Marshall Junction Partners | Press Release | Corsis Launches the Corsis Confidence Standard™


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Corsis launches The Corsis Confidence Standard™ new operational control process for mid-sized businesses.

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Marshall Junction Partners | Press Release | Corsis Launches the Corsis Confidence Standard™

  1. 1. Corsis Launches The Corsis Confidence Standard™ N e w O p e ra tio n a l C o n tro l P ro c e s s H e lp s M id -S iz e d B u s in e s s e s D e fin e B e s t P ra c tic e sNEW YORK, NY, January 2, 2013—Corsis, a leading IT infrastructure management firm dedicated tohelping companies mitigate data center risk and reduce costs in the cloud, has recently launched theCorsis Confidence Standard™ , a proprietary auditing and due diligence model which has beendeveloped over the companys 20 year history of "in-the-trenches" operational expertise. The CorsisConfidence Standard™ was developed to solve the common quandaries faced by mid-sizedorganizations as they struggle to define "best practices" and how these practices should beincorporated into day-to-day operations. The Corsis Confidence Standard™ checklist is comprised ofoperational controls that evaluate policies, procedures and system architectures against industry bestpractices, in the context of business relevance rather than based on an arbitrary set of compliancegoals."Todays CIOs are attempting to define the standard of so-called best practices that can be architected,achieved and sustained given budget and staffing limitations. The Corsis Confidence Standard™ willprovide guidance for companies striving to meet the stringent standards required within their respectiveindustries," explained Thomas Shelford, President of Corsis. When applying the standard, Corsisauditors use a proprietary scoring algorithm that accounts for business relevancy, thus generating areport called the "Confidence Index" to provide stakeholders with clear transparency into the associatedtechnology risk.” Shelford added. For more information on how The Corsis Confidence Standard works,click here.About CorsisCorsis, a Marshall Junction Partners company, is a market-leading IT infrastructure firm assistingbusiness-building investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and CTOs to unleash the growth potential of theircompanies. Corsis services allow clients to focus on constructing their core technology platforms whilethey reduce operational risk, decrease costs and maximize the value of their company. Corsis workswith mid-sized companies with $20 million to $200 million in annual revenue across a spectrum ofindustry verticals. The company delivers up-to-date information on its latest activities as well as industrytrends through its social media channels. For more information, please visit or followon Twitter at @Corsis.About Marshall Junction PartnersWith its headquarters in New York City, Marshall Junction Partners LLC is a private equity firm andventure incubator, specializing in building and supporting businesses that solve critical marketplaceneeds. The firm seeks to develop businesses to a point where they are suitable for acquisition byleading corporations within their industries. Marshall Junction Partners is led by Managing PartnersGregg Alwine and David Barnett, and can be followed on Twitter at @MJPLLC. For more information,please visit