March madness


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March madness

  1. 1. NCAA MarchNCAA MarchMadnessMadnessBy Matthew GibsonBy Matthew Gibson
  2. 2. Why I am presentingWhy I am presentingMarch MadnessMarch MadnessI am presentingI am presentingthis because it hasthis because it hasbeen one of thebeen one of themost anticipatedmost anticipatedevents of the of the year.Also becauseAlso becausemany people don`tmany people don`tknow how or whoknow how or whostarted Marchstarted MarchMadness.Madness.
  3. 3. It currently hosts 68 teams in theIt currently hosts 68 teams in theTournament.Tournament.It was created in 1939 by HaroldIt was created in 1939 by HaroldOlsen.(former Ohio State HeadOlsen.(former Ohio State HeadCoach)Coach)His idea was tournament playedHis idea was tournament playedmostly in March. It was informallymostly in March. It was informallyknown as March madness or theknown as March madness or themarchmarchmadnessmadness
  4. 4. How teamsHow teamsare pickedare pickedThey choose the top 31 teams in theThey choose the top 31 teams in thedivision 1.(which receive automatic bids)division 1.(which receive automatic bids)The other 37 teams are chosen by theThe other 37 teams are chosen by theNCAA selection comity.NCAA selection comity.
  5. 5. 2012 NCAA2012 NCAATournamenTournamenttThe teams in the final four last year wereThe teams in the final four last year wereLousiville, Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas.Lousiville, Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas.Kentucky beat Louisiville 69-61, and KansasKentucky beat Louisiville 69-61, and KansasBeat Ohio State 64-62.Beat Ohio State 64-62.For the championship Kentucky Beat KansasFor the championship Kentucky Beat Kansas67-59.67-59.
  6. 6. 20132013NCAANCAATournameTournamentntThe teams in theThe teams in thefinal four this yearfinal four this yearwere Louisville,were Louisville,Michigan, WichitaMichigan, WichitaState, Syracuse.State, Syracuse.Louisville beatLouisville beatWichita State 72-Wichita State 72-68, and Michigan68, and Michiganbeat Syracuse 61-beat Syracuse 61-56.56.For theFor thechampionshipchampionshipLouisville beatLouisville beatMichigan. TheMichigan. Thescore was 82-76.score was 82-76.
  7. 7. Most NCAAMost NCAAChampionshipsChampionshipsThe team with the most NCAAThe team with the most NCAAChampionship titles is UCLA.Championship titles is UCLA.They have 11 national championships.They have 11 national championships.They haven`t won a championship in theThey haven`t won a championship in the2000s.2000s.
  8. 8. The Most NCAAThe Most NCAATournamentTournamentAppearancesAppearancesKentucky has had the most NCAA tournamentKentucky has had the most NCAA tournamentappearances.appearances.Kentucky has had 52 NCAA tournament bids.Kentucky has had 52 NCAA tournament bids.
  9. 9. Most NCAAMost NCAAChampionshipChampionshipWinsWinsJohn Wooden has the most NCAAJohn Wooden has the most NCAAchampionship wins.championship wins.He has won 10 of 11 UCLAHe has won 10 of 11 UCLAchampionship wins.championship wins.
  10. 10. John WoodenJohn WoodenHe was born October 14, 1910 and died June 4,He was born October 14, 1910 and died June 4,2010.2010.He was one-hundred years old.He was one-hundred years old.He coachedHe coached Kareem Abdul Jabbar.Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  11. 11. Kareem Abdul JabbarKareem Abdul Jabbarwas considered thewas considered thebest NCAAbest NCAAtournament player.tournament player.Dunking was ban fromDunking was ban fromthe NCAA because hethe NCAA because hewas to good at it.was to good at it.Best NCAABest NCAATournamentTournamentPlayerPlayer
  12. 12. Biggest Upset GameBiggest Upset GameThis YearThis YearNo. 15 Florida Gulf Coast beat No. 2No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast beat No. 2Georgetown.(Second Round, South Regional)Georgetown.(Second Round, South Regional)
  13. 13. FGCU Dunk vs.FGCU Dunk vs.GeorgetownGeorgetownFGCU Chase Fielers Alleyoop Dunk OverFGCU Chase Fielers Alleyoop Dunk OverGeorgetown [HD] - YouTubeGeorgetown [HD] - YouTube
  14. 14. ChampionshipChampionshipGameGameTo get to the championshipTo get to the championshipgame you have to make itgame you have to make itthrough:through:First round(68 teams), secondFirst round(68 teams), secondround(32 teams), sweet sixteen,round(32 teams), sweet sixteen,elite eight, final four. Then your inelite eight, final four. Then your inthe championshipthe championship
  15. 15. The First NCAA WinnerThe First NCAA WinnerThe first team to win the NCAA tournament wasThe first team to win the NCAA tournament wasKentucky.Kentucky.They played Duke and won 94-88.They played Duke and won 94-88.
  16. 16.