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What effect has employee engagement on company's performance and productivity. And how we can develop and sustain personal growth of your talent and top performers

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  • One of Vivamea System’s foundation is the Human Function Curve, illustrating how physical performance, mental capacity and behavioural actions are interrelated
  • Vivamea SA Presentation

    1. 1. While the economy is slowly recovering, employee engagement and morale in the workplace are not. Almost half of organizations around the world saw a significant drop in employee engagement levels at the end of the June 2010 quarter — the largest decline Hewitt has observed since it began conducting employee engagement research 15 years ago. This highlights the growing tension between employers — many of which are struggling to stabilize their financial situation — and employees, who are showing fatigue in response to a lengthy period of stress, uncertainty and confusion brought about by the recession and their company's actions. Hewitt Associates, a global human resources consulting and outsourcing company.
    2. 2. What if, your Talent and Top Performers are.....? Gallup Organization defines employee engagement as people who work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. As a result, these employees drive innovation and move the organization toward its goals and vision.
    3. 3. Becoming unhappy and disconnected? What happens......if?
    4. 4. They become: • Absent • Demotivated • Demoralized • Disengaged • Fatigued • Sick • Stressed And lack: • Energy • Creativity • Passion • Performance • Productivity Gallup's engagement ratio is a macro-level indicator of an organization's health that allows executives to track the proportion of engaged to actively disengaged employees. In world-class organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 8:1. In average organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 2:1.
    5. 5. What now....? “You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.” Homer Rice, college athletic director and football coach (Georgia Tech) Gallup researchers report that lack of employee engagement costs American businesses more than $370 billion per year in lost productivity and has been associated with increased injury rates, declining mental health and decreased well-being.
    6. 6. “But the wellbeing factor -- if it's recognized at all -- isn't leveraged well as it could be. Businesses that manage wellbeing consciously, consistently, and with an eye toward improving key outcomes are more likely to have a profound influence on organizational and employee.” wellbeing. Rosie Ward, Health Manager at RJF Agencies Inc. Lifelong Learning Measures Workshop Self-directed Learning and Coaching Foundation Human Function Curve Vivamea Self-Inventory and Biometrics Applied Learning and Real-Life Coaching Vivamea Wellbeing Self Coaching & Learning Platform Vivamea Wellbeing Coach What is Vivamea SA.....?
    7. 7. What matters... ? More competition for all resources means we have to create an environment where we recognise the whole needs of the individual. “We are thinking more critically about: • how we differentiate, • how we incentivise, • how we reward top performers and • how we identify areas where people who are good can improve further.” Phil Cox, CEO, International Power, UK. Gallup studied the relationship between wellbeing and recent changes in disease burden and found that the average annual new disease burden cost for people who are thriving is $723, compared with $1,488 for those who are struggling or suffering.
    8. 8. What matters most...! Give them control to their personal development. Our 7 Principles: 1. Work and live smarter, turn stress into motivation. 2. Be in the driver’s seat of your personal, private and professional life. 3. Stay healthy, strong, focused, relaxed and more energized. 4. Body Equilibrium: healthy living, sleep and rest. 5. Self-Leading: making your own Wheel of Well Being. 6. The arch of stability: Achieving optimal performance in a fast spinning world. 7. Sustainability: gain & change, continual Evaluation, growth and sustainability.
    9. 9. What are the Benefits...? For Organization: • Higher retention of key employees. • Improved performance reviews. • Reduced stress related health costs and absenteeism. • More effective and committed employees. • Proof of commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives. For Employee: • Better at coping with stress, managing challenges and pressures in the workplace. • Health, energy and mind are integrated at their peaks. • Ability to prioritize and stay focused. • More flexible and creative. • Find motivation in personal, private and professional life.
    10. 10. Appendix (s): 1. Human Function Curve 2. Vivamea Modules Contact Details: Marly Taylor: Educational Sales Manager Email: Mobile Phone: +41 (0)799648708
    11. 11. Stimulus point for breakdown Performance Pressure Burnout Exhaustion Perceived Path Fatigue Over-use Peak Sustainable Performance instinctive refuelling Stress is positive for performance until it reaches a point where it becomes destructive The Human Function Curve Appendix 1.
    12. 12. Leadership All Employee Wellbeing Work-Life-Health Wellbeing Survey Wellbeing Booster Peak Sustainable Performance: manage body, mind and work, walk the talk and act a role model. Vivamea Wellbeing & Work Performance Coach. Vivamea Wellbeing Awareness Builder & Mapping out the organization work-life-health status. Vivamea Personal Work-Life-Health Booster. Vivamea Wellbeing Coach 3 or 12 months. Vivamea Wellbeing Coach 12 months. Vivamea Wellbeing Coach 6 weeks. Vivamea Wellbeing Coach 6 weeks. Workshop 2 x half day or 1 full day. Blended learning over 12 months. Option: Biometric Screening. 6 weeks on-line process. Management Report Presentation 3-5 individual coaching session on-line or f2f. Appendix 2.