Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled Agencies


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Today’s social media-enabled agency knows it’s not enough to simply amass a large number of followers or broadcast promotional messages on their Facebook page -- engagement is the currency of the social media landscape. So who’s doing it right, which agencies are most connected to their communities, and why? Take a look at ten PR, advertising and media agencies who are doing great things in social media.
“Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled Agencies” is the first in the Marketwire/CommPRO.biz series “The Pulse,” a weekly feature that explores trending topics, rankings and industry “bests.”

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  • Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled Agencies

    1. 1. Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled AgenciesEngagement is the currency of the social media landscape. It’s not enough to amass large numbersof followers or simply broadcast your marketing message. Instead, interacting, sharing andbuilding a base of loyal fans who talk about their brand experiences with their network of family,friends, and colleagues is key. So who does it best in the agency world? We looked into it for you.When researching who would make this list, several factors were considered. Overall social mediaprofile numbers did play a role in the selection, but other important criteria included: Participation across multiple social media platforms Integration of social media into company website Mentions and sharing by, and with, fans Consistent participationThe list is not in competitive order because it’s difficult with so many factors considered, to pick a“top” choice. Those featured here come from several agency types, including PR and advertising—and one media example. They’re doing social media so well that they really needed to bementioned.
    2. 2. 1. Sevans Strategywww.sevansstrategy.comNamed one of Entrepreneurs Top 10Hot Startups of 2010, you can’t surveythe social media space withoutnoticing Sarah Evan’s PR work. Withover 60,000 followers on Twitter as@prsarahevans and over 2,000 fans onher agency’s Facebook fan page,Sarah’s team is a stellar example of anengaged shop.Reviewing her social media stream,you will see repeated mentions abouther from others, you will notice herengaging directly with her followers,sharing personal stories, and featuringothers. She also runs a blog atprsarahevans.com, where sheprominently features her social mediaicons and even has a fan club. She’sgot both the numbers and theengagement – a definite winner.
    3. 3. 2. PJA Advertising + Marketing www.agencypja.comWith over 8,000 Twitter followers anda social media presence that includesFlickr, YouTube, Facebook, a radioshow, and a company blog, Agency PJAleads with their social. Although not asengaged on their Twitter stream inresponding to followers, they feature afun, interactive website that gets youconnected quickly across multipleplatforms.Special kudos to Agency PJA for theirLeadership Team pages: Each profilefeatures a homegrown, friendly videorevealing something personal about theteam member with a paragraph of“How I See Team Member X” bysomeone else on the team. Thispersonal connection combined withincorporating someone else’s view ofthem is very social. Agency PJA walksthe walk.
    4. 4. 3. Edelman www.edelman.comRecognized as PRWeek’s 2011 Large“Agency of the Year” winner,Edelman is another multiple socialmedia platform example, with over11,000 Facebook fans, a fun andengaging Flickr photo library andover 64,000 YouTube upload views.Their website prominently displaystheir social media profiles, with acall to action in the upper rightcorner to join their Facebookcommunity.Special mention goes to Edelman fortheir Fellows Blogs, hand-selectedemployees throughout the world whoshare their cultural insights for doingbusiness in a global environment.This sharing of the spotlight is verysocial and engaging—a solid rolemodel to follow for engagement.
    5. 5. 4. MWW Group www.mww.comNamed the “Digital Firm and Team ofthe Year” in October 2010 by PRNews, MWW Group offers a multi-platform social presence and awebsite focused on a personablebrand presentation. Their siteprominently displays their socialmedia icons, and they regularlyfeature other people in their socialstream.Special mention goes to the CEO ofMWW Group, Michael W. Kempner—you have direct access to his socialmedia presence from the “ThoughtLeadership” page via his blog,Twitter, and Facebook accounts. As aCEO, his leadership is setting a trueexample of engaging on social.
    6. 6. 5. Burson-Marstellerwww.bur son-mar steller.comWith almost 5,000 Twitter followersand 4,000 Facebook fans, Burson-Marsteller is not letting the fact thatthey have been in business since1954 define them as “traditional.”Their social media icons areprominently displayed on theirwebsite, their latest tweets arestreamed and they offer multipleblogs for sharing and connecting. Intheir Twitter stream, they regularlyfeature others via retweets and@reply mentions and also have aSlideShare channel—definitely wortha mention on this list.
    7. 7. 6. Porter Novelli www.por ternovelli.comAnother multi-platform winner! Withover 38,000 video upload views onYouTube, over 5,700 Twitterfollowers, and a Facebook fan pagefull of fun photos and engagingconversational posts, Porter Novelliis a true contender.Special mention goes to Novelli fortheir website presence. Their Twitterstream scrolls on the right uppercorner of the page, with their socialmedia icons easy to see and find.They have a welcoming brandoffering a warm invitation to connectand join in the conversation andthat’s a win.
    8. 8. 7. Command PR www.commandpr.comWhat makes Command PR interesting isthe way its two owners/partners haveleveraged their personal brands to promotetheir agency. Johnathan Cheban and SimonHuck have a combined Twitter audience ofover 300,000. In their industry, fashionand luxury lifestyle, personal brand iseverything and these two businessmen pullit off with panache.What’s worth mentioning from anengagement point of view here is thatCommand PR thrives due to the ownersbeing completely social. No, they don’thave many of the obvious socialbenchmarks others do. But their Twitterstreams show they are almost exclusivelyengaged in conversations, instead ofblasting out promotional material. Theyrarely mention themselves or their agency.It’s an example that breaks the traditionalagency mold, they are worth following—and emulating.
    9. 9. 8. Ignite Social Mediawww.ignitesocialmedia.comWith Ignite, it’s all about theconversation...and the 182,000 videouploads on YouTube…and the 7,000followers on Twitter…and the nearly3,000 fans on Facebook. Thenumbers are impressive, but theirinteractive and engaging websiteseals the deal.Ignite clearly knows its business (it’sa social media agency, after all), andis able to convey that message loudand clear The webpage makes theirsocial media profiles easy to connectwith, it features streaming currentconversations, and yet still providesthe information you need to hirethem when you’re ready. Overall,they are a great example of living themessage.
    10. 10. 9. We Are Social www.wearesocial.netAnother international entry from theUK, We Are Social call themselves aconversation agency. Number 59 of theAd Age Power 150 websites list, theirnumbers are impressive. With 11,000Facebook fans, 48,000 Twitterfollowers, and a website that features afun mix of graphics, videos, blog posts,and social feeds, it’s easy to see theyare all about the “conversation.”Even with these numbers, this agencydoesn’t engage as much as they couldon some of their platforms, but they areoften mentioned and talked about byothers via social and they encouragethat open sharing. With numerousstrong calls to action invitingparticipation on their webpage, it’sclear to see why many prospects wouldpick up the phone and call them.
    11. 11. 10. AdRants www.adrants.comSporting over 1,000,000 upload viewson YouTube and 21,000 Twitterfollowers, this media contributor makesit easy to share their resources,providing social share icons after eachblog post. They talk a lot aboutvacation spots and great places to eat,not themselves. While not as active inresponding to all comments, theyfeature others and that’s worth a nod.They are a good example of not goingfor the advertising pitch, which iscommendable considering they are anadvertising company.With “tips, gossip, and news” of theadvertising industry, Adrants.com leadswith their social media presence. Theirsocial icons are prominently displayedand their stream is friendly banter withtheir community.
    12. 12. Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled AgenciesLots of agencies do a great job for their clients, but fewer do a greatjob on their own social media presence. It takes a corporatecultural commitment to being open and engaging and that is oftenharder to do than it sounds.Hopefully, you found this list helpful as an offering of greatexamples and best practices for you to be inspired by. Be sure toadd your favorite examples of great agency social mediaengagement pros in the comments at the end of this post!
    13. 13. Engaged to Win: 10 Leading Social Media-Enabled Agencies Next on “The Pulse”:"Women On Top: 10 Stellar PR Agencies Owned By Women” We’ll feature women leading the field using new media tools to their advantage. Sampling criteria will include size of firm, net sales and social media participation. www.marketwire.com www.sysomos.com Follow us on Twitter: @Marketwire, @Sysomos www.commpro.biz Follow us on Twitter: @Commprobiz