How to Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Funnel


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Promoting a website and making it effective are the biggest challenges that marketers face. Getting the most out of your online efforts requires building a solid and dependable sales and marketing funnel to help you increase your ROI. Do you know how to get the most out of your website and every lead?

This web seminar covers:
• How to identify the challenges you’re currently facing with lead conversion
• Tactics to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors to leads
• The best nurturing tactics to push your leads through the sales process
• Ways to measure and improve your funnel’s performance

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How to Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Funnel

  1. 1. How to Optimize Your Sales &Marketing Funnel:Learn how to get the most out of every lead. Presented by: Richard Sharp
  2. 2. Your sales and marketing funnel is thekey to driving leads through the salesprocess and earning more business. .. But…every funnel has blockage points.
  3. 3. Clearing those blockage points is essential for an optimized sales funnel… …But, before you can eliminate them, you need to recognize where they are.
  4. 4. VisitorsVisitors Visitors Capturing the lead Leads Leads Nurturing and qualifying Opportunities Selling and closing New Customer
  5. 5. VisitorsVisitors Visitors Lots of traffic but not enough visitors converting to leads Leads Leads Too many leads being passed to sales that aren’t qualified Opportunities Lots of leads but not enough conversions to sales New Customer
  6. 6. Problem # 1: Not enough traffic coming into your funnelWhat does that mean?If you aren’t getting enough traffic intothe top of your funnel, you’re going tohave a hard time getting enough leadsand sales to drive more business.This is the starting point for a full andwell-functioning funnel, and if you’reblocked here, you’re going to have ahard time keeping the rest of yourfunnel healthy.
  7. 7. Solution# 1: Build some demand for your products and services to drive targeted visitors to your website. How can you build demand? 1. Understand your audience and get to know what they’re looking for 2. Optimize your website using SEO 3. Educate and engage prospects with content 4. Use social media and content syndicationFor more information take a look at our webinar, “How to Turn Your Website into a DemandGeneration Machine” in our resource section
  8. 8. Problem # 2: Lots of traffic, but not enough of it is converting to leads.What does that mean?Lots of visitors are arriving at yourwebsite, but once they get there, theyaren’t seeing anything worth giving youtheir information for.If you’re not converting the traffic thatarrives at your website to leads, thenyou won’t be able to turn those leadsinto sales.
  9. 9. Solution #2: Improve website conversion ratesUse compelling CTAs, optimize landing pages, customertestimonials and valuable content to encourage visitors toconvert.Find conversion benchmark data on the Fireclick Index at
  10. 10. Problem #3: The leads you’re passing to sales, aren’t ready to purchase.What does this mean?Most leads aren’t ready to purchasewhen they arrive at your website. Infact, it takes on average 5-8 touchesfor a lead to convert from a suspectto a prospect. Without a nurturingplan in place, those leads will mostlikely end up buying from acompetitor.Source: The Bridge Group
  11. 11. Solution #3: Use lead nurturing best practices to keep you funnel healthy. 1. Start your campaigns simple 2. Keep your offers targeted and relevant 3. Time-based campaigns need to be strategic 4. Regular segmentation is crucial 5. Test thoroughly and carefully before deploying 6. Keep your hand-off process clear 7. Measure to improve conversion ratesFor more information take a look at our webinar, “Lead Nurturing 101” in our resource section
  12. 12. Problem #4: You’re getting leads, but none of them are converting to sales. There are lot’s of reasons why leads aren’t converting to sales, but one of the biggest is related to sales and marketing alignment. If sales and marketing aren’t aligned, leads get lost. If your teams aren’t on the same page, leads won’t get the attention they need or deserve.
  13. 13. Align sales and marketing. By clearly defining a lead, streamlining hand-offSolution# 4: and follow up as well as automating processes you can ensure you’re passing quality leads to sales.How can you align sales and marketing?1. Have a clear definition of a quality lead2. Streamline your lead hand- off/follow up process3. Ensure no leads are lost or forgotten4. Keep a clear lead nurturing process in place for leads that aren’t ready to purchase5. Have regular internal meetings to keep sales and marketing on the same page
  14. 14. VisitorsVisitors Visitors Visitors Leads Conversion % Leads Leads Opportunities Conversion % Opportunities New Customer
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