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Celtic history colin 2.0
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Celtic history colin 2.0

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  • 1. Celtic HistoryCeltic HistoryBy Colin KornegayBy Colin Kornegay
  • 2. CeltsCeltsToday you will be learning about the warToday you will be learning about the warlike celts.like celts.
  • 3. Beginings
  • 4. The Celts emerged during the late bronzeage around 800 b.c. age and iron age.They were an *ethno-linguistic society thatwere able to conquer most of Europe.* A society that adopts the language of their conquered.
  • 5. WarriorWarriorcultureculture
  • 6. Warrior cultureWarrior cultureBelieved if theypossessed anenemies’ head theypossessed his powerand knowledge.Warriors put lime in theirhair before battle to lightenthe shade of their hair.
  • 7. ReligiousReligiousbeliefsbeliefsThe Celts were originally apagan culture but wereconverted to Catholicism by theRomans.
  • 8. ArchitectureArchitectureThe Celts borrowed many styles ofarchitecture including theRoman arch (right).A commonCeltic house.
  • 9. RomanRomanConquestConquestIn 43 AD the Roman emperorClaudius conquered Britainand its celtic tribes but neverconquered Irland for anunknown reason.
  • 10. ExpansionExpansionThe celts conquered Gaul(France), Iberia (Spain), theNorthern Alps, Germania(Germany), and modern dayPoland.
  • 11. SportsSports• Many modern teams are named after the celtsNot ancient celtic sports(war), modern sports.
  • 12. Major resourcesMajor resources• The celts didnt have many natural resourcesmainly iron and bronze.
  • 13. CelebrationsCelebrations• They had a celebration for each god.
  • 14. ClansClans• The clan was much like an indian tribe. Thereare many and they are lead by nobles.
  • 15. The FineThe Fine• The smallest group in a Celtic clan, like anextended family.
  • 16. DruidsDruids• A druid is a priest figure that makes nearly allclan decisions.
  • 17. NoblesNobles• The nobles were landowners and warriorleaders.
  • 18. Bag-PipesBag-PipesPossibly the celtsgreatest invention wasthe bag-pipes, they areknown throughout theworld.
  • 19. Good-ByeGood-ByeMaybe covering yourself inpaint is a little weird today butif you want to be like a celt eata potato.
  • 20. BibliographyBibliography• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_history• http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi• http://celts.mrdonn.org/