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Digital catalog aba

  1. 1. www.special-learning.com1Winter Catalog 2013
  2. 2. www.special-learning.com2Winter Catalog 2013Special-Learning Inc. © 2013Special Learning’s mission is to help individuals with autism spec-trum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, acrossthe globe, achieve their highest level of potential. We provide cus-tomized solutions that inform, educate and empower parents, careproviders, educators and professionals to implement effectiveteaching and treatment practices. Our comprehensive line of prod-ucts and services, developed in accordance with Applied BehaviorAnalysis (ABA) practices, is designed to promote successful learn-ing and independence for individuals with ASD.OURMission
  3. 3. www.special-learning.com3Winter Catalog 2013INFORM: Facilitate acquisition of knowledgeeBooks……………..…………………………………………………………………...........4Literaturesummaries………...…………………………………………......................7EDUCATE: Teach others the fundamentals of ABA and how to properly implement it Educator Teaching Series……………………..……................................………12Professional WebinarTraining Series......................….............………..……16EMPOWER: Tools to implement effective teaching methods Teaching Tools…………………………………………………………….................…18Visual Supports………………....................…………………………………..………19Social Stories………………………..…………………………………………………...20School Solutions..…………………………………..……………………………….…22Mobile Apps..…………............................................................................................24TABLEOFCONTENTS
  4. 4. www.special-learning.com4Winter Catalog 2013pecial Learning eBooks have been de-veloped specifically for those looking toobtain a broad understanding of autismspectrum disorders (ASD) and AppliedBehavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.This series of books is a must read for parentsof newly diagnosed children, anyone who lovesor provides care and education for these childrenand others who just want to learn more about au-tism. Each page is full of relevant, well-researchedinformation that provides a better understandingof ASD, the different ABA approaches used indealing with the various symptoms of ASD, andthe challenges associated along the way.Our series of eBooks is available in three formats for easy accessibility: downloadable through SpecialLearning, Amazon for Kindle or iBooks. Information is power. Our eBooks are great tools to help demystify the concepts of autism and ABAtherapy so that parents, caregivers and educators can begin to make informed decisions.SINFORMeBooksAll eBooks are pricedat a low cost of:$9.99*unless otherwise noted
  5. 5. www.special-learning.com5Winter Catalog 2013The ABA OverviewThe ABA Overview eBook has beendeveloped specifically for parentslooking to obtain a broad understand-ing of Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA).ABA TherapiesThe ABA Therapies eBook has beenwritten to provide an overview ofApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA)therapies and how they can be im-plemented to obtain the best possibleoutcomes for individuals with autismspectrum disorder (ASD).The ABC’s of AutismThe ABC’s of Autism eBook has beenwritten for parents looking to obtain abroad understanding of autism spec-trum disorder.Walking Through theSpectrum of AutismDevelopmental DisordersThe Walking through the Spectrum ofAutism Developmental Disorders eBookaims to serve as a useful guide onautism developmental disorders to helpparents support the development ofchildren diagnosed with the disorders.INFORMeBooks
  6. 6. www.special-learning.com6Winter Catalog 2013Autism & AdolescenceTheAutism andAdolescence eBookis a practical guide to navigating theteenage years of an individual withautism spectrum disorder (ASD).Adolescent’s Useof Technologyto Cope with theChallenges of Au-tismTheAdolescent’s Use ofTechnology to Cope with theChallenges ofAutism eBookprovides an overview of howvarious technology applica-tions can assist adolescentswith autism.The PotentialChallenges ofLiving With AChild WithAutismThe Potential Challengesof Living with a Child withAutism eBook is a mustread for parents of chil-dren newly diagnosed.INFORMeBooks
  7. 7. www.special-learning.com7Winter Catalog 2013INFORMLiterature Summariesur special Learning ABA LiteratureSummary Series is a monthly is-sued newsletter designed for edu-cators who prefer advanced read-ing covering various topics related to autismspectrum disorder (ASD) and Applied BehaviorAnalysis (ABA). Each article summary, whichcontains the latest facts and updates aboutsubjects of interest, is well-researched andwritten by licensed BCBAs and other industryexperts.OMandingTheABAResearchArticle Summary onManding discusses the different waysto perform “Mands” or requests andsuccessfully implement them in anABAtherapy session.Eating IssuesThe ABA Literature Summary on EatingIssues contains vital information aboutfood selectivity and food refusal difficultiescommonly experienced with people thatare diagnosed with autism.All summaries arepriced at a low cost of:$9.99*unless otherwise noted
  8. 8. www.special-learning.com8Winter Catalog 2013INFORMLiterature SummariesMobile TechnologyThe ABA literature summary onMobile Technology and Commu-nication offers solutions for ena-bling individuals with cognitive andphysical challenges to expand theircommunication abilities.Coping and SupportStrategiesThe ABA literature summary onCoping and Support Strategies forFamilies with Children with Autismpresents studies on the effective-ness of various strategies in copingand social supports for familiesaffected by autism.Using Technology as aTeaching ToolThe ABA literature summary onUsing Technology as a TeachingTool for Children with Autism andother Disabilities contains vitalinformation about using technologyas a teaching tool to increase aca-demic and social skills in childrenwith autism and other disabilities.
  9. 9. www.special-learning.com9Winter Catalog 2013INFORMLiterature SummariesAdolescence toAdulthood:MakingTransitionsThe ABA literature sum-mary on Autism fromAdolescence to Adult-hood: Making Transitionsprovides a review of theliterature on the effective-ness of a wide range ofservices and programsproviding support to indi-viduals with autism whoare in transition.Evaluating PreferenceAssessment ApproachesThe ABA literature summary onEvaluating Preference AssessmentApproaches reviews the use of thesetools to identify the preferences ofindividuals with disabilities, which arethen used as reinforcers of behavior.Teaching Toolsfor Childrenwith AutismThe ABA literaturesummary on TeachingTools for Children withAutism provides anoverview of how vari-ous teaching tools canassist children withautism in developingcommunication andsocial skills.
  10. 10. www.special-learning.com10Winter Catalog 2013INFORMLiterature SummariesInclusionThe ABA literature summary onInclusion of Children, Adolescentsand Adults with Autism reviewsinterventions used for inclusion ofindividuals with autism in all envi-ronments.Severe andChallenging BehaviorThe ABA literature summary onSevere and Challenging Behav-ior provides information on theprevalence and risk factors of ag-gression and self-injurious behav-iors in individuals with autism.Social SkillsThe ABA literature Summary onSocial Skills provides information onimproving social skills in individualswith ASD using various teachingtechniques such as video modeling,written and visual techniques.EmotionalDisturbanceThe ABA literature summary on Childrenand Adolescents with Severe EmotionalDisturbance discusses family-centeredtreatment and supports that can assist anindividual with ASD who is exhibiting chal-lenging behavior.
  11. 11. www.special-learning.com11Winter Catalog 2013INFORMLiterature SummariesCo-Morbid ConditionsThe ABA literature summary onCo-Morbid Conditions discussesthe types and prevalence ofthese conditions seen in indi-viduals with ASD.BullyingThe ABA literature summary onBullying provides general infor-mation and strategies on dealingwith this challenging problemfacing individuals with ASD andother developmental disabilities.BehaviorThe ABA literature summary onBehavior reviews general Inter-ventions, assessing challengingBehavior and interventions forself-injurious behavior (SIB).
  12. 12. www.special-learning.com12Winter Catalog 2013he Special Learning Educator Teaching Series is a setof eBooks for educators, parents, practitioners and otherindividuals involved in the care and education of childrenwith ASD or other developmental disabilities. Each issuein the series is written specifically to provide relevant informationand guidance for others involved in educating individuals with spe-cial needs. Apart from theoretical knowledge, these eBooks providepractical advice and examples that can be applied immediately bythe readers.TEDUCATEEducator Teaching SeriesBeing a Responsive Teacher in the InclusiveClassroom: Addressing Children withSpecial Education NeedsThis issue provides teachers with several guidelines on how to workwith the people involved in the child’s life, other children who belongto the same class or circle as the child with special needs, and finally,with the child himself.All eBooks are pricedat a low cost of:$19.99*unless otherwise noted
  13. 13. www.special-learning.com13Winter Catalog 2013EDUCATEEducator Teaching SeriesSkill Impairments andActivities that Help DevelopSkills in Children with AutismThis issue explains skill deficiencies preva-lent in Autism and how children can developthem.Assessing andEducatingChildren Suspectedof HavingDevelopmentalDisabilitiesThis issue outlines steps totake if you suspect a childhas autism or another devel-opmental disability, includingreferring the family to trainedprofessionals and providing possible interventions thatmay be implemented.Living in the MainstreamThis eBook discusses how society canmake an effort to adjust to the specialneeds of individuals and implementanti-discriminatory practices to acceptthem into the mainstream.Supporting the PlayDevelopment of YoungChildren with SpecialNeedsThis eBook discusses how play maybe used to help children with specialneeds, such as those with autism, todevelop essential skills to help themsurvive despite the impairments theyhave.
  14. 14. www.special-learning.com14Winter Catalog 2013EDUCATEEducator Teaching SeriesCurricular Modificationsfor children withDevelopmentalDisabilities in theInclusive ClassroomThis issue gives teachers ideas onhow to extend assistance to studentswith special needs and modify ac-tivities in their classes so that they,together with other students, can feela sense of achievement in the perfor-mance of their tasks.Teachers SurvivingInclusion ProgramsThis issue addresses success fac-tors in the inclusion of children withdisabilities in general educationclassrooms, drawing on key researchfindings.A Critical Overview ofthe Possible Causes ofAutismThis issue provides a thorough re-search base on the possible causesof autism from various perspectives– genetics, medical, environmental,etc., and chronicles the history ofAutism.
  15. 15. www.special-learning.com15Winter Catalog 2013Inclusion in School SettingsBundle PackThis special bundle pack of titles from our Educator TeachingSeries includes titles to on how to build success factors in main-streaming individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) andother developmental disabilities and how to better address theirneeds.Titles include:• Being a Responsive Teacher in the Inclusive Classroom: Addressing Children with Special Education Needs• Curricular Modifications for Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom• Living in the Mainstream• Teachers Surviving Inclusion ProgramsTeaching Children with ASDBundle PackThis special bundle pack of titles from our Educator TeachingSeries includes titles to on various teaching strategies to employin the education of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)and other developmental disabilities.Titles include:• Supporting the Play Development of Young Children with Special Needs• A Critical Overview of the Possible Causes of Autism• Skill Impairments and Activities that Help Develop Skills in Children with Autism• Assessing and Educating Children Suspected of Having Autism and other Developmental DisabilitiesPrice : $59.99Price : $59.99EDUCATEEducator Teaching Series
  16. 16. www.special-learning.com16Winter Catalog 2013he Special Learning Professional WebinarTraining Series is a set of recorded webcastsdesigned for educators and professionals in-volved in the care and education of childrenwith autism or other developmental disabilities. Thesewell-researched webcasts are led by experts in thefield, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts andSpeech Pathologists, and provide up-to-date trainingon fundamental ABA techniques and intervention strat-egies used in the treatment of individuals with ASD.TEDUCATEProfessional Webinar Training SeriesUnlimited Webcasts for a Year package:Special Learning’s unlimited webcast packageoffers unrestricted access to our ProfessionalWebcast Training series for one year. Get all thetraining you could want for a one-time flat rate forone user!All webcasts arepriced at a low cost of:$49.99*unless otherwise notedPrice : $390.00
  17. 17. www.special-learning.com17Winter Catalog 2013EDUCATEProfessional Webinar Training SeriesProfessional Webinar Training Series Titles:• Components of Comprehensive Language-Based Instructional Programs for Children with Autism• Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills: Where to Start• Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills: Decreasing Problem Behavior with an FBA: Part 1 (The Assessment)• Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills: Decreasing Problem Behavior with an FBA: Part 2 (The Intervention and Behavior Support Plan)• Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills: Teaching Methods inApplication• Transition Survival 101: How and When to Create a Transition Plan• Transition Survival 102: Principle Skills to Assess and Learn for Successful Transition• Transition Survival 103: Must-have Social Skills for Adolescents and Adults (Part 1 of 2)• Transition Survival 103: Advanced Social Skills for Adolescent and Adults (Part 2 of 2)• Transition Survival 104: Vocational Topics and Job Coaching• Mand Training Across Modalities: Effective Methods to Teach Functional Communication• Ensuring Treatment Integrity• Peer Mediated Intervention• Treating Food Refusal• Active Student Responding• Preference Assessments: Literature Summary and Treatment Application• Technology in Autism Treatment: Part 1 (Teaching Apps)• Technology in Autism Part 2: Communication Apps and Devices• Video Modeling and Video Prompting• Toddler to Preschool Social Skills: Predictors of future success (Part 1 of 4)• Elementary School Social skills: Predictors of future success (Part 2 of 4)• Social Skills: Cool Ideas for Cool Kids• SLP Great 8 for ASD• The Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorders• A Comprehensive Guide for Providing Behavior Analytic Supervision• Creating and Interpreting Graphs for Behavior Analysts• History and Culture of Autism & Development of Systems and Supports: Training on the BACB Autism Task List Sections A & E• Cultural Competency and its Application with the Autism Community• Social Work Ethics• SLPs and BCBAs: How Do We Make Collaboration Work?• Severe Problem Behavior
  18. 18. www.special-learning.com18Winter Catalog 2013Letters Shapes Animals Colors NumbersEMPOWERTeaching ToolsAll flash cards arepriced at a low cost of:$9.99*unless otherwise notedpecial Learning’s teaching tools alloweducators, parents and providers to im-plement the evidence-based methods of Ap-plied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach indi-viduals with ASD and other developmental disabilitieseffectively at home.Teaching Early Language Flash Card SetsOur downloadable flash card sets are designed toteach early language skills using a simple, easy touse format. Each set contains three different exam-ples of each object and an instruction card to ensureaccurate implementation of the lessons, even forthose unfamiliar with ABA instruction techniques.Every card uses high-quality, attractive images toengage students throughout the learning process.Flash card sets can be used to teach the followingskills:• 2D Identical Matching• 2D Non-Identical Matching• Object LabelsS
  19. 19. www.special-learning.com19Winter Catalog 2013pecial Learning visual schedules aregraphic supports that are used toassist children with autism in transi-tioning between activities, complet-ing sequential tasks, structuring independentwork, and managing downtime within a varietyof environments.The goal of visual schedules is to provide aportable, easy-to-use, visual roadmap to com-plete basic and important daily and life skillswith greater efficiency and independence.SBasic Self-Help SkillsVisual Schedule BundleAssist your child in building inde-pendence with daily routines withthe Special Learning visual sched-ules bundle: Basic Self-Help Skills.School Readiness SkillsVisual Schedule BundlePrepare your child for success indaily school routines with the Spe-cial Learning visual schedules bun-dle: School Readiness Skills.EMPOWERVisual SchedulesBrushing Teeth - boy version Brushing Teeth - girl versionGetting Dressed - boy versionGetting Dressed - girl versionGetting Ready for Bed - boy versionGetting Ready for Bed - girl versionGetting Ready for School - boy versionGetting Ready for School - girl versionEating at a Restaurant - boy versionEating at a Restaurant - girl versionGetting Ready for ClassAsking for HelpInterruptingTaking a BathCrossing the StreetGoing to the BathroomWashing HandsBeing QuietVisual Schedule Titles:Price : $19.99Price : $19.99All schedules arepriced at a low cost of:$3.99*unless otherwise noted
  20. 20. www.special-learning.com20Winter Catalog 2013EMPOWERSocial Storiespecial Learning social stories are de-signed to teach individuals with autismspectrum disorder (ASD) the appropriatesocial skills to integrate successfully intosociety. Social stories, created by Carol Grey, areshort, illustrated books that help teach specific so-cial “rules” or “norms” that are generally acceptedin society. By offering repetitive examples, thesestories help individuals with ASD understand howto respond and learn to communicate effectively incommon social situations.Our social stories come with:- Full page colored book: 8.5 x 11- Full page black and white coloring book: 8.5 x 11- Half page black and white coloring book: 5.5 x 8 .5- Half page colored book: 8.5 x 11- Half page “Rule Card”Each title is coded by skill(s) and age to help youdetermine the most appropriate set to use for yourown child.SUsing a TissueAsking for HelpSaying Good ByeAll social stories arepriced at a low cost of:$6.99*unless otherwise noted
  21. 21. www.special-learning.com21Winter Catalog 2013Saying HiSchool ReadinessSkills Social StoryBundlePrepare your child to handlebasic social situations pre-sented in a school settingwith our bundle of socialstories on School ReadinessSkills.Basic Social SkillsSocial Story BundleHelp your child learn thebasic social and commu-nication skills necessary tointegrate into common socialsituations with our bundle ofsocial stories on Basic SocialSkills.Price : $24.99Price : $24.99Saying Thank YouWalking Down theHallwayWaiting My TurnTrying When It’s HardRaising My HandEMPOWERSocial Stories
  22. 22. www.special-learning.com22Winter Catalog 2013EMPOWERSchool Solutionspecial Learning’s School Solutionsbundles are designed for educatorslooking to boost their educationalrepertoire for students with ASDand other developmental disabilities. Fromcomprehensive training webcasts and topi-cal literature reviews to high-quality teachingtools, each bundle is structured with the bestproducts, grounded in evidence-based treat-ment methods, to provide educators with theknowledge and tools necessary to deliveroutstanding educational results.Each webcast, literature summary and eB-ook contains highly informative content criti-cal to the development of skills in individuals with ASD. Our CommunicatingBasic Needs App, designed and tested by Board Certified Behavior Analysts,has proven to be very successful in facilitating basic communication with indi-viduals with ASD and other language delays. Social stories and visual sched-ules are the building blocks to teach these students the necessary skills toachieve success and independence.Get the edge in training on autism and autism treatment topics! Our SchoolSolutions Basic bundle provides you with one year of unlimited access toour recorded webinar series, a comprehensive training program that deliverscritical content related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Applied Be-havior Analysis (ABA) treatment.Each webcast is delivered by experts with more than 50 years of collec-tive experience in ABA. Choose from a library of more than 30 titles, whichprovide up-to-date information for providers and educators as they strive toassist students in moving up the skills spectrum successfully.SBASICBASIC
  23. 23. www.special-learning.com23Winter Catalog 2013Strengthen your teaching repertoire for students with au-tism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our School Solutions BasicPlus bundles contains differentiated training and informa-tional supplements on critical topics related to autism andautism treatment.This bundle includes:1 year of unlimited access to our recorded webinar series(choose from a library of more than 30 titles)6 ABA Literature Summaries6 eBooks1 Communicating Basic Needs App (ComApp 3)Provide superior outcomes to students with autism spec-trum disorder (ASD) with our School Solutions Premiumbundle. A comprehensive training program, informationalsupplements and highly effective teaching tools will assisteducators in continuing to help students attain greater suc-cess and independence.This bundle includes:1 year of unlimited access to our recorded webinar series6 sets of Flashcards12 ABA Literature Summaries12 eBooks12 Social Storiess12 Visual Schedules3 Communicating Basic Needs App (ComApp 3)EMPOWERSchool SolutionsBASIC PLUSBASIC PLUSPREMIUMPREMIUM
  24. 24. www.special-learning.com24Winter Catalog 2013EMPOWERMobile Appspecial Learning’s mobileapps are mobile technol-ogy tools designed to sup-port parents and providersin helping children diag-nosed with ASD and other languagedisabilities to communicate effective-ly. All of our mobile apps are ground-ed in evidence-based methods, de-veloped under the guidance of BoardCertified Behavior analysts (BCBAs)and organized in a manner found tobe successful in practice. Each of ouruser-friendly apps utilizes high reso-lution photos that are engaging to us-ers of all ages.SCommunicating Basic Needs App Version 3.0The Communicating Basic Needs App is designed to allow children with ASD and other language disabili-ties to quickly and effectively communicate their basic wants and needs using a colorful and vivid, simple touse icon-based system. The latest version of this app provides many customizable tools, including pictures,themes and voices, to meet the needs of the individual user. All customizations can be backed up using theweb interface, Mobile Dashboard.Available on AppStore or Google PlayPrice : $49.99
  25. 25. www.special-learning.com25Winter Catalog 2013“The Comprehensive Autism Solutions Company”Published by Special Learning, Inc.Copyright © 2013 by Special Learning Inc. All rights reserved.500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 300Chicago, IL