Social skills autism app list


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Jessica Chase. Apps para el desarrollo de Habilidades Sociales en TEA

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Social skills autism app list

  1. 1. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   1   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP                A  List  of  Apps  for  Social  Skills  and   Autism  Spectrum  Disorders       List  created  by:     Jessica  Chase,  M.  A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Consonantly  Speaking       Originally  created  on:  11/23/2011   Publicly  released  on:  5/23/2012    
  2. 2. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   2   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP           Disclaimer:    These  applications  are  not  intended  to  replace  therapy  with  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist.  Use  only  under  direction  of  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist  or  other  qualified  therapist.  Consonantly  Speaking  created  none  of  these  applications;  therefore,  any  difficulties  or  complaints  with  each  application  should  be  directed  to  the  developer  of  that  specific  application.  Consonantly  Speaking  does  not  have  any  bearing  on  how  the  application  will  work  and  has  not  used  all  of  the  applications  on  the  list.  Consonantly  Speaking  did  not  receive  any  compensation  for  creating  this  list.  Consonantly  Speaking  does  not  specifically  endorse  or  recommend  any  of  the  following  applications  over  others.  This  list  is  intended  as  a  compilation  of  applications  that  can  be  used  with  or  by  a  speech-­‐language  pathologist  in  speech-­‐language  therapy  for  social  skills  therapy  as  well  as  therapy  for  people  who  have  autism/aspergers/PDD.  Applications  are  not  listed  in  any  specific  order  other  than  by  category.  The  prices  of  the  applications  are  subject  to  change  or  sale  by  the  developer  at  any  given  time.  A  reference  list  of  website  or  application  lists  that  helped  make  this  list  possible  will  be  posted  on  as  soon  as  it  is  completed.  
  3. 3. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   3   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Current   Current  App   Current   Short  App  Description   App  icon   Name   Price   Overall  Social  Skills   Everyday   Social  story  videos  related  to   Social  Skills   everyday  social  skills   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Initiating   Social  story  videos  involving   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   initiating  conversation/greetings   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Communication   iPod:   Social  story  videos  related  to   $0.99;   Skills   (iPod  and  iPad)   communication  skills   iPad:   $1.99     iPod:   Manners   Social  story  videos  related  to   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   manners   iPad:   $1.99     Social  Skills   Social  story  videos  related  to   Sampler   various  social  skills   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)     Life  Skills   Social  story  videos  related  to   Sampler   various  life  skills   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  4. 4. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   4   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Personal   Social  story  videos  related  to   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   personal  social  skills   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99   Responding   Social  story  videos  related  to   iPod:   $0.99;   Social  Skills   responding  to   iPad:   (iPod  and  iPad)   conversation/questions   $1.99     Model  Me   Going  Places   Social  story  videos  related  to   Free   (iPod,  iPad,  and   various  places  in  the  community   Android)     Social  Skills   Provides  social  skill  steps  in  list  form   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)     Social  stories  (gestures,  recess,  turn  taking,  task   Social  Skills   avoidance,  reciprocal  play,  and  school  rules);  ability   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  edit/create  your  own  with  audio     What  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Do  At  School  If…   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Fun  Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     Understanding   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Inferences  Fun   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)    
  5. 5. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   5   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP     Wh  Questions  At   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   School  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data   What  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Do  At  Home  If…   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Fun  Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     How  Would  You   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Feel  If…  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data     Wh  Questions  at   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Home  Fun  Deck   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   $5.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   &  Nook)   keep  data     Practicing   Provides  social/problem  solving  questions  for   Pragmatics  Fun   student  to  answer;  can  add  students  to  app  and   Deck   $5.99   select  whether  they  answered  correctly  or  not  to   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   keep  data   &  Nook)     The  Social   Animated  social  stories;  choices  of  what  to   Lite  –   Express   do  in  a  social  situation;  ability  to  print   Free;   worksheets   $89.99   (iPad  only)     School  Skills   Text  stating  rules  for  social   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   situations  at  school    
  6. 6. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   6   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Social  scripts  on  flashcards  for  different   QuickCues   situations;  communication  app  included  but   $4.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   $4.99  more  per  add-­‐on  (life  skills,   socialization,  and  coping)     Text  and  visuals  teach  initiating  interactions,   Social   maintaining  interactions,  advocating  and   negotiating,  getting  regulated,  interpreting   Adventures   nonverbal  communication,  negotiating  personal   $14.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   space,  and  experiencing  humor;  includes  “What’s  in     My  Bag?”  game;  44  activities;  parent  tips  section   Fact  or  Opinion   56  illustrated  picture  cards  with  audio   Fun  Deck   prompts;  choice  of  fact  or  opinion;  data   $5.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   collection     Hidden   Curriculum  for   Text  teaches  social  situations  and   $1.99   Kids   social  rules   (iPod  and  iPad)     Hidden   Text  teaches  social  situations  and  social   Curriculum  for   rules;  geared  toward  the  workplace,  social   $1.99   Adolescents   relationships,  community,  money  matters,   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  more     FSS  Online   Functional  Skills  System  online  version   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   web  viewer  shortcut     Focuses  on  problem  solving,  friendship,  life,  critical   Social  Skill   thinking,  emotion,  and  consequence  skills;  provides   Free;  in-­‐ Builder   real-­‐life  scenarios  that  have  the  use  answer   app   questions,  make  judgments,  and  establish  outcomes;   purchases   (iPod  and  iPad)   video  models    
  7. 7. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   7   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iModeling   Helps  an  individual  establish   Boundaries   boundaries  of  touch  for  different  peers   $0.99   (iPad  only)   and  adults     Addresses  social  situations  at  home,  school,  and  in   Social   the  community;  guides  social  information   Navigator   processing;  50+  social  skills;  documentation  of   $49.99   behavior  and  development;  asks  questions  about   (iPod  and  iPad)   situations  and  strategies  to  use  in  social  situations     How  to  Talk  to   Video  guide  that  gives  strategies,   Strangers:  The   conversation  topics,  body  language,  and   $4.99   Video  Guide   questions  for  social  communication  with   (iPod  and  iPad)   new  peers     Video  models  to  help  with  social  skills;  videos  are   Free;  in-­‐ Mi-­‐Stories   available  individually  or  by  the  series;  sequencing,   app   (iPod  and  iPad)   non-­‐verbal  cues,  conversation  skills,  and  more  can   purchases   be  purchased     Conversation   Teaches  200  common  English  idioms  and   expressions;  5  skills  –  conversation  listening,   English  HD   conversation  reading,  comprehension,  vocabulary,   $2.99   (iPad  only)   and  sentence  completion;  idiom  dictionary     Focuses  on  5  abilities  for  social  skills  development:   Relate,  Relax,  Reason,  Regulate,  and  Recognize;   features:  goals  area,  to-­‐do  list,  rating  scale,  behavior   tracking  area,  voice  meter,  interest  log,  out  and   Lite  –   Sosh   explore  companion,  feelings  identifier  and   Free;     (iPod  and  iPad)   perspective  taker,  transition  timer,  relaxation   $39.99   strategies,  problem  solver,  IEP  recommendations,   feedback  form  for  teachers,  parents,  and  therapists,   the  shredder,  and  more;  ability  to  send  information   from  the  app  via  e-­‐mail  
  8. 8. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   8   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Autism  and  PDD   Uses  the  Buddy  Bear  character  and  stories  with   Lite  –   Reasoning  and   questions  to  help  improve  reasoning  and  problem   Free;   Problem  Solving   solving  skills;  skills  included:  problem  solving,  cause   $34.99   (iPad  and  Android)   and  effect,  predicting,  sequencing,  and  comparing     Prewritten  Social  Story  Apps   i  See-­‐quence…  Easter   Social  story  about  Easter  egg   Social  Stories   $2.99   hunts;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence  My  Day   Social  story  about  the  school   at  School   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   day;  can  add  audio  and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Grocery  Store   grocery  store;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to   the  Fireworks   watch  fireworks;  can  add   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   audio  and  edit     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Beach   $0.99   beach;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  a   a  Birthday  Party   birthday  party;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit    
  9. 9. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   9   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   i  See-­‐quence  Going  to   Social  story  about  going  to  the   the  Playground   playground;  can  add  audio   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  edit     i  See-­‐quence…   Social  story  about  Christmas;  can   Christmas   $2.99   add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence…  St.   Social  story  about  St.  Patrick’s   Patrick’s  Day   $2.99   Day;  can  add  audio  and  edit   (iPod  and  iPad)     i  See-­‐quence…   Social  story  about  Valentine’s   Valentine’s  Day   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   Day;  can  add  audio  and  edit     Going  Shopping  Social   Story  –  A  Story  About   Good  Behavior  For   Children  with  Autism,   Social  story  about  going  shopping   $2.99   Down  Syndrome  &     Special  Needs   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   My  Day  With  WH  Words   –  A  Social  Story  and   Social  stories  about  using  “wh”   Speech  Tool  for  Autism,   words  to  talk  about  your  day  and   Down  Syndrome  and   $2.99   learning  how  to  answer  “wh”   Other  Special  Needs     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   questions   Nook)  
  10. 10. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   10   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Staying  Safe  and  Safer   Strangers  –  A  Stranger   Danger  Social  Story  for   Social  stories  about  staying  safe   Autism,  Down  Syndrome   around  strangers  and  what  to  do   $2.99     &  Other  Special  Needs   if  you  are  lost   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Conversation  Social   Stories  and  Simple  PECS   Social  Stories  about  how  to  initiate   Communication  Tool  –   conversation;  conversation  topics,   Autism,  Down  Syndrome   asking  someone  to  play,  greetings,  and   $3.99     &  Special  Needs   conversation  tips   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Divorce  Social  Story  –  A   Social  Story  for  Children   about  Divorce  –  Autism,   Down  Syndrome  and   Social  story  about  divorce   $0.99     Special  Needs   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Potty  Training  Social   Story  –  Autism,  Down   Syndrome  &  Special   Social  story  about  potty  training   $3.99   Needs     (iPod  and  iPad)   Using  My  Words  to   Social  story  about  using  words  to   Ask  For  What  I  Want   request  objects,  attention,  and   $2.99   Social  Story   information  from  others   (iPod  and  iPad)     Manners  Social  Story   Social  story  about  using  manners;   and  Speech  Tool   9  buttons  that  speak  polite   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   phrases    
  11. 11. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   11   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Joke  Telling  –  A  Social  Story   and  Speech  Tool  on  How  to   Tell  Jokes  to  Increase  Social   Social  story  about  joke  telling;  knock   Skills  for  Aspergers,  Autism,   knock  joke  examples  that  the  student   $2.99   Down  Syndrome  and  other   can  use     Special  Needs   (iPod  and  iPad)   Compliments  –  A  Social  Story   and  Speech  Tool  on  How  to   Give  a  Compliment  for   Social  story  about  giving  and  receiving   Autism,  Aspergers,  Down   Syndrome  and  Other  Special   compliments;  different  buttons  which   $2.99   Needs   speak  compliments  when  pressed     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   Nook)   Knock  Knock  Numbers  –  Joke   Telling  and  Conversations   20  different  jokes  in  sequence  with   Tool  for  Autism,  Aspergers,   Down  Syndrome,  &  Special   images  relating  to  the  numbers  1   $2.99   Education   through  10     (iPod  and  iPad)   Taking  Care  of  My  Device   Social  story  about  how  to  take   Social  Story   care  of  a  communication   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   device/tool     Using  Money  and  Saving   Money  –  A  Social  Story  to   Introduce  Basic  Money   Concepts  for  Aspergers,   Social  Story  about  using  and   $2.99   Autism,  Down  Syndrome  and   saving  money     other  Special  Needs   (iPod  and  iPad)   Step  By  Step  Playing  With   Video  showing  steps  to  initiate   Friends  With  The   conversation/play  with  a  peer;  game  that   $5.99   Wonkidos   asks  questions  about  how  to  initiate   (iPod  and  iPad)   conversations/play  with  peers    
  12. 12. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   12   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Playing  With  Friends   Book  showing  steps  to  initiate   With  the  Wonkidos   conversation/play  with  a  peer;   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   interactive     Middle  School   Graphic  novel  with  44  pages  of  stories  that   deal  with  self  esteem,  body  image,  stress,  out   Confidential  –  Be   of  control  emotions,  friendship  issues,  peer   Confident  in  Who  You  Are   approval  addiction,  and  bullying;  thoughtful   $2.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   solutions  to  problems  solving  social  issues;  2     Nook)   modes  of  reading   Middle  School   Graphic  novel  with  38  pages  of  stories  that   deal  with  the  boyfriend/girlfriend  zone,  self-­‐ Confidential  –  Real   confidence,  communication  problems,  out  of   Friends  Vs.  The  Other   control  emotions,  conflict  resolution,   $2.99   Kind   friendship  issues,  and  peer  approval     (iPod,  iPad,  Android,  and   addiction;  2  modes  of  reading;  sound  effects   Nook)   and  music   Social  stories  that  involve  consequences  of   Tell  A  Story  With   various  actions  within  social  situations;  the   option  of  saying  “I’m  sorry”  is  built  in;  good   Tommy:   choices  are  paired  with  green  smiley  faces   $6.99   Consequences   and  poor  choices  with  red  sad  faces  to     (iPad  only)   provide  visual  cues;  14  question  quiz  related   to  the  social  situation  presented  in  the  story   Stories  With  Social  Skill  Concepts/Children  Who   Have  Disabilities   Launches  interactive  lessons  from  visually   supported  materials;  was  designed  using   VizZle  Player   exclusively  licensed  intellectual  property  stemming   Free   (iPad  only)   from  research  proving  the  efficacy  of  a  visual   language-­‐based  approach  to  educating  students     with  autism   The  Rooster  Who   Story  about  a  rooster  who  lost  his  voice,   Free;   Lost  His  Voice   $4.99   friendship,  commitment,  and  caring   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  13. 13. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   13   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Little  Lilly’s   Story  about  a  child  with  sensory  processing   Touch  Book   disorder  who  likes  certain  textures  and   $2.99   (iPad  only)   dislikes  others;  animations     Zany  Born  to   Story  about  a  child  who  cannot  stop   Run   moving;  specifically  for  children  with   $2.99   (iPad  only)   special  needs     Off  We  Go  –  Going   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   to  the  Dentist   going  to  the  dentist;  shows  the  activity   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   in  12  steps;  personalization     Off  We  Go  –   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   Going  on  a  Plane   going  on  a  plane;  shows  the  activity  in   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   12  steps;  personalization     Ed  Meets  the   Story  that  helps  prepare  a  child  for   Dentist   Free   going  to  the  dentist;  interactive   (iPod  and  iPad)     The  Big  Brag  –   Dr.  Seuss   Dr.  Seuss  book  about  bragging   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   and  Nook)     What  Was  I   Scared  Of?   Dr.  Seuss  book  about  fear  and   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   tolerance   and  Nook)    
  14. 14. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   14   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   The  Berenstain   Bears  Learn  to   Share   Berenstain  Bears  book  about  sharing   $3.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,     and  Nook)   Playing  Games  is   Interactive  learning  game  and  story   Fun   about  social  skills  in  relation  to   $4.99   (iPad  only)   playing  games  with  peers     I  Am  A  Nice   Interactive  learning  game  and  story   Person   about  social  skills  in  relation  to   $4.99   (iPad  only)   getting  along  with  peers     Little  Steps  to   4  interactive  social  skill  stories  –  Help   Good  Habits  –  Vol1   Others,  Don’t  Play  Rough,  Share  With  Your   $1.99   (iPad  only)   Friends,  and  Wash  Your  Hands     Little  Steps  to   4  interactive  social  skill  stories  –  Save   Good  Habits  –  Vol2   Money,  Don’t  Litter,  Don’t  Be  Greedy,  and   $1.99   (iPad  only)   Exercise  –  Play  Outside     Nora’s  Crabby   A  story  about  a  child  who  wakes  up  in   Day   a  bad  mood  and  has  trouble  getting   $1.99   (iPad  only)   rid  of  it     Choco  Gets  A   A  story  about  a  rabbit  who  is  nervous  to  go   Checkup   to  the  doctor;  prepares  a  child  to  get  ready   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   to  go  to  the  doctor    
  15. 15. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   15   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Royal  Little  Pest   A  story  about  a  prince  who  imitates   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  irritates  his  siblings  on  purpose     Super  Harry   A  story  about  a  child  who  has  rotten  luck   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  decides  to  do  something  about  it     A  story  about  a  turtle  who  compares  herself  to   Chrissie’s  Shell   other  animals  in  the  forest  and  imagines  what  it   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   would  be  like  to  be  them,  and  is  disappointed  that   she  cannot  transform  herself  into  someone  new     iPod  -­‐   A  story  about  a  girl  who  does  not  like  pink  and  her   I  Don’t  Like  Pink   friend  who  is  surprised  that  she  does  not  because   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   he  thinks  all  girls  like  pink   $1.99     Tractor  Mac,   A  story  about  a  tractor  and  his  friends  that   iPod  -­‐   $1.99;   You’re  A  Winner   involves  friendship,  teamwork,  the  joy  of   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   winning,  and  how  to  lose  gracefully   $2.99     We’ll  Paint  the   A  story  about  a  child  whose  family   Octopus  Red   welcomes  a  new  baby  into  the  family   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   who  has  down  syndrome     A  story  about  a  girl  who  feels  that  her  sister   iPod  -­‐   What  A  Pest!   is  a  big  pain  but  is  unsure  what  to  do  when   $1.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   she  needs  help  from  her  sister   $3.99    
  16. 16. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   16   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   I  Can  Do  It  Too!   A  story  about  a  girl  who  always  “wants  to   $2.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   do  it  too!”  like  adults  can   iPad  -­‐   $3.99     Best  Friends   A  story  about  a  boy  who  has  a  sleepover   Sleepover   with  his  friends  but  is  afraid  he  won’t  fall   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   asleep  without  his  mother     A  story  where  each  animal/character   AlphaBELCH   matching  the  letters  of  the  alphabet  have   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   gas;  at  the  end  it  states  that  you  must  say   “excuse  me”     I  have  to  go!!   A  story  about  how  to  use  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   bathroom       Let’s  Fly   A  story  that  helps  children  learn  about  what   Chipper   to  pack,  airport  security,  and  how  to  be   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   respectful  when  going  on  an  airplane   I  am  a  child:   A  story  created  by  a  person  who  has   Just  like  you   Asperger’s  syndrome;  discusses  what  life  is   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   like  as  a  child  with  Asperger’s     In  My  Own   A  book  about  letting  your  mind  run   World   free  about  a  child  who  escapes  into   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   their  own  world    
  17. 17. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   17   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   My  Friend   A  book  about  two  children  who  are  friends,   iPod  -­‐   $1.99;   Isabelle   one  with  special  needs;  great  for  discussing   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   tolerance,  acceptance,  and  friendship   $2.99     The  Urinal   A  game  that  discusses  mens’  room   Game   etiquette  in  regards  to  use  of   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   urinals     Saying  Thank   A  story  about  manners  which  raises  a   You   child’s  awareness  about  saying  “thank   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   you”     What’s  That?   Helps  teach  and  encourage  children  to   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   ask  questions  and  use  good  manners     Saying  Hello   A  story  that  raises  a  child’s  awareness   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   about  saying  “hello”     Saying  Please   A  story  that  raises  a  child’s  awareness   $6.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   about  saying  “please”     Say  Please,   A  story  about  a  monster  who  uses  poor   Louise!   manners  and  is  taught  to  be  polite   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)    
  18. 18. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   18   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Mimi  Good  and   A  story  from  different  characters’   Bibi  Bad   $1.99   points  of  view   (iPad  only)     I  Just  Forgot  –   Little  Critter   A  story  about  Little  Critter  where  he  forgets   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  Android,   different  items  throughout  the  day   and  Nook)     Pointy  and   A  story  about  acceptance,  friendship,   Pokey   and  courage;  story  adapts  to  the   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   child’s  interactions     A  story  about  a  child  who  has  difficulty   Brave  Rooney   fitting  in  to  a  school  full  of  superheroes  but   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   proves  that  he  is  brave     A  story  about  a  child  who  is  upbeat  and   I  Can  Do  It!   positive  about  being  able  to  do  things  that   $3.99   (iPad  only)   others  (even  animals)  do     A  story  about  emotional  development,   It’s  Okay  to  be   multiculturalism,  and  character  growth  by   Different   stating  that  it  is  okay  to  be  different;  read   $7.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   by  the  author     It’s  Okay   A  story  about  accepting  who  you   $3.99   (iPad  only)   are  and  what  you  can  do    
  19. 19. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   19   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   I  Like  Myself   A  story  about  liking  oneself   $3.99   (iPad  only)     Sparky  the   Shark  –  Fun   A  story  about  a  friendly  shark  who  is   Interactive  Kids   misunderstood  and  looks  for  a  new  “look”   $1.99   Storybook   so  that  he  will  be  accepted  by  people     (iPod,  iPad  and   Android)   An  interactive  mini-­‐book  about  manners  at   Good  Manners   dinner,  the  playground,  and  in  the   $1.99   (iPad  only)   classroom;  learning  about  sharing,   kindness,  and  respect       A  Quest  for  Good   A  story  about  a  princess  and  her  pet  dragon   Manners  –   who  are  both  rude  and  banished  from  the   $0.99   Interactive  eBook   castle  until  they  learn  good  manners   (iPod  and  iPad)   I  Can  Do  It   An  animated  e-­‐book  about  a  child  who   Myself!   wants  to  do  things  by  herself   $3.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Life  Skills   Tell  A  Story   With  Tommy:   Sequence  stories  in  order  that  are   Community   $2.99   Sequences   related  to  communities     (iPad  only)  
  20. 20. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   20   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Tell  A  Story   With  Tommy:   Sequence  stories  in  order  that  are   School   $2.99   Sequences   related  to  school     (iPad  only)   Step  by  Step   Going  Potty   A  video  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   with  the   $5.99   Wonkidos   use  the  restroom     (iPod  and  iPad)   Step  By  Step   Getting  Dressed   A  video  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   With  The   $5.99   Wonkidos   get  dressed  in  the  morning     (iPod  and  iPad)   Going  Potty   With  The   A  book  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   $1.99   Wonkidos   use  the  restroom   (iPod  and  iPad)     Getting  Dressed   With  The   A  book  that  shows  the  steps  to  take  to   $1.99   Wonkidos   get  dressed  in  the  morning   (iPod  and  iPad)     Once  Upon  a   A  story  about  potty  training  involving  body     Potty:  Girl/Boy   parts,  functions,  and  what  a  potty  is/isn’t  used   $1.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   Android)   for;  has  music  at  the  end;  interactive      
  21. 21. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   21   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Includes  a  storybook  with  audio  of  Elmo   Potty  Time   teaching  his  toy  Baby  David  how  to  use  the   With  Elmo   toilet;  includes  animated  stickers,  a  reward   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   chart,  puzzles,  and  5  bathroom  related  songs     iDress  For   Shows  the  temperature  and  has  the  child   Weather   choose  what  to  wear  that’s  appropriate   $1.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   for  the  weather     15  travel  English  lessons  to  help  improve  listening,   Travel   speaking,  and  reading  skills  related  to  travel;  200+   travel  expressions  related  to  booking  a  flight,  booking   English   a  hotel,  the  airport,  the  hotel,  sight  seeing,   $2.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   reservations,  on  the  plane,  etc.;  geared  more  towards     people  with  English  as  a  second  language   iCrossing   Helps  people  learn  about  how  to  cross  the   $4.99   (iPad  only)   street  and  the  signals  to  pay  attention  to     Lite  –   Signs.   Helps  children  learn  environmental  signs   Free;   (iPod  and  iPad)   $0.99     Transit   Provides  conversational  cues  to  assist  in   Coach   travel  by  bus  or  train   $5.99   (iPod  and  iPad)     Pepi  Bath   Interactive  application  that  shows  a  boy   (iPod,  iPad,  and   or  girl  performing  different  hygiene   $1.99   Android)   actions    
  22. 22. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   22   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   See  Me  Go  Potty   English   Shows  a  boy  or  girl  taking  steps  to  use   $4.99   (iPod,  iPad,  and   the  restroom   Android)     Elementary   Shows  cartoon  photos  that  discuss  safety  rules  for   Safety   home,  outdoor,  road  &  car,  animal,  fire,  electricity,   Free   (iPad  only)   water,  personal,  and  emergency  safety     Tot  2B  Safe   Safety  game  for  toddlers  which  teaches  safety   $0.99   (iPod  and  iPad)   concepts  and  asks  safety  questions     Professor   A  comic  where  the  character  Nermal  receives   Garfield  Fact  or   an  “F”  on  his  report  about  goals  and  Garfield   Free   Opinion   explains  facts  vs.  opinions  in  the  report  and  the   (iPad  only)   difference  between  the  two     Professor   A  comic  book  where  the  character  Nermal  is  asked  for   Garfield  Online   his  personal  information  on  an  online  message  board;   Free   Safely   quizzes  about  online  safety   (iPad  only)     Professor   A  comic  book  where  the  character  Nermal  gets   Garfield   cyberbullied  online;  learn  about  cyberbullying   Free   Cyberbullying   with  quizzes   (iPad  only)     Survival  Signs   60  videos  that  teach  signs  and  words   iPod  -­‐   $0.99;   and  Words   related  to  safety/survival  in  the   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   community   $1.99    
  23. 23. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   23   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   First  Aid  1   93  videos  in  11  categories  related  to  first  aid   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  how  to  apply  first  aid   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Tools  at  Work   80  videos  related  to  tools  and   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   related  items/safety   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     Work  Skills   80  videos  with  vocabulary  related  to  the   Sampler   workplace  (Ex.  employer,  wage,  first  aid,  safety   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   glasses,  etc.)     80  videos  with  vocabulary  related  to  home   iPod  -­‐   Entertainment   $0.99;   in  the  Home   entertainment  in  5  categories:  games,  hobbies,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   music,  pets,  and  television   $1.99     Personal  Social   60  videos  in  9  categories  related  to  social  skills   iPod  -­‐   Skills  –   $0.99;   in  the  workplace  (Ex.  responsibility,  hygiene,   iPad  -­‐   Workplace   politeness,  etc.)   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     80  videos  related  to  pharmacy  signs  and  vocabulary;  3   iPod  -­‐   Pharmacy  Signs   of  these  videos  show  step-­‐by-­‐step  instructions  on   $0.99;   and  Words   using  a  pharmacy,  getting  medications,  and  payment;   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   categories  included:  terms,  symptoms,  health  care,   $1.99   toiletries,  hair  care,  and  cosmetics     Restaurant   240  videos  related  to  signs  and  vocabulary  commonly   iPod  -­‐   used  at  restaurants  in  the  following  categories:  types   Signs  and   of  restaurants,  arriving,  ordering,  eating  utensils,   $0.99;   Words   iPad  -­‐   paying,  breakfast/lunch/dinner,  condiments,  desserts,   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     drinks,  fruits  and  vegetables,  and  preparing  food  
  24. 24. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   24   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   iPod  -­‐   Words  That   80  videos  related  to  signs  and  directions   $0.99;   Direct   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   in  the  community   $1.99     Information   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  informational  signs  and   $0.99;   Words   vocabulary  in  the  community   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     School  Signs   iPod  -­‐   80  videos  related  to  common  signs  and   $0.99;   and  Words   iPad  -­‐   vocabulary  at  school   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Safety  Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  common  safety  signs   iPod  -­‐   $0.99;   Words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   and  vocabulary  in  the  community   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Shopping  Signs   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   and  Words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   vocabulary  at  stores  in  the  community   $1.99     240  videos  related  to  signs  and  vocabulary  dealing   iPod  -­‐   Grocery  Signs   with  grocery  stores  and  groceries  in  the  following   $0.99;   and  Words   categories:  beverages,  health/beauty,  produce,  frozen   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   foods,  shelf  products,  meats,  bakery,  dairy,   $1.99   desserts/snacks,  and  household     Literacy  Skills   80  videos  related  to  literacy  in  the  community   Sampler   (Ex.  smile,  receive,  apply,  house,  telephone,   Free   (iPod  and  iPad)   alarm,  and  closed)    
  25. 25. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   25   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   80  videos  teaching  vocabulary  related  to  the   iPod  -­‐   Money  Words   handling  of  money  (Ex.  borrow,  cash,  change,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   iPad  -­‐   loan,  prepay,  sell,  etc.)   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   Money   80  videos  teaching  money  equivalents;  the   $0.99;   Equivalence   application  starts  with  5  pennies  =  1  nickel  and   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   works  up  to  the  equivalents  for  a  $20  bill   $1.99       80  videos  in  5  categories  related  to  hygiene;  step-­‐by-­‐ iPod  -­‐   Hygiene  (FSS)   step  instructions  on  how  to  take  a  bath/shower,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   floss/brush  your  teeth,  use  deodorant,  wash  your   iPad  -­‐   face/hands,  control  germs,  and  more   $1.99   iPod  -­‐   Information   80  videos  related  to  various  information  labels  on   $0.99;   Labels   everyday  items;  categories  include:  food  labels,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   medicine  labels,  medicine  labels,  and  clothing  labels   $1.99     Entertainment   160  videos  related  to  entertainment  in  the  community;   iPod  -­‐   in  the   categories  include:  amusement  park,  water  park,   $0.99;   Community   museum,  zoo,  camping,  concert,  library,  theater,   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   sightseeing,  and  sports   $1.99     iPod  -­‐   80  how-­‐to  videos  in  6  categories  related  to  how  to   Dress  (FSS)   dress  appropriately,  getting  ready,  tying  shoes,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   wearing  clean  clothes,  and  washing/drying  clothes   iPad  -­‐   $1.99     80  how-­‐to  videos  in  7  categories  related  to   iPod  -­‐   Grooming   getting  a  haircut,  combing  hair,  shaving,   $0.99;   (iPod  and  iPad)   applying  makeup,  trimming  fingernails,  using   iPad  -­‐   lotion,  and  plucking  eyebrows   $1.99    
  26. 26. Apps  For  Social  Skills  and  Autism  Spectrum  Disorders   26   Created  by:  Jessica  Chase,  M.A.  CCC-­‐SLP   Employment   80  videos  related  to  vocabulary  and  signs   iPod  -­‐   Information   $0.99;   Signs  and   found  in  the  workplace,  related  to   iPad  -­‐   Words   hiring/firing,  applying  for  a  job,  etc.   $1.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   Public   iPod  -­‐   Transportation   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   Signs  and   iPad  -­‐   Words   vocabulary  used  in  public  transportation   $1.99     (iPod  and  iPad)   Community   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  vocabulary,  places,   $0.99;   Words   and  signs  in  the  community   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Emergency   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  basic  emergency   $0.99;   Words   signs  and  words   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Clothing  Store   iPod  -­‐   Signs  and   80  videos  related  to  signs  and   $0.99;   Words   vocabulary  in  clothing  stores   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Employment   iPod  -­‐   Safety  Signs  and   80  videos  regarding  signs/vocabulary   $0.99;   Words   related  to  safety  in  the  workplace   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   $1.99     Coins  &   iPod  -­‐   80  videos  teaching  how  to  identify  coins  and  dollars   $0.99;   Dollars   according  to  picture,  name,  and  value  as  well  as  money   iPad  -­‐   (iPod  and  iPad)   related  terms   $1.99