Snowboarding by noah russell
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Snowboarding by noah russell



This is a great way to learn some of the basic need to knows on snowboarding.

This is a great way to learn some of the basic need to knows on snowboarding.

Thanks, and please enjoy!



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    Snowboarding by noah russell Snowboarding by noah russell Presentation Transcript

    • snowboardingby Noah Russell
    • my favorite board companyMy favoritesnowboardingcompany is Burtonbecause they makehigh end and highquality boards.
    • my favorite snowboarderMy favorite snowboarder is, Shaun White. He has wonOlympic Gold 2 times, X Games gold 13 times, XGames silver 3 times, and X Games bronze 2 times.Shaun White is my idol he inspired me to become asnowboarder.
    • How old is snowboarding?Snowboarding began in the1960’s.When snowboarding first began,the boards were much shorterand heavier than they are todayBoards in the 1960’s were muchsimpler and did not use as manymaterials to make them.
    • snowboard wearWhat you need to wear when yousnowboard:Some things that you should wearwhen you board are some hot chilisunder wear (not the kind youthink), a heavy jacket, some boardpants, snowboarding socks, andsnowboarding pants. I recommendall burton clothes except socks,they should be smart wool.
    • facts about snowboardingA man named Sherman Poppen first designed a “snurfboard” for his kids. It was a skate board withoutwheels or trucks and it was handled by a rope anddid not have any bindings. But, one day DimitrijieMilovich, and Jake Burton, revolutionizedsnowboarding forever.
    • more facts about snowboardingInjuries: In 1997 alone there were 37,600snowboarding injuries and 84,200 ski injuriesand17,000 of those injuries were head injuries.
    • snowboarding tricksSome simple tricks are ollies, air to fakie, wheelies,butters, and lastly nose and tail rolls.
    • SCary stuff!Snowboarding is a very thrilling and fun sport, but itcomes with many dangers too! Snowboardingaccidents can cause major injuries and some seriousones have resulted in death. Snowboarders must becareful and always look where they are going.Themost common way for a snowboarder to get hurt isby colliding into someone or something else.
    • what snowboarding requiresSnowboarding requires strength, endurance, agility,motivation, mental fitness, physical fitness, and a crazy,daring mind.
    • Monster Energy creates and sponsors eventsand boarders. It is difficult for boarders to getsponsored by Monster since they are such awell-known company.
    • my snowboardThis is mysnowboard it is aburton custom flyingV low noise highoutput. My bindingsare burton customsmalls.
    • My sources wereWikipedia.comGoogle and google imagesabc-of-snowboardng.comsnowboardingawesomeness. edublogs.orgWORKS CITED