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The Changing World of Business Blogging
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The Changing World of Business Blogging


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The Changing World of Business Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Pay Off in 2012 …

The Changing World of Business Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Pay Off in 2012

Company blogs aren't what they used to be. With the evolution of social media and greater emphasis on relationship building, the business blog has become a vital content channel and a conduit for two-way communication. Your blog boosts brand visibility, builds customer trust and drives sales leads. Join us on March 28 for new techniques that can help you make your business blog more effective. Learn about:

• The current state of blogging – why 2012 is different from 2011

• How to establish your blog's purpose, voice and schedule

• Integrating your blog with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

• Marketing your blog to new readers and keeping them engaged

• Design tips for an effective blog

• And more

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The Changing World ofBusiness Blogging:How to Make Your BlogPay Off in 2012Twitter: #BusBlog
  • 2. Housekeeping How to Participate • You can join the audio for today‟s conference by selecting “Use Mic & Speakers” • Or, to join by phone, select “Use Telephone” in your Audio Mode window • Submit your text question using the “Questions” pane • Note: A recording will be made available within 48 hours • When tweeting please use the hashtag #BusBlog
  • 3. Today’s presenters Jeff Ente Founder and editor of "Whos Blogging What“ @wbw_Jeff Mark Evans Principal, ME Consulting @markevans Sheldon Levine Community Manager, Marketwire + Sysomos @40deuce OR @Sysomo
  • 4. Where is blogging heading right now?
  • 5. Actually, both sides are right Some businesses don‟t lend themselves to blogging and/or approach it incorrectly. Others have found multiple benefits from a low-cost, low-risk activity.
  • 6. Your business should be blogging if: Your product/service can be interesting and engaging. You value long-term customer relationships. Getting found on the web is important to you.
  • 7. IMPORTANT: Before blogging another word, remind yourself of your unique perspective, the reason that someone would add you to his or her list of reading habits…
  • 8. IMPORTANT: … and then think about what that „someone‟ might be interested in talking about today.
  • 9. Common objectives of blogging• Search engine robots like to see a continual stream of new content. People do, too.• It provides fodder for social networking shares.• It is a reason for existing customers to revisit your site and to become part of your community.• Sales and Marcom materials are great, but blogging can speak to customers and prospects in a more intimate voice.• You get to hear reactions without conducting a focus group.
  • 10. Few key things to do/remember• Figure out who will blog. Somebody should control the overall tone, but getting multiple voices involved is great. New staff members can be motivated to demonstrate their expertise and enthusiasm in the blog.• Create a calendar for guideline purposes. What frequency seems right for your audiences? Are you properly preparing them for product enhancements? How do their needs change over time?
  • 11. More things to do/remember• Make sure that the search engines know who you are. You are not or You are either or Make sure that it is easy to navigate between the blog and the homepage.• A good post will result in a conversation. Make sure that you always give the readers something that is worth responding to and include a „call to respond‟ at the end of the post. Then try to keep the conversation going.
  • 12. Still more things to do/remember• Don‟t forget the fun. If your company‟s blog can‟t have any fun, then your website is probably a real downer. Include videos, polls, contests, invite user submissions and don‟t take yourself too seriously.• Spark the sharing process. Include the sharing plug-ins for networks that seem relevant to your audience. Remember to post to your own followers. Make sure that it is easy to include a permanent link to your post.
  • 13. Looks matterSome advice from Cameron Chapman(@cameron_chapman) on effective blog design:• Reflect your branding, but you don‟t need to match your website perfectly.• Go out of your way to make it readable and have a hierarchy of elements. Plan ahead for video and other rich media.• Don‟t forget comment design.
  • 14. The blog’s new role as the content/social “hub” Great Blog S Content V h i Prospects & a s Customers r i e t s s
  • 15. Taking the right approach
  • 16. A blog is not….• A press release center• Corporate propaganda• About you
  • 17. A place to tell great stories
  • 18. Where do you get ideas?
  • 19. Ideas come from different places Blogs Corporate news RSS Your Websites Blog Newsletters Google Twitter Alerts
  • 20. 100 blog post ideas are easy
  • 21. Promotion and distribution
  • 22. Spread the word
  • 23. Writing blog posts
  • 24. Writing blog postsHowoften?
  • 25. Writing blog postsHow Whooften? writes them?
  • 26. Writing blog postsHow Whooften? writes them?Who edits/approvesthem?
  • 27. Writing blog postsHow Whooften? writes them?Who edits/ Whoapproves monitorsthem? them?
  • 28. Making it reader friendly• Use graphics, charts or photos• Short paragraphs• Grammar and spelling count• Provide links to other sources
  • 29. Avoid the wall of text
  • 30. Bites of content are easier to read
  • 31. Blog post titles matter
  • 32. Blog post titles matter SEO Captures the SpotlightShowsPersonality
  • 33. Comments matter
  • 34. Comments, anyone?
  • 35. Comments, anyone? Engagement Ideas Feedback Relationship
  • 36. Thank you Jeff Ente Founder and editor of "Whos Blogging What“ @wbw_Jeff Mark Evans Principal, ME Consulting @markevans Sheldon Levine Community Manager, Marketwire + Sysomos @40deuce OR