Live Landing Page Assessment


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Live Landing Page Assessment

  1. 1. Live Landing Page Assessment: Learn how to implement landing page best practices to optimize your conversion rate August 19, 2010 Presented by: Randa Codron
  2. 2. Things you want to know about this presentation 1. The presentation will be 45 minutes including Q & A 2. You can send your questions to us via your GoToWebinar controls at any time during the presentation 3. We will answer timely, topic-specific questions during the presentation and save the rest for the Q & A period 4. We answer all the questions we don’t have time for during the presentation in a blog post later in the day 5. We will send out a link to the recording and a PDF of the presentation slides after the presentation
  3. 3. What is a landing page? In online marketing a landing page is the page where your customers arrive after clicking on a banner ad, a search engine result link or any other internet marketing offer or effort, and, if all goes well, you’ll be able to garner contact information – the first step towards making sales.
  4. 4. Marqui’s Landing Page Optimization Process 1. Make a good first impression 2. Have a compelling, urgent offer 3. Convey your key value proposition 4. Communicate who you are and what you do 5. Maintain consistent company branding and messaging 6. Keep important information above the fold 7. Keep your forms simple (only ask for what you need!) 8. Don’t hide your call-to-action 9. Build trust and credibility by communicating your privacy policy 10.Test, measure and improve
  5. 5. Assessment 1 Company: Lakeview College of Nursing URL: Landing Page Objectives: To increase online enrollment for nursing programs offered by Lakeview Customers: Potential students, parents
  6. 6. Nice large logo with a Clear header hyperlink to links to different the company areas of the site homepage Page is very text heavy Good use of bold text to create a sense of urgency
  7. 7. A combination of call-to- action buttons and links would be more effective Good use of an “emotional” image Tips for improvement: • The page should make use of a lead capture form rather than relying on visitors to click through to another page before capturing their information.
  8. 8. Assessment 2 Company: Jaspersoft URL: Landing Page Objectives: To capture leads by offering a thought leadership whitepaper Customers: Small and large B2B and B2C
  9. 9. What does Jasper Soft do? The offer gets less prominence than other copy on the page
  10. 10. Solid lead capture form, BUT much too lengthy for a whitepaper Nice clean page layout Tips for improvement: • Form should only ask for name, email and company for collateral offers, like a whitepaper offer • Privacy Policy should be indicated below the “Download” button and shouldn’t interfere with the flow of the form • “Download” button should be above the fold
  11. 11. Assessment 3 Company: Welch LLP URL: Landing Page Objectives: To capture leads and create business for Welch LLP’s accounting business Customers: B2B, B2C, and non-profit
  12. 12. Company name and logo clear Clear links to other areas of the site Newsletters are a great way to get opt-ins Good use of thought leadership pieces to build interest
  13. 13. What does Welch LLP do? Career opportunities stands out more than business elements Non-prospect engaging elements need to be toned down Tips for improvement: • Use the newsletter as a mechanism to capture prospects’ information, request info to sign-up and received quarterly newsletter. Give them a reason to opt-in! • Highlight items that are meant to encourage visitors to click-through the website or opt-in
  14. 14. Assessment 3 Company: G & K Services URL: Landing Page Objectives: To create conversations by capturing targeted prospect information Customers: B2C and B2B
  15. 15. Good header links to back to website People like pictures of their peers Nice display of contact information including physical address Required fields Strong lead are clearly capture form indicated
  16. 16. Requesting too much information “Submit” text is not a best practice. This should be a call-to-action Good use of privacy policy to build trust Tips for improvement: • If you are trying to segment prospects (which is why you would have a lengthy form), opt to have separate forms for each segment to avoid having a high abandonment rate.
  17. 17. Landing Page Testing A/B • This method is used for testing two versions of a web page, version “A” and version “B” • The goal is to test multiple versions of a webpage to determine which page is more appealing and thus effective • The data is measured through click-throughs and conversions
  18. 18. Multivariate Testing • Involves finding the best combination of different on-page elements • More than one element of a webpage is tested in a live environment • Multivariate tests are used to determine which content or creative variations produce the most results for defined landing page goals
  19. 19. How Marqui can help you optimize your landing pages Attract & Engage Landing Page creation, Form builder, Google Capture Website Optimizer integrations for A/B Split and Multivariate Tests, Real-time click-through and conversion analytics, Marketing Database Nurture Qualify New Customer
  20. 20. Sign-up for our feed today via email to win a FREE Landing Page Assessment Follow our blog at Follow us on Twitter @Marqui_CMS Randa Codron 604.484.8547 Amberlie Denny, Marketing Coordinator 604.630.3712