Beyond WCM: Driving Business from Your Website


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A strategic shift in ownership of corporate websites is occurring with power moving from IT departments to marketing teams. Until recently, content management systems were the responsibility of IT to centralize control of content.

Now, marketers seek to fully leverage the web as the critical channel to drive business results. Marketers are seeking solutions that are agile and able to attract visitors and convert leads.

This webinar covers:

• The challenges and opportunities offered by the web as a channel to drive growth
• The needs of web content management for marketing success verses IT control
• Steps to take to harness the potential of the web to build demand
• What skills really matter for marketers to win with web marketing

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Beyond WCM: Driving Business from Your Website

  1. 1. Beyond WCM: Driving Business from Your Website May 13th 2010
  2. 2. GoToWebinar Controls • Click the button with the arrows to minimize your GoToWebinar controls • Type your questions for us into the box at the bottom and press Send
  3. 3. The Way the Internet Used to Be… In 1997 there were 70 million internet users worldwide. Graph Source: International Telecommunication Union (ITU), 2007 Statistic Source: Internet World Stats,
  4. 4. Before – WCM was an IT Initiative What IT wanted in a WCM solution: • Strict content management / ownership • Content back-up / Security • Firm scheduling and content consistency • Page loading time • Compatibility with data center • Audit trails
  5. 5. But the World has Changed… Image by SocialGrow
  6. 6. Internet Users Statistics – December 2009 Internet Users in the World by Geographic Regions - 2009 Asia Europe North America Latin America Africa Middle East Australia 0 200 400 600 800 1000 There are currently over 1.8 Billion internet users worldwide. Source: Internet World Stats,
  7. 7. The Internet as Part of a Marketing Strategy Attract & Engage • The internet is now used as Capture part of business and marketing strategies Nurture Qualified New Customer
  8. 8. So What Does Marketing Need WCM to Do Now? Landing Micro- Pages sites Members PPC Sections Social Search Media Engines Mobile Blogs Apps Drip Email Email Campaigns RSS Website Webinars Subscriber Database Sales
  9. 9. WCM is Now an Integrated Marketing Platform What marketing wants in a WCM solution: 1. Flexibility and ease-of-use, for non-technical users 2. Business blogging 3. Syndication and social media integration 4. Analytics integration, tracking and testing 5. Simple form management with auto responders 6. Built-in lead database 7. Email campaigns to nurture leads 8. Workflow with approvals and versioning 9. Roles and Permissions 10. Digital asset management Image from Jason Gulledge
  10. 10. Opportunities for Internet Marketing • The web is now complex and distributed this is both an opportunity and a challenge • It has gone from 1.0 (static and out- dated) to 2.0 (dynamic and shared) • David and Goliath
  11. 11. Case Study • vs. traditional enterprise software solutions • Founded in 1999 • Internet savvy company that took on a traditional “Goliath” • Now has over 72,500 customers and over 2,100,000 subscribers • In January 2010 had a revenue of $ 1.3 Billion Source: Yahoo Finance, 2010 Source:
  12. 12. Harness the web and building demand SEO, Keywords, Social Media, RSS, Fresh Attract & Engage Content, Blog Landing Pages, A/B Split Tests, Form Builder, Capture Secure Sections, Marketing Database, Google Website Optimizer Drip email campaigns, Educational content, Nurture Webinars, Social Media Integration, Business Blogging Lead scoring, Subscriber Database, CRM Qualified Integration, Activity profiling, Dynamic Segmentation New Customer
  13. 13. Harnessing the Web: Skills You Need • Creative – copywriting, content competency • Analytical – strong attention to detail, ability to understand metrics • Determined – willing to continually improve based on metrics to reach targets • Inquisitive – desire to explore new marketing channels, technology and opportunities
  14. 14. Questions? Follow our blog at Follow us on Twitter @Marqui_CMS Richard Sharp, VP Marketing 604.484.8543