Algo sec suite overview 2013 05


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Algo sec suite overview 2013 05

  1. 1. Max Shirshov +7-967-0693828 AlgoSec Security Management Suite
  2. 2. Firewall Breaches Datacenter Automation 5% Vulnerabilities 95% Misconfiguration The Security Management Balancing Act Confidential 2 Security Agility Prevent Cyber Attacks Enable Business Applications Resource Time to Provision Server Minutes Storage Minutes Security Access Days/Weeks
  3. 3. Security Management Challenges Confidential 3 Complexity • Thousands of security access rules • Highly-connected business critical applications Change • Network changes - virtualization, cloud, acquisitions • Applications changes - agile development Compliance • Complex regulations and internal mandates • Time-consuming audits Communication • Disconnect between application, security and operation teams • Terminology gaps Challenges
  4. 4. Fast growing - 55% annual growth in 2010-12 Company Overview Confidential 4 1000+ customers in 50 countries including 15 of the Fortune 50 The Leader in Security Policy Management “Obsession” for Customer Satisfaction Technology Partners Award Winning Security Management Suite
  5. 5. Proudly serving over 1000 customers 5 Financial Telecom MSSP Energy Consultant Other …
  6. 6. What Customers are Saying Confidential 6 Because AlgoSec now does the heavy lifting for us, our engineers can focus more on providing greater levels of security than on process and change - Phil Packman, General Manager Security Gateway Operations, BT
  7. 7. Security Infrastructure Business Applications Security Management at the Speed of Business Confidential 7 Application Owners SecurityNetwork Operations Faster Security Provisioning for Business Applications Align Teams for Improved Agility and Accountability ROI in less than 1 Year! Gain Total Visibility and Control of your Security Policy AlgoSec Security Management Suite
  8. 8. Security Infrastructure Business Applications The AlgoSec Suite - BusinessFlow 8 Application Owners SecurityNetwork Operations AlgoSec Security Management Suite BusinessFlow Application-Centric Policy Management • Align teams for faster security provisioning of critical applications • Visibility of connectivity requirements for improved availability • Translate business requirements to underlying policy
  9. 9. What Customers are Saying Confidential 9 AlgoSec helped us reduce 80% of the time required to migrate the security of our applications as part of our datacenter consolidation project - Bruno Rolleau, Network Security Architect, Sanofi
  10. 10. Business Applications Security Infrastructure The AlgoSec Suite – Firewall Analyzer Confidential 10 Application Owners SecurityNetwork Operations AlgoSec Security Management Suite BusinessFlow Firewall Analyzer Security Policy Analysis • Automate and streamline firewall operations • Ensure a secure and optimized policy • Conduct audits in hours instead of weeks
  11. 11. What Customers are Saying Confidential 11 We could use AlgoSec to prove compliance in a very short period of time, taking up much less resources for audits - Peter Erceg, Head of IT Security, T-Mobile
  12. 12. Business Applications Security Infrastructure The AlgoSec Suite – FireFlow Confidential 12 Application Owners AlgoSec Security Management Suite BusinessFlow FireFlow Firewall Analyzer Security Policy Change Automation • Process changes 2x-4x faster • Improve accuracy and accountability • Ensure continuous compliance and security SecurityNetwork Operations
  13. 13. What Customers are Saying Confidential 13 With AlgoSec, we reduced change implementation time by 50%, and achieved significant cost savings - Vincent Laurent, Head of IT Security, Dexia Technology Services
  14. 14. Business Impact Confidential 14 Annual Saving Reduction in auditing expenses $192,000 Reduction in Change Request Processing Time $180,000 Reduction in Troubleshooting Resolution Time $90,000 Extended Lifespan of Hardware $47,500 Total Annual Savings $509,500 3 Year Savings $1,528,500 • Security provisioning of business applications 2x-4x faster • Significantly minimize outages • Better protection against cyber-attacks through correct device configuration • Improved organizational alignment and accountability • Productivity gains from automation • And… measurable ROI Sample Organization • 50 Network Firewalls • Loaded IT cost - $60/hour • 2 changes per firewall per month Generate your own ROI report at
  15. 15. Deployment and Licensing
  16. 16. • Software Only • Installed on a Linux server Software Only Deployment Options Confidential 16 • Fast and simple installation • Pre-installed, hardened Linux OS and AlgoSec software • Ideal for consultants & auditors • Simple, turnkey deployment • Scales to the support the largest environments • High-Availability via active/standby mode • Data replication • Load sharing for report generation Model Optimal #Firewalls* Max #Firewalls* 2040 100 175 2160 600 1000 2320 1200 2000 AlgoSec Appliance Virtual Appliance * Number may vary based on the size of the policy and log files
  17. 17. Geographical Distribution Master Slave Slave Load Sharing (Clustering) Active Standby High-Availability/DR Enterprise-grade solution with support for: Confidential 17 Remote appliances collect data and transmit it to a central management appliance for processing. For large environments: Report generation workload shared across multiple appliances. Automatic synchronization Automatic failover Support for Disaster Recovery Central Manager Remote SiteRemote Site Remote Site
  18. 18. Why AlgoSec Confidential 18 Intelligent TechnologyThe Market Leader Customer SatisfactionMore Automation • Trusted by the most companies • Unrivaled expertise, obtained through serving the world’s leading organizations Hear from Customers! • Focus on business agility and application-centric visibility • Delivers the most actionable results and highest accuracy • Automating more business processes • Rich and customizable automated workflows, out-of- the-box • All purchases backed by the industry's only money-back-guarantee • Easy to do business with Learn more!
  19. 19. Connect with AlgoSec on: Security Management at the Speed of Business