jessica Chase. Apps para el desarrollo de Habilidades Sociales en TEA

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  • 1. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   1   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP                A  List  of  Apps  for  Social  Skills  and   Autism  Spectrum  Disorders       List  created  by:     Jessica  Chase,  M.  A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Consonantly  Speaking       Originally  created  on:  11/23/2011   Publicly  released  on:  5/23/2012    
  • 2. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   2   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP           Disclaimer:    These  applications  are  not  intended  to  replace  therapy  with  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist.  Use  only  under  direction  of  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist  or  other  qualified  therapist.  Consonantly  Speaking  created  none  of  these  applications;  therefore,  any  difficulties  or  complaints  with  each  application  should  be  directed  to  the  developer  of  that  specific  application.  Consonantly  Speaking  does  not  have  any  bearing  on  how  the  application  will  work  and  has  not  used  all  of  the  applications  on  the  list.  Consonantly  Speaking  did  not  receive  any  compensation  for  creating  this  list.  Consonantly  Speaking  does  not  specifically  endorse  or  recommend  any  of  the  following  applications  over  others.  This  list  is  intended  as  a  compilation  of  applications  that  can  be  used  with  or  by  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist  in  speech-­‐language  therapy  for  social  skills  therapy  as  well  as  therapy  for  people  who  have  autism/aspergers/PDD.  Applications  are  not  listed  in  any  specific  order  other  than  by  category.  The  prices  of  the  applications  are  subject  to  change  or  sale  by  the  developer  at  any  given  time.  A  reference  list  of  website  or  application  lists  that  helped  make  this  list  possible  will  be  posted  on  as  soon  as  it  is  completed.  
  • 3. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   3   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Current   Current  App   Current   Short  App  Description   App  icon   Name   Price   Overall  Social  Skills   Everyday   Social  story  videos  related  to   Social  Skills   everyday  social  skills   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Initiating   Social  story  videos  involving   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   initiating  conversation/greetings   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Communication   iPod:   Social  story  videos  related  to   $0.99;   Skills   (iPod  and  iPad)   communication  skills   iPad:   $1.99     iPod:   Manners   Social  story  videos  related  to   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   manners   iPad:   $1.99     Social  Skills   Social  story  videos  related  to   Sampler   various  social  skills   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)     Life  Skills   Social  story  videos  related  to   Sampler   various  life  skills   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 4. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   4   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Personal   Social  story  videos  related  to   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   personal  social  skills   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99   Responding   Social  story  videos  related  to   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   responding  to   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   conversation/questions   $1.99     Model  Me   Going  Places   Social  story  videos  related  to   Free   (iPod,  iPad,  and   various  places  in  the  community   Android)     Social  Skills   Provides  social  skill  steps  in  list  form   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)     Social  stories  (gestures,  recess,  turn  taking,  task   Social  Skills   avoidance,  reciprocal  play,  and  school  rules);  ability   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  edit/create  your  own  with  audio     What  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Do  At  School  If…   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Fun  Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     Understanding   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Inferences  Fun   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)    
  • 5. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   5   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Wh  Questions  At   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   School  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data   What  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Do  At  Home  If…   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Fun  Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     How  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Feel  If…  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data     Wh  Questions  at   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Home  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data     Practicing   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Pragmatics  Fun   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     The  Social   Animated  social  stories;  choices  of  what  to   Lite  –   Express   do  in  a  social  situation;  ability  to  print   Free;   worksheets   $89.99   (iPad  only)     School  Skills   Text  stating  rules  for  social   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   situations  at  school    
  • 6. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   6   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Social  scripts  on  flashcards  for  different   QuickCues   situations;  communication  app  included  but   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   $4.99  more  per  add-­‐on  (life  skills,   socialization,  and  coping)     Text  and  visuals  teach  initiating  interactions,   Social   maintaining  interactions,  advocating  and   negotiating,  getting  regulated,  interpreting   Adventures   nonverbal  communication,  negotiating  personal   $14.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   space,  and  experiencing  humor;  includes  “What’s  in     My  Bag?”  game;  44  activities;  parent  tips  section   Fact  or  Opinion   56  illustrated  picture  cards  with  audio   Fun  Deck   prompts;  choice  of  fact  or  opinion;  data   $5.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   collection     Hidden   Curriculum  for   Text  teaches  social  situations  and   $1.99   Kids   social  rules   (iPod  and  iPad)     Hidden   Text  teaches  social  situations  and  social   Curriculum  for   rules;  geared  toward  the  workplace,  social   $1.99   Adolescents   relationships,  community,  money  matters,   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  more     FSS  Online   Functional  Skills  System  online  version   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   web  viewer  shortcut     Focuses  on  problem  solving,  friendship,  life,  critical   Social  Skill   thinking,  emotion,  and  consequence  skills;  provides   Free;  in-­‐ Builder   real-­‐life  scenarios  that  have  the  use  answer   app   questions,  make  judgments,  and  establish  outcomes;   purchases   (iPod  and  iPad)   video  models    
  • 7. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   7   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iModeling   Helps  an  individual  establish   Boundaries   boundaries  of  touch  for  different  peers   $0.99   (iPad  only)   and  adults     Addresses  social  situations  at  home,  school,  and  in   Social   the  community;  guides  social  information   Navigator   processing;  50+  social  skills;  documentation  of   $49.99   behavior  and  development;  asks  questions  about   (iPod  and  iPad)   situations  and  strategies  to  use  in  social  situations     How  to  Talk  to   Video  guide  that  gives  strategies,   Strangers:  The   conversation  topics,  body  language,  and   $4.99   Video  Guide   questions  for  social  communication  with   (iPod  and  iPad)   new  peers     Video  models  to  help  with  social  skills;  videos  are   Free;  in-­‐ Mi-­‐Stories   available  individually  or  by  the  series;  sequencing,   app   (iPod  and  iPad)   non-­‐verbal  cues,  conversation  skills,  and  more  can   purchases   be  purchased     Conversation   Teaches  200  common  English  idioms  and   expressions;  5  skills  –  conversation  listening,   English  HD   conversation  reading,  comprehension,  vocabulary,   $2.99   (iPad  only)   and  sentence  completion;  idiom  dictionary     Focuses  on  5  abilities  for  social  skills  development:   Relate,  Relax,  Reason,  Regulate,  and  Recognize;   features:  goals  area,  to-­‐do  list,  rating  scale,  behavior   tracking  area,  voice  meter,  interest  log,  out  and   Lite  –   Sosh   explore  companion,  feelings  identifier  and   Free;     (iPod  and  iPad)   perspective  taker,  transition  timer,  relaxation   $39.99   strategies,  problem  solver,  IEP  recommendations,   feedback  form  for  teachers,  parents,  and  therapists,   the  shredder,  and  more;  ability  to  send  information   from  the  app  via  e-­‐mail  
  • 8. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   8   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Autism  and  PDD   Uses  the  Buddy  Bear  character  and  stories  with   Lite  –   Reasoning  and   questions  to  help  improve  reasoning  and  problem   Free;   Problem  Solving   solving  skills;  skills  included:  problem  solving,  cause   $34.99   (iPad  and  Android)   and  effect,  predicting,  sequencing,  and  comparing     Prewritten  Social  Story  Apps   i  See-­‐quence…  Easter   Social  story  about  Easter  egg   Social  Stories   $2.99   hunts;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence  My  Day   Social  story  about  the  school   at  School   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   day;  can  add  audio  and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Grocery  Store   grocery  store;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to   the  Fireworks   watch  fireworks;  can  add   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   audio  and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Beach   $0.99   beach;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  a   a  Birthday  Party   birthday  party;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit    
  • 9. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   9   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Playground   playground;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit     i  See-­‐quence…   Social  story  about  Christmas;  can   Christmas   $2.99   add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence…  St.   Social  story  about  St.  Patrick’s   Patrick’s  Day   $2.99   Day;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence…   Social  story  about  Valentine’s   Valentine’s  Day   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   Day;  can  add  audio  and  edit     Going  Shopping  Social   Story  –  A  Story  About   Good  Behavior  For   Children  with  Autism,   Social  story  about  going  shopping   $2.99   Down  Syndrome  &     Special  Needs   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   My  Day  With  WH  Words   –  A  Social  Story  and   Social  stories  about  using  “wh”   Speech  Tool  for  Autism,   words  to  talk  about  your  day  and   Down  Syndrome  and   $2.99   learning  how  to  answer  “wh”   Other  Special  Needs     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   questions   Nook)  
  • 10. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   10   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Staying  Safe  and  Safer   Strangers  –  A  Stranger   Danger  Social  Story  for   Social  stories  about  staying  safe   Autism,  Down  Syndrome   around  strangers  and  what  to  do   $2.99     &  Other  Special  Needs   if  you  are  lost   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Conversation  Social   Stories  and  Simple  PECS   Social  Stories  about  how  to  initiate   Communication  Tool  –   conversation;  conversation  topics,   Autism,  Down  Syndrome   asking  someone  to  play,  greetings,  and   $3.99     &  Special  Needs   conversation  tips   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Divorce  Social  Story  –  A   Social  Story  for  Children   about  Divorce  –  Autism,   Down  Syndrome  and   Social  story  about  divorce   $0.99     Special  Needs   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Potty  Training  Social   Story  –  Autism,  Down   Syndrome  &  Special   Social  story  about  potty  training   $3.99   Needs     (iPod  and  iPad)   Using  My  Words  to   Social  story  about  using  words  to   Ask  For  What  I  Want   request  objects,  attention,  and   $2.99   Social  Story   information  from  others   (iPod  and  iPad)     Manners  Social  Story   Social  story  about  using  manners;   and  Speech  Tool   9  buttons  that  speak  polite   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   phrases    
  • 11. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   11   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Joke  Telling  –  A  Social  Story   and  Speech  Tool  on  How  to   Tell  Jokes  to  Increase  Social   Social  story  about  joke  telling;  knock   Skills  for  Aspergers,  Autism,   knock  joke  examples  that  the  student   $2.99   Down  Syndrome  and  other   can  use     Special  Needs   (iPod  and  iPad)   Compliments  –  A  Social  Story   and  Speech  Tool  on  How  to   Give  a  Compliment  for   Social  story  about  giving  and  receiving   Autism,  Aspergers,  Down   Syndrome  and  Other  Special   compliments;  different  buttons  which   $2.99   Needs   speak  compliments  when  pressed     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Knock  Knock  Numbers  –  Joke   Telling  and  Conversations   20  different  jokes  in  sequence  with   Tool  for  Autism,  Aspergers,   Down  Syndrome,  &  Special   images  relating  to  the  numbers  1   $2.99   Education   through  10     (iPod  and  iPad)   Taking  Care  of  My  Device   Social  story  about  how  to  take   Social  Story   care  of  a  communication   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   device/tool     Using  Money  and  Saving   Money  –  A  Social  Story  to   Introduce  Basic  Money   Concepts  for  Aspergers,   Social  Story  about  using  and   $2.99   Autism,  Down  Syndrome  and   saving  money     other  Special  Needs   (iPod  and  iPad)   Step  By  Step  Playing  With   Video  showing  steps  to  initiate   Friends  With  The   conversation/play  with  a  peer;  game  that   $5.99   Wonkidos   asks  questions  about  how  to  initiate   (iPod  and  iPad)   conversations/play  with  peers    
  • 12. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   12   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Playing  With  Friends   Book  showing  steps  to  initiate   With  the  Wonkidos   conversation/play  with  a  peer;   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   interactive     Middle  School   Graphic  novel  with  44  pages  of  stories  that   deal  with  self  esteem,  body  image,  stress,  out   Confidential  –  Be   of  control  emotions,  friendship  issues,  peer   Confident  in  Who  You  Are   approval  addiction,  and  bullying;  thoughtful   $2.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   solutions  to  problems  solving  social  issues;  2     Nook)   modes  of  reading   Middle  School   Graphic  novel  with  38  pages  of  stories  that   deal  with  the  boyfriend/girlfriend  zone,  self-­‐ Confidential  –  Real   confidence,  communication  problems,  out  of   Friends  Vs.  The  Other   control  emotions,  conflict  resolution,   $2.99   Kind   friendship  issues,  and  peer  approval     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   addiction;  2  modes  of  reading;  sound  effects   Nook)   and  music   Social  stories  that  involve  consequences  of   Tell  A  Story  With   various  actions  within  social  situations;  the   option  of  saying  “I’m  sorry”  is  built  in;  good   Tommy:   choices  are  paired  with  green  smiley  faces   $6.99   Consequences   and  poor  choices  with  red  sad  faces  to     (iPad  only)   provide  visual  cues;  14  question  quiz  related   to  the  social  situation  presented  in  the  story   Stories  With  Social  Skill  Concepts/Children  Who   Have  Disabilities   Launches  interactive  lessons  from  visually   supported  materials;  was  designed  using   VizZle  Player   exclusively  licensed  intellectual  property  stemming   Free   (iPad  only)   from  research  proving  the  efficacy  of  a  visual   language-­‐based  approach  to  educating  students     with  autism   The  Rooster  Who   Story  about  a  rooster  who  lost  his  voice,   Free;   Lost  His  Voice   $4.99   friendship,  commitment,  and  caring   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 13. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   13   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Little  Lilly’s   Story  about  a  child  with  sensory  processing   Touch  Book   disorder  who  likes  certain  textures  and   $2.99   (iPad  only)   dislikes  others;  animations     Zany  Born  to   Story  about  a  child  who  cannot  stop   Run   moving;  specifically  for  children  with   $2.99   (iPad  only)   special  needs     Off  We  Go  –  Going   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   to  the  Dentist   going  to  the  dentist;  shows  the  activity   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   in  12  steps;  personalization     Off  We  Go  –   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   Going  on  a  Plane   going  on  a  plane;  shows  the  activity  in   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   12  steps;  personalization     Ed  Meets  the   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   Dentist   Free   going  to  the  dentist;  interactive   (iPod  and  iPad)     The  Big  Brag  –   Dr.  Seuss   Dr.  Seuss  book  about  bragging   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   and  Nook)     What  Was  I   Scared  Of?   Dr.  Seuss  book  about  fear  and   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   tolerance   and  Nook)    
  • 14. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   14   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   The  Berenstain   Bears  Learn  to   Share   Berenstain  Bears  book  about  sharing   $3.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,     and  Nook)   Playing  Games  is   Interactive  learning  game  and  story   Fun   about  social  skills  in  relation  to   $4.99   (iPad  only)   playing  games  with  peers     I  Am  A  Nice   Interactive  learning  game  and  story   Person   about  social  skills  in  relation  to   $4.99   (iPad  only)   getting  along  with  peers     Little  Steps  to   4  interactive  social  skill  stories  –  Help   Good  Habits  –  Vol1   Others,  Don’t  Play  Rough,  Share  With  Your   $1.99   (iPad  only)   Friends,  and  Wash  Your  Hands     Little  Steps  to   4  interactive  social  skill  stories  –  Save   Good  Habits  –  Vol2   Money,  Don’t  Litter,  Don’t  Be  Greedy,  and   $1.99   (iPad  only)   Exercise  –  Play  Outside     Nora’s  Crabby   A  story  about  a  child  who  wakes  up  in   Day   a  bad  mood  and  has  trouble  getting   $1.99   (iPad  only)   rid  of  it     Choco  Gets  A   A  story  about  a  rabbit  who  is  nervous  to  go   Checkup   to  the  doctor;  prepares  a  child  to  get  ready   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  to  the  doctor    
  • 15. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   15   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Royal  Little  Pest   A  story  about  a  prince  who  imitates   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  irritates  his  siblings  on  purpose     Super  Harry   A  story  about  a  child  who  has  rotten  luck   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  decides  to  do  something  about  it     A  story  about  a  turtle  who  compares  herself  to   Chrissie’s  Shell   other  animals  in  the  forest  and  imagines  what  it   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   would  be  like  to  be  them,  and  is  disappointed  that   she  cannot  transform  herself  into  someone  new     iPod  -­‐   A  story  about  a  girl  who  does  not  like  pink  and  her   I  Don’t  Like  Pink   friend  who  is  surprised  that  she  does  not  because   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   he  thinks  all  girls  like  pink   $1.99     Tractor  Mac,   A  story  about  a  tractor  and  his  friends  that   iPod  -­‐   $1.99;   You’re  A  Winner   involves  friendship,  teamwork,  the  joy  of   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   winning,  and  how  to  lose  gracefully   $2.99     We’ll  Paint  the   A  story  about  a  child  whose  family   Octopus  Red   welcomes  a  new  baby  into  the  family   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   who  has  down  syndrome     A  story  about  a  girl  who  feels  that  her  sister   iPod  -­‐   What  A  Pest!   is  a  big  pain  but  is  unsure  what  to  do  when   $1.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   she  needs  help  from  her  sister   $3.99    
  • 16. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   16   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   I  Can  Do  It  Too!   A  story  about  a  girl  who  always  “wants  to   $2.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   do  it  too!”  like  adults  can   iPad  -­‐   $3.99     Best  Friends   A  story  about  a  boy  who  has  a  sleepover   Sleepover   with  his  friends  but  is  afraid  he  won’t  fall   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   asleep  without  his  mother     A  story  where  each  animal/character   AlphaBELCH   matching  the  letters  of  the  alphabet  have   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   gas;  at  the  end  it  states  that  you  must  say   “excuse  me”     I  have  to  go!!   A  story  about  how  to  use  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   bathroom       Let’s  Fly   A  story  that  helps  children  learn  about  what   Chipper   to  pack,  airport  security,  and  how  to  be   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   respectful  when  going  on  an  airplane   I  am  a  child:   A  story  created  by  a  person  who  has   Just  like  you   Asperger’s  syndrome;  discusses  what  life  is   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   like  as  a  child  with  Asperger’s     In  My  Own   A  book  about  letting  your  mind  run   World   free  about  a  child  who  escapes  into   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   their  own  world    
  • 17. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   17   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   My  Friend   A  book  about  two  children  who  are  friends,   iPod  -­‐   $1.99;   Isabelle   one  with  special  needs;  great  for  discussing   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   tolerance,  acceptance,  and  friendship   $2.99     The  Urinal   A  game  that  discusses  mens’  room   Game   etiquette  in  regards  to  use  of   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   urinals     Saying  Thank   A  story  about  manners  which  raises  a   You   child’s  awareness  about  saying  “thank   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   you”     What’s  That?   Helps  teach  and  encourage  children  to   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   ask  questions  and  use  good  manners     Saying  Hello   A  story  that  raises  a  child’s  awareness   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   about  saying  “hello”     Saying  Please   A  story  that  raises  a  child’s  awareness   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   about  saying  “please”     Say  Please,   A  story  about  a  monster  who  uses  poor   Louise!   manners  and  is  taught  to  be  polite   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 18. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   18   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Mimi  Good  and   A  story  from  different  characters’   Bibi  Bad   $1.99   points  of  view   (iPad  only)     I  Just  Forgot  –   Little  Critter   A  story  about  Little  Critter  where  he  forgets   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   different  items  throughout  the  day   and  Nook)     Pointy  and   A  story  about  acceptance,  friendship,   Pokey   and  courage;  story  adapts  to  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   child’s  interactions     A  story  about  a  child  who  has  difficulty   Brave  Rooney   fitting  in  to  a  school  full  of  superheroes  but   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   proves  that  he  is  brave     A  story  about  a  child  who  is  upbeat  and   I  Can  Do  It!   positive  about  being  able  to  do  things  that   $3.99   (iPad  only)   others  (even  animals)  do     A  story  about  emotional  development,   It’s  Okay  to  be   multiculturalism,  and  character  growth  by   Different   stating  that  it  is  okay  to  be  different;  read   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   by  the  author     It’s  Okay   A  story  about  accepting  who  you   $3.99   (iPad  only)   are  and  what  you  can  do    
  • 19. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   19   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   I  Like  Myself   A  story  about  liking  oneself   $3.99   (iPad  only)     Sparky  the   Shark  –  Fun   A  story  about  a  friendly  shark  who  is   Interactive  Kids   misunderstood  and  looks  for  a  new  “look”   $1.99   Storybook   so  that  he  will  be  accepted  by  people     (iPod,  iPad  and   Android)   An  interactive  mini-­‐book  about  manners  at   Good  Manners   dinner,  the  playground,  and  in  the   $1.99   (iPad  only)   classroom;  learning  about  sharing,   kindness,  and  respect       A  Quest  for  Good   A  story  about  a  princess  and  her  pet  dragon   Manners  –   who  are  both  rude  and  banished  from  the   $0.99   Interactive  eBook   castle  until  they  learn  good  manners   (iPod  and  iPad)   I  Can  Do  It   An  animated  e-­‐book  about  a  child  who   Myself!   wants  to  do  things  by  herself   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Life  Skills   Tell  A  Story   With  Tommy:   Sequence  stories  in  order  that  are   Community   $2.99   Sequences   related  to  communities     (iPad  only)  
  • 20. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   20   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Tell  A  Story   With  Tommy:   Sequence  stories  in  order  that  are   School   $2.99   Sequences   related  to  school     (iPad  only)   Step  by  Step   Going  Potty   A  video  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   with  the   $5.99   Wonkidos   use  the  restroom     (iPod  and  iPad)   Step  By  Step   Getting  Dressed   A  video  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   With  The   $5.99   Wonkidos   get  dressed  in  the  morning     (iPod  and  iPad)   Going  Potty   With  The   A  book  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   $1.99   Wonkidos   use  the  restroom   (iPod  and  iPad)     Getting  Dressed   With  The   A  book  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   $1.99   Wonkidos   get  dressed  in  the  morning   (iPod  and  iPad)     Once  Upon  a   A  story  about  potty  training  involving  body     Potty:  Girl/Boy   parts,  functions,  and  what  a  potty  is/isn’t  used   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Android)   for;  has  music  at  the  end;  interactive      
  • 21. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   21   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Includes  a  storybook  with  audio  of  Elmo   Potty  Time   teaching  his  toy  Baby  David  how  to  use  the   With  Elmo   toilet;  includes  animated  stickers,  a  reward   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   chart,  puzzles,  and  5  bathroom  related  songs     iDress  For   Shows  the  temperature  and  has  the  child   Weather   choose  what  to  wear  that’s  appropriate   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   for  the  weather     15  travel  English  lessons  to  help  improve  listening,   Travel   speaking,  and  reading  skills  related  to  travel;  200+   travel  expressions  related  to  booking  a  flight,  booking   English   a  hotel,  the  airport,  the  hotel,  sight  seeing,   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   reservations,  on  the  plane,  etc.;  geared  more  towards     people  with  English  as  a  second  language   iCrossing   Helps  people  learn  about  how  to  cross  the   $4.99   (iPad  only)   street  and  the  signals  to  pay  attention  to     Lite  –   Signs.   Helps  children  learn  environmental  signs   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   $0.99     Transit   Provides  conversational  cues  to  assist  in   Coach   travel  by  bus  or  train   $5.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Pepi  Bath   Interactive  application  that  shows  a  boy   (iPod,  iPad,  and   or  girl  performing  different  hygiene   $1.99   Android)   actions    
  • 22. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   22   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   See  Me  Go  Potty   English   Shows  a  boy  or  girl  taking  steps  to  use   $4.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   the  restroom   Android)     Elementary   Shows  cartoon  photos  that  discuss  safety  rules  for   Safety   home,  outdoor,  road  &  car,  animal,  fire,  electricity,   Free   (iPad  only)   water,  personal,  and  emergency  safety     Tot  2B  Safe   Safety  game  for  toddlers  which  teaches  safety   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   concepts  and  asks  safety  questions     Professor   A  comic  where  the  character  Nermal  receives   Garfield  Fact  or   an  “F”  on  his  report  about  goals  and  Garfield   Free   Opinion   explains  facts  vs.  opinions  in  the  report  and  the   (iPad  only)   difference  between  the  two     Professor   A  comic  book  where  the  character  Nermal  is  asked  for   Garfield  Online   his  personal  information  on  an  online  message  board;   Free   Safely   quizzes  about  online  safety   (iPad  only)     Professor   A  comic  book  where  the  character  Nermal  gets   Garfield   cyberbullied  online;  learn  about  cyberbullying   Free   Cyberbullying   with  quizzes   (iPad  only)     Survival  Signs   60  videos  that  teach  signs  and  words   iPod  -­‐   $0.99;   and  Words   related  to  safety/survival  in  the   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   community   $1.99    
  • 23. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   23   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   First  Aid  1   93  videos  in  11  categories  related  to  first  aid   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  how  to  apply  first  aid   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Tools  at  Work   80  videos  related  to  tools  and   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   related  items/safety   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     Work  Skills   80  videos  with  vocabulary  related  to  the   Sampler   workplace  (Ex.  employer,  wage,  first  aid,  safety   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   glasses,  etc.)     80  videos  with  vocabulary  related  to  home   iPod  -­‐   Entertainment   $0.99;   in  the  Home   entertainment  in  5  categories:  games,  hobbies,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   music,  pets,  and  television   $1.99     Personal  Social   60  videos  in  9  categories  related  to  social  skills   iPod  -­‐   Skills  –   $0.99;   in  the  workplace  (Ex.  responsibility,  hygiene,   iPad  -­‐   Workplace   politeness,  etc.)   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     80  videos  related  to  pharmacy  signs  and  vocabulary;  3   iPod  -­‐   Pharmacy  Signs   of  these  videos  show  step-­‐by-­‐step  instructions  on   $0.99;   and  Words   using  a  pharmacy,  getting  medications,  and  payment;   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   categories  included:  terms,  symptoms,  health  care,   $1.99   toiletries,  hair  care,  and  cosmetics     Restaurant   240  videos  related  to  signs  and  vocabulary  commonly   iPod  -­‐   used  at  restaurants  in  the  following  categories:  types   Signs  and   of  restaurants,  arriving,  ordering,  eating  utensils,   $0.99;   Words   iPad  -­‐   paying,  breakfast/lunch/dinner,  condiments,  desserts,   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     drinks,  fruits  and  vegetables,  and  preparing  food  
  • 24. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   24   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   Words  That   80  videos  related  to  signs  and  directions   $0.99;   Direct   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   in  the  community   $1.99     Information   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  informational  signs  and   $0.99;   Words   vocabulary  in  the  community   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     School  Signs   iPod  -­‐   80  videos  related  to  common  signs  and   $0.99;   and  Words   iPad  -­‐   vocabulary  at  school   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Safety  Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  common  safety  signs   iPod  -­‐   $0.99;   Words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  vocabulary  in  the  community   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Shopping  Signs   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   and  Words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   vocabulary  at  stores  in  the  community   $1.99     240  videos  related  to  signs  and  vocabulary  dealing   iPod  -­‐   Grocery  Signs   with  grocery  stores  and  groceries  in  the  following   $0.99;   and  Words   categories:  beverages,  health/beauty,  produce,  frozen   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   foods,  shelf  products,  meats,  bakery,  dairy,   $1.99   desserts/snacks,  and  household     Literacy  Skills   80  videos  related  to  literacy  in  the  community   Sampler   (Ex.  smile,  receive,  apply,  house,  telephone,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   alarm,  and  closed)    
  • 25. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   25   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   80  videos  teaching  vocabulary  related  to  the   iPod  -­‐   Money  Words   handling  of  money  (Ex.  borrow,  cash,  change,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   loan,  prepay,  sell,  etc.)   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Money   80  videos  teaching  money  equivalents;  the   $0.99;   Equivalence   application  starts  with  5  pennies  =  1  nickel  and   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   works  up  to  the  equivalents  for  a  $20  bill   $1.99       80  videos  in  5  categories  related  to  hygiene;  step-­‐by-­‐ iPod  -­‐   Hygiene  (FSS)   step  instructions  on  how  to  take  a  bath/shower,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   floss/brush  your  teeth,  use  deodorant,  wash  your   iPad  -­‐   face/hands,  control  germs,  and  more   $1.99   iPod  -­‐   Information   80  videos  related  to  various  information  labels  on   $0.99;   Labels   everyday  items;  categories  include:  food  labels,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   medicine  labels,  medicine  labels,  and  clothing  labels   $1.99     Entertainment   160  videos  related  to  entertainment  in  the  community;   iPod  -­‐   in  the   categories  include:  amusement  park,  water  park,   $0.99;   Community   museum,  zoo,  camping,  concert,  library,  theater,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   sightseeing,  and  sports   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   80  how-­‐to  videos  in  6  categories  related  to  how  to   Dress  (FSS)   dress  appropriately,  getting  ready,  tying  shoes,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   wearing  clean  clothes,  and  washing/drying  clothes   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     80  how-­‐to  videos  in  7  categories  related  to   iPod  -­‐   Grooming   getting  a  haircut,  combing  hair,  shaving,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   applying  makeup,  trimming  fingernails,  using   iPad  -­‐   lotion,  and  plucking  eyebrows   $1.99    
  • 26. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   26   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Employment   80  videos  related  to  vocabulary  and  signs   iPod  -­‐   Information   $0.99;   Signs  and   found  in  the  workplace,  related  to   iPad  -­‐   Words   hiring/firing,  applying  for  a  job,  etc.   $1.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   Public   iPod  -­‐   Transportation   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   Signs  and   iPad  -­‐   Words   vocabulary  used  in  public  transportation   $1.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   Community   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  vocabulary,  places,   $0.99;   Words   and  signs  in  the  community   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Emergency   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  basic  emergency   $0.99;   Words   signs  and  words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Clothing  Store   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   Words   vocabulary  in  clothing  stores   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Employment   iPod  -­‐   Safety  Signs  and   80  videos  regarding  signs/vocabulary   $0.99;   Words   related  to  safety  in  the  workplace   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Coins  &   iPod  -­‐   80  videos  teaching  how  to  identify  coins  and  dollars   $0.99;   Dollars   according  to  picture,  name,  and  value  as  well  as  money   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   related  terms   $1.99    
  • 27. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   27   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Living   Pocket  -­‐   27  learning  sessions  videos:  13  related  to   Safely   $19.99;   home  safety  and  14  related  to  personal  safety   $29.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Helps  track  a  person  with  special  needs  or  a   Community   friend/family  member  who  is  unsure  about  traveling   Sidekick   independently  within  the  community;  sends   $19.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   automated  e-­‐mails  every  few  minutes  to  where  the   person  with  the  iPad  is  located.     A  training  program  that  promotes  healthy  living  for   students  with  disabilities;  includes  videos  on  the   following  topics:  taking  charge  of  your  health,   developing  a  health  plan,  being  a  health  self-­‐advocate,   My  Health,  My   getting  moving,  eating  right,  being  healthy  at  home,     Choice,  My   feeling  good  about  yourself  and  others,  and  staying  on   $24.99   Responsibility   track;  includes  3  additional  health  tools:  My  Medical   (iPad  only)   Appointment  (a  form  that  helps  you  prepare  for   medical  appointments),  Health  Information  Form  (a   record  of  a  person’s  health  needs  and  medical  history),   and  My  Health  Plan  (a  listing  of  goals  developed  during   the  seminar)   Walk  With   Provides  support  through  images  and  audio  of  how  to   Me…Bus  Travel   travel  via  public  transportation  in  the  United  Kingdom   $9.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  Republic  of  Ireland  (currently)     A  road  safety  interactive  workbook;   Bee  Safe   discusses  road  safety  through  audio  and   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   interactive  scenes     Teaches  everyday  life  skills  through  interactive  step-­‐ by-­‐step  tasks;  skills  included  on  the  app  are:  brushing   Life  Skills   teeth,  washing  hands,  brushing  hair,  sorting  laundry,   Winner   making  a  sandwich,  the  appropriate  distance  to  stand   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   when  talking  to  someone,  and  putting  shoes  on  the   Android)   correct  feet;  can  add  points  towards  a  prize  based  on     tasks  completed  
  • 28. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   28   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Everyday   Step-­‐by-­‐step  directions  on  how  to  perform   iPod:   $24.99;   Skills   everyday  tasks  (in  the  community,  personal,   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  transition/  transportation)   $39.99     Teaches  children  about  how  to  use  the  phone   safely;  interactive  telephone  that  allows   children  to  practice  safe  phone  usage;   DialSafe  Pro   animated  lessons,  skill  building  games,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   practice  sessions,  and  a  realistic  phone     simulator;  teaches  about  911/000/999   depending  on  the  device  country  code   My  Healthy   Teaches  children  about  good  oral  health  and  what  to   expect  at  dental  visits;  11  audio/visual  social  scripts   Smile   about:  teeth  cleaning,  taking  x-­‐rays,  getting  fillings,   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   losing  a  tooth,  brushing,  and  healthy  eating     iBrush  I   Images  and  text  related  to  appropriate  tooth-­‐ Brush   brushing  technique;  sets  a  timer  for  2  minutes   Free   Assistant   with  a  visual  to  help  children  remember  to   (iPod  and  iPad)   brush  all  areas  of  their  teeth     Shows  children  how  to  brush  their  teeth   Magic  Teeth   step-­‐by-­‐step  three  different  ways;   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   includes  a  teeth-­‐brushing  timer     Shows  children  how  to  tie  their  shoes   Magic  Shoes   step-­‐by-­‐step  two  different  ways;   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   includes  video  instruction  as  well     Create  guides  for  life  skills  and  place  the   MakeSense   guides  you  create  on  different  points  on  a  map   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   that  match  where  the  guide  can  be  used;  use   images  and  audio  to  create  guides    
  • 29. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   29   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Create  Your  Own  Social  Story/Video  Modeling  Apps   Ability  to  customize  sequential  steps  of  a  storyline  to   i  Create…  Social   create  social  stories;    app  capabilities  include:   Skills  Stories   importing  personal  photos,  adding  titles,  text,  audio,   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  unlimited  pages;  multi-­‐user  feature;  sample  social   story  included     Pictello   Talking  albums/stories;  editable;  import   $18.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   own  pictures  and  audio  into  story     Ability  to  create  stories  with  your  own  text,   Story  Kit   illustrations,  photographs,  and  audio;   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   comes  with  four  public  domain  books       Ability  to  create  stories  with  your  own  text,   Story  Buddy;   illustrations,  photographs,  and  audio;  ability  to   Lite  –   Story  Buddy  2   e-­‐mail  books,  print  books,  or  send  your  story   Free;   (iPad  only)   $3.99   to  iBooks  PDF     Special   Ability  to  create  your  own  stories  with  text,   Stories   pictures,  and  sound;  ability  to  print  books   $13.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Create  your  own  books  in  2D  and  3D;  comes   with  backgrounds,  characters,  objects,  and   Free;  in-­‐ Bookabi   stickers;  you  can  use  your  own  photos  and   app   (iPad  only)   type  in  your  own  text;  in-­‐app  purchases  for   purchases   additional  themes    
  • 30. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   30   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Create  your  own  interactive  books  with  realistic   Demibooks   physics,  animation,  images,  text,  and  sounds;  choose   between  landscape  and  portrait  formats;  ability  to   Composer   import  images,  add  text,  add  a  navigation  system,  add   Free   (iPad  only)   complex  behaviors  using  the  effects  editor,  add  and     edit  audio,  export  and  save  your  book   Ability  to  create  your  own  books;  comes  with  800+   Story  Patch   illustrations;  can  change  characters’  facial  expressions,   $2.99   (iPad  only)   body  position,  skin/hair  color,  and  more;  can  import   photos  into  the  story;  can  e-­‐mail  a  PDF  of  the  story     Create  your  own  stories  using  your  own   Storyrobe   photographs/video  and  recording  your  own   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   audio;  can  e-­‐mail  and  save  the  story     Create  your  own  stories  using  photos  and  text;  can  use   eBook   the  iPad  camera  during  book  creation;  includes  100+   Magic   page  layouts;  includes  border  frames,  different  texts,   $3.99   text  box  margins,  and  page  themes/photo   (iPad  only)   backgrounds     My  Photo   Create  a  photo  story  with  5+  layouts   Story   included  and  the  ability  to  add  captions   $1.99   (iPad  only)   to  your  photos     Book  Creator   Ability  to  create  books  with  your  own  photos,  text,  and   for  iPad   audio;  50+  fonts;  choose  from  portrait,  landscape,  or   $4.99   (iPad  only)   square  book  sizes;  ability  to  print  and  e-­‐mail  books     eBook   Ability  to  create  books  with  a  title  and  the  author’s   name;  choose  book  orientation,  page  transition,  page   Creator   frame,  font,  and  background  music;  you  can  use  your   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   own  photos  and  audio  recording;  share  via  e-­‐mail    
  • 31. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   31   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Ability  to  create  books  and  edit  them  in  a   Our  Story   story-­‐board  format;  add  audio  and  text  to  your   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   own  images;  drag  images  from  the  gallery  to   the  storyboard     Free;  in-­‐ Create  books  with  preloaded  images  (school   app   Picturebook   edition  has  no  in-­‐app  purchases  and  250+   purchases;   (iPod  and  iPad)   illustrations);  can  add  text  to  the  story;  ability   School   to  e-­‐mail  as  a  PDF  file   Edition     -­‐  $6.99     Creative  Book   Create  books  with  an  unlimited  number  of  chapters;   move  and  copy  elements  from  one  chapter  to  another;   Builder   change  font,  add  images,  text,  music,  and  videos;  e-­‐mail   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   as  a  PDF  or  Google  Docs  file     Write  a  storybook  using  different  pre-­‐installed   Build  a  Story   themes,  15  character  categories,  and  your  own   $3.99   (iPad  only)   audio;  save  your  stories     Create  a  story  using  320+  animated   Story  Land   characters/objects;  scenes  can  be  saved   $0.99   (iPad  only)   to  the  iPad’s  camera  roll     Scribble   Create  a  story  using  50+  templates,  500+   Press   drawing  tools,  your  own  photos,  and  stickers   Free   (iPad  only)     Draw  and  Tell  –   Create  your  own  story  using  150+  stickers,  32  papers,   by  Duck  Duck   22  patterns,  27  paint  brushes,  27  crayons,  27  colored   $1.99   Moose   pencils,  and  60  stencils;  ability  to  record  audio  and   (iPod  and  iPad)   move  the  stickers  as  you  talk    
  • 32. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   32   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Create  an  unlimited  amount  of  stories;   Little  Story   features:  2  storybook  templates,  voice   Maker   recording,  word  and  picture  highlighting,  3   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   playback  modes,  and  use  your  own  photos     StoryTeller   Ability  to  record  your  own  book  using   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   your  own  images,  text,  and  audio     My  Story  –   Create  ebooks  using  illustrations,  your   Book  Maker  for   own  photos,  text,  and  voice  recording;   $1.99   Kids   (iPad  only)   ability  to  e-­‐mail  your  book     Pre-­‐made  story  templates  to  create  your  own  story   with;  features  include:  unlimited  number  of  speaking,   Alexicom   linking  pages,  camera  image  acquisition,  ability  to  use   Elements   your  own  photos,  text-­‐to-­‐speech  and  recorded  audio,   $9.99   word  prediction,  word  learning,  1  and  2  switch   Story  Maker   scanning,  sequential  and  row/column  scanning,     (iPad  only)   auditory  preview,  bluetooth  and  direct  touch  scanning,   and  supports  RJ  Cooper  and  AbleNet  switches   Create  a  puppet  show  with  various  puppets,   SockPuppets   props,  scenery,  and  backgrounds;  puppets  can   Free;  in-­‐ app   (iPod  and  iPad)   have  a  back  and  forth  conversation  and  be   purchases   moved  around     Ability  to  draw,  animate,  and  share  cartoons;   Free;  in-­‐ Toontastic   move  characters  around  the  iPad  screen  and   app   (iPad  only)   add  audio;  in-­‐app  purchases  for  more  features   purchases     Free;   Ability  to  create  animated  movies  with  audio  by   Director’s   clicking  and  dragging  characters  on  a  background;   Pass   Puppet  Pals   director’s  pass  comes  with  additional  characters  and   Pocket  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   content;  can  create  custom  characters,  including  the   $1.99;   Director’s     student  themselves,  to  be  used  in  the  story   Pass  -­‐   $2.99  
  • 33. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   33   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Ability  to  create  animated  movies  with  audio  by   PlayTime   clicking  and  dragging  characters/props/costumes  on  a   castle  background;  the  child  can  be  in  the  show   Theater   themselves;  24  character  heads,  9  supporting  cast   $2.99   (iPad  only)   characters,  12  costumes,  10  hats,  22  props,  30  sound     effects,  and  6  musical  scores   ComicStrip  –   Use  your  own  photos  to  create  a  comic  book   CS   page  and  add  speech  bubbles;  use  different   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   layouts,  stickers,  and  speech  bubbles     Use  your  own  photos  to  create  a  full-­‐length   Comics   comic  book;  choose  from  10  different   Creator   templates  and  12  caption  bubbles;  e-­‐mail   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   comic  in  PDF  format     Create  a  comic  strip  using  your  own   PhotoComic   photos;  comes  with  different  speech   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   bubbles,  layouts,  and  action  words     Create  a  comic  strip  using  your  own   Strip   photos;  choose  from  100+  templates   Designer   $2.99   with  1-­‐9  photo  cells,  100+  stickers,  and   (iPod  and  iPad)   12  different  speech  balloons     Ability  to  create  a  comic  strip  with  your  own  photos;  9   Comic  Book!   layouts,  55  classic  comic  graphics,  4  dfifferent  0  order   different  text  caption  styles,  9  photo   ilters,  3 page   b $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   styles;  can  e-­‐mail,  print,  and  save;  choose  between   landscape  and  portrait  formats       Ability  to  create  a  comic  strip  with  your  own  photos   Comic  Life   and  text;  comes  with  templates,  image  filters,  and   $4.99   (iPad  only)   more;  can  print  and  save  comics  
  • 34. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   34   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Comix   Ability  to  create  a  comic  strip  with  different  templates,   Maker   text  bubbles,  and  use  of  our  own  images;  can  change   $1.57   the  size,  shape,  and  color  of  text  bubbles   (Android  only)     Create  a  comic  strip  with  step-­‐by-­‐step  how-­‐to’s;  create   Comic  Strip   storyboards;  ability  to  use  your  own  photos  and  apply   Lite  –   Free;   It!   image  effects;  ability  to  add  captions,  titles,  speech   Pro  -­‐   balloons  and  more;  can  have  multiple  pictures  at  a   (Android  only)   time  in  a  comic  strip   $1.99     Create  a  movie  storyboard  using  characters  and  props   Free;   Storyboards   within  the  app  library;  premium  version  comes  with   Premium   (iPad  only)   more  storyboards  and  drawings   -­‐  $14.99     Create  multi-­‐celled  cartoons  with  your  own   Free  –   Cartoon   pictures;  create  your  own  characters  and   Free;   Studio   backgrounds  and  add  new  cells,  text  elements,   Pro  -­‐     (iPod  and  iPad)   character  elements,  and  speech  bubbles   $0.99     Reel   Create  and  edit  video  clips  with  subtitles   Director   and  transitions   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     TherAd  for   Self-­‐modeling  video  application;  video  content   Autism   must  be  loaded  by  the  user;  ability  to  have   $14.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   multiple  clients’  videos  on  the  app     Create  cartoons  out  of  your   PhotoPuppet   drawings/photos  or  use  preloaded   Go   $0.99   puppets;  animate  photos  and  choose   (iPod  and  iPad)   from  different  backgrounds    
  • 35. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   35   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Create  cartoons  out  of  your  drawings/photos  or  use   Lite  –   preloaded  puppets;  animate  photos  and  choose  from   Photo  Puppet   different  backgrounds;  record  and  edit  individual   Free;   (iPad  only)   HD  -­‐   object  movement  tracks;  rewind/fast  forward  on  a   $2.99   timeline;  send  movies  as  e-­‐mail  attachments     Ability  to  create  step-­‐by-­‐step  multimedia  instructions,   Free;   Visual   social  stories,  and  visual  modeling  vignettes;  Pro   Pro  -­‐   Impact   version  comes  with  some  pre-­‐loaded  tasks;  ability  to   $49.99;   purchase  more  step-­‐by-­‐step  stories  through  in-­‐app   in-­‐app   (iPad  only)   purchases;  can  record  your  voice   purchases     Create  and  edit  movies;  ability  to  add  photos,   iMovie   music,  sound  effects,  audio,  video,  and  more;   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   can  be  used  to  create  social  story  videos     Uses  video  modeling  to  teach  new  skills;  create  your   iModeling   own  videos  including  a  title,  recording/editing   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   capabilities,  ability  to  assign  videos  to  a  specific  child   account,  and  save  videos  within  the  app     Conversation  Maintenance/Conversation  Starters   Conversation   Shows  social  images  and  records  audio;  student  is  able   to  state  what  they  would  say  in  the  social  situation   Builder/   pictured;  ability  to  choose  the  conversation  initiator  or   $9.99;   Conversation   use  with  two  students;  ability  to  save/e-­‐mail   Deluxe  -­‐   Builder   conversations;  160+  conversations;  Deluxe  version   $21.99   comes  with  more  conversations,  however,  original     Deluxe   version  has  the  ability  to  purchase  more  conversations   (iPod  and  iPad)   through  in-­‐app  purchases   1,400+  photos  and  150+  pre-­‐made  conversations  and   Conversation   pre-­‐recorded  sounds;  designed  to  help  players  learn   Lite  -­‐   the  back  and  forth  flow  of  conversation;  2  players  can   Coach   play  at  a  time;  helps  children  learn  to  take  turns,  stay   $1.99;   (iPad  only)   $79.99   on  topic,  ask  questions,  listen  to  others,  express  their     feelings,  and  organize  their  thoughts  
  • 36. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   36   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Conversation   Conversation  starters  for  various  contexts/places   Starters  iApp   including  general  tips,  in  a  street/park,  at  a  party,  at   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   work,  etc.  in  text  format     100+  preloaded  conversation  starters  related  to   Conversation   general  conversations,  deep/meaningful,  funny,   Starter  Help   education,  party,  relationships  and  dating,  travel,  and   Free   (Android  only)   workplace  themes;  ability  to  randomize  conversation   starters  and  share  with  others     Conversation   Starter   200+  conversation  starters  in  text  format   Free   (Android  only)     Conversation  starters  in  speech  bubbles;   Now  We’re   geared  towards  children/teenagers;  tips   Talking   for  how  to  start/maintain/end   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   conversations     Ask  Me   Anything  for   650+  questions  to  start  conversations   $0.99   Teens   geared  towards  teenagers     (iPod  and  iPad)   Ask  Me   Anything  for   300+  questions  to  start  conversations   $0.99   Families   geared  towards  children  and  families   (iPod  and  iPad)     Conversation  starters  for  each  day  of  the  year;   365  Topics   select  a  month/day  to  get  started;  can  tap   Calendar   forward/backward  through  the  days  or  tap   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   “random”  for  a  random  topic    
  • 37. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   37   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Conversation   100+  cards  with  questions  to  start   Cards  Kids   conversations;  geared  towards  children   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     100+  conversation  starters  in  the  free  version   Conversation   Free;   and  1000  in  the  paid  version;  shake  the   Shaker   iPod/iPad  to  see  the  next  conversation  starter;   1000  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $0.99   various  categories  of  questions     Chatter  Box   Questions  to  start  conversations  on   HD   various  cards;  ability  to  share  cards  via   Free   (iPad  only)   e-­‐mail     101   Conversation   Conversation  starters  on  cards;  click   Starters   “previous”  or  “next”  to  move  between   Free   (iPod,  iPad,  and   the  cards     Android)   Conversation   Starters  –   400+  questions  to  start  conversations  in   $0.99   iTopics   different  categories   (iPod  and  iPad)     Conversation   Cards/   Conversation  cards  that  include  open-­‐ Conversation   ended  questions;  100+  cards;  ability  to  e-­‐ $1.99   Cards   mail  conversation  cards;  Francais     (Francais)   version  is  in  the  French  language   (iPod  and  iPad)   Christmas   Conversation   100+  conversation  cards  with  open-­‐ $1.99   Cards   ended  questions  related  to  Christmas   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 38. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   38   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   CCRoadTrip   100+  conversation  cards  with  open-­‐ $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   ended  questions  to  ask  on  a  road  trip     150+  conversation  cards  with  open-­‐ I  Heart  Mom   ended  questions  related  to   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   mothers/family     Foodie   Conversation   100+  conversation  cards  with  open-­‐ $1.99   Cards   ended  questions  related  to  food   (iPod  and  iPad)     Let’s  Talk   1100+  questions  to  start  conversations  in  9   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   different  categories;  store  your  favorites     English  lessons  with  tasks  in  5  important  skills  –   Conversation   conversation  listening,  conversation  reading,   comprehension,  vocabulary  and  sentence  completion;   English   an  idiom  dictionary  with  audio  pronunciation  is   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   included;  geared  more  towards  people  with  English  as     a  second  language   150  useful  English  words,  phrases,  idioms,  and   English  At   expressions  used  in  the  office/workplace;  14  complete   English-­‐at-­‐Work  lessons  to  improve  listening  skills,   Work   telephone  skills,  e-­‐mail  skills,  and  conversation  skills;   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   includes  idioms  in  the  workplace;  geared  more     towards  people  with  English  as  a  second  language   A  Family   1000+  questions  and  activities  designed  to   Matters   engage  family  members  in  conversation;   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   questions  are  related  to  various  venues    
  • 39. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   39   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   What  If?  The   Conversation   Asks  “What  if?”  open  ended  questions  as   Free   Starter   conversation  starters   (iPod  and  iPad)     Would  You   Asks  “Would  you  rather”  questions  with  two   Rather  Board   choices  and  has  players  guess  what  the  other   $1.99   Game   person  would  choose   (iPod  and  iPad)     Would  YOU   850+  questions;  shake  your  device  for  a  new   Rather   question;  user-­‐submitted  questions   Free   (Android  only)     $1.99;   Conversation  starters  on  flashcards;   HD  -­‐   TABLETOPICS   (iPod  and  iPad)   different  categories  of  topics;  in-­‐app   $2.99;   purchases  for  additional  topics   in-­‐app   purchases     TABLETOPICS   Conversation  starters  on  flashcards   Seasons   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   related  to  seasons/holidays     Quizzler   Conversation  starters/questions  that  are   Family   family  appropriate;  shake  to  get  to  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   next  question     Quizzler   Conversation  starters/questions  that  are   Dating   related  to  dating;  shake  to  get  to  the  next   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   question    
  • 40. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   40   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   App  that  asks  questions  in  different  categories   Tappy   to  provoke  memories/topics  for  you  to   Memories   $0.99   answer;  answer  with  images/text/audio;  e-­‐ (iPad  only)   mail  answers  in  PDF  format     Idioms/Figurative  Language   Idioms  with  images  and  descriptions;   Kidioms   games  to  fill  in  the  blank  with  the  word   $1.99   (iPad  only)   related  to  the  idiom     Idioms  with  images  and  descriptions;   Kidioms  2   games  to  fill  in  the  blank  with  the  word   $1.99   (iPad  only)   related  to  the  idiom     English  Idioms   Images  of  idioms  with  story   Illustrated   Free   explanations  of  the  origin  of  each   (iPod  and  iPad)     Idiom  in  Use  –   Advanced   750  common  English  idioms;  3   English  Idioms   examples  of  each  idiom  in  a  sentence;   $1.99   Dictionary   has  an  idiom  quiz     (iPod  and  iPad)   Lite  –   Idioms   600+  idioms  with  meanings  and   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   explanations;  has  an  idiom  quiz   $2.99     Idioms  and  Their   Origins  –  111   popular  and   Explanations  of  111  common  English   $0.99   obscure  sayings   idioms  and  their  origins   and  idioms     (iPod  and  iPad)  
  • 41. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   41   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Idioms  Pro   Idioms  and  their  meanings;   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   list/dictionary  format     Animal  Idioms   75  animal-­‐related  idioms  and   &  Metaphors   metaphors  with  examples,  fun  facts,   $1.99   (iPad  only)   and  animal  sounds;  has  an  idiom  quiz       American  Idioms   14,000+  expressions,  proverbs,  and   Dictionary   common  sayings  listed  alphabetically;   $16.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   and  Nook)   uses  examples  of  American  idioms   Dictionary  of   24,000  entries  and  27,000  senses  with  definitions   American  Idioms   and  at  least  one  example  sentence  per  phrase;   and  Phrasal   includes  idiomatic  phrases,  proverbial  expressions,   $24.99   Verbs   and  clichés;  has  a  phrase-­‐finder  with  more  than     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   60,000  entries   and  Nook)   Contains  2000+  English  idioms  and   2000  Idioms   expressions  in  different  categories;  ability  to   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   search  and  view  a  random  idiom     Longman  Idioms   6000+  idioms  from  spoken  and  written   Dictionary   English  (British  and  American);   $13.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   provides  definitions  for  idioms     English   Idioms  –   6000+  idioms  with  quotations  to  show   Oxford   how  the  phrases  can  be  used   $14.99     Dictionary   (iPod  and  iPad)  
  • 42. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   42   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   An  idiom-­‐related  game  that  has  teams   Idiomatic   compete  to  see  who  can  guess  the  most   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   idioms  in  the  time  allotted     700  English  Idioms;  has  test  questions  with   Idioms   explanations;  topics  include:  top  100  idioms,   $1.99   (Android  only)   animals,  business,  clothes/color,  food,  legal,   and  negotiations     English  Idioms   A  dictionary  of  3500+  idiomatic   Free   expressions  with  definitions;  can   Free   (Android  only)   search  for  idioms  within  the  application     150  English  idioms;  includes  a  game,   English  Idioms   notes,  and  a  glossary;  requires  Adobe   Free   (Android  only)   AIR  and  an  Android  2.2  phone     English  Idioms   7,500  idiomatic  phrases  in  dictionary   Dictionary   format;  ability  to  search  for  idioms   Free   (Android  only)   within  the  application     Scenes  with  various  idiom/proverb-­‐related   Free;  in-­‐ Proverbidioms   images  in  them  similar  to  a  search  and  find;   app   (iPad  only)   in-­‐app  purchases  for  more  scenes   purchases     Figurative   Practice  or  game  mode  which  requires   Lite  -­‐   Language   a  student  to  read  a  short  sentence   $3.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   $8.99   related  to  figurative  language    
  • 43. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   43   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Punshine   250+  puns  in  a  game  format   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Non-­‐Verbal  Communication/Eye  Contact/Social  Smile   Body  language  reference  guide;  ability  to   Body  Talk   search  by  body  part,  motivation,  or   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   significance;  50+  pages     The  Body   Language  of   A  children’s’  book  about  body  language   $2.99   Veronica  Sue   (iPod  and  iPad)     A  book  that  discusses  body  language  and  shows  images   Body  Language   of  different  types  of  body  language  including   Guide   Free   aggressive,  deceptive,  closed,  dominant,  emotional,   (Android  only)   greeting,  and  open  body  language     Designed  to  “improve  skills  in   Body  Language  –   recognizing  emotions”;  discusses  micro-­‐ Expressions   Free   (Android  only)   expressions;  has  a  test  related  to  various   micro-­‐expressions     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Look  In  My  Eyes   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   1  Restaurant   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   of  an  item  to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual     restaurant   Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Look  In  My  Eyes   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   2  Car  Mechanic   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual  car  mechanic  shop    
  • 44. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   44   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Look  In  My  Eyes   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   3  Undersea   $2.99   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual  undersea  world     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Look  In  My  Eyes:   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   Math  Facts   answer  to  the  math  fact  shown  in  the  eyes,  the   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   child  gets  a  reward  to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual   restaurant     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Look  In  My  Eyes   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   –  Dinosaur   $2.99   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  with  his  or  her  dinosaur  backgrounds     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Eye  Contact  –   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   Toybox   $2.99   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual  toy  room     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another  child’s   Eye  Contact  –   photo;  after  four  correct  trials  guessing  the   Zoo   $2.99   item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the  child  gets  a  reward   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  with  his  or  her  virtual  zoo     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another   Look  in  My   child’s  photo;  after  a  correct  trial,  the   $2.99   Eyes:  House   child  earns  “cash”  to  use  to  create  a  house   within  the  app     Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another   Look  In  My  Eyes   child’s  photo;  after  four  correct  trials   –  Steam  Train   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   guessing  the  item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the   child  gets  a  reward    
  • 45. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   45   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Child  looks  into  the  eyes  of  another   Look  In  My  Eyes   child’s  photo;  after  four  correct  trials   –  Steam  Train  2   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   guessing  the  item  shown  in  the  eyes,  the     child  gets  a  reward   Child  looks  at  images  and  holds  the  iPod/iPad   Smile  at  Me   like  a  mirror  to  see  his/her  face  reflected;  the   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   child  is  asked  to  decide  whether  or  not  to  smile   based  on  the  picture  shown     Eye  contact  simulator  to  help  people   iGaze   maintain  eye  contact;  different  models  to   Free   (iPad  only)   maintain  eye  contact  with     23  random  faces  after  2-­‐9  seconds  a   Eye  Contact   shape  will  appear  within  the  eyes  of  the   Trainer   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   photo  and  the  child  will  be  asked  which     shape  appeared;  15  reinforcing  videos   A  game  requiring  the  child  to  find  the  person   Find   within  a  scene  and  tap  on  them;  as  levels   Me(Autism)   increase,  more  distracting  objects  appear  in  the   Free   (iPad  only)   scene;  focuses  on  attending  to  people     Emotions   Touch  and  Learn   Student  chooses  which  picture  out  of   Emotions   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   four  matches  the  emotion  stated     ABA  Flash  Cards   Flashcards  of  children  conveying   –  Emotions   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   different  emotions;  audio    
  • 46. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   46   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Educational  game  asking  questions  to  help  students   Emotions  from  I   identify  emotions  using  real  faces;  Five  different  levels:   identify  picture  with  the  emotion,  identify  emotion  with   Can  Do  Apps   the  picture,  identify  picture  based  on  scenario  +   Free   (iPad  only)   emotion,  identify  picture  with  label  based  on  scenario,     and  identify  picture  based  on  scenario   Game-­‐like  quiz  with  11  different  computer  generated   Odd  Face  Out   models  with  a  range  of  different  emotions;  increasing   Free   (iPad  only)   levels  of  difficulty  to  find  the  face  with  the  emotion  that   does  not  relate  to  the  others     AutismXpress   Animated  faces  for  various  emotions;   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Free   Android)   includes  sound  effects     AutismXpress   Pro   Animated  faces  for  various  emotions;   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   emotion  matching;  includes  sound  effects   Android)     Based  on  the  Social  Express  app/software,  this  tool   helps  children  identify  emotions  and  use  coping   strategies  to  calm  down;  features  8  feelings:  bored,   My  DPS   surprised,  mad,  annoyed,  happy,  scared,  sad  and   (iPod,  iPad,  and   frustrated;  4  coping  strategies:  use  positive  self-­‐talk,   $2.99     Android)   take  five  deep  breaths,  take  a  break  to  calm  down,  and   remind  myself  to  keep  negative  thoughts  in  my  head;   ability  to  take  photos  or  use  photos  from  the  camera   roll  to  personalize  emotions/coping  strategies   Helps  children  identify  how  they  are  feelings,   Anger   understand  the  signs  of  becoming  angry,  and  use   coping  strategies  to  reduce  anger;  uses  a  thermometer   Thermometer   with  green,  yellow,  and  red  to  show  different  levels  of   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   anger/feeling  (green  –  calm,  yellow  –  annoyed,  red  –     angry)  
  • 47. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   47   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Autism  5-­‐ 5-­‐point  scale  of  emotions  with  color   Point  Scale  EP   coordination/facial   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   expressions/number  scale     Type  negative  thoughts/feelings/situations  into   The  Shredder   the  app  and  click  the  shredder  to  “shred”   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   negative  feelings  as  a  relaxation  and  stress   reduction  tool     Shows  scenes  to  match  with  an  associated   e-­‐Positive  Spin   feeling;  gain  points  by  correctly  identifying   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   whether  or  not  the  associated  feelings  is  a   match  to  the  scene  or  not     e-­‐Catch  the   Brief  game  that  helps  you  reinforce   Feeling   positive  feelings  and  ignore  the  negative   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   feelings     Funny  Face  –   Ability  to  create  faces  with  different   Puzzle  For  Kids   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   eyebrows,  eyes,  noses,  and  mouths     Learn  different  emotions  by  tapping  on  an   Moody  Jigsaws   Lite  –   emotion  and  completing  a  puzzle  with  that   For  Kids   Free;   emotion;  earn  a  sticker  each  time  a  puzzle  is   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   completed;  12  different  emotions     ABA  Flash  Cards   and  Games  –   Flashcards  of  children  displaying   Free   Emotions   different  emotions;  audio   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 48. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   48   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Face-­‐cards  B   Flashcards  of  the  same  animated  face   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   displaying  different  emotions     Face-­‐cards  C   Flashcards  of  the  same  animated  face   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   displaying  different  emotions     Face-­‐cards  F   Flashcards  of  the  same  animated  face   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   displaying  different  emotions       Face-­‐cards  G   Flashcards  of  the  same  animated  face   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   displaying  different  emotions   Face-­‐cards  H   Flashcards  of  the  same  animated  face   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   displaying  different  emotions     Books  for  8  different  emotions;  each   Feelings  Book   discuss  things  to  do  when  feeling  each   $14.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   emotion     That’s  How  I   12  different  emotions  on  a  grid;   Feel   $2.99   (iPad  only)   color  coordinated    
  • 49. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   49   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Faces  iMake  –   Right  Brain   Creativity   Create  a  face  with  different  objects   $1.99   (iPad  only)     Faces  iMake  –   Premium!   Create  a  face  with  different  objects   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Faces  iMake  –   Lite   Create  a  face  with  different  objects   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     FaceIt   Ability  to  create  faces  with  different   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   eyebrows,  eyes,  noses,  and  mouths     Facial  expressions  on  orange   Smurks   backgrounds  to  help  children  recognize   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   the  associated  emotions     Taming  the   Helps  children  learn  about  emotional   Anger   regulation  skills  and  gives  them  15   $1.99   Monster   techniques/coping  strategies   (iPod  and  iPad)     An  emotional  thermometer  that  allows   Anger   students  to  move  the  meter  up  or  down  to   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   change  the  child’s  faces’  emotion    
  • 50. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   50   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   A  story  about  an  angry  octopus  and  a  child  that   Angry  Octopus   shows  him  how  to  take  a  deep  breath,  calm   $7.99   (iPad  only)   down,  and  manage  his  anger     40+  common  expressions  allowing  you  to  zoom  and   emotion  x   explore  the  components  of  a  smile,  scowl,  or  grimace;   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   build  face  reading  skills  and  match  facial  expressions  to   feelings     Moody   20+  monsters  that  convey  different  emotions;   Monster   interactive  games  to  help  students  learn  about   Free   Manor   dealing  with  emotions   (iPod  and  iPad)     Helps  children  understand  emotions;  3  modes:   Emotions  and   tap  the  photo  related  to  the  emotion  stated,   Feelings   draw  faces  with  different  emotions,  and  select   $0.99   (iPad  only)   photos  from  the  camera  roll  for  the  child  to  talk     about  his/her  emotions   9  faces  with  different  emotions  are  shown  on  the   iPod  -­‐   VolaFriends   screen;  select  an  emotion  to  see  a  bigger  image  of  a   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   persons’  face  and  hear  the  emotion  stated  aloud;  shake   $1.99   the  iPad  for  the  grid  of  faces  to  change  order     FirstWords:   38  words  to  help  children  identify  and  understand   emotions;  shows  cartoon  faces  with  different  feelings   Feelings   and  has  the  child  spell  the  feeling  word  by  dragging  the   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   correct  letters  into  the  correct  boxes     iTouchiLearn   Feelings  for   Uses  animations,  songs,  face  creation,  words,   Free  –   Preschool  Kids   spelling,  a  puzzle,  and  matching  to  help  children   Free;   (iPod,  iPad,  and   identify  and  understand  different  emotions   $1.99     Nook)  
  • 51. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   51   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Images  and  sounds  related  to  various   iVenting   emotions;  scroll  wheel  to  choose  which   Free   (iPad  only)   emotion  to  view   Has  “The  Little  Book  of  Feelings”  in  it  which   How  Are  You?   helps  children  understand  their  feelings;  has   $0.99   (iPad  only)   different  faces  around  a  border  and  different   activities  to  do  with  feelings  such  as  coloring     Feel  Electric!   Explores  various  emotions  through  games,  a   (iPod,  iPad,  and   daily  mood  diary,  a  story  maker,  videos,  50+   Free   Android)   definitions,  and  more     Dusty  D.  Dawg   A  personalized  book  about  a  dog  and  its   Has  Feelings   feelings;  children  will  learn  about  feelings  as   Free   Too   they  read     (iPod  and  iPad)   Emotions  and   Contains  a  social  story  about  different   Feelings  Social   emotions/feelings  throughout  the  day  and  a   Story   $2.99   visual  support  for  how  someone  is   (iPod,  iPad,   Android,  and  Nook)   feeling/chart  to  identify  emotions     Little  Book   About  Feelings   A  picture  book  app  with  text  about  emotions   $0.99   (iPad  only)     Hannah  Rose   A  book  about  feelings  and  how  students  can  use   Free;   Knows   coping  strategies  to  deal  with  difficult   in-­‐app   purchase   (iPod  and  iPad)   situations    
  • 52. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   52   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   A  book  about  upset  feelings  and  how  they  can   The  Grouchies   follow  you  around  the  entire  day;  discusses   Free   (iPad  only)   what  to  do  if  you  are  feeling  upset     Calm  Counter  –   Anger  Management   A  social  story  about  upset/angry  feelings  and  what  to   Tool  and  Social   do  when  you  feel  upset;  a  counter  with  different   Story  for  Autism,   upset/angry  faces  that  gradually  changes  color  from   $2.99   Down  Syndrome   red  to  blue  as  well  as  the  face  changing  from  angry  to     and  Special  Needs   happy  as  a  coping  strategy  with  a  cue  to  take  a  deep   (iPod,  iPad,   breath  at  the  end   Android,  and  Nook)   Micro-­‐ Shows  children  a  face  expressing  a  specific   Expression   emotion:  anger,  sadness,  contempt,  happiness,   $3.99   Trainer   surprise,  fear,  or  disgust;  asks  the  child  what   (iPod  and  iPad)   emotion  he  or  she  saw     Inclusive   Switch  accessible;  ability  to  select  from  4   Smarty  Pants   different  characters  and  choose  an  expression   $2.99   (iPad  only)   for  him  or  her  to  act  out       Our  Feelings  –   Toddler  &   A  game  where  you  will  see  an  image  of  a  child   Preschool   conveying  an  emotion  and  you  have  to  match  it   $1.99   Educational  Fun   to  a  smiley  face  emoticon  out  of  three   Game   (iPod  and  iPad)   Teach   Shows  different  faces  for  various  emotions;   Emotions   ability  to  record  your  voice  to  match  the   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   emotion     Humor   A  calendar  to  document  a  child’s  mood  on  a   Calendar   daily  basis;  choose  between  very  cheerful,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   happy,  quiet,  sad,  or  angry    
  • 53. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   53   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     iBaldi   A  3D  animated  character  that  will  read  and   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   convey  emotions  based  on  text   Guides  users  through  5  primary  emotions  to  find  how   Emotionary   they  are  feeling;  gives  definitions  of  feelings;  70+  full-­‐ $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   sized  emotions  to  choose  from     25  different  faces  with  funny  sound  effects   Shake  a  Face   when  each  face  is  touched;  shake  the  device  to   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   see  a  different  face     Four  books  with  the  ability  to  change  the   Funny  Faces   character’s  faces  including  eyes,  noses,  mouth,   $2.99   (iPad  only)   and  accessories     Abby   Ability  to  create  your  own  emoticons  with   Lite  –   Emoticons   different  body  types,  eyes,  mouth  types,  and   Free;   Maker   scene  themes   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)       Micro   A  micro  expression  flashes  for  a  short  period  of   Expression   40-­‐200  milliseconds  and  afterwards  returns  to   $4.99   Training   a  blank  expression;  you  are  asked  to  determine   (iPod  and  iPad)   the  emotion  of  the  micro  expression   What’s  The   Children  will  learn  about  various  emotions   Free;   Expression?  For   using  facial  expressions;  has  a  game  where  you   Autism   iOS   choose  the  matching  facial  expression  to  the   Series  -­‐   (iPod,  iPad,  and   $0.99   Android)   emotion  given    
  • 54. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   54   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   I  Was  So  Mad   A  story,  with  Little  Critter  as  the  main   (iPod,  iPad,   character,  who  is  mad  because  everyone  is   $1.99   Android,  and  Nook)   telling  him  no     Facial   Expression   Ability  to  choose  a  character  and  have  the  3D   Recognition   $0.99   character  portray  different  emotions   Training     (iPod  and  iPad)   Ability  to  choose  a  character  and  have  the  3D   FERT2.0   character  portray  different  emotions;  includes   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   a  facial  expression  game  and  a  scenario-­‐based   expression     7  activities  that  help  children  practice:   verbalization,  emotion  recognition,  color   Touch  &  Say   recognition,  following  directives,  directive  gaze,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   saying  the  alphabet,  and  counting  from  1-­‐10;  6     different  emotions  and  vocal  cues   A  yellow  character  with  a  face  that  reacts  when   Squidgy   you  squish,  poke,  whirl,  pinch,  and  fling  him;   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   developed  for  preschoolers     6  facial  expressions:  happy,  sad,  angry,   Baby  Look   surprised,  scared,  and  disgusted;  control  which   faces   expressions  the  face  makes  with  a  simple   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   gesture  recognition  system     FaceReader/   40  expressions  categorized  by  seven  universal   emotions  shown  on  various  faces;  ability  to   Female   decide  how  long  the  face  will  stay  on  the  screen   $4.99   FaceReader   for  and  choose  the  emotion  shown;  written   (iPod  and  iPad)   texts  describes  facial  expressions    
  • 55. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   55   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Helps  children  recognize  their  emotions  and   Wonkido   journal  their  feelings  each  day;  animated  mood   Mood  Journal   emotions  include:  happy,  sad,  mad,  silly,  sick,   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   frustrated,  confused,  and  sleepy     Mister  Rogers   Make  a  Journal   A  journal  to  help  children  reflect  on  events  and   $1.99   for  Preschoolers   feelings;  ability  to  save  the  journal   (iPod  and  iPad)     150+  mood  improvement  activities;  mood  chart  allows   MoodKit  –  Mood   you  to  track  your  mood  with  a  7-­‐day/30-­‐day  layout;   Improvement   ability  to  export  your  journal;  geared  more  toward   $4.99   Tools   adults;  thought  checker  helps  you  manage  negative   (iPod  and  iPad)   feelings  and  learn  coping  strategies  to  modify     behaviors/thoughts   Asks  you  why  you  are  feeling  “stuck”  in  a  moment  and   guides  you  through  different  sentences  to  determine   Unstuck   why  you  feel  a  certain  way;  determines  how  you  are   Free   (iPad  only)   feeling,  who  the  situation  involves,  and  strategies  to   help  work  through  the  situation;  users  can  save  up  to  5     “stuck”  moments  in  time   Dibu’s  Monster   250+  options  to  customize  a  monster  with   Lite  –   Maker   different  faces,  eyes,  noses,  mouths,  clothing,   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  more   $1.99     Moody  Me  –   Mood  diary;  see  how  your  mood  trended  over   Mood  Diary   the  last  90  days  or  view  day-­‐to-­‐day/month-­‐to-­‐ Free   and  Tracker   month  calendar;  ability  to  add  images  and   (iPod  and  iPad)   record  events     Make  the   Make  faces  to  match  occupations  or  free-­‐style;   Face!   drag  and  drop  different  parts  on  a  face:  hair,   $0.99   (iPad  only)   eyes,  nose,  mouth,  etc.    
  • 56. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   56   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Angry  Bird   Ability  to  add  eyes,  beaks,  and  accessories  to   Maker   different  birds  to  create  different  faces   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Helps  people  learn  emotions  based  on  whole   eToM   and  partial  faces;  discusses  perspective  taking;   $7.99   (iPad  only)   emotion  recognition  quizzes     Keeps  a  history  of  how  a  child  is  feeling;  journal   I  Am  Feeling…   function  to  write  why  the  child  are  feeling  the  way  that   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   he/she  is  feeling;  share  the  log  via  e-­‐mail     A  card  game  which  helps  children  learn  how  to   Understanding   recognize  and  understand  different  facial   Faces   Free   expressions;  three  different  games:  what  do   (Android  only)   you  think?,  make  a  face,  or  combine  the  decks     Visual  Schedules/Choice  Boards/Visuals   First  Then   Visual  schedule  maker;  ability  to  make,  edit,   Visual   and  view  schedules  in  different  views;  use  your   Schedule   own  photos  and  create  an  unlimited  number  of   $9.99   (iPod,  iPad,   schedules;  can  save  schedules  and  e-­‐mail  them     Android,  and   as  a  PDF  file   Nook)   A  first-­‐then  board  with  the  ability  to  use  built-­‐ First-­‐Then   in  pictures  or  your  own;  helps  students  know   Board   what  will  happen  next  in  sequence  or  the  steps   $1.99   (iPad  only)   to  complete  a  task    
  • 57. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   57   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Ability  to  set  up  multiple  schedules  and  allow  for   Visual   modifications  as  needed;  can  be  used  to  break  down   Schedule   tasks  with  multiple  steps  or  as  a  visual  schedule;  can   $1.99   use  your  own  images;  uses  check  boxes  to  mark  which   (iPad  only)   steps  have  been  completed     A  visual  schedule  creator  that  uses  photos,  text,  drawn   pictures,  and/or  voice  recordings;  the  app  keeps  the   DayKeeper   voice  recording  and  picture  of  current  task  in  separate   $5.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   boxes  next  to  each  other;  shows  the  current  task  on  a   green  background  full  screen  and  the  previous  task     faded  on  the  bar  below   Autism  Activity   Uses  step  by  step  picture  prompts;  can   Routines   move  through  the  images  manually  or   Free   (iPad  only)   automatically     Steps   Visual  schedule;  able  to  check  off   $9.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   the  list  when  done     Able  to  use  this  app  to  create  visual  schedules,   iPrompts   visual  countdown  timers,  choice  boards,  and   (iPod,  iPad,  and   visual  photos;  can  save  multiple  schedules;  can   $49.99   Nook)   use  your  own  photos     Time  This!   Visual  schedule/timer;  trash  can  for   $5.99   (iPad  only)   when  a  task  is  done     Visual   Shows  a  visual  picture  of  the  reward   Lite  –   Working  For   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   a  student  is  working  for   $2.99    
  • 58. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   58   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   My  Video   Visual  schedule;  can  use  videos  or  photos;   Schedule   can  set  up  recurring  events   $29.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Autism   Visual  schedule;  multiple  visual  choices  for  display/   symbols;  set  up  for  the  entire  week;  can  have  steps  to   Scheduler   do  a  task  within  the  schedule;  check  when  tasks  are   $49.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   completed     Ability  to  create  routines  using  a  built-­‐in  set  of  pictures   Routinely   or  your  own  pictures;  has  a  visual  countdown  timer   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   that  you  can  add  to  any  task;  can  lock  routines;  ability   to  export  routines/photos     Pocket   Picture   Visual  schedule;  shows  visuals  for  who,   Free   Planner   what,  where,  when,  and  how  to  do  tasks   (iPod  and  iPad)     Now  What   Text-­‐based  schedule;  can  save  multiple   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   templates,  print  schedules,  and  lock  features     Visules   Basic  visual  schedule/visual  cues;  can  use   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   as  a  visual  checklist  for  tasks     Able  to  create  the  following:  visual  cues/prompts,  first-­‐ Lite  –   Visual  Cue   then  board,  choice  board,  count  up  token  system,  count   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   down  timer,  visual  scheduler,  and  a  visual  timer;  ability   $9.99   to  use  your  own  photos    
  • 59. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   59   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Ability  to  create  routine  checklists  and  check  off  items   Home   when  they  are  complete;  has  a  built-­‐in  timer;  can   Routines   categorize  various  routines  by  part  of  the  day,  which   $3.99   day  they  belong  to,  or  the  place  (“zone”)  the  task  occurs   (iPod  and  iPad)   in     i  See-­‐quence…   My  Daily   Creates  visual  schedules;  contains  57  premade  icons   Schedule,  Recall   related  to  daily  tasks;  ability  to  use  your  own  photos;   ability  to  add  additional  photo  pages;  the  storyline  can   My  Day  and   $2.99   be  personalized  for  each  user;  completion  of  a  task  can     Learn  Calendar   be  indicated  by  a  check  mark;  can  lock  the  images;   Concepts   multi-­‐user  capability   (iPod  and  iPad)   i  See-­‐quence…   Creates  social  stories  related  to  the  home;  contains  24   My  Schedules  at   premade  icons;  ability  to  use  your  own  photos;  ability   to  add  additional  photo  pages;  can  delete/hide  pages  in   Home  Social   a  social  story;  the  storyline  can  be  personalized  for  each   $2.99   Stories   user;  completion  of  a  task  can  be  indicated  by  a  check     (iPod  and  iPad)   mark;  can  lock  the  images;  multi-­‐user  capability   i  See-­‐quence…   Creates  social  stories  related  to  school;  contains  42   My  Schedules  at   premade  icons;  ability  to  use  your  own  photos;  ability   to  add  additional  photo  pages;  can  delete/hide  pages  in   School  Social   a  social  story;  the  storyline  can  be  personalized  for  each   Free   Stories   user;  completion  of  a  task  can  be  indicated  by  a  check     (iPod  and  iPad)   mark;  can  lock  the  images;  multi-­‐user  capability   All  About  Me   Able  to  enter  information  about  student  with  pictures;   Storybook   helps  students  learn  personal  information  (i.e.  phone  #,   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   name,  birthday)     i  Get…  People  at   School  Photo   Helps  students  learn  teacher/principal/  etc.   $0.99   Album  Books   names;  ability  to  add  photos/text   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  Get…  My   Classmates   Helps  students  learn  classmate  names;  ability   Photo  Album   $0.99   to  add  photos/text   Books     (iPod  and  iPad)  
  • 60. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   60   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   i  Get…  My   Able  to  enter  information  about  student  with  pictures;   Family  Photo   helps  students  learn  family  names  and  talk  about  their   $0.99   Album  Books   family  with  others;  ability  to  add  photos/text   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  Get…  People  in   My  Community   Helps  students  learn  names/jobs  of  people  in   Photo  Album   $0.99   the  community;  ability  to  add  photos/text   Books     (iPod  and  iPad)   iTouchiLearn   Lite  –   Life  Skills   Visuals  for  morning  routine;  scene  based   Free;   (iPod,  iPad,  and   $1.99   Nook)     Can  choose  the  role  of  a  boy  or  girl;  contains  5   interactive  scenes  to  help  children  learn  the  following:   A  Sunny  Day   getting  up,  brushing  teeth,  eating,  bathing,  and  going  to   Free   (iPad  only)   sleep;  has  two  games  related  to  shape  and  color;   contains  audio  instruction  and  animation     Can  create  visual  schedules,  communication  boards,   storyboards,  flash  cards,  choice  boards,  speech  cards,   iCommunicate   and  more;  ability  to  record  your  own  audio;  can  use   $49.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   your  own  photos;  uses  text-­‐to-­‐speech;  includes  10,000+   N2Y  SymbolStix;  ability  to  print  and  e-­‐mail  boards     Can  create  visual  choice  boards;  able  to  save   My  Choice   multiple  boards;  can  use  your  own  images;   Board   choices  can  be  edited  to  show  that  they  are   $9.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   “unavailable”;  ability  to  record  audio     Lite  –   Free;   Chore  Pad   Checklist  creator  of  things  to  do  (chores   iPod:   (iPod  and  iPad)   or  otherwise)  for  students   $2.99;   iPad:     $4.99  
  • 61. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   61   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Ability  to  create  visual  support  cards  for   Easy  Board   classroom/social  skills;  comes  with  some  images  to   $0.99   (iPad  only)   overlay  onto  your  own  drawn  images;  able  to   save/name  images     ChoiceBoard   Choice  board  creator;  can  choose  number  of  choices  per   Creator   page,  the  size  of  each  box,  add  your  own  photos,  and   Free   (iPad  only)   add  audio  to  the  board     3  boards  including:  schedule,  waiting,  and  feelings  with   three  companion  books  supporting  each  board;  image   library  preloaded  with  165+  images  and  audio;  ability   to  add  your  own  images  with  audio;  ability  to  search   and  save;  5-­‐8  steps  are  able  to  be  placed  in  order  for  a     task  and  each  step  can  be  slid  to  a  “done”  column;  an   Choiceworks   unlimited  number  of  schedules  can  be  saved;  the   $14.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   waiting  board  indicates  why  a  child  needs  to  wait  and   includes  a  timer  to  show  how  long  he/she  will  be   waiting  as  well  as  activities  to  choose  from  while   waiting;  the  feelings  board  helps  a  child   understand/indicate  how  he/she  is  feeling,  select  a   coping  strategy,  and  then  request  an  activity  that  would   help  him/her  feel  better  or  re-­‐engage  with  others   Functional   Video  or  visual  daily/weekly/monthly  planner;   Planning   video  prompting/modeling;  ability  to  set   $19.99;   in-­‐app   System   alarms  for  recurring  tasks;  4,000+  images  and   purchases   (iPod  and  iPad)   videos  available  as  in-­‐app  purchases     Visual  prompt  board;  not  able  to  record  audio;   Pic  Board   customizable  with  your  own  pictures  and  able  to   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   choose  the  number  of  photos/size  of  the  board     Visual  schedule  with  step-­‐by-­‐step  instructions   Catalyst  N   for  each  task;  ability  to  have  a  different   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   schedule  each  day  of  the  week    
  • 62. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   62   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   TASUC   $20.99;   Picture-­‐based  schedule  application;  ability  to   iPad  -­‐   Schedule   lock  cards  to  use  it  as  a  verbal  communication   $28.99;   (iPod,  iPad,  and   tool;  can  include  sound;  has  an  alarm   Android     Android)   -­‐   $23.99   Visual  schedule;  ability  to  add  visual  tasks  with   Picture   attached  audio,  video,  or  picture;  has  an  alarm;  tasks   Scheduler   can  be  organized  into  categories;  ability  to  hide  and   $2.99   reveal  tasks;  full-­‐screen  mode;  can  export  and  import   (iPod  and  iPad)   tasks  and  categories     Visual  aide  to  help  students  step-­‐by-­‐step   Step-­‐by-­‐ through  complex  tasks;  can  create  visual   step   tasks  using  your  own  images;  can  have   $2.99   (iPad  only)     multiple  children  with  multiple  routines   Visual  schedule  to  help  children  with   Visual   routines;  check  marks  and  auditory   Routine   feedback  for  completed  tasks;  can   $5.99   (iPad  only)     customize  text,  images,  and  choices   DayLeaf   Visual  schedule  creator  with  the  ability  to   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   add  text  and  images     Visual  schedule  creator;  ability  to  view  daily,  weekly   Visual   and  monthly  events;  ability  to  have  customized  images   and  sound,  activity  schedules,  video  modeling,  a  timer,   Schedule   checklist,  reminders,  and  notes;  has  a  password   $14.99   Planner   protected  settings  menu  in  which  you  can  hide     (iPad  only)   schedules,  editing  features,  clock,  checklist,  access  to   video  clip  libraries,  and  quick  activity  schedules   Video  scheduler  can  produce  picture  and  video  visual   Video   schedules;  features  included  are:  choice  of  orientation   Scheduler   (portrait  or  landscape),  ability  to  use  your  own  videos   $12.99   and  images,  password-­‐locked,  and  three  different   (iPod  and  iPad)   video/photo  sizes    
  • 63. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   63   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Visual  aide  to  help  students  step-­‐by-­‐step   Lite  –   Marti   through  complex  tasks  with  photos  and  video   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   as  well  as  audio;  shows  how  many   $39.99   steps/choices  go  with  each  task     A  visual  board  to  help  children  transition   TransEz   between  tasks;  photo  image  flashcards  with   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   audio  and  text;  has  a  visual  timer     Work  System   A  list  of  tasks  a  child  is  supposed  to  complete   (Autism)   each  part  of  the  day  listed  by  location;  check   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   marks  indicate  when  each  task  is  completed     Visual  Timers/Turn  Taking  Timers   3  types  of  visual  timers;  can  name  your  timers;   iPod:   Time  Timer   can  choose  options:  color,  time  display,  audible   $1.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   signal,  and  number  of  repeats;  based  on  the  Time   iPad:   Timer  product   $6.99     Kid’s  Time   Visual  timer  via  a  bar;  slide  the  timer  to  the   Out   appropriate  age;  text  will  appear  discussing  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   steps  to  take  for  an  appropriate  time-­‐out     My  Visual   12  different  visual  timers;  can  choose  the   Timer   number  of  minutes;  will  announce  when   $1.99   (iPad  only)   the  time  is  up     A  visual  60  minute  timer;  can  play  a  sound   VisualTimer   and/or  vibrate  when  the  timer  expires  or  when  a   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   certain  amount  of  time  passes;  can  choose  the   direction  of  the  timer    
  • 64. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   64   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Visual   A  visual  timer;  can  set  the  amount  of  time  on  the  timer;   Countdown   can  change  the  color,  shape,  use  full  screen,  and  set  to   $2.99   Timer   beep/vibrate  once  the  timer  is  done   (iPod  and  iPad)     Visual   Shows  an  image  of  a  person  sitting  and  waiting   while  the  timer  is  counting  down;  can  label  the   Countdown   timer’s  name  as  well  as  what  the  app  should   $0.99   Timer   say/sound  that  should  play  once  the  timer  is   (Android  only)   done;  ability  to  set  the  timer  length  in  seconds     A  visual  timer  with  time  elapsed  showing  in  red  and   Timer  With   remaining  time  showing  in  green;  has  an  inner  disc   Sections   representing  time  for  the  current  session;  segments  of   $1.99   the  ring  represent  individual  sections;  can  have  an  alarm   (iPod  and  iPad)   option;  geared  more  toward  presenters     Stoplight   A  simple  visual  timer  that  starts  off  with  the  entire  screen   being  the  color  green  until  a  set  amount  of  time  in  the   Clock   middle  of  when  a  task  is  done,  when  it  will  turn  yellow,   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  then  red  when  the  timer  is  about  to  be  done     Kiddie   A  visual  timer  that  turns  from  green,  to   Countdown  –   yellow,  to  red  and  shows  the  amount  of   $0.99   Activity  Timer   (iPod  and  iPad)   time  left  for  a  task     Visual  timer  app  that  shows  minutes  in  red,   Timer+   hours  in  blue,  and  seconds  in  green;  18+  alarms   Touch   $1.99   to  choose  from;  touch  and  drag  the  timer   (iPod  and  iPad)   clockwise  to  set  it;  can  pause  the  timer     Uncovers  a  photo  over  time  while  showing   Visual  Timer   the  amount  of  time  left  on  a  visual  timer  in   HD   $2.99   front  of  the  photo;  maximum  time  it  can  be   (iPad  only)     set  to  is  an  hour  
  • 65. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   65   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Limits  the  amount  of  time  your  children  use  an   Screen   iPod/iPad;  set  a  timer  and  once  it  expires,  it  will  lock  the   Time   children  from  using  the  device  without  a  passcode;  ability   $1.99   to  store  multiple  users;  child  will  receive  a  pop  up  notice   (iPod  and  iPad)   that  their  time  is  up     Task  Start-­‐ Stop  watch   Set  timers  for  up  to  four  different  activities   $1.99   (Timer)   with  labels  and  color  codes  for  each  task   (iPod  and  iPad)     A  visual  countdown  timer  which  can  time  tasks   Activity   up  to  24  hours;  can  swipe  dial  to  set  the  timer  in   Trial  –   Timer   minutes  or  press  the  time  left  box  to  set  a  specific   Free;   $1.99   (Android  only)   amount;  ability  to  play  an  alarm  when  the  timer     is  done  or  changes  color   Uses  one  minute  of  a  time-­‐out  per  year  of  age;   Time  Out   will  show  amount  of  minutes/seconds  left  on  a   Timer   yellow  bar;  can  choose  a  custom  alarm;  can  add   Free   (Android  only)   more  than  one  child     A  visual  countdown  timer  that  changes  from  green  to  yellow   SlingerTime   when  1/3  of  the  time  has  passed  and  yellow  to  red  when  2/3   Free   of  the  time  has  passed;  ability  to  set  the  number  of  minutes,   Free   label  the  timer,  hide  the  status  bar,  and  play  an  alarm  and/or   (Android  only)   vibrate  when  the  timer  runs  out     Images  are  revealed  as  the  timer  counts  down;   FunTimer   choose  from  16  different  images;  can  determine   Free   (Android  only)   how  much  time  to  set  as  well  as  text  and  an   alarm  sound  when  the  timer  is  done     Musical/visual  timers  that  help  children  get   Kids  Timer  -­‐-­‐ ready  to  leave  the  house,  get  dressed,  get  ready   Lite  –   Lickety  Split   to  eat,  clean  their  room,  make  their  bed,  brush   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   their  teeth,  and  take  turns  with  others;  has  two   $0.99     different  modes:  Beat  the  Timer  and  Count  Down  
  • 66. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   66   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Visual  countdown  timer;  set  the  time  in  minutes  and   seconds;  can  use  other  apps  while  this  timer  counts   Duration   down;  ability  to  have  a  “tick-­‐tock”  sound  during  the  last   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   10  seconds;  choose  from  5  different  color  themes  and   alarms;  can  have  the  timer  alarm/vibrate/play  a  visual     when  time  is  done  =   A  visual  timer  in  the  form  of  a  traffic  light;  choose  the   direction  of  the  colors  you  want  it  to  run  in  and  the   Stop  Go!   amount  of  minutes/seconds;  a  bell  will  chime  each  time   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   the  light  changes;  each  light  can  be  set  from  5  seconds  up   until  99  minutes-­‐55  seconds  (can  be  set  in  5  second   increments)   A  visual  timer  in  the  form  of  an  animated  shrinking  pie   chart  as  time  passes;  can  choose  the  color  of  the  timer;   Free  -­‐   VisTimer   can  edit  the  number  of  minutes/hours  and  the  size  of  the   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   display;  ability  to  have  sounds  for  early  warning  and   $1.99   when  the  time  is  finished     3  different  timers  including:  a  Quiet  Timer  for  timeouts   that  slows  down  the  louder  the  child  is,  a  Sharing  Timer   Toddler   that  allows  up  to  6  children  and  makes  sure  they  have   equal  time  with  a  toy/game,  and  a  Slow  Timer  in  which   Timer   the  adult  controls  the  speed;  visuals  for  the  amount  of   $0.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   time  left  on  a  bar,  the  loudness  of  a  child’s  voice,  whose   turn  it  is,  and  a  visual  timer  that  reveals  a  smiley  face  as   time  elapses   Tap  and  drag  the  clock  hand  to  the  number  of   Kid  Timer   minutes  to  countdown  and  the  clock  will  fill  up   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   with  green  to  show  the  amount  of  time  left     A  visual  timer  that  allows  customizable  pictures  and   descriptions  of  tasks;  has  a  red  circle  on  the  0  and  a  green   EasyKidTimer   circle  on  the  amount  of  time  to  complete  the  task  with  the   $1.00   (Android  only)   image/text  regarding  the  task  at  the  bottom  and  red   highlighted  time  in  the  middle     A  visual  timer  geared  towards  time-­‐outs;  can  set  the   OutTime   number  of  minutes  matching  your  child’s  age;  gives  video   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  audio  cues  once  the  timer  ends;  timer  is  in  the  form   of  an  animated  shrinking  pie  chart  as  time  passes    
  • 67. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   67   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   A  visual  timer  shown  as  a  vertical  bar  with  blue   VisuoTimer   shading  that  moves  as  time  elapses;  customize   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   the  amount  of  time  and  whether  or  not  to  play  a   sound  when  done  or  display  text  countdown     Buddy’s  ABA   A  visual  timer  geared  towards  children  who  have  autism;   can  set  from  1  to  60  minutes;  has  a  secure  screen  mode;   Apps  –  Time   shows  time  remaining  in  dark  red  and  time  elapsed  in   $1.99   Timer   light  red  on  a  screen  with  a  cartoon  character  in  the   (iPod  and  iPad)   background     Autism   A  digital,  visual  timer  that  allows  you  to  set  three   different  times  for  green/yellow/red  zones;  once  the   Timer   $2.99   timer  is  complete,  it  will  beep  and  show  a  black  and   (iPod  and  iPad)   white  square  flag;  can  set  in  minutes  and  hours     A  visual  timer  that  can  be  set  from  1-­‐10  minutes;   AspecTimer   can  save  up  to  3  sets  of  alarms;  can  be  locked;  10   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   themes  are  available  with  customizable  alarms   and  intervals     A  visual  timer  that  is  in  the  shape  of  a  spiral;  one  spiral   Uz   cycle  is  equal  to  one  hour;  can  be  set  for  up  to  10  hours;   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   touch  and  drag  the  clock  to  set  the  time;  plays  an  alarm   sound  and  vibrates  once  time  is  finished     A  visual  timer  in  the  form  of  an  animated  shrinking  green   Lotus   pie  chart  that  fades  as  time  passes;  set  the  time  by   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   touching  and  dragging  the  clock;  will  play  an  alarm  sound   and  vibration  once  time  is  finished     Child   A  visual  timer  in  the  form  of  an  animated   shrinking  pie  chart  on  a  moon  that  also  shows  a   Silence   gauge  of  how  loud  your  child  is  talking  with  a   $3.99   Timer   calm  background;  a  cartoon  girl  and  sleeping  dog     (iPod  and  iPad)   are  in  the  background  
  • 68. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   68   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Interval   Timer  that  goes  off  in  fixed/variable   Minder   intervals   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Waitstrip   Visual  timer  that  adds  dots  towards   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   an  end  point  as  time  goes  on       Two  different  screens  that  show  who’s  turn  it  is   currently,  who  is  up  next,  and  timers  to  show  how  much   time  remains  in  the  current  turn;  can  show  an  image  of   SharingTimer   the  current  activity,  select  wallpaper,  and  select  a  sound   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  be  played  when  it’s  time  to  switch  players;  any  number   of  players  may  be  chosen;  ability  to  use  real  images  of     your  children   YourTurn  –   Turn  timer;  audio  and  visual   Take  turns  at  it   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   notification  at  change  of  turn     Teacher’s   Allows  teachers  to  randomly  call  on  names   iPod  -­‐   $0.99;   Pick   of  students  in  their  class;  keeps  track  of   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   students  already  chosen  or  absent   $1.99     Allows  teachers  to  randomly  call  on  names  of   NameSelector   students  in  their  class;  students  can  be  chosen  at   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   random,  random  without  repeats,  in  sequence,  a   to  z,  or  z  to  a;  allows  for  up  to  8  lists  for  8  classes      
  • 69. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   69   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Visual  turn  timer;  ability  to  add  any  number  of  players   and  customize  the  amount  of  playing  time  per  player;  will   Your  Turn  –   play  a  warning  sound  one  minute  before  the  timer   Kid  Timer   expires  and  an  alarm  sound  when  the  timer  expires;  set   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   each  child  to  match  an  animal  so  that  when  it  is  his  or  her   turn,  the  animal  sound  will  play  to  notify  him  or  her  of  his     or  her  turn   Turn  Taker  –   Sharing  Tool  and   Social  Story  for   Includes  a  social  story  about  sharing  as   Autism,  Down   well  as  a  visual  turn  taking  timer;  ability  to   $4.99   Syndrome,  and   customize  timers  for  two  children’s  turns   Special  Needs     (iPod,  iPad,  and   with  intervals   Android)   Take  Turn   Visual  turn  timer;  visual  notification  at   Timer   $0.99   change  of  turn   (iPod  and  iPad)     Take  Turns   Visual  turn  timer;  audio  and  visual  at   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   change  of  turn;  visual  of  whose  turn  is  next     It’s  My   Visual  turn  timer;  visual  notification  at   Turn!   change  of  turn   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Simple  turn  timer  that  allows  you  to  set  the  number  of   My  Turn  –   hours  and  minutes  between  turns  and  have  the  app  run   Sharing   in  the  background;  when  it  is  time  for  the  player  to   $0.99   switch  turns,  a  pop-­‐up  will  appear  on  the  screen  as  well   (iPod  and  iPad)   as  an  audio  alarm    
  • 70. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   70   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Visual  buttons  that  are  customizable  to  show  each  task   that  needs  to  be  done;  ability  to  choose  the  number  of   Work  With   tasks;  once  each  task  is  complete,  the  student  can  choose   whether  he  or  she  is  ready  to  engage  in  the  task  or  needs   (Autism)   to  take  a  break;  has  a  built  in  timer;  once  each  task  is   $0.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   complete  the  teacher  chooses  the  appropriate  feedback   with  audio  and  animation  of  a  penguin  walking  to  the   finish  line  and  fireworks   Sensory/Calming  Apps   Students  trace  shapes  to  music;  calming  app;  9   MeMoves   songs  exclusive  to  the  application;  30+  finger   $9.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   puzzles     Kinetic  multi-­‐touch  particle  visualizer;  different   Little   Uzu   animations  for  each  number  of  touches;   Uzu  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   customizable  color,  speed,  and  size;  14   $0.99;   animation  modes;  able  to  save  user  presets   $1.99     Create  relaxing  ripples  in  a  virtual  koi  pond   Pocket  Pond   while  listening  to  sounds  of  nature;  feed  the  koi   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   by  double  tapping     Koi  Pond   Virtual  koi  pond  that  shows  water  ripples  when   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   you  touch  it;  shake  your  device  to  feed  the  koi     I  Love   Lite  –   Touch  the  screen  to  create  fireworks  on  it;  real   Fireworks   firework  sounds   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   $0.99    
  • 71. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   71   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Breathe2Relax   Portable  stress  management  tool  which  provides   information  on  the  effects  of  stress  on  the  body  and   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   diaphragmatic  breathing  exercises     Tactical   Offers  an  introduction  narrative  to  the  benefits   Breather   of  tactical  breathing,  a  tutorial,  practice  mode,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  settings  page     Uses  a  customized  breathing  training  program   Breathing   based  on  Paranayama  breathing;  three  different   $2.99   (iPad  only)   levels;  interactive  training;  meditation  music   provided     Lite  -­‐   EASe  Pro   Geared  towards  children  with  sensory  processing   $0.99;   disorder;  plays  short,  intense  bursts  of  sound  “creating  a   Personal   Listening   sensory  palette  of  sonic  experiences  that  help  a  child   -­‐   Therapy   learn  to  cope  with  typical  environmental  conditions”;   $39.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   Pro  -­‐     60-­‐minute  module  of  instrumental  music   $99.99   White  Noise   Provides  40  ambient  sounds  and  pictures  to   Lite  –   (iPod,  iPad,  and   help  you  relax  or  sleep   Free;   $1.99   Android)     White  Noise   Provides  ambient  sounds  and  pictures  to  help   Baby   your  child  relax  or  sleep   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Create  melodies  by  tapping  on  the  screen  with   Bloom   an  infinite  selection  of  compositions  and   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   accompanying  visualizations;  12  different  mood   settings    
  • 72. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   72   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Spawn  3D   A  light  show  making  app  that  allows  you  to   (iPod,  iPad,   create  flowing  movements  of  lights;  need  3D   $0.99   Android,  and   glasses  to  see  the  3D  effects   Nook)     99  high  quality  sounds  for  different  occasions;   Noise  Room   11  unique  sound  effect  rooms;  helps  students   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   get  used  to  different  sounds;  caution  -­‐  has  one   room  with  insults/profanity     Move  colored  goo  on  the  screen  by  touching  and   Ooze   sliding  it  around;  physics  toy  with  different   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   colors     Sensory  Play   Gives  ideas  for  different  sensory  games  to  play   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   with  children     Splatter  HD   Splatter  paint  on  the  iPad  screen  with  different  colors  or   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   random  colors  with  each  touch     Bubble   Virtual  bubble  wrap  that  indents  and  makes   TapTap   sound  when  pressed  on  the  screen   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)     Relaxing   Audio    player  that  plays  different  relaxing   Sounds  of   sounds  (Ex.  ocean  waves,  thunderstorm,  healing   $0.99   Nature   waters,  etc.)   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 73. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   73   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Nature  Music   (helps  to  relax,   50+  photos  and  a  soundboard  with  100  sounds   Lite  –   meditate,  sleep,   you  can  mix  for  each  scene  for  a  peaceful   Free;   yoga  and  SPA)   experience   $0.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   Meditation   84+  relaxing  sounds  on  a  soundboard  with  2   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   easy  meditation  timers;  wake-­‐up  timer     Relaxing   Sounds  of   Nature  (help   96  relaxing  sounds  on  a  soundboard  and  70   Lite  –   with  mediation   nature  sounds;  ability  to  mix  a  number  of   Free;   yoga  relaxation   soundtracks;  wake-­‐up  timer   $0.99     sleep  and  spa)   (iPod  and  iPad)   Relaxing  Nature   17  themes  with  4  soundtracks  each  with   Scene  (helps  to   Free  –   relaxing  sounds;  also  includes  a  soundboard   relax,  meditate,   Free;   with  96  relaxing  sounds  that  can  be  played   $0.99   sleep  and  yoga)   separately  or  together     (iPod  and  iPad)   A  customizable  soundboard  with  96  relaxing   Binaural   sounds  of  nature  and  ambient  music  with   Waves   binaural  beats;  ability  to  combine  different   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   sounds  and  change  volume  levels     Relax  and   35+  ambient  sounds;  features  include:  custom   Sleep   presets,  count  down  counter,  alarm  clock,  fade   Free   (Android  only)   out,  and  more     Nature   Sounds  to   Various  relaxing  sounds  including:  waves  on  a   Free   Sleep   beach,  rainfall,  and  water  currents   (Android  only)    
  • 74. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   74   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   The   Mindfulness   Choose  type  of  meditation  and  length  of   App/The   meditation;  view  statistics  for  how  many  times   $1.99   Mindfulness   and  how  long  you  have  meditated     App  II   (iPod  and  iPad)   Tracks  individual  stress  levels,  moods,  sources  of  stress,   symptoms,  and  lifestyle/behaviors;  includes  a  note   Stress   section  to  help  you  identify  the  most  successful  coping   Free;   Tracker   strategies;  ability  to  personalize  the  app;  view   in-­‐app   (iPod,  iPad,  and   history/trends  in  daily,  weekly,  and  monthly  bar  charts;   purchase   Android)   includes  a  6  point  checklist  for  those  who  need     immediate  stress  relief;  data  is  backed  up  online   Dietary/Gluten-­‐Free  Food  Apps   Encourages  children  to  try  new  foods;  shows  colorful   photos  of  different  foods  to  help  children  identify  and   recognize  new  foods;  has  seasonal  monthly  food   Kids  Food   suggestions  of  foods  to  try;  discusses  food  facts,  health   Adventure   benefits,  cooking,  buying,  and  preparing  food;  color-­‐ $0.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   coded  stars  that  help  children  track  their  progress  in   trying  new  foods  and  rate  foods  they  have  tried;  able  to   have  multiple  users;  can  set  your  region  to  the  United   States,  Canada,  or  Europe   Count  Your   Helps  teach  children  about  food  group  basics  and   Peas   nutrition  info  from  1,000+  food  items;  children   $1.99   (iPad  only)   can  doodle  with  different  foods     Seriously   Good!  Gluten   Gluten  free  recipes  shown  step  by  step  in   $6.99   Free  Living   videos  by  Phil  Vickery   (iPod  and  iPad)     101  gluten-­‐free  recipes  sorted  by  category;   101  Gluten   ability  to  search  for  recipes;  ability  to  add  recipes   Free  Recipes   $3.99   to  your  shopping  list  and  save  favorites;  can  add   (iPod  and  iPad)   notes  to  recipes    
  • 75. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   75   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Allergy  Free   124+  recipes  which  allows  you  to  select  the   Entertaining   allergy  free  options  you  need;  save  recipes  to  a   $2.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Android)   grocery  list;  save  recipes  to  your  favorites  list     200+  gluten-­‐free  recipes;  provides  substitutions  within   Cook  IT  Allergy   recipes  for  eggs,  butter,  milk,  yogurt,  buttermilk,  cream,   iPod  -­‐   $4.99;   Free   sour  cream,  cream  cheese,  cheese,  nuts,  nut  butters,  corn   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   syrup,  and  soy;  save  recipes  to  a  grocery  list;  save  your   $6.99   favorite  recipes  and  keep  notes  within  each     Gluten-­‐Free   Contains  gluten-­‐free  recipes  in  a  quick   Cooking   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   scrolling  app     Gluten  Free   Contains  gluten  free  recipes  with  pictures,   Diet  Recipes   ingredients,  and  directions;  ability  to  search  by   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Nook)   recipe  name,  holiday,  or  food  group     Gluten  Free   Healthy   Contains  gluten  free  recipes  with  pictures,   Recipes   ingredients,  and  directions;  ability  to  search  by   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   recipe  name,  holiday,  or  food  group   Nook)     Gluten  Free   Contains  gluten  free  recipes  with  pictures,   Holiday   ingredients,  and  directions  related  to  the   Recipes   $0.99   holidays;  ability  to  search  by  recipe  name,   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Nook)   holiday,  or  food  group     Gluten  Free   Desserts   Contains  gluten  free  recipes  with  pictures,  ingredients,   Recipes   and  directions  related  to  desserts;  ability  to  search  by   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   recipe  name,  holiday,  or  food  group   Nook)    
  • 76. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   76   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Gluten-­‐Free   120+  gluten  free  recipes  related  to  the  holidays;   Cookbook   contains  gluten  free  recipes  with  pictures,   Recipes   $0.99   ingredients,  and  directions;  ability  to  search  by   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Nook)   recipe  name,  holiday,  or  food  group     Gluten-­‐Free   Recipes   24+  gluten-­‐free  recipes  for  making  bread,   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   cookies,  and  cake   Nook)     So  Simple   Gluten  Free   75  gluten  free  recipes;  most  recipes  are   $1.99   Recipes   also  dairy  free   (Android)     So  Simple   Holiday  Gluten   Gluten-­‐free  recipes  related  to  the  holidays   $1.99   Free  Recipes   (iPod  and  iPad)     23,000+  manufacturer  verified  gluten-­‐free   Is  That  Gluten   products  from  510+  brands;  ability  to  search  by   Free?   category,  brand,  or  product  name,  rate  and  add   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   notes  to  products,  view  manufacturer  comments     about  cross-­‐contamination,  and  more   Is  That  Gluten   1,700+  gluten  free  menu  items  from  36   Free?  Eating   national  restaurant  chains;  has  restaurant   $3.99   Out   (iPod  and  iPad)   comments  about  cross-­‐contamination     Helps  you  find  gluten-­‐free  products  from  an   Gluten  Free   extensive  database  by  brand,  product,  or  store;   Lifestyle   $1.99   ability  to  make  a  grocery  list;  FDA  food   (iPod  and  iPad)   alerts/recall  lists  are  on  a  feed  within  the  app    
  • 77. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   77   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Gluten-­‐Free   Groceries  by   30,000+  gluten-­‐free  products  from  1,000+   Triumph   $17.99   brands;  ability  to  search  within  the  app   Dining     (iPod  and  iPad)   Helps  read  ingredients  in  food  by  scanning  UPC  bar-­‐ codes  of  processed  foods  in  supermarkets  and  then   Lite  –   My  Food  Facts   searches  a  comprehensive  food  product  database  for   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   allergens  that  may  be  present  within  the  product  labels;   $1.99   provides  information  about  immediate  food  recalls  and     undeclared  allergen  alerts   450+  food  additives  in  a  searchable  database;  details   shown  include:  additive  number/name,  origin,  general   Food  Additives   use/function,  food  industry  classes,  food  products   2   associated  with  the  additive,  known/potential  side   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   effects,  maximum  daily  intake,  dietary  restrictions,  and     countries  in  which  the  additive  is  unapproved  for  use  as  a   food  additive;  additives  are  color  coded  by  risk   Select  from  10  different  allergens  (corn,  dairy,  eggs,  fish,   iEatOut  Gluten   gluten,  peanuts,  shellfish,  soy,  tree  nuts,  and  wheat)  to   &  Allergen   learn  about  common  meals  that  contain  the  allergens   $2.99   Free   selected;  choose  restaurant  meals  from  7  ethnic  cuisines   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  explore  176  menu  items  with  color-­‐coded  columns     for  the  different  allergens   iCanEat   Browse  menus  of  26  restaurants  for  9  different  allergens:   OnTheGo   eggs,  fish,  gluten,  milk,  peanuts,  shellfish,  soy,  tree  nuts,   Gluten  &   and  wheat;  3,000+  items  color-­‐coded  to  identify   $2.99   Allergen  Free   allergens;  ability  to  hide  menu  items  containing   (iPod  and  iPad)   ingredients  you/your  child  has  allergies  to     Gluten  Free   A  database  of  26,000+  gluten-­‐free  friendly   Registry   restaurants,  coffee  houses,  grocers,  caterers,  and   $1.99   (iPad  and   more  labeled  by  a  corresponding  letter;  ability  to   Android)   view  12,220+  restaurant  menus     Gluten-­‐Free   Restaurant   Provides  gluten  free  food  items  for  100+   Items   $2.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   restaurants     Android)  
  • 78. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   78   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Helps  you  find  gluten-­‐free  friendly   Find  Me  Gluten   businesses  based  on  your  current  location   Free   Free   (Android  only)   or  a  specific  address;  ability  to  view  menus     for  national  chain  restaurants   Delight  Gluten-­‐ Free;   Free  Magazine   A  quarterly  international  food  and  lifestyle   in-­‐app   purchase   (iPod,  iPad,  and   magazine  for  people  with  food  allergies   for   Android)   issues     Apps  That  Search  For/Compile  Lists  Of  Other  Apps   That  Help  Children  With  Disabilities   i.AM  Search   An  application  that  curates  a  list  of  other   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   applications  related  to  autism     Autism  Apps   An  app  that  compiles  a  list  of  other   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   applications  related  to  autism     Communication   An  app  that  focuses  on  identifying  the   Apps   best  applications  that  assist  and  augment   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   communication  for  children  and  adults     Relaxation   An  app  that  compiles  a  list  of  other   Apps   $0.99   applications  related  to  stress  reduction   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  • 79. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   79   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Caregiver   An  app  that  compiles  a  list  of  other   Apps   $0.99   applications  that  help  caregivers   (iPod  and  iPad)     Autism  Information/Strategies   Autism   Application  created  by  the  Autism   Free;  in-­‐ (iPod,  iPad,  and   Research  Institute  that  gives   app   purchase   Android)   information  about  autism     Provides  information  through  text  and   Global  Autism   videos  about  the  Global  Autism  Alliance;   Alliance   includes  information  on  webinars,  treatment   Free   (Android  only)   clinics,  articles,  and  more     Information  from  the  U.S.  National  Institute   NIH:  Autism   of  Health  regarding  autism  spectrum   Information   disorder  and  its  diagnosis,  treatment   Free   (Android  only)   options,  and  ongoing  research     Provides  parents  with  information  and  strategies  in   iAdvocate   regards  to  their  educational  rights  to  help  get  their   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   child’s  needs  met;  three  sections:  strategies,   resources,  and  organizations     Autism  News   A  news  reader  that  grabs  the  top   Reader   stories  related  to  autism  health  and   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   autism  informational  sites    
  • 80. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   80   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Autism   Classroom   Strategies  to  use  in  a  classroom  with  a   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   student  who  has  autism   Android)     Schafer  Autism   Provides  a  digest  of  the  latest  relevant  news   Report   and  developments  related  to  autism  in  an  e-­‐ Free   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Android)   newsletter  format     Temple  Grandin   Information  about  Temple  Grandin’s   (iPod,  iPad,  and   articles,  websites,  books,  presentations,  and   Free   Android)   more     Autism  At   Tips  for  parents  of  children  who  have   Home   autism  in  regards  to  creating  learning   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Android)   spaces  in  the  home     Teens  With   Assists  in  finding  lesson  ideas  and  activities  for   Autism  and   teenagers  and  young  adults  who  have  autism   Developmental   $0.99   and/or  developmental  delays;  6  themes  with  30   Delays   “lesson  starters”  (200+  lesson  starters)     (iPod  and  iPad)   Autism  Treatment   Evaluation   Checklist  of  developmental  milestones;  Able   Checklist   Free   to  e-­‐mail  to  a  therapist   (iPod,  iPad,  and     Android)   Suggestions  for  accommodations  to  lessen   No  More   meltdowns  in  the  classroom  or  at  home;   Meltdowns   checklists  to  help  narrow  down  suggestions;   $10.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   timer  to  time  length  of  meltdown    
  • 81. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   81   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Classroom  Set   Up   Suggestions  on  how  to  set  up  a  classroom  to   $0.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   benefit  a  student  who  has  autism   Android)   OCALI  Services  and  Supports  database  which   Autism  Help   contains  listings  of  service  providers/resources   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   available  to  support  individuals  with  disabilities  and   their  families  in  Ohio     Understanding   A  guide  that  discusses  topics  related  to  autism   Autism   including:  what  is  autism,  autism  and  genetics,   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   symptoms  of  autism,  and  more     Autism  –  Essential   Guide  to  Finally   A  book  about  autism  including  topics  such   as:  characteristics  of  autism,  degrees  of   $0.99;   Understanding   Android  -­‐   Autism   severity,  the  latest  research,  myths,   $1.36   (iPod,  iPad,  and   treatments,  and  more     Android)   An  app  where  parents,  teachers,  guardians,   Autism  Stories   family  members,  friends,  and  associates  of   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   people  who  have  autism  can  come  together   and  share  their  experiences     A  guide  that  discusses  definitions,   Autism  &   educational  ideas,  symptoms,  myths,   Aspergers   $2.99   treatment,  and  more  related  to  autism   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  aspergers     Autism  Quiz   A  quiz  with  different  levels  that  test   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   your  knowledge  about  autism    
  • 82. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   82   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Caring  For  A   An  Ebook  which  teaches  about  autism,   Child  With   screening  tests  for  autism,  myths,   $1.99   Autism  Ebook   management,  understanding  sensory   (iPod  and  iPad)   overload,  and  more     Changing  the   A  book  about  autism  discussing  provoking   Course  of   the  idea  of  changing  the  way  it  is  perceived   $7.99;   Autism   and  managed  as  a  medical  disease  rather   Android  -­‐   $10.83   (iPod,  iPad,  and   than  a  behavioral  disorder     Android)   An  app  which  aggregates  news,  blogs,   Autie  Aspie  Life   videos,  podcasts,  and  quotes  related  to   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   autism  and  aspergers     Raising  an   An  app  which  discusses  the  history  of   $0.99;   Autistic  Child   autism,  myths,  symptoms,  treatment,  social   Android  -­‐   (iPod,  iPad,  and   skills,  and  more  related  to  autism   $1.37   Android)     Louder  Than   Words  (by   An  audiobook  about  Jenny  McCarthy’s   Jenny   experiences  having  a  child  who  has  autism   $9.99   McCarthy)     (iPod  and  iPad)     “Provides  information  for  parents,  caretakers,  and   Behavior  Support   educators  of  children  who  need  positive  methods  to   for  Autism  and   support  behavior”;  connects  with   Special  Education  for  more  resources;  gives   Free   (iPod,  iPad,  and   users  a  starting  point  for  determining  target   Android)   behaviors,  identifying  functions/motivations  for  the   behaviors,  and  developing  behavior  plans   Access  to  resources  related  to  autism  including:   Approach  to   local  and  national  resource  listings,  publishers,   clinics,  health  resources,  products,  therapists,   Autism   current  tips,  educational  sources,  and  conventional   Free   (Android  only)   and  creative  venues;  includes  photographs,  maps,     video  clips,  and  more