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Mmt Katherine Barlow

  1. 1. Misty MayTreanorBY KATHERINE BARLOW
  2. 2. About MistyMisty Elizabeth May Treanor is a retired Americanbeach volleyball player.She is a three-time gold medalist!Her teammate is Kerri Walsh Jennings was withher in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olymics
  3. 3. ChildhoodMisty May-Treanor played in her firstbeach volleyball tournament at age 8,with her father, and she later led her highschool team to two national indoorvolleyball championships and hercollege team to an undefeated seasonbio. TRUE
  4. 4. Misty Growing UpShe grew up in a very sporty household.Both of her parents were professional sport players. Hermom was a tennis star and her dad was on the 1968 USnationalVolleyball TeamShe has a very talented family
  5. 5. At the BeachesMisty was born in Santa Monica and played in thebeaches of Los AngelesHer and her dad would go and playAt age 8 her and her dad went and played in her 1stbeach volleyball tourament
  6. 6. HighschoolMisty brought her high school two state championshipsMisty played the position of setter
  7. 7. Misty playing inside volleyball
  8. 8. A switchMist finished college with a Bachelor of KinesiologyDegree but she was more focused on voleyballShe made a big switch from indoor volleyball to beachvolleyball
  9. 9. Beach VolleyballMost people in this class who playedon this Marquette volleyball teamwould know that the first two gameswould go to 25BeachVolleyball goes to 20Thats why Misty and Kerri were soclose to losing to the Chinese by 22-20Also, you have to win by two thatswhy the score was 22-20
  10. 10. The OlympicsTogether they have won 3 goldmedalsThe road to gold wasnt easyThey were very close to Chinaby to games in a row of 22-20,22-20
  11. 11. Action!!!!!$!
  12. 12. TeachingMisty May makes teaching videos onlineShe teaches corrects techniquesThese vidoes will help you work out and make yourvolleyball tequinique awesome!!!
  13. 13. DivingLike that the picture before you have to go for everyballYou should never let a ball drop or it is a piont to theother team
  14. 14. Video
  15. 15. Misty in Action!!!!!
  16. 16. QuotesMisty May Treanor-On playing beachvolleyball... "It takes a lot of hard work anddedication just like any pro sport. Especiallyfor beach volleyball you dont have to be tallor as fast as other sports. You just have tohave the skills."
  17. 17. Video
  18. 18. Her PartnerKerri Walsh is her partner in beach volleyballShe was born in Santa Clara, CaliforniaMisty and Kerri are undefeatable because whenever goto the Olympics they “always” win.
  19. 19. Practicemakesperfector.....Gold
  20. 20. Thank you and bye!!ththThats me!!
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