Application MigrationIntelligenceFive steps to optimize your moveto the next desktop platform                             ...
IntroductionThe bigger the migration,the more you need intelligenceLet’s face it, this is the big one.Large enterprises ha...
IntroductionThe bigger the migration,the more you need intelligence“ An optimized, ‘enlightened’ migration guided by Appli...
DefinitionWhat is Application Migration Intelligence?Application Migration Intelligence is a new discipline that uses deta...
The processApplication Migration Intelligence:A five step programThe Application Migration Intelligence process starts bef...
The processMigration Design                                                                                               ...
The processApplication Estate Audit                                                                                       ...
The processApplication Estate Audit (continued)                                                       2Categorizing your A...
The processApplication Compatibility Testing                                                                              ...
The processApplication Rationalization                                                                                    ...
The processApplication Rationalization (continued)                                                     4BUMP time: working...
The processDeployment Strategy                                                                                            ...
The benefits ofApplication Migration IntelligenceMigrating any large application estate is a non-trivial challenge.Without...
How Intelligence improvesall migration stagesThe actual application migration begins when the Application Migration Intell...
Conclusion:Intelligence paysYour next migration will be a major one. “Companies lookingHow you choose to handle it starts ...
About CamwoodCamwood helps large enterprises minimise the disruptionand cost of major application migrations and platform ...
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5 Steps to Enlightened Migration

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Camwood E Book App Mig Intell 0301 1110

  1. 1. Application MigrationIntelligenceFive steps to optimize your moveto the next desktop platform Accelerate your migration to: Windows 7 Virtualization 64-bit Internet Explorer 8 & 9 Office
  2. 2. IntroductionThe bigger the migration,the more you need intelligenceLet’s face it, this is the big one.Large enterprises have gone without a major The first step is admitting Our customers tell us so We recently asked our customersupgrade of desktop OS platform for a long time. you have a problem. which of services delivered the service.Many skipped Vista but few are planning to foregoWindows 7 and all it brings along in its wake Even the best-run companies with the tightest The majority of them rated(Internet Explorer 8 and 9, virtualization…). IT governance are essentially in a state of Application Migration Intelligence application chaos. our most valuable services.You can look at this next major migration in one Very few can answer questions like these Application readinessof two ways: one big headache, or, as a massive 53.85%opportunity to optimize your desktops, streamline with any degree of confidence:your application estate and seize the advantages How many applications do you license?that new platforms deliver. How many of these are actually used? Who is using them, how often and for what purpose?This eBook is about taking the second path. Which apps will migrate easily to which deployment platforms?More specifically, it’s about changing the way Which require a simple fix vs extensive remediation?major enterprises prepare for, budget, execute What is the license costs?and manage their major application migrations What is the right cost for the software I need?(as well as ongoing app management). Without clear, accurate answers to these questions, your migration will always take longer than it should, cost more and increasethe risk of disrupting the business and frustrating users.
  3. 3. IntroductionThe bigger the migration,the more you need intelligence“ An optimized, ‘enlightened’ migration guided by Application Migration Intelligence can drive down costs and project timescales by as much as 60-80%”We’ve helped many large enterprises migrate Because it’s based on detailed facts about themassive app estates and one lesson shines readiness of your application estate, Applicationthrough: an optimized, ‘enlightened’ migration Migration Intelligence will also ensure that youcan drive down costs and project timescales choose the best possible deployment as much as 60-80% while dramaticallydecreasing software licensing costs. In short, Application Migration Intelligence will save time and money while driving down risk.The difference is Application Migration Intelligence, You’ll arrive at the right platform and you’ll dothe systematic approach to collecting and it in better shape.leveraging knowledge about your applications tobetter manage migration and ongoing governance. That’s what this eBook is all about.
  4. 4. DefinitionWhat is Application Migration Intelligence?Application Migration Intelligence is a new discipline that uses detailed knowledge about yourapplications and their roles in your business to drive down the cost, time and risk of migration.It’s the essential first step in any major migration Key Principlesprogram, delivering major benefits to every The ideas that drive Applicationstage in the process and beyond into ongoing Migration Intelligenceapplication management. You can’t migrate what you can’t see The user comes first A rigorous estate audit and discovery process Migrating apps is really about migrating users.Application Migration Intelligence is designed to: is an essential first step. Don’t start if you don’t understand their needs.• Find out exactly what applications are in your organization Only bring along what you need Knowledge is power• Find out what they do and who uses them A lean application estate will migrate The more you know about your apps and users,• Identify which are ready to come forward much faster and easier than a bloated one. the better. An optimized migration is built around with you and which are not And cost a lot less. a central Application Knowledge Base. Only touch what you must Leverage on arrivalThis insight is then used to drive down the cost Automated migration tools streamline The knowledge assets gained during Applicationof licensing, packaging, testing, support and accelerate application migrations. Migration Intelligence program are a huge benefitand ongoing app management. You’d be crazy not to use them. for ongoing application governance including app provisioning, on-boarding and management.
  5. 5. The processApplication Migration Intelligence:A five step programThe Application Migration Intelligence process starts before a singleapplication is migrated and before you decide on a deployment strategy.It progresses in five stages:1 2 3 4 5Migration Design Application Application Application Deployment StrategyGetting the people, Estate Audit Compatibility Testing Rationalization Determining the rightprocesses and Building the central Determining which Using the intelligence way to deploy your newlytechnologies in place. Application Knowledge applications are ready from steps 2 and 3 rationalized application Base including details to migrate to each possible to reduce your application estate then budgeting of every application, platform, which need estate (with the business and scheduling the migration. its usage and its role remediation and which units on board), drive in the business. cannot migrate. down costs and speed up the migration. Let’s take these in turn…
  6. 6. The processMigration Design 1Designing your migration program may not be the most excitingpart of the process but it’s essential to get it right.In this stage, you do all the standard Migrating your entire application estate is far too‘project start’ methodology, getting in place: important and expensive to try to manage from the ground up or from the middle out.The peopleWho will do what. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate: • Everyone has to agree on the programThe processes • The migration team needs to alignHow the stages will map out. with the business units • The licensing and procurement managersThe technology need to participate in the rationalizationWhat tools will be used to automate • The testers, packagers and sequencerswhat processes. need to use (and contribute to) a central source of knowledgeAll of this is fairly routine (and quite fast – • The support people need to understandwe sometimes do it in a single workshop) the changes that are comingbut using best practice here (such as ITIL • The data centre strategists need to getmethodology) pays big dividends later. on the same page (with VDI or server- based computing, you need new processesThere is one critical success factor in the design to accommodate a desktop in your datacenter)stage that often gets overlooked but that youignore at your peril: None of this is likely to happen without a senior executive who makes the entire migration hisEvery successful migration has a clear or her personal business.mandate and a C-level champion. At Camwood, we don’t start a major migration without senior-level buy-in. It just doesn’t work.
  7. 7. The processApplication Estate Audit 2The program is designed and the team assembled.It’s time to gather some intelligence and build your Application Knowledge Base.It starts with the fundamentals Turning over every stone The Application Knowledge Base An Application Knowledge Base is theYou need to know: It’s essential to supplement the valuable data central repository of all relevant data• What apps you have in your organization generated by your audit tool with insight from about each application in your estate.• Which are actually licensed as many data sources as you can find -- The most basic implementation includes information about:• Which are used everything from Active Directory to your• How much, by whom and for what deployment tools, software asset management • Application name and version software and server logs. • Application type – Web or DesktopIt’s essential to nail these issues down before • Locationyou even think about migration. But you can’t Camwood migration intelligence teams often • Vendor website and contact details • Functiontake a year to do it. leverage 7-10 different data sources on top • Usage: who & how much of Camwood Survey™. The result is a detailed • License statusRapid intelligence map of every application in your organization • Support status and requirements and its usage data.To map out your entire application estate This is then supplemented with Applicationquickly and accurately, you need to combine Compatibility information from stage 3 Now it’s time to categorize the applicationsa range of information sources as well as (below) to create the single source of truth to look for duplication and waste. that all migration personnel will work from.a powerful automated survey tool. Camwood Survey™There are many asset intelligence tools on Camwood Survey™ is our implementationthe market but few are designed with application of the market-leading application lifecyclemigrations in mind. Most can tell you what management tool, Scalable Survey™.apps have been opened over the last year. We use it to accelerate and automate the application audit process.What you really need to know is which oneshave actually been used, how often, by whom, Camwood Survey generates a usage mapand for what purpose. of the software installed in your organization – all organized in a central knowledge base that’s optimized for migration programs (and it also helps you to scale your server farm and reduce your license spend!).
  8. 8. The processApplication Estate Audit (continued) 2Categorizing your Applications The Camwood Application Taxonomy Application Categorization is a laborious,Web and Desktop Applications don’t exist in manual process. It helps to leveragea vacuum. The categorization stage determines migration intelligence from other companiesthe role that each plays in the business to better and migrations.inform rationalization and migration decisions. Camwood has captured our experience from many migration programs into a powerfulCategorization is largely a process of grouping assets that accelerates categorization:applications into functional groups such as:• To identify duplication and waste • The Application Taxonomy is our proprietary schema for all enterprise• To guide rationalisation applications, including all relevant• To help drive down licensing costs categories and detailed sub-categories.Then into finer sub-categories such as (in the This tool speeds up applicationcase of productivity apps) word processing, categorization while making it more accurate.spreadsheet, page layout, presentation, etc.
  9. 9. The processApplication Compatibility Testing 3The next piece of the Application Migration Don’t try this without automation The knowledge base is completeIntelligence puzzle is the ‘App Compat’ piece, Application Compatibility Testing used Your application compatibility data is now addedestablishing these essential facts: to be an entirely manual process. to the audit data to complete your Application Knowledge Base. We’re ready to rationalize.• Which applications are ready to migrate Today, it’s largely automated. to the platform or platforms being considered Camwood uses ApptiTude, automated application (Windows 7, App-V, Citrix, server-based, compatibility software from App-DNA. AppTitude 64-bit, etc). analyzes every application, then runs its ‘DNA’ profile against the target platform to spot potential• Which need remediation and how extensive problems – and recommend fixes – fast. that remediation will be. AppTitude generates quick ‘traffic-light’ toplines• Which will not migrate and will need to to show exactly which applications will migrate be retired or deployed in an alternative way. easily, which will need help, which will present problems and why – plus deep drill-downsKnowing the answers to these questions before with remediation advice.migration decisions are made or migrationprocesses started can save millions of pounds Camwood ‘tunes’ the output from AppTitudeand unquantifiable frustration. for each enterprise and its specific strategy, infrastructure and application estate. The result is many more ‘green light’ apps, allowing your testers to focus on the real problems. Two critical takeaways: 1 You can’t migrate a large application estate without extensive App Compat testing. 2 You’d be crazy to do this manually.
  10. 10. The processApplication Rationalization 4Application Rationalization is the most important part of anyApplication Migration Intelligence program and any migration.The idea is simple: it makes no sense to spend Example: saving $8.8 million How many apps cantime and money testing, packaging, deploying, on a single application you expect to retire? Bank A is licensing a $500 project One rationalization metric is thesupporting and licensing what you’re never management software package for Compression Ratio: the percentagegoing to use. all 20,000 employees at a total cost of an application estate that survives of $10 million a year. rationalization.Application Rationalization is where youdecide what applications you really need The estate audit shows that only 1,000 Your own Compression Ratio will depend employees use the full package; 10,000 on many factors, including how ‘lockedto bring forward and which can be retired. could use a $20 view-only version; down’ your desktops are and how aggressiveAnd the benefits are enormous. and 9,000 don’t need the software at all. you want to be with your rationalization. But we’ve helped reduce estatesThe benefits of rationalization Total savings: $8.8 million per year. Not bad. by anywhere from 30-65%.• Dramatically reduce testing time and cost It’s not unusual to start with 9,000• Accelerate packaging, sequencing and QA applications and end up with 3,500 –• Cut months and millions from your migration a Compression Ratio of 38%. Imagine how much that saves in migration costs alone.• Reduce software licensing costs• Remove needless support and maintenance of under-used applicationsI know, we had you at ‘Dramatically reduce…’
  11. 11. The processApplication Rationalization (continued) 4BUMP time: working with the business It’s how you sell it You walk into a meeting with, say,Clearly, you can’t retire applications the finance department to discussthat might be important to the business. the upcoming migration.Application Migration Intelligence allows you Instead of waffling on about Windows 7to have informed, constructive dialog with the and how you hope to get them there, you hitbusiness units to determine the right future path them with your Business Unit Migration Plan,for each application. complete with forward path for every app, your rationale, timing, budget and the dataYour migration team will come out of the first three to support it all.stages of the Application Migration Intelligence Now that’s how you get buy-inprogram with clear Business Unit Migration Plan to a rationalisation program.(BUMP) based on facts.At this point, the candidates for retirement willbe pretty obvious. And, if you’re like most largeenterprises, there will be thousands.
  12. 12. The processDeployment Strategy 5You’ve rationalized down to a lean, mean application portfolio.You’ve got a rich, detailed Application Knowledge Base.You’re ready to migrate. The only question is: migrate where?Stage 5 in the Application Migration Intelligence Considerations Case in pointprocess is the development of a deployment A major bank was well on the road The biggest input to your deployment strategy, to a 64-bit App-V platform -- until an analysisstrategy that makes sense for the business. of course, is your App Compat test result. This lets of their business-critical applications showed you see not only how many apps are ready to go that only 30% would survive the move.It’s time to decide how you want to optimize but how difficult it will be to remediate the others. Finding out early saved them a world of pain.your desktops – whether it’s Windows 7, App-V,Citrix, server-based computing or a combination. Other considerations that will inform yourWhether it’s 32-bit, 64-bit or a blend. deployment strategy include: • Office 2010 impacts – do your apps play nicelyThe critical idea here is that, because you’ve with the new Office?gone through a systematic intelligence-gathering • Web browser impacts – how about Internetprocess, you’re completely qualified to make Explorer 8 and 9?this call. • Data impacts – will the migration break your database infrastructure?Without the insight generated from ApplicationMigration Intelligence, you’re flying blind. Take these all into consideration and your deployment strategy will be more accurate,We’ve seen large businesses get 75% through more effective and much more expensive migration before realizing their most That’s what it’s all about.critical apps won’t migrate to the chosen platform. Your Application Migration Intelligence job is done. It’s time to kick off the smoothest, fastest and lowest-cost migration you’ve ever run.
  13. 13. The benefits ofApplication Migration IntelligenceMigrating any large application estate is a non-trivial challenge.Without the appropriate intelligence, you’re going to spend too much,take too long, disrupt the business and get dirty looks from your colleagues.With Application Migration Intelligence, The costsyou’re a hero: A thorough Application Migration• Take months off the migration schedule Intelligence program costs money too.• Turn your bloated app estate into a lean portfolio Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars.• Save millions in testing, packaging, sequencing and remediation You’ll need someone to run the program.• Reduce the risk of business disruption You’ll need to license some important software• Keep user whinging to a tolerable minimum (for audit and app-compat testing). And you’ll• Make the right deployment decisions probably want expert consultants by your side• Arrive at your destination in great shape (we happen to know the best in the business). for ongoing app management But the time and money invested up front is literally guaranteed to save you millions down the road. That’s an intelligent investment.
  14. 14. How Intelligence improvesall migration stagesThe actual application migration begins when the Application Migration Intelligence processends. But the benefits of the Intelligence program effects every stage of the actual deployment:the Doing, Deploying and Managing.Do Deploy ManageDoing Deploying ManagingThis includes testing, packaging, sequencing The processes to physically get the application Once the migration is complete, you needand user acceptance testing – everything you have to the target device and plumb it in. to manage the applications you’ve gotto do to get an application to work on the target and the processes for procuring, on-boardingmachine and co-exist with other apps and data. How Application Migration Intelligence helps: and managing new ones. The ‘Business As Usual’ • Fewer applications to deploy dividends generated by Intelligence are significant.How Application Migration Intelligence helps: • Better insights into each• Thousands fewer applications to process • In better shape: ready, compatible How Application Migration Intelligence helps• Better insights into each: targeted remediation and packaged correctly • Thousands fewer applications to manage, • Less testing and more right-first-time packages support & update • A Knowledge Base to inform application A dollar spent in up-front Intelligence can save acquisition decisions8-15 dollars in packaging and testing alone. • A governance framework to streamline all ongoing processes For one client, best-practice processes reduced application acquisition from 105 days to 17 days. It started with Intelligence.
  15. 15. Conclusion:Intelligence paysYour next migration will be a major one. “Companies lookingHow you choose to handle it starts now. to adopt Windows 7 should start the planning processWe hope we’ve shown that a rigorous, systematic as soon as possible toapproach to gathering insight into your application avoid unnecessary delaysestate – and rationalizing it before migrating – and costs.”makes a lot of sense. And that not doing sois tantamount to malpractice. ComputerWorld UKWhat next?No matter when you plan to migrate yourapplications to the next platform, the timeto start planning your Application MigrationIntelligence program is now.The best place to start is with a conversationwith the people who invented the ApplicationMigration Intelligence process and who havedeployed it successfully with some of theworld’s largest companies.In a one-hour meeting, Camwood will show Talking costs what your Application Migration Intelligence Let’s get stuck in.program will deliver, how much it will cost, howlong it will take and how to convince anyone info@camwood.comin the business that this is a no-brainer.
  16. 16. About CamwoodCamwood helps large enterprises minimise the disruptionand cost of major application migrations and platform changes.We call our approach Enlightened Migration™ Resources Camwood App Migration Managerand it’s changing the way enterprises manage The end-to-end migration projectand migrate their application portfolios. manager solution.It’s all about faster migrations and change AppTitude from App-DNAprograms; lower support and migration costs; The daddy of app-compat tools.and the smallest possible impact on usersand the business – based on Application Two essential bloggers:Migration Intelligence. Eleven Mistakes Chris Jackson’s Semantic in Windows 7 Migration ConsonanceCamwood has over ten years’ experience in Our eBook on getting your The man knows what he’sapplication migrations, including application applications to Windows 7. talking about.migration intelligence programs, applicationrationalization & virtualization strategy for some Camwood Application Logistics Blog Brian Maddenof the world’s largest application estates. Insights into the issues that make The opinionated, super technical, or break application migrations. fiercely-independent desktopOur unique combination of expertise, software virtualization expert.and methodology make us the preferred migration Camwood Presentationpartners for the UK’s largest enterprises – Schedule a presentation And one killer virtualization resource:including Morgan Stanley, Environment Agency, on Migration Application Intelligence DABCCAtkins, Tube Lines, Santander, RBS, Sainsburys, from Camwood’s application A massive resource on all aspectsLloyds TSB, BAE Systems and HMRC. migration experts. of