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Ariston Global Overview


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Ariston Global Overview (Spring/Summer 09)

Ariston Global Overview (Spring/Summer 09)

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  • 1. Ariston Global Overview Spring/Summer 2009
  • 2. Business Overview
    • Ariston Global was founded by Kevin Dickens, Steve Dubnik and Spire Capital Partners, L.P. in April 2006
    • Ariston Global’s vision is to create an innovative organization through acquisitions, mergers and organic growth that will provide enabling software tools, services and solutions to the communications industry and select large enterprise customers worldwide
    • Through thoughtful integration, collaboration and partnering, the Ariston Global divisions realize the benefits of an association with a larger, diverse and expanding organization - without compromising each entity's heritage of individual focus and passionate customer orientation
  • 3. The Opportunity
    • Communication providers and large enterprises are confronting new challenges :
      • emerging technologies and applications
      • monitoring and capitalizing on customer base preferences/experiences as well as related operational analytics
      • enhanced competitive, margin and efficiency pressures
    • Emerging technologies such as IP, WiMax and content oriented applications are enabling the creation of new companies and/or competitors with service capabilities that demand innovation from existing providers
    • Globally, emerging markets and the related expansion of communication infrastructure require systems
    • Companies facing these industry dynamics require new methods of gathering business intelligence, rating and billing, system/network integration, management and monitoring of networks/performance as well as servicing clients with both current and enhanced applications
  • 4.
    • We operate as two largely independent divisions that focus
    • on complementary, yet distinct markets;
      • Revenue and Profitability Management (R&PM) …
      • … marketed under the name Ventraq
      • Service Activation and Customer Self-Care (SACC) …
      • … marketed as The Strata Group
    Organizational View
      • Each division has its own President, operational, sales and
      • support infrastructure
      • AG serves as the focal point for strategic, financial, human
      • resource, IT and related administrative leadership
  • 5.
    • Ventraq is the new name of the combined Telesciences, 10e Solutions and Ace*Comm organizations
    • We are a leader in complex, high-volume analytic and transaction processing, data collection/analysis, management, billing and settlement for communications providers and select enterprises.
      • Significant recurring revenues with diverse set of domestic and international providers
      • Traditional customers in wireline and DOD segments with an expanding presence in the wireless space
    • The product offerings are focused in four principal areas:
            • Business Analytics
            • Collection and Mediation
            • Billing and Settlement
            • TeleManagement Systems
  • 6. Business Analytics Model Data Integration & Management Content Mgmnt. Analytics Subscriber Data Mgmnt. (CBA) Ntw. Analytics & Cost Optimization 10e BIAS Operational Data Sources Operational Data Sources Operational Data Sources Operational Data Sources Business Analytics Platform Primary Database Datamart Revenue, Cost & Profitability - usage - facilities Interconnect Bill & Settlement Mgmnt. Applications
    • Network
    • Customer
    • Product
    • Regulatory
    • Contract
    Reference Data
  • 7. Collection and Mediation Model Here, Ventraq’s powerful transaction tools collect, mediate, enhance and store event data
  • 8. Billing and Settlement Model Integrated Billing and Settlement Integrated Business Analytics Integrated Service Activation & Management
    • Order Entry
    • Workflow Definition
    • Customer Configuration
    • Product Assignments
    • Service Activation
    Order Management
    • Account Management
    • Sales Force Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Contact Management
    Sales Force Automation
    • Bill Inquiry & Adjustment
    • Cross Sell/Up Sell
    • Trouble Tickets
    • EBPP
    • Product Definition
    • Product Bundling
    • Pricing & Promotion
    Product Management
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Bill Verification
    • Commissions
    • Payment Processing
    • Bill Calculation
    • Invoice Generation
    • Statement Generation
    • Balance Management
    • Credit Management
    • Account Management
    • SLA Management
    • Operational Metrics
    • Database Marketing
    • Ad-Hoc reporting
    • Revenue Assurance
    Business Analytics
    • Usage Collection
    • Usage Processing
    • Reconciliations
    • Revenue Settlement
    • Tariff Enforcement
    • Contract Enforcement
    Event Processing
  • 9. TeleManagement Systems Model JITC IA Certified
  • 10.
    • Strata is a leader in subscriber web-based self-care and provisioning for traditional and next generation communication.
    • We provide a product suite including legacy Centrex, IP Centrex and automation solutions supporting Next Generation Network service provider efficiency goals as well as forward looking end-user “presence” applications
    • Additionally, we are a leading provider of service provisioning and management solutions for operators – principally in the cable and satellite broadband sectors
    • Our solutions enable operators to activate and manage the delivery of multi-play traditional and IP services including data, voice, video and wireless
    • Strata has key channel partner relationships with Nortel, Cedar Point, and Streamwide
  • 11. Representative Strata Product Offering The Small/Medium Business User Interface meets the basic provisioning and day-to-day administration needs of the small/medium business for a user who has no formal communications management knowledge or training.  View of all Employees Select an employee to view services & features Group Members: Place members in/out of a group.
  • 12. Why AG? … Differentiators
    • Intellectual property and domain expertise
      • Business acumen, beyond individuals, to leverage years of experience
      • Products designed for specific purpose
    • Focus – On our customers (pre-sale, delivery & post-sale) and our products
      • Pre-sale expertise is maintained throughout the execution process – generally only
      • available to the largest of service providers and often isn’t required as they
      • themselves have domain expertise
      • Products are built and maintained for a specific purpose
    • Innovation
      • Willingness to take new approaches without need to preserve past practices if not
      • necessary. This is more effectively executed in an environment where team sizes
      • are smaller, generally more experienced
  • 13. Why AG? … Differentiators
    • Ability to deliver against critical time period constraints
      • Speed, agility derived from many of the elements noted above
    • Economical price, cost/performance ratios, flexibility in deal structure and terms
      • Efficiency in design, ability to leverage partner relationships, fewer entanglements
      • with other deal terms/relationships, lower overheads
    • Heritage, reputation of service, execution and reliability
      • Ventraq and The Strata Group each have a long history of positive relationships
      • within their respective customer/product domains
      • Confidence that we can be an effective partner, respond quickly to changes in focus,
      • and provide executive support/dialog if required while the technological viability of
      • the solution is a given
  • 14. Representative Customers
  • 15. Summary
    • Unprecedented technology and regulatory changes are creating the opportunity for industry transforming events
    • The largest and most established communications service providers are being forced to offer new services across an evolving and more efficient infrastructure
    • Significant opportunity for Ariston Global to offer communication service providers new tools, services and solutions to address these changes
      • As evidence, in Gartner’s 2008 survey of 1500 CIO’s, Business Intelligence ranks as the Number One priority three years running