TalentGuider - Capability Development in Pharma functions


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TalentGuider(TM) is an innovative capability and talent development platform used by leading pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies on a team, functional, or organisational level. With TalentGuider, functional managers, as well as HR/TMOE professionals, can assess, plan and develop their capability readiness in an engaging and goal-aligned way.

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TalentGuider - Capability Development in Pharma functions

  1. 1. As the pharmaceutical industry’s business model changes, talent and capability development become even more critical Capability Development in Pharma Functions Visit www.talentguider.com to find out more
  2. 2. Key functions in pharmaceutical companies are facing internal and external challenges Key functions require engaged and effective people Expectations of the ‘lean organisation’: fewer people, higher complexity Demand to be more from patient and customer centred Unrelenting pressure to demonstrate value of products Need to retain and develop talent Changing business models and customers Pressure for rigorous business and regulatory compliance 2
  3. 3. To address these challenges, TMOD, HR, as well as functional managers need to help shape the organisation, its processes and people Innovative tools can be used to support the mission 3 Enable clear governance, decision making and compliance Configure the optimal organisational structures Shape, harmonize & implement effective processes Focus on productivity, efficienc y and metrics ProcessOrganisation Harness cross- functional linkages People Roles, responsibilities and career paths Talent needs – current and future Recruit, retain, develop + engagement Skills, learning, development and training Internal and external pressure 3
  4. 4. Capability and performance development is more than talent and training Managing capability is a key challenge Organisation People Processes Capability Capability strategy • Goals and objectives at organisational, functional, team and individual levels • Driven and shaped by the direction and strategic imperatives of the business • Action plan Capability framework • Incorporates: • Competencies and experiences • Talent and role development • Career paths • Learning needs and preferences • Delivery platform and engagement tools Engagement program – supporting program of activities to raise awareness, gain buy-in and improve access to capability resources 4
  5. 5. Talent and capability development are strategic levers for competitive advantage Generating benefits and managing risks Talent and capability development can help to: Improve engagement and retention - through a visible commitment Improve performance - ensuring people achieve their goals Accelerate transformation - building confidence in change Build new capabilities - aligned with your new business models Talent and capability development manages business risk: Secures key stakeholder relationships - with trusted and skilled people Retains critical skills - keeping motivated talent in-house Supports the transformation process - by identifying strengths and weaknesses Cascades internal knowledge - from the individual into networks 55
  6. 6. Plan + Assess + Develop TalentGuiderTM is a talent and capability development platform that helps you to assess and develop your employees and to efficiently plan your talent strategy Plan Potential Capabilities PerformanceRetention Mobility Risk Capability readiness Bench strength Professional Network Develop Talent and capability strategy Assess Refine Enables real-time reports and transparency Can be implemented in departments, functions or enterprise-wide Can be combined with other TD/TM, or LMS systems Offers self-service and self-maintenance capabilities Is available as Software- as-a-Service (SaaS) and Software-as-a-Product (SaaP) 6
  7. 7. Optimised for desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones Backwards compatibility to legacy browsers for easy deployment Engaging, mobile, and fast TalentGuiderTM has been designed from the ground up to be engaging, and to allow you and your team to quickly finalise assessment processes and collaborate – from your desk, or on the go 7
  8. 8. Benefits to functional managers Managers of teams gain the tools required to assess, plan, and implement talent and capability development strategies, whilst benefitting from deep team insights Link talent development to training, learning and performance development Engage, retain and develop key talent, knowledge and relationships See gaps in competency and experience levels by function, role and team Understand the talent pool: assess retention risk, mobility, performance and potential 8 Gain insights on how individuals and teams measure up against role benchmarks
  9. 9. Benefits to employees Employees benefit from a better understanding of development and career planning options, and the ability to connect with peers and mentors to help them reach goals more efficiently Gain insights into development progress over time and identify development opportunities Learn from others’ career stories and benefit from a more transparent progression Explore possible career steps and plan learning and development accordingly Collaborate with peers and mentors to reach goals more efficiently 9
  10. 10. Solutions for every stage Whatever the stage of your talent development strategy and supporting programmes, the TalentGuiderTM platform and its product families offers a solution to fits your needs  Map, create, visualise and communicate your talent development plan  Create talent development, capability development, and career development models and frameworks.  Allows for easy migration to TalentGuider Lite Planner  Entry level product that supports competency assessments, job role comparisons and career discussions  Focus on engagement and personal discussions  Easy to deploy and maintain  Allows for easy migration to TalentGuider Professional Basic level Lite Assessor Comparator Pathfinder My Academy  Enhanced talent, capability, and career development solution  Focus on engagement, L&D integration  Data collection and advanced analytics  Flexible integration scenarios (solution is available as SaaS1 or SaaP2) Professional 1) Software as a Service, 2) Software as a Product Multitude of available products 10 Planning level Advanced stage
  11. 11. The TalentGuider platform is modular and flexible We understand that your requirements are unique: TalentGuiderTM is a modular platform that allows you to pick and choose the tools you need 360o 9-Box Job role comparison Benchmarking Career path investigation Capability assessment Career aligned development planning Development planning Risk analysis Profile search Compliance Real-time insights Powerful reporting Manager Central ComparatorAssessor Pathfinder L&D/TMS integration Collaboration Social learning on the job My Academy My Projects Organisational networking Expert search My Network 11
  12. 12. The Assessor captures competency and experience1 proficiency levels. Assessments can be done in many ways that reflect the natural workflow Module Show Case 1 | Capturing of experience levels is optional. The Assessor provides a structured method for performing assessments and supports line managers and assessees in identifying their strengths and areas in need of development. Assessment data can optionally be stored and used to track personal and/or team development over time. Data can be used to support more targeted development plans and to power other modules (see Pathfinder for an example). 12
  13. 13. The Pathfinder module allows employees to investigate potential career paths and to explore relevant development steps. Competency (and experience) assessment data generated by the Assessor module can be used to generate more goal aligned and personalised development suggestions in the Pathfinder module. Pathfinder can be used for simple as well as complex career pathing guidance. The Pathfinder allows employees to investigate potential career paths and supports them in identifying and structuring their respective development needs Module Show Case 13
  14. 14. My Projects is a collaborative and socially-driven personal development platform that allows employees to learn on the job and gather valuable and specific feedback. Development can be focused on competencies, experience and skills. My Projects offers the advantage of feedback, generated by participants who were involved in the project themselves, enabling balanced insights on the performance and capabilities of the employee. My Projects supports ‘on-the-job’ learning and development: employees can publish, search for, and participate in projects and gather valuable feedback Module Show Case A backlog and dashboard allows project participants to go back in time and revisit previous projects and feedback. 14
  15. 15. The Manager Central gives functional and organisational managers access to capability and talent key performance indicators The Dashboard gives you powerful insights into the capability readiness of your organisation, function, or team, allowing you to develop targeted capability development plans.1 Profile Search enables you to quickly find the right talent for the job or project, or to develop personalized talent development plans. The Compliance section provides you with the tools necessary to automatically remind and monitor the uptake and completion of assessments. The Manager Central is modular and can be expanded with additional insights gathered by optional modules, such as the 9-Box or My Projects. 1 | Analytics and reports can be customized to your needs. Module Show Case 15
  16. 16. Implementation of TalentGuiderTM in a US Pharmaceuticals affiliate has enabled deep talent development insights and strengthened L&D focus Case Study Challenge Approach Benefit Our client lacked any competency and experience model for its Global Marketing team. They wanted to gain deeper insights on the L&D needs of the team, and to track progress. TalentGuider was configured to incorporate the competency and experience model. An engagement and communication piece pre- and post- launch ensured a high take-up and compliance rate. With assessments available in a secure database, users could review their benchmark and discuss meaningful development options with their managers. The insights allowed management to define a more goal-aligned development plan and to close the identified capability gaps. 16 Excerpt from dashboard generated by TalentGuider
  17. 17. Pope Woodhead offers a unique blend of consulting and informatics capabilities With more than 30 years’ experience in consulting to the pharmaceutical industry, we have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients are facing Activities Areas Competency and Experience Modelling Career Development Learning and Development Implementation and Engagement Analytics and Interpretation Building Capability and Talent Development Data development Competency and Experience framework Role profiles Assessment and planning tools Career Development Principles Ownership Development in role Time in role Career paths Analysis to programme delivery Capability analysis Learning diagnostic Curriculum design L&D framework Communication and activities Change plan and ambassadors Access – web interface Communications Training Measure Bench strength Succession gap analysis Competency trends Risk assessment Potential and performance 17
  18. 18. For more information or a product demonstration, please visit www.talentguider.com, or contact us directly via E-mail We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Markus Moravek Product Manager and Consultant Simon Shohet, PhD Head of Organisational Effectiveness Ian Wrathall Senior Consultant, Commercial Lead Web www.talentguider.com www.popewoodhead.com Mail info@talentguider.com Phone +44-1480-300300 18